Baby Putting Hands In Mouth: Reasons And How To Deal With It

Newborn Baby putting hands in mouth

You must have seen a lot of babies stuff their hands into their mouths. Although this is very normal yet may have certain problems if it continues in the long run. Many times if someone tries to pull out the hand from the baby’s mouth, then the baby might feel irritated and begin to cry. There are many reasons for which a baby puts its hands into the mouth. Some of the reasons are mentioned below, along with its proper details and suggestions.

Reasons For Which Babies Put Hands In Mouth

Handling Stimulation

Babies are new to any kind of stimulation, as the noise and crowd of unknown people. So if they are in situations like these, they may put their hand in their mouth to handle the stimulation. Many times, the baby gets uncomfortable and irritated and cries, but at other times they may just pacify themselves by putting their hand in the mouth. 


A baby is unable to differentiate between sucking a breast and the fingers. It thinks that sucking a finger will also help it to satisfy its hunger. So when the baby is hungry, it may put its hands in the mouth. This may be an indication for the mother to feed it. It is important to note that a baby is mostly hungry and tired, and thus, for any of these reasons, it may put its hands in the mouth. 


Another reason for which a baby may put the fingers and hands in the mouth is if he or she is bored and there is no one to play with. Often, the child may get up at night and may find the parents asleep so he or she may put his or her hands in the mouth so that it can pass the boredom. The hands are the favorite plaything of the baby, and it can entertain itself by chewing and sucking at it.

Baby Putting Hands In Mouth

An important way for a parent to deal with such a situation is by keeping a hanging toy so that the child can play with it at all when the child wakes up. Another way to deal with this is to play with the child and divert its attention. Make the child hold your finger and play with it, and in this way, you can keep your baby from always putting their hands in the mouth. 


another important reason for which the babies put their hands in the mouth is that their teething period has started, and they feel the irritation and pain in the gums. Chewing the fingers and the hand is the easiest thing for them as it is easily accessible at any time. During this period, a baby constantly tries to put everything nearby in its mouth. So the parents must be very careful so that the child does not put anything rough and hard in its mouth that can hurt.

How To Deal With It?

There are many ways in which you can stop your baby from stuffing its hands in the mouth. You can do it in certain simple ways, as described and explained below. 

Feed Properly

Many times the reason for the baby’s putting its hands in its mouth is due to hunger. It is unable to differentiate between the breasts and fingers and unknowingly sucks its fingers to satisfy hunger, so if you feed your child properly at regular intervals, it may no more put its hands in its mouth.

Give A Toy

Another way to avoid your child putting its hands in the mouth is by giving it a toy to play with. If the child is sucking the fingers just because it is bored, then it will stop doing so once it has something to play with and remain engaged. But remember that the toy must be soft and clean because the child may even put that in the mouth. Many times this happens if the baby is teething and for which it chews the things that he or she can lay hands on.

Check Discomfort

Another important thing that the parents must keep in mind is the discomfort of the child. Many times a child may cry if he or she feels uncomfortable or if the diaper is wet. But there are times when the child does not cry but rather pacifies itself by stuffing the hand inside the mouth. If you see your child doing so, then make sure that your child is not feeling uncomfortable in any way.

Use Pacifier

One of the most common habits of babies is to fall asleep while drinking milk. This may lead to a habit of sleeping with a nipple in its mouth. If the baby does not find the nipple, it may suck at the fingers while sleeping. So in order to avoid this, you may give your baby a pacifier to suck. This will keep the baby’s hands away from the mouth.


If a baby constantly puts its hands in the mouth, it should not be a problem until six to eight months. But if the baby continues to do so after the teeth have appeared, then there may be displacement of teeth. It may cause dental problems later on in their life, and that is the reason for which you should try to make your baby learn that it should not put its hands in the mouth.

Once the baby grows up, and you have constantly made it a habit to pull its hands out from the mouth, the baby learns that. And after the baby grows up, it slowly stops putting its fingers and hands in the mouth. But it is important that you constantly be in touch with the doctor for any further health issues and problems that your child faces. It is always better to consult the doctor first as it gives you the satisfaction that everything is completely normal with your baby. 

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