10 Best Baby Shampoo in India 2021

Best baby shampoo in India for no-tear bath

A good shampoo for the babies not only protects the delicate locks but also prevents the tangling of the baby hairs. It is essential for providing necessary proteins and nourishment to the scalp that helps to keep the baby’s hair healthy as well as soft. It’s advisable to do a good head massage with the best baby hair oil before using shampoo.

There are several factors like ingredients, no-tear formula, mild lather, pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and many more that must be considered before purchasing a baby shampoo. The best way is to buy the shampoo made up of organic products as they provide essential nourishment.

But sometimes, it might become costly for the parents to buy those products. Thus you must make a proper choice for the baby shampoo that is best suited for your baby. Hence, to reduce your pressure, we have listed some of the best shampoos for babies. Always use a good bathtub to give a proper shower to your baby.

List of Best baby shampoo

ImageBaby shampooUser ratingLatest Price
Johnson Baby No Tears Shampoo4.4/5Amazon Price
Aveeno Baby Shampoo4.6/5Amazon Price
Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo4.4/5Amazon Price
Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo4.2/5Amazon Price
Sebamed Baby Shampoo4.4/5Amazon Price
Baby Dove Shampoo5/5Amazon Price
Cetaphil Baby Shampoo4.8/5Amazon Price
Mothercare- All we know baby shampoo.4.4/5Amazon Price
Biotique Disney Mickey Bar Shampoo4/5Amazon Price
Mom and World Baby Shampoo4.3/5Amazon Price

1.Johnson Baby No Tears Shampoo

The Johnson baby shampoo is undoubtedly the best baby shampoo in India. It is very mild and tender and keeps your baby’s hair shiny soft as it makes it much more manageable. The no-tears formula used in this shampoo does not sting the eyes of the babies. It is therefore considered a quality Johnson baby shampoo for hair growth. The composition used in this shampoo is entirely soap-free. This shampoo is completely reliable as it is chemical-free and clinically tested. It can gently clean the hair as well as the scalp, and the product doesn’t cause any allergies. 

Johnson Baby No Tears Shampoo

Key Features:

  • Free from paraben.
  • Removes the dirt thoroughly.
  • Tested by a dermatologist.
  • Imparts a beautiful baby smell.
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2. Aveeno Baby Shampoo

It is perfect for small babies as it helps to gently cleanse their sensitive hair as well as skin. This Aveeno baby product features in the list of best shampoo for kids in India. The active natural oat extract used in this shampoo keeps the baby’s skin and hair refreshed as well as soft. It is also free from tears that make it safe for applying to the babies. The shampoo can be used regularly to keep your baby nourished and healthy all the time. It is also one of the best baby shampoos for hair growth in India.

Aveeno Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Prevents infection on the baby’s skin.
  • Free of parabens.
  • Imparts a fresh smell and lathers well.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Recommended by a pediatrician.
  • Suitable for regular use.
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3. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

Himalaya gentle is a baby shampoo that has a “no tears” formula. It is a perfect choice for the baby bath because it softens, cleanses, and nourishes the babies’ hairs efficiently. This product is a quality Himalaya baby shampoo and is composed of numerous ingredients like khus grass, hibiscus, and chickpea. Chickpea helps to keep the baby’s hair soft, shiny, and healthy. Khus grass and hibiscus have different purposes.

It helps to keep any bacteria or fungus away from the scalp as well as helps in conditioning the baby’s hair. Free from parabens, the product helps to maintain the texture of your baby’s hair. It is one of the best kids shampoos available in the market. Moreover, the Himalaya baby shampoo for adults is suitable for babies as well as adults.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Free from parabens and SLS.
  • Dandruff preventing.
  • The shampoo is entirely pH balanced.
  • Makes the hair soft.
  • Has immense safety ratings.
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4. Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo

Mee Mee baby shampoo is made up of natural extracts that help lock and nourish the baby scalp’s natural oils. It in fact also features in the list of best shampoo for 5 years old, as it can prevent hair dryness as well as hair fall. The no-tear formula infused in this shampoo allows a safe and happy bath for the babies. Moreover, it has a high safety standard that allows the mothers to rely on and trust this product. The shampoo is also a quality baby shampoo for hair growth.

Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Cleanses the scalp properly.
  • Fused with natural fruit extracts.
  • Makes the hair bouncy and soft.
  • Microbiologically tested.
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5. Sebamed Baby Shampoo

Sebamed baby shampoo is a cleansing shampoo and is clinically proven as it contains mild active surfactants to gently clean the fine baby hair. It is suited for delicate and sensitive scalps. You will be surprised that it is also popularly known as the best shampoo for a 7-year-old kid. Well, this is mostly because the pH value of 5.5 helps to keep the hair of the baby silky as well as soft. The chamomile herbal extracts contained in this shampoo is good for preventing allergies. It is also infused with a no-tears formula that allows the babies to smile and play at bath time. The product is a good quality shampoo for babies.

Sebamed Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Free from soap, SLS, and alkali.
  • Suited for sensitive scalp.
  • Prevents flaky scalp and dryness.
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6. Baby Dove Shampoo

This shampoo created by Dove has kept the factors of fine hair and delicate scalp in mind. Ranking the top list of best shampoo for children’s hair in India, it includes a moisture cream for retaining the moisture level. It also can prevent the hair scalp from drying. The effective tear-free, as well as soap-free formula, allows the babies to bathe freely. Efficient features like hypoallergenic, neutral pH levels make this shampoo the best choice for newborn babies.

