15 Best baby massage oil in India

Best baby massage oil in India for newborn baby

Have you ever been around when a child is being massaged with oil? Weren’t you delighted with the cacophony of their joyous laughter and voice at the time? Massaging is probably the only healthy activity that they comply with joy. Now it is perhaps your time to get busy with the same activity. And questions might be running across your mind about which is the best massage oil for babies in India.

This article will not only show you the best massaging oil for babies but will also guide you to choose from them and the necessary precautions to take while massaging. Massaging has been a natural process for ages bestowed upon newborns for health benefits. This process has immense benefits, ranging from stronger muscles, improving skin immunity, blood circulation, improving sleep quality, and keeping your baby’s skin soft, supple, and glowing. 

List of top 15 best baby massage oil in India

ImageBaby Massage oilBuyer reviewWhere to buy
Life and pursuits ayurvedic baby massage oil4.3Amazon Price
Natural Nourishment for baby skin4.3Amazon Price
Ayurvedic baby massage oil4.4Amazon Price
Johnson’s baby oil4.3Amazon Price
Soothing baby massage oil4.7Amazon Price
Sebamed soothing baby massage oil4.6Amazon Price
Moms co natural baby massage oil4.5Amazon Price
Blue Nectar Ayurvedic almond baby massage oil4.3Amazon Price
Baby dove rich moisture baby massage oil4.1Amazon Price
Nirmal virgin coconut oil for massage4.6Amazon Price
Natures Veda dasapushpam baby massage oil4.3Amazon Price
baby massage oil for newborn3.8Amazon Price
Enriched baby massage olive oil4.3Amazon Price
Looms and weaves baby massage oil4.7Amazon Price
Mom and world nourishing baby massage oil4.3Amazon Price

Review of best baby massage oil in India

Let’s help you out and look into the best baby oil for massaging the little one you may consider:

1. Natural Nourishment for baby skin

Massaging a baby is beneficial for health in various ways. The added advantage of massaging a baby is that they enjoy the process. Himalaya baby massage oil is the Best baby massage oil product that has been clinically tested to be mild on your young infant’s skin.

As a parent, you won’t have a hard time with your child and can definitely trust this product for the best results. The ingredients in this massage oil are mostly organic and free from toxins. It uses two types of oil, vegetable and olive oil. Both have high value and are great for the body of all ages.

Best baby massage oil for newborn baby

  Vegetable oil is mixed with the power of herbs. Olive oil helps in the nourishment of vitamin E and helps in protecting and softening skin. The presence of ashwagandha, a natural adaptogen, helps improve your child’s skin tone and boost brain function. Being free from mineral oil and animal fat prevents any sort of allergies and rashes for your baby’s soft skin. This is one of the best olive oils for baby massage.

The direction of its use is preferably for half an hour before bath time. Daily use of this body massage will help nourish your baby’s skin and promote overall growth and development. This can be used from a minimum age of 0 months. Infused with olive oil and winter cherry this is a light and non-staining massage oil leaving your baby with a natural and healthy glow.


  • Available in different sizes 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml
  • Can be used for a child from 0 months of age
  • Cheap
  • Save extra with different offers.
  • Great for skin nourishment and overall growth.


  • Not portable
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2. Dabur Lal Tail Ayurvedic baby massage oil

Dabur Lal Tail is made using the ever long time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients, and it is the best baby massage oil. Thus it is a proven and trusted product for parents without any hesitation. Among the ingredients used are Shankhapushpi, Ratanjyot, Karpura, Masha, Saral taila, and til oil. These super-rich ingredients make your baby’s muscles and bones stronger.

A combination of natural herbs and oils is used to come up with an ayurvedic oil. These ayurvedic herbs have proven medicinal value and have multiple health benefits. Ratanjyot works in protecting your baby’s skin.

Shankhapushpi ensures a good skin tone and helps in recovering from weakness. A few other added ingredients are camphor and urad. Camphor helps maintain blood circulation and urad nourishes muscles and bones. Among its various benefits, it also helps relieve colic, other digestive problems, and improve sleep patterns. 

