5 Best Baby Bath Tub For Newborn In India

A newborn baby bathtub is an excellent aspect of a kid’s growth. The level of freedom that can be offered while your 1-year-old kid bathes makes it enchanting to watch too. Also, the bathtub provides the kids with good reflexes as it plays during bath time in the water. 

There are many baby bathtubs available in the market. It is a tricky task to select one from the range of various products available. It is always suggested to buy a bathtub for your baby based on the actual requirement. Let us see what needs to be checked or analyzed before buying a baby bathtub.

List of Top 5 baby bath tub for newborn – reviews

Images Best Baby BathtubUser ReviewCheck Latest Price
Summer infant baby bathtub for 0-1-year-old 4.2Amazon Price
Cho-Cho ® European Standard Inflatable Baby Bathtub4.2Amazon Price
LuvLap Baby Bathtub with anti-slip base4.1Amazon Price
FWQPRA Bathroom Baby Supplies Plastic Baby Tub & Bath Sling4.4Amazon Price
Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Hard Tub, 0-12 Months4.8Amazon Price
Little Pumpkin Baby Bath tub Classic with Temperature Sensitive Plug Folding Baby Bath Tub for Kids5Amazon Price
LuvLap Water Buddy Baby Bather for newborn and Infant3.8Amazon Price
Baybee Ready Refresh Bathtub (Infants Portable Baby Bath Tub for 0-3 Years)3Amazon Price

What factors to analyse while purchasing best baby bath tub for newborn 2021 

Size of the Bathtub: This is a crucial element that we need to look out for. It cannot be too big and cannot be too small as well. Both have negative implications for your child. What is planned to be an incredible purchase shall prove to be a disaster? Ideally, we recommend a bathtub which can easily fit in your kitchen sink at comfort height, so that you don’t have to bend over and hurt your back during the bath time of your newborn.

Water Capacity: This is as good as the previous factor. As the size matters a lot in your kid’s safety, the maximum water capacity also plays a vital role too an inch of water can cause problems. Also, it is understood that as parents you will not exceed the maximum water capacity in an infant bathtub. 

Anti-Skid Material: You must identify the material that does not allow the kid to slip and fall. As the kids tend to play in the bathtub, it is highly recommended to buy a bath seat that is sturdy gives sure comfort, and also prevents the kid from getting skid and falling. 

Type of material: Usually, the baby Bathtubs / Bath seat are made of three types of materials. Plastic, cushion, and fabric. Whichever material you are planning to buy, ensure that the material is of very high quality and contoured into the perfect shape of a newborn.

Durability: The level of durability must also be high. At the same time, it must be easy to maintain as well. The material that you select must not only offer comfort but also must last long in every water temperature. 

There are other features that you can opt for. Like the headrest, footrest, or step stool. There are all additional features, even without that the Bathtub shall be the best. Also, these add-on features add happiness to the kids by offering them never-ending comfort. Lastly, you must lookout for the baby Bathtub price.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

When you are planning to buy a Bathtub for a newborn baby, you must be aware that there are many types of Bathtubs available. They are:-

Standard Bathtubs: As the name implies, it is the most common Bathtub that you can come across in any kid store or online. This shall be mostly made in plastics and comes in the lightweight category too.

Convertible Baby Bathtubs: These are models that can be flexible in use. You can use such Bathtubs right from toddler age.

Fold up Baby Bathtubs: These are Bathtubs that can be stored easily. These are bigger ones but can be folded to shrink their size.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub: This model comes under the most inexpensive Bathtubs. The air can be filled to inflate it and later can be deflated too.

5 Baby bath tub for newborn – reviews (2021)

1. Baybee Ready Refresh Bathtub (Infants Portable Baby Bath Tub for 0-3 Years)

This product is named for its safety and portability. Baybee Ready Refresh Bathtub brings the Bathtub made of top-class material. This follows the stringent procedures of European standards in terms of quality and durability. If you are planning to give your baby the best yet safest bath time, Baybee Ready Refresh big baby tub shall be the best choice. 

best baby bath tubs for newborn

The design of the Bathtub is designed in such a way that it offers complete comfort to the baby while taking bathing. The positions the baby could take are well understood by the makers and designed it accordingly. The Bathtub provides perfect body and neck support too. 

Also, the bathtub gives complete support to the forearms of the baby. The legs are taken care of too. It is such an amazing baby Bathtub that adds excellent value to your home. Also, the lightweight feature makes it highly portable too.


  • The product is designed for its safety and it is commendable.
  • The high-quality material makes the Bathtub top class.
  • The ergonomic design supports all parts of the body.
  • Easy to maintain and clean as well.
  • Easy come into kitchen sink or bathroom sink (if your is not so small)


  • The product shall be a bit flimsy.
  • NO water heater
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2. Cho-Cho ® European Standard Inflatable Baby Bathtub

If you are planning to buy a Bathtub for a baby girl, this would be the best choice. This is one of those Bathtubs that seem to be luxurious ones. This has a pump and that can help the water fill in the Bathtub automatically. 

Cho-Cho ® European Standard Inflatable Bathtub has got complete comfort for the mother as well as the baby. Made out of high-standard materials, this Bathtub contoured design. The BPA-free plastic materials used make the Bathtub completely safe. Also, the smoothness and soft interiors of the Bathtub take care of your baby’s sensitive skin too.

best baby portable bathtub

This Bathtub is completely safe for the anti-skid-resistant foam material being used. The best part is, you can not only see the anti-slip materials aspect inside the Bathtub but also on the outside textured surface. Oh yes, this Bathtub has an inflatable footrest that can offer comfort to the legs too. This inflatable baby Bathtub comes with a 45-degree reclining position backrest that supports the baby’s back safely. 


