12 Best baby care products in India

12 Best baby care products in India

You have an exciting and rewarding journey when you are ready to welcome a new member of your family. There is a lot to take when you are becoming a parent for the first time. The little bundle of joy tends to complete and happily rule our lives with their eating, screaming, crying, laughing, and nappy fouling.

Having a child is a life-altering thing that can happen to human beings but more matters can be daunting, as they do not come with cheat books or any sort of instruction manual to make life easier. 

We have collated and done some best baby care products review in India that are crafted to ease the burden on new moms and cool dads. It can be challenging to differentiate between your needs versus gimmicky products that will only occupy space. Whether you are searching for a friend or need it for your new coming family members, these baby products can save time, free up hands, and offer peace to mind.

From powders and baby massage oil to clothes and carriers, there is a wide range of baby products to choose from. If you are bewildered by all the baby accessories out there, relax…. You don’t need to worry. There are some fundamentals you want to stock up on and consider investing in.

With more than 2000 professional reviews and hundreds of user reviews, we have created a comprehensive guide below to tick off everything as the best baby care products in India you would need in your baby’s starter kit.

List of 12 best baby care products in India (Review)

Product Imagebaby care productsUser RatingCheck the latest price
Baby soft Baby Reusable Cloth Diaper3.9Amazon Price
best baby care productPampers- Active Baby Diapers, Newborn4.4Amazon Price
Himalaya baby massage oil4.3Amazon Price
Johnson’s top to toe wash3Amazon Price
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Fragrance-Free Lotion4.3Amazon Price
Mama earth gentle cleansing shampoo for Babies4.2Amazon Price
Himalaya Baby Powder4.4Amazon Price
Philips Avent – Milk bottle4.2Amazon Price
Enfamil A+ stage 1 formula – Formula Milk4.4Amazon Price
Baby Hug Premium Baby Wipes -Baby Wipes4.0Amazon Price
Aden and Anais Silky soft swaddle blanket – Swaddle4.5Amazon Price
Chicco Nappy Cream – Diaper Cream3.8Amazon Price

Review of best baby care products in India which you will need in the first month

1. Baby soft Baby reusable Cloth Diaper with Microfiber inserts 

Baby soft has good absorption capacity for an all-in-one nappy and it’s also easy to put on. The inner part consists of layers of soft fleece fabric. Fleece is durable and dries up quickly compared to other materials like polyester. The absorbent layer is sewn inside the outer layer, but it still quickly dries up and air can circulate between the two layers requiring less time for drying up. 

With firm and high-quality elastic, the nappy is stretchy and easy to use. Pocket-style nappies can soak and keep the baby dry for 2 to 3 hours. It is highly absorbent and the outer layer is waterproof. A small tip, after washing, put your hand so the linen aligns easily as per nappy structure. 

What did we like?

  • Mid-range nappies 
  • High-quality nappies
  • Pocket style 
  • Fleece fabric for higher absorbency 
  • Adjustable leg elastic
  • Cute prints 
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2. Pampers, Active Baby Diapers, Newborn

Your baby needs thousands of diapers before attaining potty training, so make sure you have enough ones that actually work. The best diaper should be absorbent as well as built with soft materials that should be friendly on the baby’s skin. It should prevent leakages as well as should be lightweight so that the little one should stay comfy. 

we have a very detailed review on diaper check out – Best baby diaper in 2020

In the first months, newborns estimated need about 6 to 9 diaper changes per day. For the first three months, a baby is expected to use about 700 diapers. 

When finding the best quality diaper you should look for some factors like 

  • Design add-ons – Nowadays diapers are built with wetness indicator convenience of changes. Also, there is front and back labeling to assist new moms or dads for wearing it.
  • Super Absorbent – Some diapers claim that they are highly absorbent and they can grab up to some particular percentage of weight. The truth is that all the diapers can physically hold as much as they need to but the important thing is how quickly and effectively they absorb. Those that are super absorbent tend to be bulkier. 

