6 Best Baby Playpen to keep baby safe in India

6 Best Baby Playpen in India

Baby protection becomes the absolute necessity at the stage when the baby is too small. At the same time, there is a need for a safe place where you can keep your baby safe while you are busy completing the household chores. In this regard, the Best Baby Playpen in India often referred to as the play yard becomes the part of rescue for your child. You can also get the swing or bouncer for keeping the baby engaged for a few minutes. However, not all of them are sufficient enough for giving the freedom of mobility like the playpen. So, there is a need for proper development in the early days. The variety of the play yards of the playpens is available for the little ones. You can get the whole setup for a table that can be carried easily on road trips. There are also mobile changing stations and music center-powered ones.

In this article, you will come to know about the best playpens that will be available for your little ones. Have a look below.

List of top 6 baby playpen

ImageBest Baby PlaypensUser ReviewLatest Amazon Price
Baybee playpen for babies up to 3 years4.1/5 Amazon Price
luvlap wonder joy baby playpen crib4.1/5 Amazon Price
Domton portable played smart folding playpen4/5 Amazon Price
luvlap sunshine baby playpen4.1/5 Amazon Price
Arkmiido kids playpen4/5 Amazon Price
Toy park baby playpen3.9/5 Amazon Price

The best playpens for babies in India

1.Baybee playpen for babies up to 3 years

You can get the big space for the playing of the child because it is spacious enough. Baby Playpen in India is good for the kids to play. It can also crawl, walk, and even climb.

Baybee playpen for babies up to 3 years


  • You don’t have to worry about the space as you have these acceptable panels for making the smallest playpen.
  • It can give massive entertainment to your baby whenever you need to complete the household chores or the rest inside the house.
  • For a longer time, you can keep your baby restful and entertained with the good playpen.
  • You can also set it up easily and let your kid play. The increased fun while learning the type of playpen is good, eye-catching, and comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • You can let your baby enjoy it a lot indoors.
  • The safety and play area is good for the kid or baby to stay entertained. Whenever the parents need to work, cook, clean up, or also rush to the bathroom, it can take care of.
  • It is also easy to assemble and disassemble the type of playpen that does not require screws or tools.
  • The playpen is very durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The dimensions are also perfect
  • Folding it takes time
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2. luvlap wonder joy baby playpen crib

This is certified as per Indian Standards type of convertible playpen and that comes with 3 in 1 utility Rocker. You can also get the luvlap wonder joy baby playpen Napper that can give the convertible in the interface to the play yard when the child grows.

 luvlap wonder joy baby playpen crib


  • It is a detectable and elevated full-sized unit that will be acting as the sleeping base.
  • Overall, it is ideal for the newborn baby. You will also get three detachable pockets for keeping the essentials of the baby.
  • The safety strap also helps in holding the baby tightly up to 15 kg.
  • The printed surfaces that you will find on the two sides, as well as visibility, make it the best.
  • Overall, an easy and compact fold travel-friendly designed playpen gives convenience.
  • The detachable canopy with the mosquito net as well as a crib bar comes with 3 stuffed toys.
  • You can have a look at the channel of the brand and get an idea about how good this product can be for your little one.
  • It is comfortable
  • The durability offers amazing
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The sturdiness is also great
  • The regulated movement is amazing
  • The playpen isn’t appropriate for all ages
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3. Domton portable played smart folding playpen

This plastic playpen in India can give a huge play area for the little ones and becomes a fun time to play inside. You can get the play yard of 100 X 100X 76 size area that will be the huge play area. It can support great playtime. For the babies play, there is enough space for comfortably moving in and out of the play area as well.

Domton portable played smart folding playpen


  • You can place it in the park, backyard, or any other place because a portable baby playpen will let your child enjoy while turning in the position.
  • You can get the stable and safe playpen that is made from the Ultra stable Steel frame and is also reinforced with stitching for ensuring the safety standards.
  • You can rest assured that your little one will get immense comfort when it is playing inside it.
  • There are also things that you will find for supporting the baby’s playtime and are designed perfectly for the kids that are aged between 3 and 36 months.
  • The clear visibility along with the easy portability ensures Peace of Mind.
  • The portable playpen fence is secure and will also let you see through it while watching the baby.
  • It is completely secure from the mosquitoes and so becomes a great spot for the baby to rest.
  • The folding baby play yard is good enough in terms of the easy move in and out support that it can provide.
  • It is also a lightweight and fables quick installation with compact foldability.
  • You can rest assured that the folding baby play yard and its immediate setup can be moved in one step. You can get the ease of keeping at the corner for giving more space to the baby.
  • The material composition is nylon and comes in multicolor.
  • It is colourful and sturdy
  • The space you will get is remarkable
  • Folding it is also easy
  • Some people find the weight is too much
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4. luvlap sunshine baby playpen

Luvlap playpen is the travel and storage convenient, compact, easy to fold, and type of the playpen that is certified as per the EN standard. So, it is healthy and safe. The durable frame model is good with the easy folding systems and is ideal for the play yard of the children.