The direction of the use of this best oil for newborn baby massage advises parents to place the baby’s stomach down and massage from the head down. Following this, place the baby on the back and repeat. Also, flex their legs and arms and massage in those areas. Massaging twice a day is recommended for the best results. It has also been clinically tested to show two times faster growth than usual.


  • Two times faster physical growth
  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Great value for money
  • Ayurvedic ingredients
  • The oil keeps the baby’s skin soft and supple.
  • Extra offers on certain banking transactions
  • Available in different sizes


  • Not portable
  • Oil is thick, so if it falls on a cloth or sheet, it doesn’t go off easily.
  • The smell may be strong.
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3. Johnson’s baby oil

Johnson and Johnson are probably the most heard and loved products for the welfare of babies. Doctors highly recommend it. Even though it is the best oil for massage for newborn baby, it has not allowed its reputation to take over its quality. And it goes through proper certifications of international standards every year and passes a 5 level safety assurance process.

This 120-year-old company is updated with the latest scientific advancements. And all its products come with a TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION seal which implies its safety and efficacy of use on the baby’s skin. Enriched with vitamin E helps nourish your baby’s skin making it smooth and soft, and adds moisture. The oil is non-sticky and so pure that one may see through it.

This product is dermatologically tested for allergies, thanks to no use of harmful chemicals during production. This oil comes in different fragrances to leave your baby with a flowery smell. Apart from this, the oil is formulated in such a manner that it spreads easily on the baby’s skin and absorbs quickly and is also known to be the best baby massage oil for fairness in India.

Johnson and Johnson’s products come in different combos as well, and this is an added advantage for parents willing to buy necessary products for your baby. Even though you will have to pay more while buying in a combo, the deal is worth it. This product has been involved in 90% of publications and scientific discoveries on the baby’s skin. 


  • Meets 15 global regulatory standards.
  • Comes in combo packs
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • No chemicals
  • Oil is Non-sticky 
  • Save extra with certain banking transactions
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Loving nourishment and stimulation of senses
  • It can be used for babies of a minimum age of 0 months old.


  • Not portable
  • Few might not love the fragrance.
  • Comes in only two sizes 200ml and 500ml
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4. Mama Earth Soothing baby massage oil

Mamaearth baby massage oil is relatively new in the market with a lot of promise. This 100 % natural and dermatologically tested product is here to stay and take the utmost care of your baby’s growth and will soon be the best oil to massage newborn babies. It uses natural ingredients like sesame, almond, and jojoba oil to nourish your baby’s skin.

Almond oil helps in moisturizing while repairing dry skin. Jojoba oil makes your baby’s skin soft and supple and takes care of nourishment by keeping sun damage away. The safety of this massage oil is paramount, and being tested and certified by MadeSafe. Hence all parents can trust this with their child blindly. This clinically approved oil is free from all sorts of harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, sulfates, SLS, petroleum, artificial preservatives, and colour.

This is suitable for skins of all types. And the most excellent feature lacking in other massage oils is that it is portable. A baby’s health and strength start with massaging for stronger bones and skin nourishment. This oil is the perfect choice for such care. And it is the best oil for baby massage for bones.


  • 100% natural
  • Portable
  • Keeps skin soft and supple
  • Free from any sort of harmful chemicals
  • Certified by MadeSafe
  • Save extra with certain banking offers
  • Can be used for babies from 0-5 years of age


  • Expensive as compared to others
  • Comes only in a size of 200 ml
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5. Sebamed soothing baby massage oil

A 100 percent organic non-sticky massage oil for your child. Its unique feature is its super spreadability and faster absorption. Unlike conventional massage oils, it does not contain mineral oil, which may lead to irritation and allergies. This made in Germany product has a high content of essential fatty acids in soy oil. This guarantees optimal skin tolerability, thereby making the baby’s skin soft and supple and ensures superior hydration.

