15 Best baby head shaping pillow in India

Sometimes, the head of the baby starts acquiring a square shape than being round and this worried the parents about brain development. If you want the head to shape in a normal way, then there is a requirement for the right head shaping pillow that will stand out.

At times, it becomes scary. To make things normal, you will require these pillows that can keep away additional problems like flat head syndrome as well as work as home remedies. They can also help in the proper shaping of the spinal cord of the baby.

Now you might have an immediate question running across your mind.

Are our newborn baby pillows safe? To answer this, I would like to inform you that this idea came into existence following the observations of expert doctors and they have thoroughly examined the final product for the best results.

These baby pillows are scientifically made to make your baby comfortable and enhance breathing. Most of these are TUV certified, which indicates they are anti-suffocation. Proper pressure distribution and the allowance to freely move the head one hundred and eighty degrees make these pillows a highly recommended product among doctors for child care

Top 15 baby head shaping pillow

Product imagepillowBuyer ratingWhere to buy
White Willow Infant Baby Pillow for Preventing Head for Flat Head Syndrome3.8/5 Amazon Price
Bunzuu baby head shaper3.9/5 Amazon Price
Nimbli baby’s head shaping pillow4.1/5 Amazon Price
White Willow Infant Baby Pillow3.7/5 Amazon Price
John N Tree Organic Pillow4.4/5 Amazon Price
Circleday Baby Boy’s & Baby Girl’s Breathable Memory Foam Head-Shaping Protective Pillow 4.3/5 Amazon Price
abracadabra Memory Foam Neck Ergonomic Headrest Pillow for Preventing Flat Head Syndrome 4.2/5 Amazon Price
OCCO baby’s head shaping memory foam pillow4.5/5 Amazon Price
A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow Organic Cotton Head Shaping Pillow for Infants and Toddlers4.3/5 Amazon Price
Lika newborn baby head and neck support pillow4.2/5 Amazon Price
Ergonomic portable head shaping pillow4.2/5 Amazon Price
Breathable newborn anti roll pillow4.3/5 Amazon Price
Baby flat head syndrome pillow for newborns4.4/5 Amazon Price
Humble baby’s head shape pillow4.7/5 Amazon Price
Safe infant head shaping pillow.4.4/5 Amazon Price

Newborn baby pillow for head shaping- review

1. White willow memory foam

This is a responsive memory foam that helps in the improvement of sleep with the proper positioning. This head-shaping pillow is good for helping the newborn to sleep and also feel comfortable. The eco-friendly and soft pillow is good enough for breathability. There is always a concave circular opening of the pillow that helps in maintaining the position of the baby for long hours.

The White Willow Infant Baby Pillow for Preventing Head for Flat Head Syndrome


  • The comfortable placements, as well as optimal positioning of the little one’s spine, ensure that it becomes easy to use.
  • With the multipurpose pillow, you can also get it to work for a range of applications.
  • They are suitable for the baby is between 0 and 12 months.
  • The pillow is good enough for pushchairs, cots, strollers as well as rocking chair.
  • It offers correct positioning and adjustment of the sleeping position of the baby.
  • It helps in the prevention of additional head syndrome.
  • The baby’s head can be naturally round and keep the spine correctly aligned at all times.
  • It has an effective design that will ensure the healthy development of the baby.
  • It is suitably designed for the healthy development of the medulla portion as well.
  • The curved design of the baby head also ensures proper releasing of the pressure for giving a proper shape to the head and neck.
  • It helps in the prevention of flat head syndrome in all circumstances.
  • This is the investment that will be working the best and comes with the one-year limited warranty.
  • The softness is amazing
  • The comfort of sleeping on it is good
  • The price is a bit expensive
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2. Bunzuu baby head shaper

This is the branded and well-designed baby head pillow that can help in the prevention of flat head syndrome. It can also provide a wonderful sleep for the baby. Made in India, this is a well-curated product that makes use of U.S certified filler-free cooling. You can get the gel-infused memory foam as well as a cooling cotton fabric to make it stand out.

