Are Twins More Likely To Have Twins?

Is it True that Twins More Likely To Have Twins?

If you are thinking about having twins, then there are many factors involved in the birth of twins. First of all, it is essential to know that the twin birth cases have increased in number since 1980.

It has increased 78 percent from those times, and now there are around 34 sets of twins born per 1000 births in the united states. But there are other things that you must remember while having twins like double the pressure that you will face after the babies are born. If we look at it naturally, there is one in 250 pregnancies that naturally result in twins, and there are only two ways to conceive them.

One is the identical twins, and the other is the fraternal twins. In identical twins, the fertilized egg breaks into two, which results in identical twins. The chances of having an identical twin are rare, but if you have an identical twin, then basically, it is of the same gender as they have the same DNA.

The other kind of twins is fraternal twins where there are two eggs that are fertilized by two separate sperms, and then over time, fraternal twins are born. Fraternal twins can be either of the same gender or different ones. These fraternal twins do not share the same DNA. 

The Twin  Effect

The first question that comes in mind for twins, Are Twins More Likely To Have Twins? Here is something for you:

Maternal twins are also called monozygotic twins as they are formed from a single zygote. One the other hand, fraternal twins are called dizygotic as they are formed from two different zygotes. Sometimes fraternal twins can also look externally identical. This case often occurs in sesquizygotic twins.

These twins have half of their genetic material similar to each other. It is theorized that the eggs split into two before fertilization and are then fertilized by two different sperms, which eventually lead to the formation of two zygotes that mature to form two features. Moreover, now there are so many advanced technologies and science to help a woman have twins.

But you must know that if there are twins, then the pressure of child care increases. Moreover, there can also arise a lot of complications while having a twin, and thus it is better to expect a natural way of pregnancy and to have a child rather than especially making your body go through all of it artificially.

Because no matter one or two, a child is, after all, a child and will always be lovable for any parents. And as a partner, a man should always be more understanding of the woman while the woman is pregnant. At the time of pregnancy, a mother needs to be taken care of and should be paid more attention.


Yes, it is heard that twins run in families, but there is no concrete proof. It has been seen that the chances of having a twin are more likely if you are yourself a fraternal twin.

mostly if fraternal twins run on your mother’s side of the family, then there is a higher chance that you may have a twin. This may be because of hyperovulation where the body releases two or more eggs during ovulation, which is a requirement for having fraternal twins.

This hyperovulation can be passed on to the next generation by DNA. But there may also be a particular case where the women may not have a hyperovulation yet may have released two eggs which later can fertilize and twins may be born.

Apart from the natural ways, there are many medical ways in which you can have a twin. Now the technologies and scientific developments have advanced so much that it is possible to artificially make the woman’s body release two eggs simultaneously, which can then fertilize to have twins.  

Age, weight, And Height

  • It is often seen that the women who have crossed the age of 35 and are pregnant have a higher chance of having twins.
  • This is because of the hormonal changes that happen in your body while menopause approaches.
  • This hormonal imbalance may release two eggs during ovulation, which may lead to the birth of twins.
  • There are even factors of Height and weight involved in the birth of twins. Although it may sound strange, it is seen that the women who are taller have a higher possibility of having twins because of insulin-like growth factors.
  • Moreover, there are even more chances of an overweight woman to have a twin more than an underweight or average weight woman.  If the body mass index is above 30, then the chances of having twins are more.
  • In a study, it was found that African American women have a higher chance of conceiving twins then a Caucasian woman. Moreover, it was even seen that the rate is highest in the case of a Caucasian woman over the age of 35. 

Diets And Previous Pregnancies

We always hear we are what we eat, but the truth might go one step further. Our children are what we eat. Certain products, such as milk or other dairy products, contain essential hormones that can affect reproduction.

A study shows that consuming lots of yams might increase the probability of having twins. This product contains hormones that cause an ovary to release more than one egg at a time. The chances of a mother having twins increases if she has gone through many previous pregnancies.

The reasons are not very clear, but it is as simple as the older age of the mother. As a woman approaches menopause, the hormonal imbalance in the body leads to the release of two eggs at a time, which can lead to twins if fertilized.

Artificial reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization and in-utro insemination also increase the probability of twin pregnancy. It also induces super ovulation, which causes the ovaries to release mote than obe egg per menstrual cycle. These eggs are used for in-vitro fertilization, but if not extracted, it might lead to multiple pregnancies as well.

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