10 Best Baby Body Wash for smooth skin in India

Best Baby Body Wash in India

A challenging, as well as an essential responsibility, is to provide a clean and safe body wash to the babies to maintain their health and hygiene. The soft and gentle body wash is ideal for the fragile skin of babies. The body washes which helps to nourish skin properly and last for a long period consider the best body wash in India

A suitable time for a baby bath is when they had a good sleep. When it comes to body wash for the little ones, it must be tear-free so that the babies can enjoy their bath for that you can use a good bathtub that doesn’t make the baby fall. 

However, the products used must also be free from chemicals and unnecessary stuff to prevent skin problems (Organic products designed especially for baby is a must). Therefore, to reduce your pressure, we have listed some of the best body wash in the Indian market.

List of best baby body wash in India

ImageBest Baby Body WashUser RatingWhere to Buy
Aveeno Baby Body Wash4.3/5 Amazon Price
Mamaearth Baby Body wash4.3/5 Amazon Price
Mee Mee Gentle Baby Body Wash4.4/5 Amazon Price
Cetaphil Baby Body Wash4.8/5 Amazon Price
The Moms Co. Baby Wash4.4/5Amazon Price
Johnson Baby Body Wash4.5/5Amazon Price
Chicco Baby Body Wash4.2/5Amazon Price
Sebamed Baby body wash4.5/5Amazon Price
Original Sprout Baby Body Wash4.5/5Amazon Price
Mustela Baby Body Wash4.8/5Amazon Price

1.Aveeno Baby Body Wash

Aveeno body wash for the babies is completely made tear-free as it cleanses the baby’s hair gently without drying up. The oat extract used in this body wash is entirely blended into a cleanser that deeply cleans the scalp. It is free from soap and does not cause any allergic reactions on the skin.

Aveeno Baby Body Wash

Besides, the product is made up of five different but essential ingredients necessary for glowing, healthy, and smooth skin. Aveeno body wash is simply the best for newborn babies. It also contains vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, lipids, and enzymes for proper nourishment on the baby’s skin.

Essential features:

  • Tear-free and lightly scented.
  • Free from phthalates, parabens, dyes, and steroids.
  • Completely hypoallergenic.
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2. Mamaearth Baby Body wash.

We also have the mama earth baby body wash review for your convenience. This product is highly popular as it is completely free from toxins. It is tear-free formulated and maintains a pH level of 5.6, which is ideal for babies. Mamaearth baby wash is certified by dermatologists and is free from allergies and suits all types of baby skins. 

Mamaearth Baby Body wash

Moreover, it contains jojoba oil, orange, aloe vera extracts, as well as coconut extracts that penetrate deep into the skin for excellent cleansing. The body wash is free from colours and transparent as well as light. Free from chemicals, soaps, and parabens, this body wash allows the babies to bathe happily. Besides, this is the best organic baby body wash in India.

Essential features:

  • Perfect for use from head to toe.
  • Completely free from toxins.
  • Suitable for bubble wash.
  • Filled with natural fragrance.
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3. Mee Mee Gentle Baby Body Wash (Pack of 2)

The body washes from Mee Mee for the babies is made up of a mild formula that prevents the drying of the natural moisture on the babies’ skin. Featuring in the list of the best body wash in India, this body wash’s fresh fragrance lasts for the entire day. It is made up of a gentle and puree cleanser that perfectly cleans the dirt.

Mee Mee Gentle Baby Body Wash

It contains special ingredients like olive oil and cherry extracts that add a special glow to the baby’s skin. The body wash does not cause any allergic reactions on the skin. This product is clinically tested by dermatologists and is completely free from harmful chemicals as well as parabens.

Essential features:

  • Suitable as a cleanser for a bubble bath.
  • Healthy as it contains olive oil.
  • Safe for the babies.
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4. Cetaphil Baby Body Wash

Tear-free formulated, the baby body wash is made with natural ingredients that include Glycerin, Wheat Protein as well as Chamomile. This product is completely safe for newborn babies from the first day. Free from soap and parabens and is highly tested by dermatologists.

Cetaphil Baby Body Wash

It includes vitamin B5 that helps to nourish damaged and dry baby body skin. It is recommended as one of the best body wash for babies in India that moisturizes and keeps the skin hydrated all the time. The body wash does not cause any irritation in the eyes and prevents allergic reactions on the skin.

Essential Features:

  • Free from mineral oils.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Gentle on the skin.
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5. The Moms Co. Baby Wash

The baby wash by Moms Co. is composed of a powerful blend of natural oils and cleansers that helps to retain the moisture on the baby’s skin. This body wash’s tear-free formula makes it gentle on the eyes and allows the babies to bathe happily. And therefore, this product is listed as the best body wash for dry skin in India.

The Moms Co. Baby Wash

Made with organic products like chamomile, argan oil, and aloe vera gel, this body wash is soothing to the baby’s skin. It is completely hypoallergenic and does not harm the skin. The product is completely free from harmful chemicals as well as toxins.