Bunzuu baby head shaper memory foam pillow


  • The perfect baby shower gift is good enough for the new parents as well.
  • This is a premium quality and highly useful newborn baby head that will deliver the remarkable benefits.
  • It is also adequately sized for providing the optimum comfort for the newborns
  • Measuring around only 23 centimetres in length and 22 cm in width, this product stands out.
  • There is much so-called memory foam in the market. Not all of them have such brilliant portions. You can get these designed pillows with the seven design iteration.
  • The economic pillow is good for offering the optimum comfort and fitting the head in a better way.
  • The softness of the pillow is amazing
  • You can get extreme comfort
  • It is value for money unit
  • The quality of the pillow won’t last long
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3. Nimbli baby head shaping pillow

As a parent, if you are looking for real comfort and prevention from deformational plagiocephaly, also known as a  flat head syndrome. This comes with a super cute cartoon cover of a bear. This is perfect for babies who have a history of skin irritation and seasonal allergies.

The pillow comprises three layers: a removable pillowcase, an antibacterial layer, and a dense memory foam layer.  This ergonomically contoured pillow center evenly distributes the cranium pressure to help your baby develop a perfectly round head.

The removable pillowcase is machine washable. The antibacterial layer fights off the allergens. The dense memory foam layer is for optimal comfort. Keep in mind that the memory foam can not be washed; thus, it should always be used with a cover for sustained longevity. If one wishes to clean the memory foam, one is advised to wipe it with a damp cloth and leave it in dry air. It will be your best bet if you are looking for a pillow for newborn

The size is optimal for babies with a head circumference of 15 to 20 inches.


  • Super cute design.
  • Antibacterial layer with memory foam.
  • Suitable for babies up to 18 months old.
  • It can be used in various places such as beds, strollers, etc.
  • Highly durable under proper care.
  • Great for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Six months warranty.


  • Thick in design.
  • Not suitable for babies below two months old.
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4. White willow infant pillow

It can also help in the proper alignment of the spine while distributing pressure evenly. It can provide comfortable sleep along with a well-shaped head. In terms of affordability, you can rest assured that this is the pillow that will be outlaying at the minimum while maintaining the quality and design standards.

White Willow Infant Baby Pillow


  • You don’t have to worry about the compromised quality when you have this baby pillow with you.
  • It comes with the design that holds the breathable outer fabric. This means that the organic cotton fabric will also enhance the breathability of the pillow.
  • It can be staying cool and comfortable at all times.
  • It is also the cut-out pillow that can maintain the proper air circulation for giving the head comfort from overheating.
  • The build also consists of the high quality certified filler-free memory foam that ensures the relieving pressure.
  • The temperature regulation is also good.
  • It can conduct the pressure properly. If you want the most supportive unit for the head of the infant, then this is the one that can keep it comfortable for a longer span.
  • The pillow is meant for giving the comfortable sleep to the baby because it can regulate the airflow.
  • The optimum weight giving happiness and health thus making it the perfect baby shower gift.
  • The memory foam surface is quite improved
  • It is easy to use a multipurpose pillow
  • The fabric is good enough
  • The area of the neck is unfit for every baby
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5. John N Tree Organic sheep shaped best head shaping Pillow

Certified organic numbers and labels are given to an item when all strict guidelines are met as per the National Organic Standards Board. This globally certified product by an International certification Control Union meets such standards.

Every year they follow their standard tests with strict results to provide the best head shaping pillow. The 100% natural organic cotton finished product, to go with the hypoallergenic polyester makes it breathable and helps those with sensitive skin.

The double-sided organic cotton helps the baby to sleep on both sides for good head growth. Its design availability of various animals like elephant baby pillow makes it popular among babies.

This lovely pillow can be used during various moments such as diaper change, in the bassinet, or breastfeeding. It can be washed both by hand or machine. But it is recommended to use a gentle cycle while machine washing and not use hot water as hot water may shrink the material.

