6 Best Baby Food Products worth every penny In India

Best Baby Food Products In India you can buy for your newborn

Babies can find survival on breast milk or formula milk only in the initial months. Right after that, there is a requirement of the food products that are fit for giving them additional options. For making a balanced diet tasty and nutritious meal for the child, there is a requirement of the best baby food products in India. You have to remember that not all the baby for a substitute for the daily needs. If you want to make them ideal, then try out the options that we have mentioned below. You will get the relevance of why each of them is good enough.

List of 6 Best baby food products in India

Imagebaby food productsUser ratingLatest Price
Nestle ceregrow fortified multigrain cereal with fruits and milk4.5/5Amazon Price
Bygrandma homemade weight gain baby food3.7/5Amazon Price
Slurrp farm organic baby4.1/5Amazon Price
Nestle nestum infant cereal stage 3 baby formula food3.8/5Amazon Price
Pristine organic baby cereal with milk food4.2/5Amazon Price
Happa organic sprouted ragi, mango, banana porridge3.8/5Amazon Price

1. Nestle ceregrow fortified multigrain cereal with fruits and milk

Nestle is one of the top brands for baby food products in India. The nutrient-rich junior cereal with the goodness of the multigrain milk and fruits type of food is good for the two to five years old for a baby’s growth. Best baby food in India for a 6-month-old is the source of iron for regular cognitive development. Vitamins and minerals rich food are good for children. It is free from preservatives as well as flavors and is made especially for the little ones.

Nestle ceregrow fortified multigrain cereal with fruits and milk


  • You can get the best baby food in India for 10 months old available in the market as the packed inbox format will be offering enhanced stability, convenience, as well as hygiene.
  • The baby food is good enough in terms of its ingredients that comprise even protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It is free from preservatives and additional colours type of food.
  • It is good when it is stored in the cool dry place
  • You can rest assured that it will give complete nutrition to the child even in the early years of development
  • It is rich in iron that will be giving the cognitive development
  • Vitamins and calcium ensure growth and development
  • The goodness of the milk and assortment of fruits also give additional health benefits to the child

The flavor is good enough

It is value for money food

The packaging is also great


Not storing in cool place makes the food gets ruined

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2. Bygrandma homemade weight gain baby food

This is the baby food that is made with the sprouted wheat and beetroot along with the almond mix. This is a portion of baby food for 8 months and is homemade. So, it proves to become effective for increasing the weight of the baby. It is the best baby food for your baby and is free from added colours, flavours, or preservatives. You can store it on the shelf for 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Bygrandma homemade weight gain baby food


  • It is packed in BPA free plastic jar that will be ensuring it is safe from toxins.
  • You can also get the associated spoon for easy use and travel-friendly baby food.
  • Packed with grams of the sprouted wheat and beetroot along with the almond porridge mix ensure that your baby will be getting the vegan and gluten-free food product.
  • The nutritional benefits are great because the richness of the almonds will foster brain development.
  • Beetroot that is rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron will be boosting the immunity of the baby.
  • The sprouted wheat grains are also available for adding up to the carbohydrate content in the baby’s body.
  • Using it is very simple because all you have to do is to take the big scoop of porridge, mix it, and just stir it in milk or hot water. You have to maintain consistency. Put it into the vessel. For the addition of better taste, you can add some natural sweeteners, and then you can serve it to your baby.


The packaging is done in an appropriate way

The flavour is good enough packed with essential nutrients

It is fit for travelling


The price is not fit for the product

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3. Slurrp farm organic baby

This is the baby food packed with cereal rice, ragi (Millet), strawberry with milk and it is an instant healthy wholesome food for the babies. It is powered by the organic super grain formula. The calcium of the wheat and rice will be or favourable for the growth of the baby Slurrp consider a popular baby food brand among parents.

Slurrp farm organic baby


  • It is packed with iron and made from the organic compounds that ensure the food is good enough.
  • The best part is that there is no maida or trans fat or preservatives.
  • 100% natural formula is good enough.
  • With the real strawberry fruit formula, you can rest assured that it is free from all toxins.
  • There are no artificial colors or flavors added to it.
  • Preparing it is very easy because you can prepare it in just two minutes. All you have to do is to just add hot water and the food will be prepared for your baby. This is different from other foods because there is no added white sugar. However, it is mildly sweet and only with jaggery.
  • It contains cereal strawberry that makes it more honest and healthy food.

It is fit for travelling

The packaging is done appropriately

The flavour is good and no artificial flavors

It is value for money food


The consistency is not that great

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4. Nestle nestum infant cereal stage 3 baby formula food (popular baby food)

This is a vegetarian product that is free from the added artificial colours or preservatives or flavours. The milk feed formula made in India is good for babies. Infant food is good enough when your baby is around 6 months to 2 years.