This soothing oil massage contains 95 percent soy oil and 5 percent of wheat germ oil is a good oil for baby massage. As an infant’s skin is incredibly tender, it is vulnerable to scorching and cold weather as well as skin problems. This massage oil does not solidify at lower temperatures and acts as the perfect emollient. The massage with this oil is known to relieve the baby from various painful occurrences. This non-greasy oil is easy to apply and does not stick to the hands. 

This portable massage oil comes with a unique pump applicator. It is rich in vitamin F. The product also includes a detailed body massage guide, which is recommended for parents before use.


  • 100 per cent organic
  • Rich in vitamin F
  • Portable
  • Non-sticky
  • Perfect for tender skin and enhancing growth
  • Superb spreadability and faster absorption


  • Comes in only 150 ml
  • expensive
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6. Moms co natural baby massage oil

Massaging your baby has been recommended since time immemorial. It strengthens their muscles and bones, but this exercise is fun-filled for them and always seems to enjoy the process. This is the best oil for a body massage for baby, and it is toxin-free. Blend of 10 powerful oils like sesame, organic almond, avocado, organic jojoba, organic chamomile, and natural vitamin E. These vital oils help nourish, relax, and strengthen baby’s bones and muscles with regular massage.

This is an Australia-certified toxin-free baby care range with USDA-certified organic actives. Sesame oil builds bone and muscle strength, and its anti-bacterial properties are especially recommended for sensitive skin. The high content of calcium and omega fatty acids, helps nourish and moisturize the skin. This is free from any chemicals like SLS, SLES, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances, and pegs. This is a safe cosmetic for your child as it is dermatologically tested.

The organic chamomile oil has soothing properties and is packed with antioxidants that help in skin health. Organic jojoba oil acts as a natural skin conditioner. And avocado oil is responsible for the source of essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.  This has the properties of the best almond oil for baby massage.

This product is safe for use from day 1. Tested to be hypoallergenic, this is portable in use—a great advantage compared to other baby oils.


  • Portable
  • Can be used for babies 0 months and above
  • Combination of 10 powerful oils
  • Dermatologically tested and certified by the USDA.
  • Great for your babies skin
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Superior Quality
  • Combo offers available


  • Comes in 100ml and 200m packages only
  • Expensive as compared to others
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7. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic almond baby massage oil

If you are wondering which oil is best for baby massage to get fair skin? I bet you this is the one as an Indian one would be aware of ghee’s qualities. Research has also found no substitute for ghee when it comes to baby skincare.

This massage oil contains organic cow ghee to prepare the healthiest days ahead for your child. Besides, it contains 13 ayurvedic herbs like Shankhpushpi, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other herbs that are used to strengthen bones and muscles. Almond oil is loaded with vitamin E, protein, minerals, and calcium fatty acids, all extremely vital for strengthening bones. This 100% ayurvedic oil is free from mineral oil and harmful chemicals like sulfate and paraben. And it is the best coconut oil for baby massage.

Along with this an added fragrance has a mild and soothing effect and does not lead to any sort of irritation. The light and non-greasy oil get easily absorbed in the body. And do not let any stain accumulate in your blanket. 

This oil is suitable for all skin types and is known to help in digestion and better sleep. And comes with a directed guide to massaging your newborn. It advises parents to massage their children in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and keep talking to and engaging with their children while messaging. This oil is recommended and recommends to start oiling your baby from 4-6 weeks from birth.


  • 100% ayurvedic
  • Free from chemicals
  • 13 rich ayurvedic herbs
  • Strengthen bones and muscles
  • Prevent digestive problems
  • Helps in emotional wellbeing and better sleep
  • Portable


  • Very pricey
  • Comes in only 100ml and 200ml packages
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8. Baby dove rich moisture baby massage oil

Dove is a good oil for baby massage; it seems to have a cosmic relationship with moisture. As a parent, you probably know that massaging your baby regularly has wonderful health benefits. But did you know that your child could lose moisture five times faster than you?