Look for bulk options – Trust me you would be using lots of diapers and creeping up your pockets. It is advisable to buy bulk diapers that would reduce the cost

Why do we like it?

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3. Himalaya baby massage oil

Babies are born with sensitive skin, they are prone to develop rashes, boils, and become dry. To avoid frequent skin issues, it is essential to heal babies by massage oil that nourishes their skin making and maintaining the PH balance of the skin. Massage is a lovely way to pour your love and care into your baby.

Massage techniques can soothe babies and help them to sleep. Massage includes benefits like improving weight gain, boosting blood circulation, easing teeth pain, aiding digestion, and much more. Using oil or moisturizer can help your hands glide as well as nourish babies’ skin. 

We have asked for reviews from many parents for the best massage oil for babies, some were in favor of mineral oil while others opt for vegetable oil. If the baby is suffering from eczema, avoid using oil, instead, go for emollient cream or any ointment prescribed by your pediatrician. 

If your baby has sensitive skin go with vegetable oil as they include linoleic acid that is gentler on baby skin. Sunflower oil and Grapeseed oil are the two best oils that include high levels of linoleic acid. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Non-greasy with aloe and vitamin E, Enriched with natural extracts, Suitable almost for all babies, Improves skin texture. 
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4. Johnson’s top to toe wash

A few years ago, there were limited choices with your baby body wash. But with an array of options these days – organic, non-organic, tear-free, scented, unscented, and much more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

Babies smell divine, but a good body wash can do its job of washing hair, cleansing their skin, and getting rid of built-up food, milk residue, or any germs present. Usually, babies don’t need to bathe frequently in the first few weeks of their lives, just they need to be cleaned from top-to-tail with cotton wipes and water. Getting a product that is gentle on the skin without harsh chemicals is a must in your checklist. 

Choose the baby wash that has:

  • Tear-free formula to avoid irritation in your baby’s eyes.
  • Hypoallergenic that are best for babies with dry skin, eczema, or other allergies. 
  • Always opt for unscented baby wash products, fragrance causes allergic reactions and irritating on your child’s skin. 
  • Avoid products with dyes or harsh chemicals, always search for parabens free, phthalates free, and sulfate-free products. 
  • Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol are branches of Alcohol-based products, Avoid them.
Why do we like it?
  • Infused with safe and pure ingredients gentle on skin. 
  • Clinically tested, tear-free, well priced, and does a good job. 

Johnson and Johnson craft best baby products brand by reviewer in India, it has been maintaining its tradition of delivering top-notch quality products gently designed for babies’ skin. With 125 years of rigorous testing and tirelessly working with scientists, pediatricians, and dermatologists, they have created products that are safe and beneficial for baby skin. 

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5. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Fragrance-Baby Lotion

Aveeno is top in our list and considered the best baby product due to its superb absorbing and non-greasy formula. For parents who are searching for soothing lotion, Aveeno daily moisture is key to making your babies comfortable.

When tested we found it as an amazing product. There are several factors like ease of use, ingredients, texture, value, consistency, and much more. We interview moms to know how well they performed regularly. Overall we received a very positive review. 

Baby lotion is designed to lock the moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated. As you are aware, extremely thin skin needs extra care compared to adults. The thinner layer of skin is prone to lose moisture and can cause painful rashes, itchiness, infection, flakiness, and much more.

Lotions are less greasy and extremely light on the skin, while creams are said to nourish the skin and keep the moisture intact. While ointments are rich in texture and can be extremely thick and greasy. However, ointments are rich in moisture but they can conflict with baby skin causing patches or rashes. 

Baby creams prevent

  • Dry Skin
  • Diaper Rash
  • Baby Acne

Rubbing lotion all over the body after bath locks the moisture and provides effective hydration to keep skin moist. 

Why do we like it?