  • The inflation part is separate in this bathtub.
  • The adjustable headrest can help the baby rest properly.
  • The storage space for storing the bathing tools is a wonderful add for easy storage.
  • The material is highly durable.
  • Non slip foam material and design


  • Nothing as of now.
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It Recommends giving a good massage to a baby before bathing to read more about it check out – Best baby massage oil

3. LuvLap Baby Bathtub with anti-slip base

This is an incredible baby Bathtub with a drain plug to drain dirty water. This feature makes the product highly sought after. The top-class material is used to make bathtime amazing in this Bathtub. It is a very soft and convenient edge that does not hurt the baby too. The Nonskid surface base can make your baby have most of the fun inside water. As the name implies LuvLap Baby Bathtub is one of the best models that the market holds now. Especially for the ergonomic design that makes the baby take a bath with all the fun in the world.

best newborn bath tub in white and blue color

The modeled soap case is given to ensure that the soap does not slip through (Try to use organic soap for baby as it won’t harm your baby’s skin). Also, the Bathtub is very light. That makes it highly portable as well as easy to clean. Get the LuvLap Baby Bathtub for ultimate safety now.


  • The best design makes the model highly comfortable.
  • The product is very easy to clean as well.
  • The anti-slip base makes it safe for the baby.
  • The drain plug for rinse water makes your life easy too.
  • Easy storage as its a mini baby bath tub.


  • Lack of temperature indicator
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4. FWQPRA Bathroom Baby Supplies Plastic Baby Tub & Bath Sling

This is one of the best baby infant tubs Bathtub withstand India, you can opt to buy. The sling or the chair model makes it highly creative to look too. Of course, the safety of the baby is taken into utmost consideration in making this model. 

The water level indicator is the best add-in for this baby Bathtub. The drainer allows the entire water to flow smoothly. This baby Bathtub for 2 years old can be used from toddler age too. 

The best part of the design is, it can hold the smaller infants too. The innovative non-slip feature makes it an excellent package of happiness. The product is really cute and has a wonderful padded backrest. The durability of the product needs a mention here. With the blend of price and quality, this product is the best in the market now.


  • Commendable material used.
  • Good drainer that drains the water so smoothly.
  • The padded backrest offers extra comfort.
  • It require small spaces to store (basically a basin bathtub).
  • They have specially design compartment for placing baby bath toys.


  • You need to clean the hinges carefully that shall consume some time.
  • No drain hole.
  • No thermometer / Temperature indicator to check  warm water temperature.
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5. LuvLap Water Buddy Baby Bather for newborn and Infant

This is an amazing infant bathtub that offers maximum comfort and safety features while the baby is taken to bathwater. The design is made in such a way that the bathing baby can take full-body support easily. The makers of LuvLap Water Buddy Baby Bather had ensured that the material used is completely non-toxic. The product is named for its high durability levels. 

The padded headrest and cushioned seat sides make it so comfortable for the baby to take a good bath. The sturdy metallic frame holds the body firm and makes it so easy while you are bathing your baby. The sling insert that is made of soft mesh is easy to clean as well. This is a complete package of comfort and happiness for your baby.


  • Amazing material is used to make this bathtub.
  • The soft mesh makes the bathtub highly reliable too.
  • The metallic frame used in this bathtub is of very high quality.
  • Easy cleaning of soapy water.
  • Can give best sponge bath while sitting position in foam padding.


  • Nothing as of now.
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With top-class products lined up now, the baby Bathtub can be chosen based on your preference. It must always be a blend of requirements and comfort to make baby bathtime joyful. Also, the price factor must match your requirement too. As such the products that we have displayed are all in a reasonable rate category. Best of luck with your purchase!

FAQ in best baby bath tub for newborn 

  1. Which baby bathtub is best?

    Although there is no exact answer to this because the best baby bathtub depends on your requirement but in case you are referring to any particular brand I will suggest you go with LuvLap Baby Bathtub. It has an anti-slip surface to avoid slippery babies. The main motto of the bathtub is to make infant tubs bath time fun.

  2. At what point do babies have a tub bath?

    Newborn usually needs two or a three-time a week bath by using freshwater with a sponge, Once the umbilical cord is disconnected you can give them a regular bath with extra safety.

  3. Does the baby need a bathtub?

    From a safety point of view, Yes baby does need a bathtub as it bathtub anti-slip texture ensures the infant won't slip from hand and no water will enter his / her ear and eyes.  

  4. Where do you put the baby bathtub?

    Large size, bathtubs need to be put on the bathroom floor and small size baby bathtubs can be placed in the basin sinks or bathroom sinks so that your back won't hurt. 

  5. Can you bathe a newborn in a tub?

    Bathing newborns is a challenging and fearful task but you can give them a proper sponge bath two or three times a week. Use a newborn sling that won't hurt their delicate sensitive skin.

  6. How often should I bathe my 2-month-old baby?

    For a two-month-old toddler bath, you can use baby bathtubs and bath seats and make them bath four times a week easily. Do take care of the weather if you find the weather is kind of cold reduces the bath time. Use a hard plastic tub to give them proper support.


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