That’s why you should choose this product. It is specially designed to lock in moisture, soothe dry skin and provide comfort. It has a light, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing formula that keeps your baby’s skin soft and moisturized all day long.

As per the manufacturers, this product is ready for use from day one. It uses no harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates. Hence your baby is free from any sort of skin irritation or allergies. Made with 100% natural skin nutrients, it is a safe bet for parents looking for a massage oil for their baby. This baby massage oil stimulates growth and improves sleep efficiency.

This product comes in other combo packs like lotion. This makes for easy shopping for parents, and they do not have to look for assembling different products for their baby. The product also provides a detailed guide for massaging and bathing.


  • Portable
  • 100% natural skin nutrients
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Locks moisture and soothes dry skin
  • Light non-greasy and fast-absorbing
  • Nourishes skin
  • Can be used for a child from day one
  • Comes in combo packs


  • Available in 200m only
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9. Nirmal virgin coconut oil for massage

This superior quality massage oil is extracted from fresh coconuts using cold press technology to preserve all nutrients. In addition, it does not contain any additional preservatives, so if your child licks it, it is safe. This massage oil is 100% natural and edible, and that’s what makes it the best coconut oil for baby massage in India. Its purity and health benefits ate to notch.

It helps strengthen muscles and bones and has a soothing effect of improving a baby’s sleep cycle. Massage your baby with this oil as many times as possible to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. It is also wonderful in preventing and healing diaper rashes, which is an added plus for parents. Lauric is a wonder ingredient present in mother’s milk.

This is available in abundance over 50% in KLF Nirmal virgin coconut baby oil. This feature is intended to increase immunity levels and prevent infections. Apart from this, the oil is light and fast-absorbing. It can also be used against a cradle cap.

This clinically proven baby massage oil is allergen-free. This is specially formulated to keep babies tender and delicate skin soft and healthy. This is a 100% natural oil with no mineral oil or chemicals and is the best oil for baby massage for bones. The design is also very user-friendly with a flip-top cap for convenient use.


  • Allergen-free and edible
  • Cold press technology for preserving nutrients
  • Prevents and heals diaper rashes
  • 100% natural
  • Increase immunity and prevents infections
  • Great value for money
  • Portable
  • Can be used against cradle cap
  • User-friendly bottle design


  •  Only available in 400ml bottle
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10. Natures Veda dasapushpam baby massage oil

Kerala’s ayurvedic healers have been using dasapushpam oil and traditionally making them for some time now to fight skin diseases. As you can guess, this is a 100% natural ayurvedic product with no harmful chemicals.

The oil is safe for use on the body, face, and hair. The oil is very thin in consistency, so it easily washes off and gets absorbed into the skin with ease. Dasapushpam in English means ten sacred flowers. The ten flowers have an important place in the aesthetic and spiritual traditions of Kerala.

This is the best oil to massage a newborn baby. And it is prepared with appropriate proportions of flowers such as Vishnukranthi, Durva, Bhringaraja, Sarulatha, Kalamusali, Bhadrika, Sahadevi, Sasakarni, Lakshmana, Lajjalu, Hrivera, Tagara, Ela, Tweak, Tamalapatra, Agaru, Nalikerataila.

Dasapushpam baby oil on application helps in optimizing the peripheral circulation, stimulates both sensory and motor nerve endings, removes dead skin, and other minute pathogens infecting the skin, fastens the growth and maturity of the skin layer, and as a result regularize hair growth as well. These sacred flowers are infused with virgin coconut oil. The coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions and is effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in seriously dry skin. 

Great care has been taken in packaging this best baby massage oil for safety and traveling reasons. The bottle is unbreakable, made of high-quality materials, and does not bend on the application of pressure or long storage.