  • Fragrance-free, extra hydration, soothe dry and sensitive skin. 
  • Easy to use a pump
  • Easily spreadable 
  • Steroid Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate-free
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6. Mama earth gentle cleansing shampoo for Babies

This product is on top of the list as the best baby shampoo in the market. Mama earth has been catering to the products for adults as well as babies. The hypoallergenic, tear-free, and soap-free formula delivers excellent products that are mild for babies. The unique product is certified free of toxins making it the perfect choice for the baby’s extra delicate scalp. 

The product is efficient in cleaning the build-ups and residues. Beyond cleaning it assures to keep skin moisturized with its natural ingredient formula. It is highly recommended by real moms and it is deemed safe by them. 

What to look for formulas with ingredients 

  • Fruit oils 
  • Chamomile extract
  • Sunflowers 

Avoid these in your baby shampoo 

  • Parabens 
  • Phthalates 
  • Dyes
  • Sulfates
  • Alcohol 
  • Fragrance or perfumes

Always look for tear-free products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. 

Why do we love the products?

  • Chemical-free,
  •  PH neutral formula, 
  • Includes jojoba oil 

Mama earth comes with a hypoallergenic formula that means there won’t be any issues while washing their hair and they will end up with clean and bouncy hair. The product is clinically tested for balancing PH levels and does not conflict with the baby’s skin. Infused with jojoba oil and coconut-based cleaners, the shampoo cleans as well as leaves moisturized scalp. 

The absence of chemical dyes, phthalates, and parabens and the tear-free formula is gentle enough to be used every day even from day 1. Not only infants but even toddlers and babies can also use these products that would ultimately leave soft and smooth hair.

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7. Himalaya Baby Powder

Himalaya is a brand notable for manufacturing natural skin products that are made without dangerous chemicals. Himalaya products are safe and finely milled powder with an all-natural, gentle fragrance that works well for keeping the baby’s bottom soft and dry. A hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and mild formula that nourishes the skin and keeps it fresh all time. 

The talc contains herbs, flowers, cornstarch, and almond oil to treat baby skin and soothe even the tender parts. Infused with Yashada bhasma and Vetiver, the product has astringent properties that keep baby skin cool and fresh. Olive oil nourishes protect the soft skin and prevents chafing.

Choose products that blend with safe and natural ingredients. 

  • Baby powder is often used to treat diaper rash around the baby’s bottoms and genital areas. 
  • Do not put baby powder on your child’s face or directly on your genitals. Instead of a light layer around the body. 
  • Inhalation of baby powder can provoke inhalation and respiratory issues. 
  • Avoid powder getting contact in your baby’s eyes. 

Why did we like it?

  • Formulated with herbal ingredients 
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Free from parabens and other synthetic colors. 
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8.Philips Avent – Milk bottle

Breastfeeding is the best option for a baby, but if due to some reasons you want to give formula milk or expressed milk, you need to buy a baby bottle that is safe and designed well. A baby bottle allows you to feed infant formula milk or expressed breast milk.

Philips Avent is a solution for those mothers who are searching for reliable, trustworthy, and quality products when it comes to feeding their babies. Philips Avent has non-collapsible nipples that are designed to mimic the shape of the breast and make it easier for babies to adapt latching. 

From top to bottom the carefully designed bottle ensures that the baby gets a seamless feeding experience. The bottles are made from premium borosilicate glass, BPA Free material, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. 

The starter set is available in 4 oz and two of 9 oz, which is suitable for newborn babies. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, while a wide neck is easy to fill and clean. The nipples or teat have anti twin colic valves that release air back into the bottle, which overall reduces discomfort to the baby. 

Why do we Like It?

  • Wide neck 
  • The high-quality glass material 
  • Anti-colic nipples 

Overall, the glass bottles are sturdy, well constructed, and worth investment for your newborns. 

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9. Enfamil A+ stage 1 formula – Formula Milk

Enfamil A+ is a big brand for producing high-quality formulas in the USA. Many pediatricians and doctors recommend this formula that is high in nutrients similar to breast milk. But still, nothing can substitute breast milk. 

