Review Of 8 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers in India

8 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers in India for newborn baby

Your baby is more susceptible to various infections leading to illness due to a low immune system. Is it not prudent to protect your baby by sterilizing the feeding bottle?

Your anxiety is well understood if you are a new mom. Eventually, you must have been extra-careful about your firstborn at least for a few months. You probably often tried to protect the infant from the big bad world by wrapping him in a big fuzzy blanket.

List of best baby bottles sterilizers available in India

ImageBottle sterilizersUser reviewWhere to buy
Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer4.7/5Amazon Price
Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer4.2/5Amazon Price
Papablic Steam Sterilizer and Dryer4.7/5Amazon Price
TommeeTippee Electric Steam Sterilizer4.4/5Amazon Price
Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer4.6/5Amazon Price
Dr Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Sterilizer4.5/5Amazon Price
Munchkin Baby Steam Microwave Sterilizer4.7/5Amazon Price
Medala Quick Clean Baby Bottle Sterilizing Micro-Steam Bags4.7/5Amazon Price

You did it because you know that your baby is tender and susceptible to various external infections and other challenges especially due to low immune. Therefore, will it not be prudent on your part to protect your baby not only by wrapping it with a fuzzy blanket but also by appropriately sterilizing his baby bottle?

You have taken the help of the baby bottle to ensure and enhance a healthy life for your baby. Otherwise, the baby’s immune system will affect. As per research, 60.7% of the total participating babies were seriously ill due to incorrect baby feeding practices including baby bottle infections because of harmful bacteria. Some major illnesses they faced were 43% of babies with diarrhea and 39% of babies with respiratory illness.

Secondly, the dangers of feeding bottles are not a new phenomenon. The concept of feeding bottles started as early as 2000 BC in the ancient civilizations much before the wet-nursing system. History has witnessed massive epidemic-like deaths of bottle-fed infants in the early 19th century because of the use of unhygienic feeding devices and bacterial build-up in feeding bottles. 

Therefore, you should not always try to learn from your own mistakes even if learning from failure and mistakes are good. But some mistakes are too costly to commit. You need to learn such lessons from others’ mistakes. One of those essential lessons for you is about the need for a baby bottle sterilizer and the hygienic best practices of bottle feeding. 

Do You Really Need a Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

You can sterilize the baby bottle through various methods including using boiling water and taking the help of a stove. Eventually, many moms wonder if they really need a baby bottle sterilizer. However, though many may not feel it one hundred percent necessary some say sterilizer is a must for good reasons.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends and emphasizes that you must sterilize the new bottles before using the same, and must sterilize the bottle and other parts every day once until your baby is three months old. You must also do this in other conditions too i.e. if your baby was born premature or has a low immune. 

If in case your doctor has advised sterilizing the baby bottles in between feeding you may be more comfortable with a sterilizer to conveniently sterilize instead of every time boiling the water. Besides, the baby bottle sterilizer may be more suitable for you if you are traveling and do not get a full kitchen facility everywhere.

Even though you have a baby bottle sterilizer you still need to clean the accessories and bottles before sterilizing them. If you put unclean bottles and other equipment into the sterilizer there may be residue buildup.

How Do Baby Sterilizers Work?

Every baby bottle sterilizer does the same work of sterilizing the baby bottles and other equipment. However, different sterilizers have different features and components which are often appealing for the parents to buy the most preferred one. Below are different components and features of sterilizers based on which they function:

  • Method of Sterilization / Sterilization process: Almost all sterilizers use a similar method of using steam to sterilize the baby bottles. They can be either the electric sterilizer connected through USB, battery, or plug, or can be a microwave generating the required hot water to create steam. However, some sterilizers use UV rays instead of steam to sanitize the bottles and other equipment.
  • Auto Shut-off Feature: The auto shut-off feature generally comes with the electric sterilizers. Parents who are often deprived of sleep prefer it the most.
  • Time Taken for Sterilization: In some sterilizers, you can do the job within two minutes whereas some take as long as 30 minutes. If you are using a microwave to sterilize the bottles it may ultimately take only a few minutes to do the job.
  • Drying cycle: Some sterilizers come with drying features besides sterilizing the bottles. You can also customize the sterilizer only for drying while you wash the bottles and do not need to sterilize the bottles.
  • Storage: Some products come with a storage facility besides sterilizing components. You can store the bottles after they are sterilized safely sterile even day long.
  • Size: Most contemporary sterilizers usually can hold up to 4 or 6 bottles. They also may have extra space to contain pacifiers and pump parts. Considering the appropriate size is important as you need to determine the size based on your space available in the kitchen countertop.
  • Compatibility: Often the bottle recommendation or bottle themselves comes with the brand. However, many sterilizers are compatible with different types of bottles. You need to check the compatibility with the store while purchasing a sterilizer.

Different Types of Baby Bottle Sterilizers:

There are several ways of cleaning and sterilizing the baby bottles that are more or less equally hygienic and good for the health of your baby such as:

  • Sterilization through Conventional way: Sterilizing the baby bottle as well as other equipment like sippy, pacifier, etc. through the conventional way is perhaps the easiest and one of the earliest ways of sterilizing the baby bottles. You need to just put the entire feeding equipment including baby bottles into the boiling water in this home method.
  • Electric Sterilizer: In this method, an electric sterilizer cleans the baby bottle and ensures that the bottle is bacteria-free. The electric sterilization is somewhat similar to the conventional method of boiling the bottle. The only difference is you manually boil the bottle with the help of a stove in conventional methods whereas electric sterilization is done by electric energy. Secondly, in a conventional method, you need to find a place in your kitchen to store the baby bottle and other equipment such as nipples, breast pump parts, and other accessories. In electric sterilizers, some devices come with a compartment to safely store the baby bottle and other equipment. 
  • Microwave Sterilizer: Almost all microwave sterilizers come in a compact model and do not require much of your space in the kitchen. It uses steam through microwaving technology. The microwave sterilizer sanitizes the baby bottles incredibly faster.
  • Cold-Water Sterilization: The method of cold-water sterilization uses a solution that is often non-toxic which ultimately dissolves in the water for sterilizing the baby bottles. The non-toxic solution is available in two forms, tablet, and liquid. The bottles are then put into the water through a pan or bucket for sterilization. This method is suitable for parents who are often traveling.
  • UV Sterilizing: The UV sterilizers are comparatively the latest technologies. They use ultraviolet rays to sanitize and kill the germs. These sterilizers do extremely well in terms of sanitization and for the health of your baby. However, UV sterilizers are a bit more expensive than other types of sterilizers.

When Should You Sterilize the Baby Bottles? 

You need to necessarily sterilize the bottles before using them after you bought them. You do not know about the whereabouts of the bottles before they came to the market. Therefore, you must sterilize them to ensure the safety and health of your baby. Many doctors say that you may not sterilize them again once you sterilize them before use. 

However, it depends upon the water quality of your house, the health condition of your baby, and the recommendation of your doctor. If your tap water is not chlorinated it may contain germs that are dangerous for the health of your baby. Similarly, if your baby has weak health and your doctor advises you for sterilization of the baby bottles, then you must abide by the doctor.

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Some of the Trending Varieties of Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers in 2020

The best and the appropriate sterilizer for you is the one that you feel works better every time you use it. Its quality should be determined based on its performance in terms of its capacity to keep the germs away.

Some of the important considerations while buying a sterilizer are the convenience of use or user-friendly features, efficiency, size, and affordability. However, the most important is how your bottles look once they are cleaned by the sterilizer.

Some of the trending Best baby bottle sterilizers in the Indian market at 2020 are:

1. Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The Brezza Baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is one of the trending brands that automatically sterilizes and dries your baby bottle easily and quickly. The mechanism of the baby Brezza automatically shuts itself once the sterilization and drying cycle is completed. One of the most remarkable features of the machine is that it does not use any chemicals rather uses natural steam to kill the germs.

Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer

You can be sure of 99.9% of harmful chemicals and germ-free service especially in the parts of the breast pump, bottle, pacifier, and other accessories like baby items and small toys once the machine completes sterilization. The Baby Brezza sterilizer takes hardly 8 minutes to sterilize and dry the entire equipment.


  • Though this is a 4-in-1 machine you can use it as a sterilize-only or dry-only appliance
  • The machine is easy for using with its LCD control panel
  • The machine can hold six different types and sizes of bottles
  • The bottles along with other accessories stay sterilized up to 24 hours
  • The appliance is made of rust-free stainless steel
  • You can get a one-year manufacturing warranty on each purchase


  • The lid of the appliance may be a bit hard to put in comparison to other brands
  • There may be leakage onto the countertops
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2.  Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

This sterilizer comes with the feature of dry bottle storing and takes 8 to 15 minutes for sterilizing. The device is user-friendly and anyone from your family can sterilize the bottles and other accessories with a few simple steps. The product has an amazing automatic shut-off system once the sterilization is completed.

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer


  • The bottle drying mechanism works excellently.
  • Perfectly safe in terms of burn-related accidents.


  • Expensive.
  • Takes a long time for sterilization.
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3. Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

This Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer may be the appropriate baby bottle sterilizer you are looking for. It does the job faster in an appropriate manner to produce your desired clean-looking bottles. This device is safe and worth paying the amount it deserves. 

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

This  Avent bottle sterilizers product is made out of plastic and BPA free. It kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria within two minutes of its sterilization. You can get extra benefits from its feature of containing bottles and other feeding items accessories sterile the whole day in the machine itself. Another useful feature of this device is its portability. You can pack it easily and take it along with you in your outings.


  • You can sterilize 4 bottles at a time.
  • Very quick sterilization within 2 minutes.
  • Cheaper than other sterilizers.


  • Many microwaves may not accommodate because of their size.
  • Possibilities of the melting of lids.
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4. Papablic Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

This Papablic Steam Sterilizer and Dryer is an all-in-one sterilizer acting swiftly to sterilize the bottles. This device may be the perfect sterilizer you have ever dreamt of. This can do the job like a small dishwasher washing all your bottles, breast pump parts, and accessories with a wink.

Papablic Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

The device is large and can accommodate as many as 11 bottles and smaller items. You can further rearrange the internal trays for the ease of your cleaning. Anybody can operate this machine easily. You just need to add water and dial and wait for about 45 minutes and work is done. You can also customize the setting and make the sterilization faster.


  • It can handle large tasks.
  • Bottle drying is perfectly done.
  • Simple and easy to operate.


  • Very large.
  • Some say the cost is higher in comparison to the features.
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5. TommeeTippee Electric Steam Sterilizer

This is a microwave steam sterilizer that is though expensive but gives a perfect performance. You need to choose the appropriate model of this version based on your requirement of sterilizing the number of baby milk bottles and the frequency of sterilization. This means you can sterilize plenty of bottles within five minutes. This device kills 99.9% of germs and has a compact design to place it conveniently in your kitchen counter space.

TommeeTippee Electric Steam Sterilizer


  • You can clean it easily and store it conveniently 
  • Works faster and cools the sterilized bottles rapidly to allow you to use the bottles soon after their sterilization
  • Easy operation


  • You may get a plastic smell when heating
  • You need to constantly descale it especially in the hard-water area
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6. Dr Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Dr Brown’s deluxe baby bottle sterilizer uses a steam sterilization process and works faster than its counterpart appliances in the market. The machine fits all bottles of Dr. Brown’s brands as well as can accommodate other brands’ bottles. The steam sterilization functions like other advanced machines and has features such as electronic controls, indicators, automatic shutdown after sterilization, etc.

