6 Best Baby Booster Seat for eating in India

Best baby booster seat for eating in India

Indeed, the weaning period of your little ones is important, exciting, as well as a daunting experience especially, for moms. The incredible journey from a simple booster seat for toddlers to the dining room chair table involves many things including appropriate yet best booster seats for eating This transition is extremely important for your toddler because it has physical, mental, and psychological implications for becoming older children.

Every growing baby while eating solid food hardly reaches 10% of food into the mouth and the rest scatters on the ground or rubs into the hair. The systematic use of a high back chair or a feeding chair along with best practices can reduce the mess. Eventually, this can help your baby take more food into the mouth off the eating surface floor and walls.

Some of the popular booster seats for eating are: 

ImageBaby booster seatsBuyer RatingWhere to buy
Sagya High Chair for Baby kids + Booster Seat3.8Amazon Price
LBLA Portable Baby Booster for feeding4.1Amazon Price
Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat 4.1Amazon Price
LuvLap Springledale Booster Seat Peach4.7Amazon Price
Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat4.3Amazon Price
Chicco Booster Seat-Baby Elephant4.6Amazon Price
Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat4.1Amazon Price
TruGood Baby Booster Seat4.2Amazon Price
Toyboy Honey Bee Booster Seat3.7Amazon Price

inappropriate full high chair or portable booster seat is sometimes disastrous if you do not choose the right one. An intensive study in 2013 reveals that every one hour a small baby is admitted to the US emergency room because of a full-sized dining chair or kids booster seat-related injury. The injuries can be severe such as head and neck injuries, cuts and scrapes, broken teeth and bones, and many more.

Therefore, you need to take utmost care while choosing the right high chair booster seat and use it prudently with adequate safety measures.

what to look for in a toddler booster seat for eating in India:

You need to know that your baby is now fit for a feeding chair and baby car seat. Secondly, study the preferences and habits of your little ones before you plan to get a toddler booster seat for your child. Then you need to focus on the point safety harness features, components, and other essential factors of the traditional chair booster seat to select the best for the baby.

Some of the factors to emphasize while selecting a portable and versatile booster seat for babies:

  • Types 
  • Safety features 
  • Adjustable chair strap
  • Comfort components 
  • Chair and child strap mechanisms 
  • Portability features 
  • Easy cleaning components 
  • Affordability 
  • Tray and their detachability 
  • Certification etc.   

6 most popular & trending booster seat for eating in market:

1) Sagya High Chair for Baby kids + Booster Seat for eating:

The Sagya Baby Booster Seat is derived from a full-sized high chair and is one of the most appropriate alternatives to bring your baby closer to you towards your dinner table. This booster seats chair comes with unique features and adequate safety standards measures.

This product is made of high-quality steel and does not occupy plenty of space. Above all, you can easily transport the Sagya High Chair + Booster Seat as portable equipment. Below are the unique features of the product:

  • This has three in one transformation feature. You can use it as a feeding chair when your baby starts weaning at the initial stage. After that, you can transform it into a high chair. At the later stage, you can use the same as a dining booster seat or as in only chair.
  • You can change the legs of the chair whenever you like to make your kid eat and play conveniently. This feature also allows you to turn the product from a toddler chair to a feeding chair.
  • The manufacturer has put a special interest in the cleaning aspect of this product. You can clean this easily with a damp cloth and leave no space for straining.
  • The adaptability of this removable tray makes the product the best booster seat for eating in India. You can adjust the height of the tray as per the growth of your toddler.

The Benefits and user tips of Sagya High Chair + Booster Seat for your Child: 

This brand is the most appropriate booster seat for your baby in terms of safety, adjustability, and durability. Your child can safely move and play while eating without feeling choked. 

Most importantly, you need not get worried when your baby grows because the high chair cum booster seat goes on height adjustment as per the growth of your baby.  You can use the product right from the initial weaning period of your baby up to 3 years of age. The actual booster seat can effectively hold up to a 3 KGs weight limit.

This product is heat resistant and made of PP materials and have a safety belt. Its pyramid shape creates wonderful opportunities for you to fit it anywhere while transporting. The steel material is tested and child-friendly.

  • Movable, comfortable with adequate space or your child
  • 3-in-1 booster high chair + booster seat
  • Double buckle hook on seat safety standard features and adjustable food tray
  • Convenience for multiple activities such as eating, playing, writing, studying, etc.
  • Pyramid structure and available in different colours
  • Wheel-less folding booster seat and expensive
  • Neither has extra leg appendage nor bendable legs
  • Un-adjustable back support (basically a simple seat)
  • single point harness
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2) TruGood Baby Booster Seat + Swing Multipurpose Kids Feeding High Chair:

TruGood is the most eminent, reliable, and established brand across the continents. The brand is enormously preferred and popular particularly its trending trugood booster chairs for babies.

The multi-purpose working of the Trugood baby booster seat makes the product special to other similar products in the contemporary market. You can use the product for five different purposes. You can transform it from a highchair seat to a booster seat, baby swing chair, and baby bath tub.