luvlap sunshine baby playpen


  • There are smooth edges on the two sides for the ventilation.
  • Visibility makes it stand out.
  • You can also get the Handy wheels that are convenient for moving from one room to the other.
  • It is perfect for the baby as the mattress is also very comfortable. The baby can take the nap at any time.
  • It can protect the baby from the mosquitoes. It comes with the carry bag that is well equipped with a convenient travel carry system made of polyester.
  • The plastic connections with this playpen make it stand out.
  • You’ll also get the study still frame with instructions included for assembling it properly.
  • When you purchase this playpen, you can rest assured that there is Emphasis given on the personal distinct placement of the baby. It is better for getting a smile on the baby for hours together.
  • The coolness your baby will be getting with it also is remarkable.
  • Created with care, this is the material based playpen that also undergoes the multiple checks before it is dispatched to the store.
  • It complies with the European standard that makes it stand out.
  • The comfort your baby will be getting is Amazing.
  • The durability it can offer is great
  • It is easy to assemble the playpen
  • The sturdiness is remarkable
  • The regulated movement is great enough
  • It is not suitable for all age
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5. Arkmiido kids playpen

This is the perfect product for babies and parents because the babies can stay inside while the parents are working. This is the perfect one for the babies because it is available in a large size of 15 square feet 58 inches wide and standing around 26 inches tall.

Arkmiido kids playpen


  • It is good for providing much room for the kids to play.
  • Parents can put the balls, dolls, rattles, inside the breathable and safe mesh type playpen.
  • It is good because of its environmental friendliness material and safety.
  • It comes with the final settlement of mesh and is good for both the parents and babies.
  • The panel is also of the high-quality Oxford type and is available for opening and closing the portable and sturdy model.
  • It is good for installation and carrying. So, you can take it anywhere indoors and outdoors.
  • It can also find a place on the beach, grass, and another place.
  • Made of PVC, this is the one that wouldn’t cause harm to your child.
  • It is soft and warmer for the baby to stay inside for long hours.
  • It is a lightweight model
  • It is value for money model
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The sturdiness is not that great
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6. Toy park baby playpen

This is the combination of the stainless steel portions as well as Oxford cloth playpen that is not easy to deform. You can rest assured that it is a lightweight model that can prevent the baby from being pressed.

Toy park baby playpen


  • It is also good because it comes with long mesh life.
  • The appearance is great enough and you can also put them at any position while entertaining the baby or even during the housework.
  • You can rest assured that the child is safe inside it due to the zippered setup. The size is around 128 X 128 X 68 cm and the width also becomes suitable for the babies for crawling inside and staying safe.
  • It comes with a reasonable height that will never let the child climb over the fence.
  • It also comes with the inmate design that makes it stand out.
  • There is a small grid that will never make your child get stuck inside.
  • The storage bag also proves to be quite convenient enough for placing the bottles.
  • There is a sleeper that becomes smooth and sturdy.
  • Overall, this is the basketball hoop designed playpen that can help in the development of the Sporting skills for the child.
  • The upper door design also makes it right sensible when compared to many other models.
  • The sturdiness is amazing.
  • The quality of the material is good
  • The size of the playpen is good enough
  • The basketball hoop is remarkable
  • The pipe ends are not at all good as they can hurt the child
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Things to consider for buying Baby Playpen in India

Before buying the clip you have to consider the following points.


You should see that the playpen is comfortable enough and the height is proper so that the baby doesn’t fall. The distance from the top to the lower base of the baby playpen fence India should be at least around 50 centimeters and the distance from the top to the upper base should be also closer to 30 cm. You should always make sure that no footholds are there in the cot so that it doesn’t become troublesome for the baby to move in and out. The position should be such that there are no harmful consequences.

Storage space

If you want to save space and time, you can choose the playpen that will come with additional storage. These are the ones that come with even the pull-out drawers that make it easy for keeping the essentials of the baby.

Smooth edges

This is the essential point that you should note. There must not be any sharp edges because they cause problems and physically hurt the baby.


You should always see that the side of the cot must be lightweight and smooth. You should also check that you don’t have to put much effort when operating.


The mosquito net canopy becomes the essential point because it becomes the protective barrier to save the baby from mosquitoes.


Cots come with several stuffed toys and toy bars, that helps the parents keep the child amused even at hard times.


The costs of the playpen for toddlers are available in several sizes. You should see that it isn’t too big for the baby. Always check the dimensions and also see that it perfectly fits in the nursery. Always see that there is enough convenience to move it to a different room.


The longevity of the convertible playpen is dependent on the few extra components.


These are the playpens that come with the perfect change instructions, definite measurements as well as placement. Together, such playpens become a cosy space for the baby. You can put these up for the newborn and can rest assured that it will be the space perfect for it to play over long hours. It is comfortable and also free from additional vibrations that make it a pretty good investment to stay for a long time.


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