Enfamil contains 50% more DHA and AHA for eye, brain, and neural development. It has a partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk formula that makes digestion easy for babies. If your baby tends to be irritated, gassy or fussy or even spitting up a lot, then it’s time to get the best formula milk from Enfamil that is designed to cater to tummy troubles in babies

The partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk along with concentrated whey protein solids assists small tummies to easily digest without creating colic. The best baby formula has an addition of prebiotics that is found in breast milk. Prebiotics promote a healthy gut and immune system which improves the overall health of babies. 

The ingredients in the formula help babies adapt this formula better compared to others in the market. The formula is similar to breast milk with high nutrition and health levels of protein, minerals, and vitamins. 

For a further deep guide on how to choose and buy formula milk for a baby, which is an exhaustive yet valuable guide, visit our page. 

Why did we like it?

  • Tin container with a scoop, easy to use
  • Prebiotics added
  • Lactose included 
  • A healthy ratio of fat, carbs, and proteins similar to break milk.

Using lactose as a sweetener is an additional benefit as it is easily digestible compared to sucrose that is tough on the baby’s tummy. 

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10. Baby Hug Premium Baby Wipes -Baby Wipes

Baby hug premium wipes are manufactured with an extra softness that is strong yet gentle on cleansing during nappy time, playtime, or feeding time. Dermatologically tested wipes are mild and think that they can handle regular cleaning in a completely safe way. The wipes contain antibacterial agents to protect the baby from harmful germs and bacteria. 

With an easy to open design pack, the wipes stay fresh for longer without getting dried out. The paraben-free formula is gentle on baby skin and does cause any side effects. Baby hug recognizes baby skincare that needs tender love and care, these wipes are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to nourish soft and sensitive skin. 

Infused with a perfect amount of glycerin and adequate PH balance is apt for cleansing as well as moisturizing the skin. The mild fragrance and aloe vera add a protective layer after cleaning. We recommend you bulk-buy to save your cost. Don’t worry, wipes don’t get expired easily and they get used up. From infants to toddlers to school children, everyone uses wipes. 

Why did we like it?

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Aloe vera included 
  • Clinically proven 
  • Budget-friendly
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11. Aden and Anais Silky soft swaddle blanket – Swaddle

Aden and Anais’s silky soft swaddle blanket is composed of pure bamboo viscose material. If you are a sleep-deprived parent of your newborn or infant, then you definitely need to invest in this magic swaddle. This swaddle is a lifesaver for moms with easy to use design. All you need is to tuck up the baby leg and wrap the fabric around the baby’s arms. 

The wrap is made of highly breathable fabric, you don’t have to worry about your child feeling hot inside it. Easy to customize and easy to adjust, you can unwrap the legs with fabric for easily changing nappies or diapers. 

Whether you are fond of indigo prints, cute designs, or whimsical patterns, you can look out for adorable designs whether you are using it at home or outside. Since these are multifunctional, they can be used as blankets for further upcoming years. 

The swaddle is made of pure cotton muslin fabric that is light to wrap and carry. Beyond keeping your baby warm and cozy, they keep the baby safe as plush.  The length of swaddle making is versatile even for longer babies. 

One size fits all designs,  it lasts longer than others. Your babies can use it once they start rolling, all you need is to wrap around their torso and free up their arms.  The versatile piece can be used as a car seat or stroller cover or even more unlimited options. 

What do we love about it?

  • A versatile piece with super cute prints
  • Made with cotton muslin fabric
  • Economical 4 pack of blankets. 

Go for breathable fabric, we prefer cotton, due to its lightweight and softness. The weight of the material can be depended on as per seasons and the temperature outside. If you are using it for the long term, then you can choose traditional style swaddles that can serve as multi-functional blankets for later. 

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12. Chicco Nappy Cream – Diaper rash Cream

Baby’s first diaper rash can be a dreadful experience, making a poor little infant cranky and you can feel the pain. Though it doesn’t take much time to develop a rash, caring properly could save you from it. Water and moisture occluded on the skin can irritate the skin. 

