Review Of 8 Best baby diapers in India

Best baby diapers in India | Best diapers for newborn baby in India

Diapers are one of the must-have products you need for your baby. Newborns have very smooth and baby’s delicate skin. Thus, they need extra care. Your little one will pee many times in a day. To make you free from loads of laundry, we are going to share the best baby diaper in India with you. There are two types of diapers, cloth type and disposable. You can re-use the cloth-type diapers and come with less price. 

You will find numerous options for baby diapers available. Choosing the right one for your little one is challenging. You should consider your baby’s comfort, requirement, along with the price to pick the one. To make your confusion clear, we have come with a comprehended list of diapers. I am sure this article will make your search options a little narrow. 

12 list of best baby diapers In India 2021

Imagesbaby diapers brandsUser RatingLatest Amazon Price
Pampers Pant Size Diapers
4.1 Amazon Price
Huggies Wonder Pants
4 Amazon Price
Mamy poko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper
4.2Amazon Price
GroVia Hybrid Diaper (reusable)
4.2Amazon Price
Snuggles Comfy Pants Baby Diaper
4Amazon Price
Himalaya Herbal Total Care Baby Pants Style Diapers
3.9Amazon Price
Mee Mee Breathable Diapers
3.6Amazon Price
Pigeon Ultra-Premium Baby Diaper Pants
3.9Amazon Price
Bambo Nature Premature Baby Diapers
4Amazon Price
Libero Comfort Baby Diapers
4.1Amazon Price
Supples Baby Pants Diapers
3.9Amazon Price
 Luvs Disposable Baby Diapers4.4Amazon Price

Review of best baby diapers in india available in market

1. Pampers Pant Size Diapers (best baby diaper in india)

Pampers is one of the leading baby diaper brands to manufacture the best disposable diapers for babies in India. pampers premium pants diapers can give your tiny one an extraordinarily soft and comfortable feel, keeping your baby dry for an extended period. Pampers pant size diapers have an ultra-absorb core and double leak guards. There is an absorbent Magic gel in the inner layer of these pants for leakage protection. It helps to lock away the wetness and keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours. 

pamper pants dry diaper with aloe vera

The Aloe Vera baby lotion nourishes well your dear ones’ baby’s delicate skin. This also helps to prevent your baby from any type of skin irritation and diaper rash

These pants are designed beautifully with some fun graphics pictures to attract your baby’s attention. 


  • This diaper does not release a lousy odour
  • These pants are ready to use
  • The elastic around the waist is gentle
  • Aloe Vera baby lotion protects your baby’s sensitive skin
  • The diapers are pre-folded in a way that they occupy less space in the diaper bags


  • The monthly pack has two packets
  • Waist-band is not full
  • The older version is better than, the newer
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2. Huggies Wonder Pants

This product features Bubble-Bed technology. With this technology, it absorbs very well and can spread the wetness to the entire nappy to make your baby feel dry overnight. The nappy covers your baby’s bottom, waist, and thigh. With the three unique features, it can provide the best possible comfort to your baby‘s in these three sensitive areas. 

huggies wonder pants 12 hr protection baby diaper

This nappy is designed with a gentle waistband. It can protect your baby’s waist along with a good fit. It also allows your baby to twist and turn freely. This particular disposable diaper has Triple Leak Guard for leakage protection.


  • Bubble-Bed technology keeps dry for a long time.
  • It is light-weight
  • These are soft and fits great
  • It provides 12 hours of leak-proof protection.
  • Comes with a waistband
  • The elastic is super stretchy
  • Skin-friendly with your kid


  • Management can make it more durable
  • The absorption power has degraded recently
  • Some diapers may have stitching issues
  • The pants should be higher from the back
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3. Mamy poko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper is another excellent product to be mentioned in the list. This brand claims that it can absorb seven full glasses of water. For this, you can put it in the list of best diapers in India 2020 quickly. So, many parents prefer Mamy poko for their little ones to keep them dry.

The most attractive feature of this diaper is the presence of a crisscross absorbent sheet. This sheet can easily absorb as much as seven glasses of water and spread them in a way to enjoy your bundle of joy and sound sleep.

mamypoo pants extra absorb diaper for baby who pee more

These are specially designed from the House of Disney to make them look attractive. 