Essential features:

  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Soap-free as well as tear-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
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6. Johnson Baby Body Wash

Johnson baby body wash is safe and mild for head-to-toe body wash and is also one of the best body wash for India’s newborn. The product is completely pH balanced like pure water. The formula used in this body wash is completely soap-free and free from tears that allow the babies to bathe happily. 

Johnson Baby Body Wash

Free from parabens and dyes, this baby body wash is clinically tested by the paediatricians. The product is tested with a 5 level safety assurance. It is made up of naturally extracted ingredients that are best suited for babies.

Essential features:

  • No tears formula.
  • Marked with regulatory standards.
  • Completely pH balanced and free from parabens.
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7. Chicco Baby Body Wash

It is purely recommended for babies with sensitive skin. Chicco is the best body wash for infants in India. The natural ingredients contained in this baby body wash includes oat extract. It contains Iso-Lachrymal that helps to manage the pH balance of the baby body wash.

Chicco Baby Body Wash

Tear-free and paraben-free produce a lot of lather for proper cleansing and is completely hypoallergenic. The oat extract in this wash provides gentle and rich care to the baby’s skin, making their bath time a loving one.

Essential Features:

  • Highly moisturizing.
  • Free from dyes and alcohol.
  • Clinically tested by the dermatologists.
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8. Sebamed Baby body wash.

The squalene used in Sebamed body wash products supports the barrier of lipids in the baby’s skin, while allantoin keeps the skin supple. It keeps the skin hydrated and soft all the time and helps to maintain the moisture content on the skin of the babies.

Sebamed Baby body wash

Moreover, the balance of the skin is maintained properly with a ph level of 5.5. The formula used in this shampoo is made tear-free so that it does not cause any irritation in the baby’s eyes while bathing. It is free from harmful chemicals and does not cause any allergic reactions to the newborn’s skin.

Essential features:

  • Made up with botanical fragrance.
  • Protects the delicate barrier on the skin.
  • Keeps the skin pleasant and soft after a bath.
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9. Original Sprout Baby Body Wash

This body washes for the babies contains natural ingredients like refreshing rosemary extract and organic calendula. It is perfectly suitable for dry, itchy as well as sensitive skin. The rosemary extract used in this Original Sprout Baby Body Wash product helps in stimulating the circulation of the scalp in the baby’s hair. 

Original Sprout Baby Body Wash

The baby wash is also suitable for adults who have sensitive skin. It has a pH balance of 6-7 and is completely tears free as well as hypoallergenic. This makes it ideal for babies to bathe. The original sprout hair and body baby wash are highly recommended for newborn babies.

Essential features:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It helps to eliminate cradle cap or eczema.
  • Completely free from parabens.
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10. Mustela Baby Body Wash

Mustela body wash is composed of natural ingredients like avocado and vitamin B5 that help to fortify the baby’s skin. It has a gel with a soothing texture that keeps the babies comfortable as well as relaxed. Also, this product is highly recommended if you are still searching for the top list of the best body wash in India in 2020.

Mustela Gentle Cleansing Body Gel

Moreover, the body wash can penetrate deep into the scalp for dense cleaning without drying up. Tear-free formula equipped in this body wash allows the babies to smile while bathing. It does not cause any type of allergic reaction on the skin and prevents itching. Free from parabens, this wash does not contain soap that makes it suitable for baby skins.

Efficient features:

  • Equipped with a pump dispenser.
  • Made with 90% organic ingredients.
  • Free from phthalates.
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What are the measures for providing a comfortable baby bath?

A hygienic routine helps to keep your baby healthy. It is recommended for the babies to bathe after 24 hours. The organic body wash composed of natural ingredients is the best for bathing babies. 

Several items are necessary to give your baby a proper bath. With these, some situations, resources, and supplies mattress the most. Some important items that are necessary before a baby bath are:

Factors that you need to consider before purchasing a baby body wash in India

Before buying a baby body wash, parents need to be careful. Make sure that the body wash you are going to purchase contains organic as well as natural ingredients. These products are mild on a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.

Some factors to consider before purchasing a baby body wash are:

  • Free from artificial substances and parabens.
  • Hypoallergenic, as well as fragrance-free.
  • Low pH and no tears formula.
  • Must include skin moisturizer.
  • Made up of organic and natural ingredients.
  • Clinically tested by pediatricians and dermatologists.

F.A.Q on Best Baby Body Wash in India

  1. Which baby body wash is the best?

    An important question that troubles the parents before buying is which baby wash is best in India. Almost all the products listed here are the best, however, the Aveeno body wash for the babies holds the first position on my list. It is best for newborn babies and is very delicate on the sensitive skin of the babies. 
    It is completely free from alkali and soap that makes it suitable for the baby's skin. Moreover, it retains the skin moisture and keeps it hydrated. This baby body washes also prevents allergic reactions and the growth of bacteria on the skin.

  2. Which is the best wash for a newborn baby?

    The Johnson baby body wash is the best for newborn babies in India. It contains natural ingredients like citric acid, decyl glucoside, chamomile, and many more. This baby shampoo helps in dense cleaning of the baby's skin as well as helps to retain the moisture. On applying this baby body wash, the baby's skin remains hydrated for a long time. Lastly, this baby body wash is completely free from chemicals and does not contain any artificial fragrance as well as colour.


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