8 Best Baby Food Feeders for trying out new fruits in India

Best Baby Food Feeders in India

What are baby feeders?

The young ones grow up so quickly. It was like only yesterday they were accustomed to having breast milk and now they are moving towards solid foods. They are suddenly able to wean off bottles. To make this change smooth and hassle-free, you simply need the right tool for it. Notice your child and as soon as he/she is ready to chew and explore different flavors in addition to breast milk. 

Knowledge to know more about the best fruit nibblers in India is gaining popularity. This hand-free tool allows the baby to have solid food in flavors of mango, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and many more. This tool is a great instrument to develop a baby’s oral motor capacity. 

Benefits of a baby fruit feeder pacifier 

The baby feeder allows a comfortable transition from breast milk to flavor-rich solid foods or formula milk for babies. It gives your child a taste of a range of different flavors. It encourages them to use their jaws, tongue, and cheeks to learn how to ingest the food. In addition to nibblers, you can also give your child toys to learn oral motor coordination. This also helps in the process of teething to a great extent.

Now let us explore the various types of baby feeders available in the market. On examination of the pros and cons of each, one can choose the best food feeder for their little one. 

List of 8 Top Baby Food Feeders in India

ImageBaby Food FeedersUser ReviewLatest Price
Baby fruit feeder pacifier pack of 3 4.7/5 Amazon Price
Mee mee’s Food & Fruit Nibbler 3.9/5 Amazon Price
Munchkin soft silicone baby food feeder4.4/5 Amazon Price
Fisher –Price 125ml transparent Silicone Food Feeder4.1/5 Amazon Price
House of Quirk baby fruit feeder food pacifier4.1/5 Amazon Price
Luvlap silicone food/fruit nibbler baby food feeder4.2/5 Amazon Price
Gilli Shopee – best baby silicone food feeder3.9/5 Amazon Price
Funskool Giggles Fruit Teether4.1/5 Amazon Price

1. Baby fruit feeder pacifier pack of 3 

The best available baby food feeder or pacifier can be purchased online at affordable rates. It is best suited for the baby in his/her teething stage and is available in three different sizes. The different sizes (small, medium, large) are provided keeping in mind the growth of a baby. These are composed of latex-free, lead-free, petroleum-free, and BPA-free silicone material, which is apt for the baby. One can rest assured that the product will have no negative health-related side effects on the little one. 

TEKSTAR Silicone Nipple Teething Toy Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier Pouches - Pack of 3

This food nibbler helps your child in eating the tiniest food particle without choking. In this process, it also teaches the child to eat any solid food given to him/her. 


  • Squeeze the smallest food particles
  • Promotes sucking, chewing, and eating
  • Free from chemicals and therefore it is safe for the baby
  • Available in different sizes as per your requirement
  • Easy to clean and store


The top part might attract food substances that cling to it

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2. Mee mee’s Food & Fruit Nibbler 

This food and fruit nibbler is designed to promote harmless consumption. The baby can easily suck and chew tiny food particles with great ease. This product can be purchased from Amazon at just Rs 223. This tool makes the experience of tasting foods and flavors all the more fun. The baby ends up enjoying the activity of having food with no risk of choking or hurting the mouth. Some of the features of this tool include a safety lock, handle, and a nipple cap. It is gentle on the baby’s gums. 


  • This device is extremely easy to maintain, sterilize, and clean
  • It is light in weight and offers a easy grip for the baby
  • Made up of safe and harmless plastic material
  • It is in conformity with the international safety standards.


Some food particles might tend to stick to the nibbler’s top portion.

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3. Munchkin soft silicone baby food feeder

Feeding a baby can be a major time-consuming and cumbersome task as a new mother. It not only requires time but an equal amount of patience. Baby feeders are tools, which come to the rescue as they are suited to feed the baby well and prevent choking simultaneously. The small amounts of food that come out at any point help the baby in eating better.

Munchkin Baby Food Feeder, Pink/Green

Among the elaborate range of silicone food feeders available online, munchkin soft silicone is the best. The delicate pouch equips the baby to suck and chew the food easily. It allows storage of food as well as facilitates easy transport.


  • The material with which it is made is safe for the baby as it is BPA free
  • Extremely portable 
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy as it dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to freeze
  • The silicone pouch is soft and permits the baby to suck food easily


  • This baby feeder is relatively costly
  • The content in the baby feeder might melt quickly.
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4. Fisher –Price 125ml transparent Silicone Food Feeder

If you are looking to feed your baby some semi-liquid food then look no further. The Fisher-Price food feeder is made up of premium quality liquid silicone rubber. It is priced at Rs 610 and it can be purchased on Amazon easily. This tool responds to pressure to control the feed. Care should be taken to follow the safety and hygiene instructions of cleaning the cap. The minimum recommended age for using this feeder is 6 months. It simply weighs approximately 250 grams and it is therefore very easy to hold. 

Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder,


  • This product is very easy to clean and maintain 
  • The baby feeder can be sterilized and used for travels
  • The convenient mechanism to feed the child cereal, mashed rice and veggies, pureed fruits, and other semi-solid food.
  • Made up of BPA free material.
  • The tool is made with the most premium silicone rubber 


  • It is essential to maintain the tool and prevent spillage
  • It is recommended to use the tool under the monitoring and supervision of the elders. 
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5. House of Quirk baby fruit feeder food pacifier (fresh & teething toy) 

The baby feeder from House of Quirk is available on Amazon for Rs 349 only. This tool can be used as a toy in the baby’s teething stages. Later on, only small food portions are allowed to pass through when consumed. The multi-functional food feeder is a wonderful instrument for all parents. It is designed to store a variety of fruits, vegetables, breast milk, iced chips, and medicines too. 

One product is bustling with so many solutions.


  • It is available in a unique design engineered to give food to the baby while also preventing choking.
  • Cleaning and storage of the material is easy as this tool is stain resistant.
  • The lightweight and small design allow comfortable storage and portability advantages.
  • Safety concerns are minimal as the tempered texture prevents choking


  • Recommended to be used under strict parental supervision.
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6. Luvlap silicone food/fruit nibbler baby food feeder

Luvlap food feeder is popular for its BPA free and child-friendly premium plastic material. It is extremely affordable and can be purchased from Amazon. It serves both as a nibbler and a teething toy both. The little one can easily take a grip on the handle, which further goes on to promote motor development. The food feeder is free from harsh chemical substances, which pose a risk to a baby’s health. The thoughtfully designed tool comes with an added layer of protection against any outside germs. The feeder roughly weighs 40 grams. 

LuvLap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler, Soft Pacifier/Feeder for Baby


  • The silicone material used to make the baby feeder is free from BPA
  • A multipurpose device as it can be used as a nibbler and toy both
  • The protective layer helps in keeps germs away
  • The food feeder can be sterilized and cleaned with great ease
  • Sucking and chewing of food is no longer a task
  • The safety lock prevents infants from opening it and thus prevents unnecessary spillage.


  • The nibbler might cause some problems when put to use.
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7. Gilli Shopee – best baby silicone food feeder

After a certain point of 6 months, only breast milk is not a sufficient source of all nutrients. Gilli Shopee’s food feeder enables your child to learn about different flavours such as sweet, yummy, and salty. In this silicone bottle, you can put everything from rice or puree to fruits and vegetables. It is extremely easy to use and operate. With some supervision from the adults and using the device patiently, you will never put your child through an uncomfortable experience.

Gilli Shopee Baby Food Feeder


  • The child can easily hold the food feeder
  • The silicone material used does not have any ill health implications for the child.
  • Using it to put and squeeze out food is not a very difficult task
  • Even toddlers can use it to suck vegetables and fruits
  • Cleaning and maintenance is hassle-free as it is dishwasher friendly


  • It is slightly more expensive in comparison to the other food nibblers available online
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8. Funskool Giggles Fruit Teether

Available on Amazon for just Rs 115, the Funskool giggles fruit Teether permits the babies to put items in their mouth. This is a very notable milestone in the development of every child. This chewing and sucking reflex helps in stimulating the periodontal membrane under the teeth. In this process, they also learn how to regulate the force of their biting. The soft and multi-textured surface prevents any event of choking. This teether can also double up as a rattle and provides great relief to sore gums. The tool is suitable for use above the age of 3 months. 

Funskool Fruit Teether,


  • This exercise helps in establishment of natural jaw development. 
  • The fruit shape is very attractive for the babies and the texture is also very appealing. 
  • The fruit teether adheres to the safety protocols of toy quality standards
  • Gentle on baby’s tender gums
  • Made up of 100% safe and chemical free material therefore very safe for use by the child.
  • The soft and twistable surface allows the baby to chew easily


  • It is suggested that the food teether be used in presence of adult monitoring. 
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Final Thought

There is no doubt, whatsoever that breast milk consumption for a baby is truly irreplaceable. However, after a certain age for toddlers, it is mandatory to shift towards other sources of nutrients and vitamins as a necessity. Introduce your little one to solid food so that he /she can explore healthier alternatives.

Food feeders are designed after taking into consideration a child’s safety. It prevents the child from choking and regulates the flow of food. In many cases, teethers and nibblers are encouraged to promote the development of a child’s hand, motor, and jaw coordination.

Choose from the above-mentioned list of the top 8 food feeders easily available online. Ensure that the food feeder you choose is not made up of any harsh substance or material which poses a risk to your child’s overall health. Look for bonus features of child safety lock for greater care.


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