Baby Dove Shampoo

Key features:

  • Pediatrician and ophthalmologist tested.
  • Free from dyes and parabens.
  • Cleanses the scalp properly.
  • Gentle and mild fragrance.
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7. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

This baby shampoo from Cetaphil makes the hair smoother and can nourish the scalp of the hair. It does not irritate the skin. There are multiple natural ingredients contained in this product that helps in the faster growth of hair. It helps in hair nourishment without causing any dryness or damage. This shampoo is also made up of no-tear formula that prevents any irritation in the eyes. The product is entirely free from alcohol and parabens and keeps the baby healthy and active throughout the day. It is free from chemicals and thus rated as the best baby shampoo without chemicals in India. 

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Keeps the baby’s hair soft.
  • It moisturizes and soothes the skin and hair.
  • The shampoo is free from soap.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Free from parabens.
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8. Mothercare- All we know baby shampoo.

Mothercare, as the name itself suggests is made up of uniquely natural ingredients that include chamomile and olive oil that keeps the baby’s hair soft. The product promises to keep your baby’s hair silky as well as reduces hair scalp. This is a good shampoo for hair in India. Moreover, Olive oil helps to strengthen the baby’s hair scalp while chamomile treats any inflammation in the hair. It does not produce any allergy to the baby.

Mothercare- All we know baby shampoo.

Key features:

  • Contains a conditioner.
  • Fragrance and paraben-free.
  • Tested by the dermatologists.
  • Efficiently removes oil.
  • Suitable for kids and infants.
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9. Biotique Disney Mickey Bar Shampoo

Biotique is a tear-free shampoo that is made with natural ingredients like Bio Apple. This ingredient is particularly used to keep the hair tangle-free as well as smooth. It is considered amongst the good shampoo for hair in India. The formula used in this shampoo prevents a burning sensation that irritates the eyes. It can clean the scalp thoroughly by eliminating the gunk and dirt on the scalp. The shampoo is completely free from soap, and the pH level is balanced for keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Biotique Disney Mickey Bar Shampoo

Key features:

  • Has no side effects.
  • Anti irritant as well as hypoallergenic.
  • Contains green apple extracts.
  • Tested by dermatologists.
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10. Mom and World Baby Shampoo

The shampoo by Mom and World contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that includes oat extract, aloe vera, argan oil as well as wheat germ. It helps to make your baby’s hair silky and shiny. The use of natural ingredients helps to cleanse and rinse the hair gently. This is in fact also considered the best shampoo for 8 years old in India. The tear-free formula used in this shampoo makes it perfectly safe for the sensitive eyes of babies. It is dermatologically tested and is absolutely free from allergens, parabens, phosphates as well as prevents the hair from drying. It has no hypoallergenic and absolutely no sulfates such as SLS, SLES, and SCS.  

Mom and World Baby Shampoo

Key features:

  • Free from parabens and SLS.
  • Gentle on the scalp.
  • Clears dryness.
  • Effectively moisturizes.
  • Suitable for adults.
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What are the advantages of using a Baby shampoo?

The baby shampoos will help to clean the baby hairs gently without harming them. These shampoos are best for cleaning hair dandruff. These shampoos are suitable for babies as they contain mild ingredients and no harmful substances. The newborn baby hairs are already soft and smooth, but using a good quality shampoo will make it even softer and smoother. These shampoos will also leave a sweet fragrance on the hairs of the babies.

The baby shampoos can keep the hair hydrated that prevents causing dryness. It protects the baby’s hair from tangling as well as any damage. They contain natural ingredients like Nutrients, Amla, and Vitamins that enhance hair growth and provide a good texture.

How to apply Baby shampoo?

Before applying a baby shampoo on the hair, first, rinse the hair properly with warm water. Then take a coin-sized dab of the baby shampoo on your palm.

Add some drops of water to the shampoo and lather it correctly so that it mixes well. Then apply the shampoo on the baby’s hair gently with your palm.

Once applied, massage it softly so that the shampoo reaches the scalp of the hairs. Then rinse it thoroughly with soap water. Prevent the shampoo from reaching the eyes. Once the shampoo is done proceed with the best baby body wash after that use a good moisturizer with baby powder and face cream

F.A.Q Best Baby Shampoo in India

  1. Are the baby shampoos hypoallergenic?

    The allergens are highly concerning for the parents and the allergens that are known to change constantly. The formula that is used in baby shampoos is utterly free from the known allergens. 

  2. Do baby shampoos use fragrances? Are they safe?

    The shampoos are mixed with fragrances to leave a sweet smell on the baby's skin. Like, in the johnson baby shampoo review, you will see that it is stated that the pleasant aroma of the shampoos helps to enhance the bond of love between the baby and the parents. The fragrance helps to reduce the stress of the babies as well as enhances their sleep. As the fragrances used are completely free from allergens and reduce the potential skin sensitization.

  3. Are the baby shampoos suitable for the growth of hair?

    The ingredients used in the shampoo determine the growth of the baby's hair. Organic argan oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 help in faster growth as it enhances the hair cells' growth.
    The shampoos are made biodegradable and free from parabens that makes them perfectly suitable for the surroundings. The coconut oil mixture used in these products can vastly boost the growth of hairs.

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