  • It can make your toddler dry up to 12 hours
  • Outstanding quality of the material is used to make the diaper
  • It is easy to use
  • They are very soft and comfortable
  • Elastic is very soft
  • The cotton fabric is very smooth
  • The price is a little lower


  • It has only one layer of cotton
  • The thickness of the pants is decreasing
  • It can develop rashes
  • It may get leakage if the kid sleeps in sideways position
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4 Snuggles Comfy Pants Baby Diaper

Snuggles diapers are the newbie in the Indian diaper market. But within a short duration, it became popular. Many mothers already started to pick Snuggles Comfy Pants for their dear babies. It also comes with crisscross layers. It can absorb the urine overnight and keeps your baby dry for up to 12 long hours. Hydrophilic Magnetic gel is also present at the bottom of the layer.

sunggles comfy pants diaper for babies

It also helps to absorb a large amount of urine. A soft, mild fragrance is there to avoid any bad odour. 


  • It is very light-weight
  • It is a little cheap
  • It is made of soft and breathable material
  • It is featured with crisscross layers and gel magnets
  • The triple lock system is present in the leg cuffs
  • Easy to use


  • It becomes heavy when absorbs the urine
  • Your baby might get diaper rash using this
  • The diaper fails to hold the baby’s leak for a long time
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5. Himalaya Herbal Total Care Baby Pants Style Diapers (best baby diaper pants in india)

If you are looking for the best pant-style diapers in India, you can undoubtedly pick Himalaya Herbal Care Baby Pant Style Diapers for your munchkin. Being a herbal product, this diaper can be effectively beneficial and comfortable for your baby.

Enriched with natural ingredients, like-Yashada bhasma, this herbal nappy keeps your baby’s free from any kind of irritation. The anti-rash formula presented in it does not allow the growth of microbes.

himalaya baby diaper for boy and girl

Another noticeable aspect of this diaper is, it is enriched with a wetness indicator strip feature. When your baby pees, this indicator turns green automatically giving you a signal to change the nappy. All the edges are elastic made to prevent any kind of leakage. As it is available in pant style, you can easily put on or remove this nappy.


  • They are wide enough to make it wear easily
  • The anti-rash formula prevents the diaper rashes
  • The material is very soft and comfortable
  • You can get it at an affordable price
  • It is comfortable to wear and pull off
  • The wetness indicator strip gives you a signal when your baby gets wet


  • The threads can be pulled out easily from the diaper
  • There is a gap near the thigh portion
  • There is no perfume smell
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6. Pigeon Ultra-Premium Baby Diaper Pants

If your baby has too sensitive skin, you can use Pigeon Ultra-Premium Baby Diaper Pants. This diaper can be one of the good diapers for babies with sensitive skin in India as these nappies are made to maintain the proper hygiene of your baby.

This breathable diaper has a high absorbency power to soak the liquid very fast and keep your munchkin dry. The wetness Indicator strip is also there to inform you that the baby is wet. Crisscross patterns soak the liquid and help dry for up to 12 long hours. The elastic waistband is very gentle. It will protect your baby’s waist from any harshness. Also, it helps to make it fit well. 

pigeon baby diaper pants small size online buy


  • Absorbs very well to make your baby dry
  • You can travel for a long time with Pigeon
  • Very soft and comfortable for the baby’s
  • Material is breathable enough
  • It prevents diaper rashes


  • Price is quite high
  • Leakage happens if the baby has loose motion.
  • It gets stuck to your baby’s thigh
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7. Libero Comfort Baby Diapers

Libero Comfort Baby Diapers are enriched with various natural elements to be skin-friendly to babies. These disposable diapers are among the best for babies with sensitive skin in India. Libero offers you an eco-friendly nappy to give extra care to the babies. This lightweight product is breathable enough to make the air circulate.

This diaper is made with soft and smooth material to make your little one feel comfortable. It is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile, and olive oil to make it eco-friendly. It prevents the urine from leaking and makes your baby dry. A soft elastic waistband is attached to make it fit perfectly. Libero itself is a very renowned baby diaper brand that first introduced disposable diapers in the baby’s world

libero comfort baby diapers


  • The posterior side is white to observe the colour of the stool
  • Green gel is present on the front side to absorb the urine
  • The diapers are well designed and made with good material
  • No leakage will happen
  • Being skin-friendly, it prevents the diaper rash
  • The elastic does not mark on the thighs


  • It is not available in pant style.
  • Does not have the pee line indicator
  • Need to be a little bit tight
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8. Supples Baby Pants Diapers (best baby diaper in india)

To keep your baby protected and fresh, Supplies Baby Pants Diapers are the best baby diapers in India. This product is also made with soft cotton to make your little one feel comfortable. This product is only available in pant style.

