6 Best Diaper Rash Creams for Babies in India

6 best baby Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash becomes a terrible issue faced by most babies. Despite taking the utmost care, there are chances of further infections. Moisture or wetness in the buttocks or zones of urine leaks leads to other problems. Sometimes the pH levels rise leads to resultant skin irritation if you do not want the baby to deal anymore with such issues, it’s worth considering the best quality diaper creams. 

If you’ve been searching for the best diaper rash creams in the market or online, then look no further. Each of the creams that we will mention here can give the best results. 

List of top 6 baby diaper rash cream in India

ImageBaby Diaper Rash CreamUser ReviewLatest Amazon Price
The Moms Co. Baby’s Diaper Rash Cream4.1/5 Amazon Price
B4 Nappi Cream 75gm4.7/5 Amazon Price
Mom & World Baby Diaper Rash Cream 50g4.2/5 Amazon Price
Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream4/5 Amazon Price
Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream4.5/5 Amazon Price
Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream, 100ml4.2/5 Amazon Price

Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream for in India

1. The Moms Co. Baby’s Diaper Rash Cream

The composition of zinc oxide, jojoba oil, chamomile, and protein mix type of cream is a perfect blend of zinc oxide and natural butter. Best anti-rash cream is suitable for keeping the skin of the baby supple and can eradicate redness and sores. Overall there will be no problems with Chemicals getting collected in the regular diapers when you have these creams that can work in the form of a protective barrier for the protection of the Skin of the day. They are suitable for better results. You can consider the application of the cream after every diaper change.

The Moms Co. Baby's Diaper Rash Cream


  • Moms co diaper rash cream review suggests that it is the certified organic oil measurement and softening cream that is good enough for the babies up to 3 years. 
  • Oil with the hydrolyzed wheat protein can take care of the baby’s Skin and eradicate the Rash readily. Besides, it can also keep away rashes while keeping the skin soft and moisturized.
  • The hypoallergenic, mild care cream is the baby soft skin type of cream. It is clinically tested and is good enough for sensitive skin. When compared to many other natural rash creams that contain the hidden chemical, this is a better one because it is Australia certified toxin-free made in Australia and allergin certified element. 
  • You can rest assured that it will be not irritating the skin of the baby. The surface healing solution for the baby is clinically tested and ensures no synthetic ingredients composition in it.
  • The Mineral oil-free baby lotion oil is good enough in the market today. The overall composition can work in the form of the treatment of the Rash naturally. The protection and healing skin nature also ensures the goodness of the calendula oil that is known for the skin healing benefits, shea butter composition that will be necessary for healing the Skin. 
  • It also contains essential fatty acids that are necessary for the collagen production and moisturizing of the skin. 
  • the scent is great 
  • the healing touch it delivers is amazing 
  • it is value for money product 
  • the thickness is not that great
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2. B4 Nappi Cream 75gm

The happy cream is a great one because it can help in the prevention of diaper rashes from appearing once again in the diaper area. This is the number one choice of pediatricians as well as parents because it has the capability of providing adequate protection against the baby’s diaper rash. Overall the B4 nappy cream is good enough in terms of its healing ability. When you apply the thick white layer, you can rest assured that it will be blocking out the fecal matter preventing it from contacting the skin of the baby.

b4 nappi cream


  • It can also lead to the reduce chances of rashes. The gentle formulation of the shea butter and calendula oil ensures keeping the Skin of the baby away from the irritation and redness.
  • Overall it has the ability of moisturizer in the Skin of the baby. All you have to do is to gently apply the thick layer in the area before the diaper change. It will be leading to the protection and flush away the faecal irritants and will ensure Keeping It relaxed even during an unintentional delay in the evolution of the Diaper.
  • It is safe to use every type of recommended cream that is good enough for never get into any more chances of a rash appearance. It is suitable for the newborn and above until the baby is wearing the Diaper. 
  • The cream, however, is not a vanishing cream and is suitable for application of the area like front and back. It will appear as the thick layer that leads to the prevention of faecal matter or urine. It has the rehydrating nature of the cream ensures that it will be soothing and moisturizing the Skin.
  • B4 nappy rash cream reviews suggest that it gives the utmost protection that you won’t find elsewhere. Applying it is easy. You have to clean the nappy area gently with the nappy wipe and then use the cream evenly over the place. After that, you can put the fresh nappy back on the area of the baby. 
  • the comfort is amazing 
  • it is value for money cream 
  • the packaging is great 
  • the thickness is good 
  • the scent is not that great
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3. Mom & World Baby Diaper Rash Cream 50g

This is the formulation of the zinc oxide and Vitamin E, and the cream is good enough for the creation of an effective barrier to cover the area of the baby. This is good enough for delicate skin. Overall, it has the composition of shea butter, calendula, argan oil, aloe vera gel, and some other essential nutrients that can naturally protect the delicate skin of the baby. 