The inside flip cap ensures there is no spilling of oil or leak whatsoever. The oil owes its superior quality to the ingredients’ ethical sourcing in a fresh and cruelty-free way. The fresher the ingredient, the more nutrients it will contain, and sooner the blending is done, the higher the levels of nutrients are extracted. Ultimately resulting in greater benefits for your baby’s skin. 


  • Prevents dry skin, diaper rashes
  • Faten growth of skin layer and hair
  • Improve skin immunity
  • 100% natural and ayurvedic
  • Portable
  • Ethically sourced
  • Awesome packaging
  • Ten sacred flowers infused with virgin coconut oil


  • Only available in a 150ml bottle
  • Costly, but definitely worth it
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11. Bey bee organic coconut baby massage oil for newborn

Bey bee organic coconut oil is made from fresh white coconuts and is the best coconut oil for baby massage in India. This is cold pressed hence making it 100% natural and extra virgin, as it does not use any sort of additional preservatives. This keeps all antioxidants, nutrients, and flavors intact. Retaining moisture is important for babies.

This rich oil locks up moisture up to ten times more than normal. Clinically tested and proven, this has been highly effective in producing gentle and delicate skin for babies. This has also been successful in relieving dry, rough patches or diaper rashes.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of regular massage will have immense health benefits for your child. Your baby will have a sound sleep. This helps moisturize and protect the skin, and the best part is it is effective for adults as well. To prevent moisture loss, this forms a silky barrier. 

The oil is made from the purest sourced coconut possible and is the best baby massage oil for fairness in India. This natural moisturizer also helps in healthy metabolism and improving immunity.  It is also rich in lauric acid, a major constituent of mother’s milk. This makes it a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Learning from new technologies and processes the lending of this perfect product goes through rigorous testing. 


  • Moisturize and improve child skin
  • Effective for adults as well
  • Enhance metabolism and immunity
  • Prevents and cures rough patches, diaper rashes
  • 100% organic and chemical-free
  • Manufacturers minimum suggested age is 0 and above


  • Comes in only 100ml and 200ml bottles
  • expensive
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12. Mother careEnriched baby massage olive oil

From the moment of your baby’s birth, you need to nourish your baby’s skin from the inside. This requires high-quality massage oil. Such an oil nourishes your baby’s skin and helps strengthen bones and muscles and improves sleep on proper massage. This is the best oil to massage newborn babies and is enriched with natural ingredients like olive oil and chamomile oil.

This is a natural nourish of baby skin. Apart from this, it provides proper hair growth and scalp nourishment, to make your little one’s hair grow stronger and thicker. This baby oil is made from a hypoallergenic formula, hence making it safe for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. This product comes with the highest safety standards; hence it is a safe bet for parents. 

It is a blend of natural ingredients devoid of any harmful chemicals. And dermatologically tested and proven to be safe for newborns and up. This formulated massage oil is specially formulated for a baby’s scalp and body massage purposes. All its properties make it the best oil for newborn baby massage.


  • Suitable for newborns and up
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Enriched with olive oil
  • Make the baby’s hair soft and silky.
  • Portable
  • Made from natural extracts


  • Only available in 300 ml bottle
  • Moderately expensive
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13. Looms and weaves baby massage oil

This baby oil is made from virgin coconut oil derived from the milk of the freshest coconuts. It is the best nourishing oil for babies. Traditionally used for baby’s skincare, it has been found to be a good treatment for nappy rash, and that too organically.

This is the best oil for newborn baby massage. There is no risk of worsening the rash, as it is organic and natural. This oil acts as a barrier and prevents any further irritation. The presence of virgin coconut oil nourishes and treats irritated skin. It acts as an anti-fungal and antibacterial agent.

This has been the traditional baby massage oil for generations and is a perfect alternative to mineral oil-based baby care oils. This nourishes the scalp of your young one and nurtures the growth of healthy hair. And particularly enhance skin immunity.

No artificial preservatives, mineral oils, fragrances, or colour are used, so your child does not face any irritation. Apart from this is hypoallergenic, and free from paraben, sulfate, and other harmful chemicals.