So, it will be easy for you to pull on and remove the diapers easily. A hydrophilic magnetic gel is present in the lower part of the diaper. It helps to absorb the liquid very fast to make your infant feel dry.

supples baby pant diapers

This product is made with soft and breathable material to give a gentle touch to your dear. It also helps to pass enough air to make it fresh and subtle. 


  • Good absorbing power
  • Material is soft to touch
  • Baby seems less irritating and happier with these diapers
  • It is worth the money
  • Controls the leakage properly
  • There is no smell like other diapers


  • Babies may develop a rash after 8 hours of usage
  • The cotton in the inside forms balls after urination
  • Outer covering may rise plastic-like sounds
  • Size is little smaller
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Buying guides for the best baby diapers in India

How to buy best disposable diaper for baby in India

Most of the parents have spent a lot of money while choosing diapers. So, you need to make an excellent plan to buy the diapers in a smart way that economically fulfills your requirements.

  • Decide between cloth and disposable diapers: Cloth diapers are organic and cheaper. But they need to wash and dry properly. On the other hand, disposable ones are expensive but need not wash.
  • Buy sample size packs first: There are many branded diapers available in the market. You can buy the small size packs first to try one after the another to pick the most fitted one. After selecting you can buy the jumbo money-saver pack.
  • Look for offers:, Amazon, Firstcry are the online shops. They come with various offers often. You can regularly check their discounts and buy some extra packages for future uses.
  • Do not overstock diapers: Your baby is passing through the growing up stages. So, if you overstock the current size of diapers, some of them might get wasted. Thus, if you want to stock more diapers, you can choose one size more significant than the current one.

A few Factors to keep in mind before buying the best baby diaper

Different diapers come with their features. As a parent, you need to choose the perfect one that suits your baby’s needs. Following are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the right one: 

  • Absorbency power: The primary job of a diaper is to absorb the liquid. Especially infants urinate very often. So, the diaper should have a functional absorbency capacity to hold the urine for a long time and keep the newborn dry overnight. Diapers with ultra-absorbing cores are more helpful to dry your baby.
  • Price: Budget will be another critical factor. Your diaper should be in a pocket-friendly budget. Your baby will need to wear diapers for at least two years of age. So, you can pick the jumbo packs to save your money.
  • Fit: Babies wear diapers most of the time. They are very active and always remain busy with their mischievous activities. So, the diapers need to fit appropriately while they are running, crawling, jumping, or sleeping. Otherwise, leakage may happen.
  • Secure fasteners: A diaper fastener is critical. It helps to fasten the diaper with the body of your baby perfectly. Most of the fasteners are made with thin plastics. You need to pull the fasteners to the front side of the diapers to make them fit perfectly. Diapers with more durable fasteners are mostly preferable. After opening the diaper, if you find you can reseal it, you can do it. You can re-seal your diaper to make it fasten tighter and prevent it from falling.
  • Fashion and style: Usually, animated graphics are sketched at the outer sides with vibrant colors to catch the baby’s attraction. Some diapers come in various colors to match with your newborn dresses to make them fashionable.

FAQ on the best baby diapers in India

  1. Which diapers are best for newborns in India?

    The best available diapers for newborns in India are below listed.
    pampers premium New Baby Diaper
    MamyPoko Pants
    Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers
    Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers
    Snuggles Comfy Pants Baby Diapers

  2. Which are the best cotton baby diapers in India?

    There are many cotton baby diapers available in India. These diapers are comfortable for your new ones. you can put GroVia Hybrid Diaper to be one of the best kinds of cotton made diapers available in India.

  3. Which diapers are best for babies in India?

    Many leading diapers are considered to be the best for babies in India. Outlined below are a handful of them:
    Pampers Active Baby Diapers
    Huggies Dry Taped Diapers
    Himalaya Herbal Baby Pants Style Diapers
    Pigeon Diapers
    MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

  4. At what age do babies use the most diapers?

    from 0-1 year mostly babies use the diapers after that if you potty train them then they will start giving you hint when to want to poop or pee.

  5. Are pamper or Huggies better?

    That always depends upon the users both are well reputable brands and both have their pros and con. If it comes to comfort then I defiantly go for pampers premium, that's what my kid use.

Final Verdict on a best baby diaper in India

Diapers can get your baby fresh and comfortable for a long period. Your baby will need them for up to 2 years of age. As we all know, every baby is unique in its activities. There are many diapers available in the market to choose from. But picking the right one would be a tiresome and challenging job for you. Every mother wants to maintain good hygiene and care for their babies.


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