Nestle nestum infant cereal stage 3 baby formula food


  • The complimentary food for the babies after 6 months becomes great enough being added.
  • In addition to the breast milk by the mother, it is good for the nutritional requirements.
  • The ingredients are rice flour, apple juice concentrate, cherry crunchies, rice, crisp orange juice concentrate, minerals and vitamins.
  • Overall, this is the package that becomes the careful and hygienic preparation of the infant food.
  • Using it is very easy. All you have to do is to just boil the milk, allow it to cool down, pour the milk into the bowl of the baby and then add the food content. Stir until the paste-like formula is smooth. Now feed your baby with the clean spoon.
  • The ingredients like mashed fruit and juices, cooked spinach, boiled and mashed vegetables, curds, can also be a great formula.

The thickness of the food is good.

It contains essential nutrients.

It will give a long-lasting touch to the baby.

The rich source of nutrients becomes great with the number of vitamins and minerals.


Flavour is not that good

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5. Pristine organic baby cereal with milk food

This is the baby organic cerelac food that comes with the extruded organic ragi powder (millet), organic sugar, milk solids, organic strawberry flakes, organic orange flakes, dissolved vitamins minerals premix, organic apple flake, alpha-amylase, to name a few consider as a portion of healthy baby food.

Pristine organic baby cereal with milk food


  • The three-level scoops of the first bite along with the 75 ml of the water will fit the baby three or four times a day.
  • It becomes fit for the nutritional benefits of the baby.
  • The cereal-based complementary food is recommended for infants who are above the age of six months.
  • The pack of organic nutrients becomes good for the nutritional benefits of the baby.
  • The organic formula lack artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • It ensures that the pre-cooked and easily digestible food is good enough to serve as a nutritional pack for your baby.

The thickness is great

The smell is also pleasant

The nutritional benefits are good enough

The healthy and organic formula makes it stand out


The flavor is not that good

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6. Happa organic sprouted ragi, mango, banana porridge

The Happa organic baby food is composed of ragi which belong to the millet family, banana, mango, and is an adequate mixture of 100% organic sprouted ragi flour. It is sourced from the exclusive organic certified farm. So, you can rest assured about getting healthy and organic farm fresh nutritional benefits.

Happa organic sprouted ragi, mango, banana porridge


  • 100% natural sun-dried mango and banana formula with non-GMO bodies ensures giving you the healthy nutritional benefits for baby
  • The recipe is a great one that makes use of the modern age technology for making the awesome combination of the old age wisdom as well as new knowledge regarding the grains.
  • You will get an improved level of calcium and vitamin c formula that makes it easy for the baby to absorb the nutrients in the body.
  • The homemade simple food is good enough in terms of its lack of additives and preservatives.
  • There is also no sugar, salt, or additional colors in the food that makes it stand out.

The packaging is done adequately

The flavour of the food is good


It is not fit for travel

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Things to consider for buying baby food products in India

There are plenty of available brands and options of baby foods in the market. However, choosing the right one becomes an overwhelming procedure. Before getting started with the buying decision, you have to consider certain points.

Make sure it is ready to eat or requires cooking

Both options are available and come in handy in different situations. In case you’re travelling with a little one, you have to opt for the ready to eat baby food while when you are using it at home, it’s worth considering the one that needs to be cooked. However, you should always see that it takes a few minutes to cook.

Consideration of the age

Not all baby foods are available in the market for suiting every baby age. Always look for food that is based on the age of your baby. Every food package comes with a specific age printed on it.

Good to eat meal or snack

Before buying it you must check the food type. There are two types of baby foods. Depending on the needs, some are snacks while some are meals. You should always look for a good package of baby foods by making sure whether it is a snack or a meal. However, always remember to fulfil the daily recommendation nutritional value of the baby no matter what you buy.

Look for the iron content

Iron becomes an essential ingredient in baby food because it helps in the development of the brain and the body. While you are purchasing one, make sure to check the iron content in the meals. Especially when it comes to the meat, you can also look for the single-grain iron-fortified on the plain baby cereal. However, it is always good to remember to never opt for table cereals because they are full of unwanted ingredients or added sugars. Only the veggie formulas with the cereal become a good idea. In case you are looking for meat meals, it is worth considering turkey, pork, or chicken formula but without any kind of unwanted ingredients except water.

Refrain from purchasing canned juice

The canned juices are responsible for posing risks like increasing the risk of tooth decay, poor nutrition, constipation, risk of gas, bloating and diarrhoea, bacteria formation, and so on so. Always remember that it is not a good idea to purchase any of the canned juices. No matter what you are buying, see to that it has only the real fruits or vegetables. In this way, the baby will be getting real fruits and veggies.

Do not be fooled by the words organic or natural

These days, baby foods are usually labelled as natural or organic just like some other foods. However, no matter what the brand is claiming, always go through the ingredients list and focus on the first three ingredients only because it will be giving you the idea of whether it is natural or not.

Final word

By now, you have got the idea about how to choose the types of baby food products that will be nutritionally beneficial for the baby. Hopefully, you have understood the basics that will be also helping you pick the right baby food online. We have mentioned the detailed guide with the important foods in India. You should pick the one that is fit for your preferences.


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