The product comes with an adjustable chair strap for safety belts and foldable back components and is perfectly like-minded with all types of dining room chairs. You can also fit the product as a baby booster car seat. There are strong strings provided by the manufacturer for swinging your baby whenever you need it.

You can conveniently use this TruGood product right from 6 months of age up to 3 years. You can further adjust the entire features as your baby grows.

Easy cleaning is another special attraction to this product. You can detach the large feeding tray and clean the entire booster seat easily and quickly. Blue and green are the most popular colour of the product but there are other colours too which you can pick from.  It’s similar to an ingenuity smart clean toddler booster chair for eating.

The Benefits and user tips of TruGood Baby Booster Seat + Swing Multipurpose Kids Feeding High Chair for your Child:

  • A world-class brand with 5 in 1 multi-seat feature such as a high chair, baby booster seat, feeding dinner table dishwasher safe chair, and baby bath seat.
  • The most trending and trustworthy product with the highest safety for your baby. Your baby can conveniently eat, play, move, study, and write and you can be confident of the security of your child
  • Adjustable and adequate safe and secure seat belts to ensure maximum security
  • Food tray large enough to hold the food cluttering of the child and tray removal facility for easy clean
  • You can adjust the entire features of the product as your baby grows. The baby booster seat of this brand is multipurpose both for eating as well as can be used as a booster car seat.
  • You should afford the product for its unique features, durability, and usefulness
  • Portability and foldability
  • Multipurpose ( 5 in 1) baby booster seat
  • Adequately big and removable food tray
  • Adequate safety belts/lap belt
  • Easy accessible different colours
  • Affordable and durable
  • Children-friendly and highly qualitative
  • Built-in cup holder
  • The product is perfect except for the adjustable back of the seat which seems to be a bit problematic which make it not so comfortable seat.
  • no five-point harness
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3) LBLA Portable Baby Booster Seat for Feeding: (best dining booster seats)

The LBLA baby booster seat is one of the most convenient younger babies best booster seat chairs especially for feeding the baby. The bending characteristics of the product make it stress-free for feeding your baby.

several reviewers especially mom prefer this product for its easy and safe feeding features. Eventually, with the adjustability and portability features of the product, the LBLA baby booster seat is counted as the best booster chair for eating in India.

The product comes with a children-friendly bright colour which is another reason for its popularity. You can use this product as early as the initial weaning at the age of 6 months of your baby up to 36 months.

The manufacturer has taken extra care to incorporate the easy washing component in the product. You can even clean the full-sized high chair in the washing machine. The booster seat materials are made of high-quality PP material ensuring adequate safety for the children.

The product is considered most suitable both for a high chair at the early age of your baby and for a booster seat for your child at the meal table. You can increase the height of the booster chair up to three times to match your table.

The Benefits and user tips of LBLA Portable Baby Booster Seat for your Child:

The remarkable factor of LBLA baby booster is its making material which is claimed to be made of organic and native materials. Another important factor that makes it relevant for you to buy is the adequate space of the baby seat for feeding. This makes the baby move comfortably and get rid of the feeling of getting captured.

The following features further increase the relevance of the product and inspire you to buy the feeding booster seat for eating:

  • Three in one feature namely infant feeding seat, toddler booster seat, and seat for eating and playing
  • Easy washing feature (dishwasher safe), You can even wash the food tray.
  • Adjustable height to increase three times its height
  • Comfortable seat with safety lap belt
  • Affordable and durable
  • Child-friendly colour
  • non-skid feet
  • Adequate safety measures as the products are made of child-friendly materials
  • You can use the booster chair up to 4 years age of your child
  • Very easy to wash
  • Detachable tray and safety harness
  • Child-friendly colour and lightweight
  • no five-point harness safety belt
  • Not for multi-purpose use such as in as car seats
  • Available only in one colour
  • no three-point safety harness
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4) LuvLap Springdale Booster Seat Peach: (kids booster seat for eating)

The Luvlap Springdale booster seat brand is considered the most preferred booster chair for eating across the contemporary market in India. The peach colour of the product is children-friendly, attractive, and pleasant.

You can extend the product up to 27 cm and adjust it according to your convenience. The product can withstand the weight of up to 3 kg of your child making it suitable until 3 years of age for your baby. You can use the toddler chair for basic purposes such as a feeding table and a booster seat for your baby.

The following features of the product contribute to its popularity especially among Indian moms:

  • 2 in 1 seat feature of the product. Use the product primarily as a feeding table, and a booster without a tray
  • Highly qualitative with E16120 European standard
  • The product is made of high-quality plastic resulting in a lightweight feature
  • Easy to assemble and portable
  • Easy to clean with a detachable attached tray system
  • Extra safety with a three-point harness safety belt
  • dishwasher safe

The Benefits and user tips of LuvLap Springdale Booster Seat Peach for your Child:

The manufacturer has given priority to the safety measures in the Luvlap Springdale booster seat product which is why most moms prefer this product. When its come to parenting anywhere in the world parent can never compromise with the safety of their child at any cost.

The product has three safety point harnesses and ensures adequate and comfortable space for the baby. Above all, the product is cheaper than other feeding chairs and affordable for any middle or even low-income group. You can even just spend 2000 to buy this product for the pleasure of your baby.