Virgo coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for your babies. Some babies suffer from dry patches in the neck, the application of this oil and massaging over the area keeps it moisturized and protects the skin from further irritations. This oil can also be used for the treatment of cradle caps. This is by far the best oil for massage for newborn babies.

The manufacturer directs users to gently apply the oil over the baby’s body to make the skin tender. And massage the body carefully and jovially and bath in light warm water. And do shake the bottle before use because coconut oil does have the tendency to settle at the bottom naturally. This is a 100% vegetarian product.


  • Made from virgin coconut oil
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Nurtures hair growth and improve skin immunity
  • Prevents and cures rashes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, and harmful chemicals


  • Comes in only 2×100ml containers
  • Not portable
  • Slightly expensive
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14. Mom and world nourishing baby massage oil

This baby oil is a powerful blend of oils and vitamins. This repairs and nourishes your baby’s skin all at once. It is effective against dry skin, itchy skin, chapped skin, irritating skin, rashes, and more. This oil is made from almond, grapeseed, wheat germ, olive, and coconut oils. So it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It is the best almond oil for baby massage.

It is light, non-greasy, gentle, and softly scented, to make your baby comfortable and supple. It also moisturizes and heals the baby’s body at the same time. Made from handpicked natural and certified organic ingredients, this baby massage oil is perfectly safe for your baby.

Enriches with these natural ingredients it soothes and protects the skin. This baby oil is free from chemicals, irritants, fragrances, mineral oil, or petroleum. All these rich oil ingredients are cold-pressed; hence there are no artificial preservatives used.

This fully vegetarian product helps in nurturing skin, improving skin immunity, strengthening muscles and bones, hair growth. This is perfect for well-toned skin and prevents and cures any sort of rashes that may arise.

This is also portable and comes with a great design making it very simple to use. If questions are running across your mind on which is the best olive oil for baby massage? You have bumped into the right place.


  • A powerful blend of natural oils
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Cold-pressed
  • Non-greasy, gentle and soft scented
  • Nourishes skin and prevents rashes
  • Portable


  • Only available in 200ml bottle
  • expensive
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15. Life and pursuits ayurvedic baby massage oil

Giving your baby an oil massage is important. And choosing the right oil is more important. Life and pursuits organic baby massage oil is intended for gentle care and protecting your baby’s sensitive skin. This ayurvedic massage oil is by far the best oil for a body massage for baby, as it promotes healthy skin and strengthens the overall body. And it is finally enhancing skin immunity.

This oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides appropriate moisture, forming a shield to protect your baby’s skin. Its soothing and antimicrobial properties ensure that your baby’s skin is indeed healthy and lustrous.

This baby massage oil is certified organic by USDA (USA), NATURE (Europe), and India Organic. This is 100% natural and has more than 95% of certified organic products. The ingredients are particularly handpicked, from safe and toxin-free ingredients with tested safety records.

All its products are free from mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, colours, parabens, BHT/BHA, silicones, and other toxic/ harmful chemicals. This organic baby oil is enriched with ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha, neem, Haldi, and calendula. This promotes body strength, vitality, and immunity. The therapeutic blend of sesame oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and gentle. 

This good oil for baby massage is great for your baby’s skin. It leaves skin soft and smooth while keeping skin toned and firm. It also maintains skin elasticity and keeps it moisturized for a healthy glow. Promotes overall growth by strengthening baby muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones. It stimulates blood circulation and improves the duration and quality of baby sleep. For good results massage daily with this oil, and also works perfectly as a post-bath moisturizer.


  • 100% natural
  • Free from toxins
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Effective ayurvedic therapy with enriched herbs
  • Nourishes baby skin
  • Promotes overall growth
  • Strengthens muscle, joints, and bones
  • Stimulate blood circulation and improve sleep quality
  • Keeps skin soft and supple


  • Only available in 100ml and 200ml bottle
  • Not portable
  • Expensive but worth it
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Buying guide for newborn massage oil in India

Choosing the best baby massage oil

If you are wondering how to choose the best baby massage oil, which is the best oil for baby massage, and want to learn about different kinds of massage oils, and their use read along. You will be surprised to know that in many places in India, as soon as the woman’s pregnancy crosses three months. Bookings are not made for hospitals but for the perfect “tel maalish.”