Mom & World Baby Diaper Rash Cream


  • It can give the utmost protection to the Skin. It never contains artificial ingredients that make it the best natural composition. It ensures the goodness of the natural and pure oil that is extracted.
  • It also has hypoallergenic ingredients that are designed for being effective in keeping away Diaper Rash.
  • The unique product is right in terms of safety effectiveness and comfort. It is a natural diaper rash cream that is free from paraben, alcohol, and is not toxic. Besides, you can rest assured that there is no Mineral oil, petroleum, Harsh preservatives, or anything else that would otherwise cause damage to the skin of the baby.
  • It is a clinically tested product that will be soothing the area of the baby. It is suitable for giving fast relief and ensuring that there are no more problems from any more fecal matter.
  • The composition ensures keeping the area for the Diaper dry as long as a possible application of the diaper cream in the proper way. 
  • It will keep away from necessary troubles over extended periods. 
  • The thickness is amazing 
  • the packaging is done properly 
  • it is value for money cream 
  • the scent is not that great
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Sometimes you can use baby powder also but make sure it doesn’t stick on the skin.

4. Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream

This is the hypoallergenic and tested product that comes with a 100% safe composition and is good enough for the Skin of the baby. It is free from paraben, SLES, and other synthetic colours. Overall the product is good enough for offering quick relief from redness and irritation that is caused by the diaper rash.

Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream


the powerful zinc oxide treatment formula is induced with the goodness of the shea butter and can give immense moisturizing capability.

  •  The almond and coconut oil is good ensures cooling the Skin for soaking away the moisture. It can keep away damage.
  • This is an effective formula that is good enough for daily usage and can lead to the prevention of irritation or further problems.
  • This is the mild formula that is ideal for daily usage and is good enough from the very first day of use.
  • It will be working in the form of diaper rash cream that comes with mixed nutrients for even repairing the broken Skin. It can fight redness with the formula of almond oil and aloe vera juice.
  • the smell is amazing 
  • the consistency is great 
  • the durability is not that good
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5. Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya diaper rash cream is the diaper rash cream for the baby that can work with the power of Herbs and zinc oxide. The zinc oxide-based diaper rash cream is good enough for the prevention of any more rashes and has the capability of healing the rashes. Overall, the five leaves chaste tree and Indian madder best cream prove great formula of aloe vera and almond oil. It has the capability of moisturizing sensitive Skin while keeping it soft and smooth.

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream


  • It is free from paraben, Mineral oil, and synthetic oil, making it in the well-composed cream for keeping away allergies and rashes. It can give their amazing relief right from the very first use.
  • If you’re looking for the diaper rash cream that is good enough in terms of its healing ability, then this is the one you should choose. 
  • Usually, the frequent contact of the damp Diaper against the bottom of the baby leads to redness and Rash. for healing this uncomfortable situation, its good enough to utilize this Himalaya nappy rash cream. 
  • It will be soothing the inflammations in no time. This is anti-inflammatory cream that is good enough for fighting against skin infections, germs, and all such other issues. 
  • the moisturizing effect ensures Restoration of the supple skin texture of the child right after the application. It leads to the reduced redness in the shortest span. It can keep the Skin soft and comfort.
  • the warmth is great 
  • it is easy to use 
  • it can give fantastic comfort 
  • the Scent is good 
  • the thickness is good
  • it is not value for money cream
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6. Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream, 100ml

The Made in Germany cream ensures Easing the symptoms of diaper rash. It will also be simultaneously protecting the Skin. The overall composition of Micronized titanium dioxide, as well as the moisture complex of beeswax, ensures better moisturizing of the Skin. The availability of ingredients like sorbitol plus squalene, lecithin, wheat germ oil, panthenol, and chamomile, provides better nutrition for the Skin.

Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream


  • Even if you’re changing the baby’s nappy 6 or 7 times a day, it’s better to choose this baby diaper rash cream. The Sebamed diaper rash cream ensures faster recovery when compared to conventional rash creams. Besides, the ph 7 ensure that it will deliver the supple Skin. The high panthenol content provides promotion of skin regeneration as well as the healing of damaged skin. 
  • Moreover, squalene plus sorbitol ingredient ensures optimal hydration of baby’s Skin. This cream is good for the gentle protection for delicate baby skin. This is good enough for providing effective relief from diaper rash. The ingredient panthenol leads to the stimulation of the healing process vernix related squalene provides the necessary lipid support and protection of titanium dioxide. 
  • sebamed baby rash cream works in the form of a protective barrier against aggressive substances. It has the 5. 5 ph that will help curb irritations due to the urine contact. The protection is also suitable for keeping away harmful microorganisms. 
  • It can help restrict the superinfection of the dermatitis skin. The availability of the 35 per cent lipid content is good enough for making the skin smooth and supple. This is the cream ideal with the 50 per cent reduction in diaper rash. You can see the result within three weeks.
  • The thickness is great
  • The durability is amazing
  • It is not value for money cream
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Things to consider for buying baby Diaper Rash Cream for in India

Various factors you require to remember while choosing the infant diaper rash cream are as follows.

One of the significant elements to consider is the kind of child diaper rash. In case the infant has an itchy bum, you ought to choose a conventional diaper rash cream or a treatment. However, if it is yeast contamination, then select an anti-fungal cream over the traditional cream.

Verify the product ingredients

It is critical to ensure that there are no hazardous synthetic substances in the infant diaper rash creams. Always check the ingredients properly. However, it is better to avoid that cream if it doesn’t list the ingredients. Additionally, remember to check if the ingredients are oversensitive to your infant. 

Ointment, cream or paste 

It would help if you settled on a decision between a balm, paste or cream contingent upon the state of the Rash and treatment you are searching for. For mitigating the Skin and recuperating the rashes, it is consistently an excellent thought to choose a cream. For protection purposes, a paste is a correct decision. However, the ointment is used if you are searching for preservatives.

How delicate is your child’s Skin? 

The correct cream is chosen according to the sensitivity of the infant’s skin. 

The Skin of certain babies is extraordinarily wet and delicate always, while a couple of infants have dried-out Skin. Therefore always check the details about the Skin preferred on the cream before purchasing it.

Fabric diapers or disposable diapers 

One should use infant diaper rash cream according to the type of Diaper they’re using. The sleek or oily nature of the cream won’t have any impact on the disposable Diaper. However, by chance you are utilizing a fabric diaper, at that point, the fibre may get obstructed, and subsequently, you should get a less oily cream.

Organic creams 

A few guardians would prefer not to utilize any hazardous synthetic compounds on the touchy Skin of their infants. Therefore you can choose natural and organic creams. You can select one of those creams and help your infant’s Skin be delicate and smooth, with no diaper rashes.

Method to apply diaper rash cream on babies effectively

Step 1

You should always ensure that you have all the stuff with you. Fresh Diaper, wipes to clean, diaper cream, as well as a trash container, become essential. Besides, it would help if you discarded the Diaper. You must also have a little water in a bowl. 

Step 2

Replace the dirty Diaper and put a fresh new diaper on your child’s bum. The dirty diaper shouldn’t be lying around the baby as it can cause serious health issues.

Step 3

Wipe your child’s bum with the assistance of a wipe and some water. Wipe gently to prevent any rashes and use a waterproof bedsheet as everything shouldn’t get wet.

Step 4

Now take a small amount of diaper rash cream and apply the cream just in the diaper zone with the help of your fingers. You can also use a cream applicator available with the cream.

Step 5

Wipe off the excess cream from your fingers and then place a fresh diaper on your baby’s bum.

Stage 6

It’s better to wash your hands and also your baby’s hands with some handwash as the cream can get in contact, and they always put fingers in their mouth.

Diaper rash cream uses are neverending. However, it would help if you chose wisely. 

F.A.Q on Best baby diaper rash cream in India

  1. Should I Use Diaper Rash Cream Every Time there's a change of Diaper? 

    It is dependent on how often your baby gets diaper rashes as well as how sensitive her skin is. Usually, you will require to apply diaper rash creams regularly to protect against irritation and rashes. Overnight application is the best one.

  2. Can I Use Diaper Rash Cream even on the Skin of My Newborn?

    Yes, you can. However, you must note that there are no harmful chemicals. Talking to a dermatologist can also give you peace of mind. 

  3. What to Look for in particular while purchasing OTC Diaper Rash Cream? 

    First of all, see that there are no harmful irritants. Then you must also note the availability of the ingredients mentioned above.


We’ve listed the best natural diaper rash creams that are most suitable for prolonged usage. Buy the one that you feel is the best for your baby. 


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