Dr Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Sterilizer

However, you need to read the user instruction carefully before buying or using the appliance as you should never exceed the recommended water. Besides this, it is good to use distilled water instead of hard water for the long-lasting of the appliance. Using hard and excess water may result in a buildup of residue over the heating plate on Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Sterilizer.


  • The appliance comes with a built-in accessory tray that can hold the bottle and other accessories
  • It also comes with a measuring cup and tongs
  • You can choose from two design i.e. white and gray
  • The product is made out of high-quality borosilicate glass or polypropylene plastic that are free of BPA
  • The machine is popular for its easy operation
  • Excellent Product


  • The high-temperature heating plate may get pitted and rust if not maintained well
  • It smells if residue collects
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7. Munchkin Baby Steam Microwave Sterilizer

The Munchkin Steam Guard Baby Microwave sterilizer is one of the most popular sterilizers that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your baby bottles and bottle nipples. The appliance sterilization time is incredibly faster to perform the sterilization process and takes instantly just two minutes to sterilize the clean bottles and other accessories such as pacifiers, nipples, feeding items, and other breast pump equipment. You can sterilize up to four bottles and two breast pump shields at a time. However, you need to carefully read the user instruction of the manufacturer before using the machine.

Munchkin Baby Steam Microwave Sterilizer


  • The product is child-friendly with a tab locking feature to prevent an accident
  • The machine effectively keeps the bottom of the machine clean and dry
  • The appliance has heat resistant handles
  • This is a compact and lightweight design


  • No cons
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8. Medala Quick Clean Baby Bottle Sterilizing Micro-Steam Bags

The Medala quick clean micro-steam bags for baby bottle sterilization is a unique technique trending in the market. In fact, the technique has simplified the complications of baby bottle sterilization using electric or microwave methods. You can easily sterilize your baby bottles and other baby feeding accessories with this micro-steam bag at home or when traveling.

Medala Quick Clean Baby Bottle Sterilizing Micro-Steam Bags

These unique sterilizing bags can effectively disinfect germs and bacteria easily and faster than any other baby bottle sterilizers on the market. You can reuse these bags up to twenty times and sterilize your baby bottles and other accessories such as breast shields, nipples, pacifiers, etc. within three minutes. Above all, the micro-steam bags are compact and portable and you can organize the entire package of baby bottle sterilization easily while on the go.


  • This method of baby bottle sterilizing is unique and faster within 3 minutes using a bit of water and a microwave
  • The product is made without phthalates or BPA
  • The is made with food contact-grade materials from the USA
  • You can sterilize any type of bottles in the micro-steam bag
  • Reusing the bag for twenty times is conveniently affordable


  • No cons
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FAQ on best sterilizers for baby bottle

  1. Do you really need a baby bottle sterilizer?

    Yes, if you are traveling with a baby or visiting somewhere you know won't be taking care of proper hygiene then yes. After this covid-19 era, we highly recommend getting one for your bundle of joy

  2. How do I sterilize a baby bottle?

    Well every model has a different function to sterilize, if you are going for the one which we suggested then we have mention how to sterilize the baby bottle

  3. What is the best sterilizer for baby bottles?

    This is the one which I am using for the last 2 years Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer, i'll suggest the same

  4. Do i need to dry bottles after sterilizing?

    No, as the bottle is already treated with heat and most of the water mineral and bacteria has died you don't have to. I personally don't dry.

  5. What happens if you don't sterilize baby bottles?

    bacterial infection can occur which can cause your newborn or toddler stomach ache, and another disease, I highly recommend sterilizing the bottle every time you use it. the best way is to buy two bottles when the one you are using others can be kept for sterilizing

Conclusion on best baby bottle sterilizers in India:

Caring for a baby is tough but a lovely experience. It includes everything that your baby comes across and anything he or she touches. You must ensure that whatever the baby does must be clean and safe. Sterilizing baby bottles is one of the most important components of baby care. If you miss something, your loss may be heavier than you imagine.


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