And truly so because of the immense health benefits of massage oil. Touch is the most primary and developed sense from the time of birth. It is a great way of stimulating your baby. A proper massage stimulates the sound functioning of all body systems. Massaging of arms and legs strengthen the muscle, joints, bones, and ligaments. It also helps in blood circulation to the extremities. 

As we all know, a massage helps people relax. So is the case for babies. Good oil for baby massage can soothe colic, improve sleep, and ease digestive problems. With better sleeping patterns, your baby will have better-feeding patterns and gain weight. The best part of messaging is that babies enjoy this process, unlike other health benefits. So as a parent one should look forward to it as it will be enjoyable for them too. This also forms a bonding between the parent and child

A baby’s skin is delicate, so you should choose the massage oil with some thought. The oil should be safe and gentle, alongside providing all the necessary benefits. It is recommended by paediatricians to avoid oil until the baby is at least 4-6 weeks old. Once the baby reaches the eight-week mark, you can use the best baby massage oil.

Let’s look at a few parameters before choosing the right massage oil.

  • Go Organic and cold-pressed

Many brands of massage oils use 100% natural, certified organic ingredients. And the benefits of these are plenty. Firstly something fresh from nature has a greater impact on any human body than scientifically complex products. And for your baby, it will be more impactful. The more ethically sourced the ingredients will be, the more effective will its application be.

Ayurvedic herbs have innumerable benefits throughout our whole body. And each of these components has a positive function for a certain body part. So if you see these are available in the massage oil you are looking for, simply hold on to it as it is the best oil for massage for newborn babies. Also, go for cold-pressed products which indicate there are no added artificial preservatives for storing them.

  • No harmful chemicals

Keep in mind that the massage oil you are about to buy is free from chemicals like mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, colours, parabens, BHT/BHA, silicones, and other toxic/ harmful chemicals. These chemicals have harmful side effects and may lead to skin irritation and allergies. As a parent, you would definitely not want that.

  • Is it portable

Well if you are generally on the move and take your child along with you. It is best to have a portable massage oil with proper design to hold on to oil even if the bottle gets tilted inside your bag.

And how messy your bag could be if oil starts dripping from the bottle, you can understand. Apart from this you may go to your relatives or plan a vacation for a few days. And you would not want your child to be stopped from massaging their delicate and supple bodies and restrict them from access to the benefits of an oil massage.

  • Certified

When buying any cosmetics, it is important to see whether it meets the essential certifications to qualify for a good product. A certified product would be the best oil to massage newborn babies. And when the product is for your little one,  there should be no compromise whatsoever.

A certified product is safe for use, and if dermatologically tested, it will assure you that your baby will not succumb to any kind of rashes or irritations. Or it does not create digestive problems, because babies have the habit of sucking their thumbs, or by any chance of matter, they may suck in some oil. So it is best to go for those massage oils that are also edible—or clinically proven not to cause any harm to the oil intake.

  • Quality over price

If you want to choose the best oil for newborn baby massage, you should keep in mind that certain brands are going through a lot of research, ethically sourcing proper essential non-harmful ingredients, and assembling in the best way possible for providing essential benefits, so their call for the amount they demand is justified.

You may get oils for a smaller price, but you will not be guaranteed results. A proper base is a key to a huge building, like the root is to the tree. So is childhood for humans. This time is very important in strengthening them from the inside and stimulating all the necessary health benefits.  And as a parent, you should not compromise it for a cheaper product at any cost.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils like almond, coconut, olive, sesame, castor have immense benefits for your child. So you should look for these oils in the key ingredients of the massaging oil of your choice. At least one of them should be present among the ingredients. And if you happen to find multiple of them or all of them. Then go for that product without any doubt. 