This due free, no bleach, no adorable printing pillow comes at an approximate size of 15×8 inches.


  • Free of dyes, microbes, and chemicals.
  • Both hand and machine washable.
  • Globally certified.
  • Comes in different animal shapes.


  • The use of hot water while washing shrinks the pillow.
  • Expensive.
  • Does not last more than six months.
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6. . Circleday baby boy’s & baby girls’ memory foam pillow

This is a cute pillow that comes with bear-shaped ears for preventing the little one from obtaining the flathead. This is fit for the 0 to 12 months sized babies. The soft and supple pillow is good enough with the bamboo memory foam that can provide an amazing amount of comfort. You can get the necessary support at all times.

Circleday Baby Boy's & Baby Girl's Breathable Memory Foam Head-Shaping Protective Pillow


  • Even during the night sleep, you can rest assured that this convenient pillow is good with the one-fourth small size made just for small babies.
  • The easy-to-use type of pillow is good for positioning the head in a variety of places like a car seat, trim bed, stroller or anywhere else.
  • This is the one that will be fit for your preferences over longer times.
  • The lookout design of the shaping pillow ensures pressure release in the perfect way for keeping the head and neck comfortable.
  • It can also reduce and prevent the flat head syndrome for the babies with 10 to 12 months.
  • It has the responsive memory foam that leads to the improvement of the sleep while also giving proven positioning.
  • This is the best one for sleep and well-being of the baby.
  • The high-density memory foam makes it quite comfortable, eco friendly as well as soft.
  • The softness of the pillow is amazing.
  • The comfort delivered is great enough.
  • The price tag is a bit higher.
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7. . Abracadabra memory foam pillow

You can get the memory foam pillow when you want the easy-to-use multipurpose type of pillow. It is good for plenty of areas like the rocking chairs, pushchairs, as well as a stroller. If you want the best investment for lifetime support, then this is the pillow that you should choose.

abracadabra Memory Foam Neck Ergonomic Headrest Pillow for Preventing Flat Head Syndrome


  • It comes with a good warranty as well to make it stand out.
  • Strains over many years can also keep it properly.
  • The temperature-sensitive memory form code ensures that it will help in relieving the extreme pressure point while also providing excellent comfort and personalized support.
  • If you want the ergonomically designed piece for the baby, then you will require this because a concave opening will ensure getting placed in the right way in the cradle.
  • It can lead to the improvement of the sleep of the baby while also reducing the spinal cord pain. 
  • The shape of the pillow is great
  • It is easy to maintain the sleeping position of the baby
  • The prints are also quite refreshing
  • Some buyers are unsure about the durability
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8. OCCO baby head shaping memory foam pillow

This line of pillows for newborn babies is an industry favorite owing to its safe and simple design, leaving the parents to rest assured of their child’s health. This is composed of 70% cellulose fiber and 30% cotton. The ergonomic shape provides great neck and head support for your infant. Well-chosen safe, high-quality, and breathable materials are free from all chemicals so that your child can rest easily.

Unlike other pillows, this comes with slightly elevated edges. This provides support on both sides, ensures a safe position, and grip for the neck and head. Such a unique design offers ample room to make sure your child sleeps comfortably irrespective of the condition. The specially ventilated premium memory foam keeps your baby cool through the night.  

This newborn cushion for flat baby head comes with a machine-washable pillowcase. The dimensions are 11.42×2.36×9.06 inches and weigh around 9.2 ounces.


  • Good value for money.
  • High longevity and extremely comfortable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-rolling properties.
  • Well ventilated.


  • The foam hardens upon washing.
  • A peculiar smell which could be irritating
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9. A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow :: Organic Cotton Head Shaping Pillow for Infants and Toddlers 

This is a pillow that is specifically designed for the comfort of the baby’s head. Made of hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant advanced 3d foam material, it can cover 100% soft and breathable cotton fabric areas. So, the baby can get revitalizing sleep. It can help in the prevention of flat head syndrome. The babies can get comfortable while sleeping because it will be providing healthy and proper infant development.