For daily diaper changes and mild rashes, our favorite is Chicco Nappy rash cream that is highly recommended by Pediatricians and doctors which makes it the best baby product brand. We recommend you apply after changing diapers, once the skin is washed and dried to reduce irritations. 

The few first months of baby skin are sensitive and thinner, due to which you need a mild and chemical-free formula that soothes the baby’s skin. With regenerative formula, Chicco serves the function of protection, soothing, and repairing back the delicate skin. 

Shea butter and Glycerine support the healing system and restore moisturized skin. Most of the creams have a somewhat lesser percent of zinc oxide included, but Chicco zinc oxide paste is whopping higher that creating a barrier to developing sensitive diaper rash cream. 

Zinc oxide is also known well for protecting and trapping moisture while repelling with water so the sensitive skin does not break down. 

we found Chicco as the best baby product by review.

Why do we like it?

  • Vegetarian Origin
  • Contains Zinc oxide, Provitamin B5 to repair skin 
  • Allergen-free fragrance
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Choose the best baby care products in India specifically designed for babies

Baby skin and adult skin are different in texture. Baby skin is tender and needs much care, they need to be regularly cleaned, massaged, and nourished. It is susceptible to dryness and will not embrace products like adults. It is imperative to go for a skin range that is designed specifically for baby skincare. These best baby skincare products reviews are milder and ensure to maintain the PH balance and protect it against irritation. 

Go for products free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes

Harsh soaps or alcohol-based products can cause allergic reactions and discomfort to your young ones. The baby products should not contain parabens as it produces potential harmful effects on babies’ skin. Dyes are unnecessary additions to baby products that can cause allergies and harsh effects on the skin.

Natural is just mental makeup

Don’t get fooled by the word “Natural” on the package. Products labeled as natural are not free from preservatives or harmful additives. If you find any unfamiliar name on your product list, research well and make sure the product is safe for young ones

Use hypoallergenic products 

For mild baby skincare, hypoallergenic use products. These products are designed to have the least possible risk of allergies or reactions on the skin. 

Look for PH Balance 

A scale from PH1 to PH6 indicated that an acidic substance is present. While PH 8 to PH 14 indicated there are alkaline substances included in it. THE ideal PH balance for outer skin is 4.5 to 5. Within a few weeks after the birth, the baby’s skin is close to neutral PH. Later with time, it changes to slightly acidic with PH 5.5.

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Baby skin is a bundle of delicacies. Whether it’s a dress, diaper, or wife, it must have a softer surface and should be smooth enough to prevent any rashes and skin damages

Why go for the best skincare products for a baby?

Your baby’s skin is thinner, delicate, and prone to dryness compared to adult skin. You should use mild cleaners and protect the natural balance while maintaining its protective outer layer.  As per the best baby care products review, skincare products should comprise lower levels of fragrance and should not contain soaps or any sort of alcohol. 

Antibacterial or antimicrobial products

Babies’ skin cannot withstand products that are labeled as antibacterial or antimicrobials. Mild products work perfectly to keep your baby clean. 

Engrossed labels you need to look for 

  • Check for manufacturing and expiry dates
  • Description of the product 
  • Any warnings mentioned (such as minimum age or allergies possible, etc)
  • Any warnings 
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • And most prominently the ingredient list. 

We don’t endorse any particular brand, as per your decision and choice, you could choose the brand and products for your newborns. We have researched and done the best baby products in India 2020 and enlisted some top things you would absolutely need for your little munchkins. Our list is excluded from gadgets and luxury and items which you may regret buying. 


Purvi Kothari founder of shishulife is a mother of one beautiful girl and growing her well giving her experience on how to tackle the kids.  She holds a degree in MBA and CS and currently pursuing PhD in business communication. Apart from writing a blog in shishulife her worlds revolve around photography, family, and baking.

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