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, caprylic acid, which makes it a skin-friendly oil. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which are great for your baby’s skin. It is great during the summer. Always opt for virgin coconut oil because of its freshness and added benefits.

Sesame is very popular among Indian moms and is common in ayurvedic preparations. It is antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that keep baby skin safe and light. This is also a great choice for summer. It contains vitamins B, D, E, which provide requisite moisturization. 

Olive oil is very popular in cooking for various health benefits, but its utilization does not stop there. It is extremely popular in baby massage with credible results. It has loads of antioxidants and healthy fats that nourish the body for all seasons.

Massaging the baby’s stomach with olive oil helps relieve issues like colic, constipation, and digestive problems. However, if your child has sensitive skin or conditions like eczema or skin rashes. The use of olive is not recommended in such scenarios. You should keep these things in mind when buying the best olive oil for baby massage.

Almond oil is also suitable for all weathers. The lovely aroma of the oil and richness of vitamin E make skin soft and smooth. Almond oil has a lot of benefits in hair growth,  and its use can be continued even if your child grows. Opt for pure almond oil. Extremely fragrant ones are likely infused with chemical fragrances so try to keep away from them, and do your research before buying.

Castor oil is excellent for hair growth. It is a great moisturizer and helps in strengthening nails. I massaged this oil on the tummy; it is known to soothe colic. This also relieves sunburn, which is quite common in infants. It is important to make sure that this oil is not ingested as it is toxic for consumption. If your baby has a habit of licking their hands and fingers avoid castor oil.

Frequently asked questions for the best baby massage oil India for newborn

  1. Is it really beneficial to use massage oil for babies?

    Massaging is a stress buster for every human. And the same applies to babies. Massaging has numerous benefits for your child, and it shapes the way for better health for your baby. The baby enjoys the process of massaging; this is evident from their frequent cackling.
    Massaging your child's body strengthens muscle, ligaments, joints, and limbs. Babies tend to lose moisture very quickly, and massaging with oil does not make it dry. The application of oil over tummies relieves colic and other digestive problems. It also stimulates and improves skin immunity. Massaging over your baby also improves their sleep cycle and hence their feeding patterns, thus making your baby stronger. So it is advisable and beneficial to massage your baby with oil regularly.

  2. Which oil is best for baby massage to get fair skin?

    Virgin coconut oil with extracts of coconut milk improves skin tone and is frequently used for fair skin. The coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions and is effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in seriously dry skin. Almond oils are also highly effective for fair skin due to its richness of vitamin E

  3. Can baby oil massage be used for babies from the time they are born?

    It is recommended by pediatricians to not use massaging oil until 4-6 weeks of baby's age. You can use it on occasions, if you see their skin drying, or having digestive problems. But never use it regularly during this period. When your child has reached eight weeks, you may regularly use massage oil.

Final thoughts

So far, you have probably understood the numerous benefits of massaging your baby with oil and have in all likelihood found the answers to “which is the best oil for baby massage?” And the effective ingredients that should be in the ingredients list.

Not every type of oil would be suitable for your child. So choose wisely with thorough research and going through each ingredient from the list. And different seasonal oils can be used to give the necessary balance to the infant’s body.

For example, coconut and almond oils are better suited for summer, and olive oil can be applied for all seasons. Try to go for certified products; this way, you will be psychologically happy and be clinically safe for your little one. 

Always try to buy the best oil for a body massage for babies in smaller quantities, so they do not spoil easily. Opt for food-grade oils so that it is safe for your baby even if they happen to lick them.

While massaging ensures that your baby is in a good mood and does it in the quietest and comfortable spot of your home. Constantly try to massage them way before their nap time. Skip massaging for 72 hours if they have received a vaccination. Massage your baby over towels to avoid the risk of falls. 

Finally, choose the best oil for your baby as you seem fit, and the writer of this article hopes your chosen oil reaps all the benefits for your child.


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