A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow :: Organic Cotton Head Shaping Pillow for Infants and Toddlers


  • It can relieve the pressure on the head.
  • The development of the skull shape with perfection.
  • When put in the proper position, it can lead to the proper alignment of the skull with the spine.
  • It helps in good airflow and the highest quality of sleep and restful sleep.
  • The baby will be getting enough comfort with a high-quality pillow. This ensures the proper growth of the baby.
  • The head shaping pillow is well designed for allowing the baby to sleep in the proper position while also giving better airflow.
  • You can use it anywhere because it is easy to use and can help in the correction of the baby’s head shape.
  • It can be placed on the crib, stroller, car seat, as well as anywhere else making the baby feel comfortable at all time.
  • The durability of the pillow is amazing
  • The memory foam surface gives the long-lasting impact
  • The price point is a bit higher
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10. Lika newborn baby head and neck support pillow

Recommended by pediatricians, this is a proper development-based pillow that can offer the services of flat head removal. It can take adequate care of the baby. It is fit for newborns and favors sleep well for babies between 0 and 12 months. This is a newborn baby pillow for head shape that comes with 100% soft, breathable, and organic cotton bonded with the memory form. So you can rest assured about getting the sweet and comfortable sleeping unit for your baby.

LIKA Newborn Baby Head and Neck Support Shaping Heart Shaped Premium Memory Foam Infant Pillow for Flat Syndrome Prevention


  • The materials are safe with the balance that ensures using them in every season
  • The unit has good shaped portions that can give the correct posture to the baby by supporting its head with the natural set movement base period.
  • It can help in the prevention of strain development on the head
  • There is a uniform dispersion of the pressure of the baby’s head thus protecting the neck and shape of the baby
  • Indeed, babies don’t usually get sleep like adults, so there is a requirement of this lightweight and portable unit that can help in easing the spine.
  • It is also fit for rocking chair, cot, trollers or any such units.  You don’t have to face additional problems while using it like any other such pillow.
  • The durability is amazing
  • It is easy to use
  • The dimensions are perfect
  • The price point is a bit higher
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11. Ergonomic portable head shaping pillow

Backed by thousands of satisfied customers, these best pillows make any parent feel comfortable and confident. Able in the prevention and correction of the flat head syndrome, inborn babies can use this.

The pillow is made with a hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant memory foam completely out of soft, organic, and breathable cotton. The perfect design helps in strengthening the spine and breathing. The lightweight and average physical dimensions make it easily portable. 

This easy-to-clean special infant pillow is one of the few, which is machine washable using cold settings. Air dry is generally recommended. The best pillows come in a physical dimension of 9.8×9.2×1.5 inches and an approximate weight of 5.6 ounces.


  • Lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.
  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric.
  • It can be used for babies of age 0+.
  • Pediatric design.
  • Machine washable.


  • Hardens on washing.
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12. Breathable newborn anti roll pillow

They are highly recommended by chiropractors as the ideal sized pillow for babies within 0-2 years. This M-shaped pillow surface design comforts the neck and neck curvature. They are hence helping the baby to develop a healthy shoulder and neck during sleep.

This three-dimensional rebound pillow doesn’t let the parent compromise on their child’s critical sleep quality. The scientific aspects of sleep posture are taken care of by the memory foam. This can be used in bed, stroller, crib cradle.

The pillow is soft, breathable, and porous. The pillowcase is easily washable and can be removed. This skin-friendly feature is non-irritating. The pillowcase comes with a delicate hand-stitched zipper that prevents the baby from being scratched. It has dimensions of 17.91×10.63×1.18 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces.


  • Suitable for children of 0-2 years old.
  • Pillow is porous, soft, and breathable.
  • Easy to wash pillowcase.
  • Highly recommended by chiropractors.