Secondly, its peach colour normally matches the furniture of most households and the product is exceptionally qualitative.

  • Lightweight and most convenient to use
  • Adequate safety measures with 3 point harness
  • Comes with European standard and certification
  • Cheaper and affordable
  • perfect seat
  • Made of plastic which may not be comfortable for the baby in comparison to other padded seat material.
  • No wheel
  • No shoulder straps
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5) Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat:

The Summer Infant pop n care Deluxe Folding Booster seat brand is another popular product in India that specializes in various baby products with special features like easy movability and perfectly fitting as floor seat to any dining chair. It is preferred for its regular size and is available in two colours, pink and tan.

You can wash this booster toddler seat comparatively quickly and easily with less effort. In addition to this, you can start using this rigid booster seat right from 6 months of age until the time your baby gets 66 pounds of weight of the growing baby. 

With the following unique features of the Summer Infant folding booster seat, you can genuinely avail the best booster chair for baby:

  • Certified with three security points safety standards with simple design.
  • Movable and adjustable up to level two height position.
  • Extra safety with point strap on the chair
  • Easy to wash the tray in a barkeeper and a machine
  • No maintenance especially the cleaning
  • Cheaper and affordable 
best baby booster seats for eating

The Benefits and user tips of Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat for your Child:

Every mom across the world has many things to do at home and outdoors. In their busy schedule all day long, it is genuinely tedious for them to clean and maintain the baby booster seat chair regularly.

But this foldable feeding chair is eventually fit for you as you can clean it easily with minimum effort quickly. In addition to this, this product will fit anywhere because of its smaller size and smaller tray. You can also easily carry it anywhere you wish is a lifesaver.

Above all, you can afford this product as it is incredibly cheaper in comparison to other products. Therefore, purchasing this unique product at a reduced price to suit your budget has a perfect rationale for you and your baby.

  • Perfectly fits the chair and never slips
  • Easy to wash especially the entire cushion seat pads which can be washed by machine
  • Height can be accustomed as per need
  • You can feed your baby conveniently at home or outside work as a travel booster
  • Affordable and available in different colours
  • easy storage in the storeroom.
  • seat belts
  • Lack of sufficient space for the baby due to its smaller size
  • You may not be able to carry it using straps
  • No shoulder belts
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6) Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat:

This baby booster seat chair is an interesting and unique model with lots of fun for the baby with incorporated toy games. The Kiddale Baby plastic booster seat high chair is popular and is considered one of the best deluxe booster seats for feeding. It helps the baby to enhance their motor skills.

The following are the features of this product:

  • You can use this product as early as 6 months of the age of your baby to three years of his or her toddler years age
  • Comes with a unique toy tray that can be pluggable and bendable, and can avail various console games
  • The product has three-point safety measures with an extra safety strap method.
  • Easily fixable and you can assemble it with zero efforts

The Benefits and user tips of Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat for your Child:

This product is not only child-friendly but it creates a suitable environment for children due to its toy feature. Secondly, with all the relevant above features, the booster activity seat costs you incredibly lower. You can avail of this including the toy feature with only 3000.

Your child will not only get diverted from cluttering the food but can progressively enhance the motor skills which is an advantage in this product. Therefore, if you have all these benefits with just an amount of 3000, why should you let it go?

  • Child-friendly and core strength of child development
  • Adequate safety and portable with better security harness system.
  • Stable and easy to clean
  • no additional storage required.
  • safety belt
  • No wheels
  • A bit expensive than other cheaper products
  • No shoulder belts
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Frequently Asked Questions on best toddler booster seat for eating:

  1. When to move my baby from a high chair to a booster seat?

    You can take the baby to the baby booster chair when you find that your baby sits consistently without falling. It normally happens between nine and twelve months of the age of your baby.

  2. How long can I keep my baby on a high chair without taking to a booster seat for eating?

    The longer you keep your baby on the high chair, the better it is. However, some babies do not move to feed chairs even in their 18 months or 2 years. In this context, you need to consider several factors that may be responsible to take or not taking your kid to the booster seat. 


Angela Lemond, the owner of Lemond Nutrition and famous dietitian nutritionist and nutrition specialist in Plano-Texas says “mess can never be and should not be reduced to zero during the transition of the toddler from high chair to full-size baby booster seat chair. You should rather allow and get excited that your child is exploring and learning the art of eating.”

Here comes the role of feeding chair which is inevitable both for your innumerable advantages and for the learning table manners and development of your child. Eventually, you have to necessarily need one of the best toddler booster seats for eating, playing, and learning of your baby.

Ask a few questions and find out the answers by observing your baby before moving the child to the booster seat. Such as: Is your baby showing a desire to join you at the table? Is your child repeatedly climbing out of the high chair? Is your child physically and mentally OK? etc.


Purvi Kothari founder of shishulife is a mother of one beautiful girl and growing her well giving her experience on how to tackle the kids.  She holds a degree in MBA and CS and currently pursuing PhD in business communication. Apart from writing a blog in shishulife her worlds revolve around photography, family, and baking.

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