  • Expensive.
  • Not easily portable.
  • Memory foam can’t be washed.
  • Lack of optimal neck support.
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13. Baby flat head pillow for newborns

This wonderful pillow for baby head shape is made up of 95% cotton, and high resilience memory core foam can be used as a head shaping pillow for a flat head three-month-old baby. Its unique heart-shaped design creates a nest-like holding effect to comfort your baby.

This makes sure that your child develops a healthy skull and proper sleeping posture. This is easy to use in any place, be it a bed, crib, or stroller making it an ideal accessory for any child. For your child to develop naturally and healthy, this pillow uses high air permeability, antibacterial resistance, and environmental protection. 

Alongside supporting the head and neck, the material used is extra soft and comfortable, allowing your child’s skin to breathe and keep them cozy and protected at the same time. This lightweight and portable pillow weighs 6.4 ounces and has perfect size dimensions of 8.2×8.2×1.1 inches


  • Reduce sweating.
  • Suitable for traveling.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • High air permeability, antibacterial resistance.


  • Memory foam is not washable in the machine.
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14. Humble baby head shape pillow

Babies may develop a flattening of their skull due to pressure and soft bone structure. Humble baby’s premium quality baby head shaping pillow is the perfect solution to relieve your baby from such discomfort.

It uses high-quality fabrics to provide the best comfort for your child. The quality pillow is soft and hypoallergenic crafted from memory foam, which is wrapped inside 100% organic cotton. This helps in breathing, effective cranium support, and even pressure distribution.

The pillow has a bamboo fabric pillowcase with no zippers whatsoever, keeping your baby free from harm. This lightweight pillow weighs around 8.8 ounces and has dimensions of 12.6×1.97×9.84 inches.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to wash and machine washable.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Removable pillowcase.


  • Expensive.
  • Memory foam is not machine washable.
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15. Safe infant head shaping pillow.

Known as the doughnut pillow, this comes with two additional covers. They are designed to prevent flat head syndrome and support the skull and neck strength. It is built with a contour in the center to relieve pressure and promote a natural round shape. The anti-rolling ergonomic design helps the baby to keep proper posture while sleeping. This is fit for babies from day one to twelve months of age. 

The highest quality memory foam from Germany promotes ventilation and keeps the baby comfortable. With no chemical scent, the removable covers are machine washable. This weighs 9.6 ounces and has dimensions of 9×10×1.5 inches. 


  • Cheap.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for babies from ages 1 to 12 months.
  • It can be used in various places such as a bassinet, chair, car seat.
  • Enables ventilation.
  • Two extra pillow covers.


  • Memory foam is not washable.
  • Not that good longevity.
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Buying Guide

The early few months of your child are crucial for building the strength, posture, and balance between the head and the neck. In the first year of their lives, their head remains soft to allow incredible brain growth.

Because they sleep for such a long time, the head may flatten in one spot. To reduce or restrict such problems, you have access to the baby’s head-shaping pillows. But the key to understanding its use is that you must always consult your pediatrician before the use of such materials. The pediatricians are in constant practice with these items and are aware of the best results.

Choosing the best baby pillow to prevent flat head

Moreover, your child’s pediatrician will know about certain health hazards of your child, like allergies to certain chemicals. So they will undoubtedly recommend those products which will be free from allergies and irritations. The pediatricians will also inform you when and how to use a baby neck support pillow.

Apart from this, you are certainly not the first parent in your locality or your family. So you will find a countless number of parents who have faced similar problems and overcome them.

Contact them and ask for their wise reviews. Be specific about your questions, and don’t back out from questions that may seem irrelevant at first. It is your child’s health that is of prime importance.

For example, if you are unsure if these pillows can be used while traveling, ask them about their views on such matters. Finally, you should come back home and sit with a pen and paper to jot down what each had to say. Assemble them with your thoughts to ultimately sketch out the ideal pillow for baby head shape. 

Things to consider before buying head shaping pillow

Before purchasing the baby pillow you have to consider the following parameters.

  • Size

The pillow size becomes an important factor to consider the larger pillow usually harms the comfort of the baby. On the other hand, a small pillow does not give comfort. Always look for the right size that will be suitable for the head of the baby.

  • Travel friendliness

While traveling, sometimes you will require carrying the baby head pillow for the baby. You have to place it in the stroller or with the harness. For that, you should always look for the one that will be keeping a baby comfortable. When the proper size is purchased, the pillow will be fit for travel.

  • Hypoallergenic

The babies have sensitive skin and are vulnerable to infection. So, you should always look for a quality pillow that will be perfect. So, see if it is hypoallergenic or not.

  • Ease of washing

Cleanliness becomes the prime factor. When you are choosing the baby’s pillow, keep in mind that you should always look for a pillow that can be cleaned and washed neatly for the baby.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do baby head shaping pillows work?

    These pillows are custom-made for the correction and prevention of flat head syndrome. They came to existence after expert doctors researched this disease and came up with the idea of a pillow that will strengthen the balance between the head and spine.

  2. Do flat spots on babies go away?

    Yes, they do. If a parent is using these pillows after a baby has flat spots, it has been seen by users to take a maximum of three months to recover to the original completely

  3. Can newborns use pillows?

    Yes, newborn babies can use pillows. But do remember that not every product is suitable for a newborn. So lookup for the perfect pillow that would be suitable for your newborn.

  4. Can a baby sleep with a head-shaping pillow?

    Yes, these pillows are made to enhance a baby's sleep. And its sole purpose is to let your baby sleep the right way.

  5. Does a baby's flat head correct itself?

    Generally, they don't. Because the flathead has formed over time, and your child has now adjusted to these positions. It is difficult to bring back the correct position and posture naturally as the child grows. So it is within this time that you should try to correct the flathead in your child. You may try to change the head positioning of your child when asleep. But the best option for a parent is the use of a head shaping pillow. These pillows are made in such a way that they will bring back strength between the head and neck and the intended symmetry.

  6. How to use u shaped pillow for a baby?

    Using u shaped baby pillow is very easy, you just need to place the baby center of the head in the empty space of U shaped pillow. this will give the head a round shape and support the baby's neck.

  7. How to make a mustard baby pillow at home?

    Making a mustard baby pillow at home is really easy all you have to do is buy 3-4 kg of mustard (depending upon child weight) and stitch pillow cover and place all the mustard in it. Afterward, just stitch the open end.

  8. How to use a baby neck support pillow?

    Using a baby neck support pillow is similar to as u shaped pillow please refer to point on 6

  9. Is it safe to use such a pillow for a 6-month-old baby?

    First of all, you can start using safety start using normal pillows for children who are one and a half years old or around the same age. For a new baby, it is not recommended to use these normal pillows.

  10. Is baby head shaping pillows worth the money?

    head shaping pillows that we have mentioned above have gained good customer reviews and ratings that ensure that each of them is good enough for treating even the flat head syndrome. So, it becomes ideal for these 0 to 12-month-old babies.

Final Thoughts for baby pillow for flat head

This article is an informative reminder to parents not to panic and how to cope up with their child’s flat head syndrome.

Babies are soft in the first year of birth, and on sleeping at certain positions for a prolonged time, their head turns flat. This is very tough to correct when they turn above two years. It takes a lot of surgical effort in correcting them when they turn into adults. So the preliminary two years of a child is very important to keep the basics right. And this habit of maintaining posture will work wonders throughout their lifetime with peaceful sleep every time.

In regards to this, one has to be careful in choosing the baby pillow maintaining international standards. It is in the best interests of a child to choose a cozy and comfortable pillow and a durable one in the interest of the parent.  Finally, always consult your pediatrician before using the pillow for your newborn.


Purvi Kothari founder of shishulife is a mother of one beautiful girl and growing her well giving her experience on how to tackle the kids.  She holds a degree in MBA and CS and currently pursuing PhD in business communication. Apart from writing a blog in shishulife her worlds revolve around photography, family, and baking.

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