35 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas in 2021

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey of nine months, and a woman goes through a lot both mentally and physically. And to celebrate this moment, there is a baby shower event hosted which really cheers up the mother. Some of the gifting ideas for baby shower are:

Best Baby Shower gift ideas for Moms:

best baby shower gift ideas

1. Pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow is the best gift you can present at a baby shower. The best feature is that the pad enables one to lie on your stomach without causing any harm to the baby. It’s the perfect pillow that gives relief from backache and supports the spine and body.

2. Pregnancy gowns

These dresses or gowns are classy, and at the same time, it guarantees your convenience. It can be employed during your pregnancy period and post-pregnancy. Now upgrade your maternity wardrobe with this stylish piece of clothing.

3. Mom’s essential kit

The kit comprises essential and self-care items which moms require as they often forget to care for themselves while having a baby.

4. Spa date

You can also give spa vouchers to your would-be mommy friend so that they can go relax and have a soothing me-time.

5. Feeding nightwear

A perfect gift at a baby shower. The premium quality maternity breastfeeding nightgown is stylish and comfortable to wear, and it’s for daily use too.

6. Nursing hoodie

this is a stylish and functional hoodie that keeps the mothers warm and can also be utilized as a nursing cover.

7. Soft bathrobe

This soft bathrobe is perfect for moms, and it has two bigger pockets to carry baby’s items.

8. Breast pumps

This is a useful tool that helps moms to pump out milk from the breast without any problem for quick and easy feeding.

9. Nursing pads

The nursing pads are essential for nursing mothers and are comfortable to use.

Best Baby shower gift idea for the baby

1. Baby’s diaper changing pad

This baby changing portable diaper bag is a convenient and handy bag that every parent should have. This amazing product also comes with compartments to carry your baby’s essentials such as extra clothing pieces, wet wipes, diapers, bottles, and many useful baby products. When you are done changing, you can fold the pad which takes the shape of a bag, and carry it along with you. It’s an excellent option for getting to expectant mothers. 

2. Baby’s headband

This headband is specially designed for your little one keeping their small and soft crown in mind. Perfect for mothers expecting a girl child. The headband is child-Friendly and you can put them on easily and also adds a touch of glamour.

3. Head protection backpack

This backpack is designed to protect their head and back from any injuries While children learn to walk and crawl. It’s innovative and really helpful for parents.

4. Rattle toys

You can also gift rattle toys which are furthermore used when the child experiences teething.

5. Three-piece baby suite

The 3 piece clothing set is a must-have for every newborn. It consists of a long sleeve shirt, hat, and pajama booties.

6. Bottle warmer

This one is an excellent gifting option as it helps to warm up the milk in a gift and you don’t have to rush to your kitchen for the same.

7. Baby’s medicine storage cabinets

This medicine storage is a set of two plastic drawers and can be placed anywhere according to your preferences. You can now easily know where to look out for your child’s medicine.

8. Baby Photo Album

This is an interesting gift as mothers can post their pictures from their bump to giving you birth so that you can relive those moments when you are big enough to understand.

9. Baby Hooded towels

These soft towels are really cute and very useful to cover up your baby after a good bath.

10. Printed blankets

The blankets are also a great gifting option. The printed ones are really cute and serve the purpose of keeping infants cosy and have a sound sleep.

11. Digital thermometer

It’s a must-have for every parent and makes the job easy and quick.

12. Baby walker

Ideal for gifting as this helps a baby to walk on their own without any discomfort or injuries.

13. Bottles and brush set

It is an essential and inexpensive gifting idea. When the child grows up, you can feed them easily with bottles anywhere and clean the bottle with the provided brush.

14. Dining chairs

Very useful and helps in keeping the child seated for their meals. It also has a table attached to it for a comfortable dining experience.

15. Bathtubs

One can also give infants a bathtub for their easy bathing. Simply use as it is or attach it to your own bathtub.

16. Carrycot

Now, with this, you can carry your baby anywhere, and the baby will comfortably sleep inside the cot without any problem.


17. Strollers

When in doubt, opt for gifting a stroller as it’s very useful and also easy to carry your child along with you.  

18. Formula containers

With these, you don’t have to carry the whole box of formula with you. Just carry the quantity needed and you are good to go.

Best Personalized Gifting Option For Baby Shower

1. Hat and blanket set

One can also gift this Cute and printed hat and blanket set with the baby’s name on it.

2. Play mat

The soft personalized fuzzy and themed play mat also is a great gifting idea. It’s the baby’s best friend.

3. Bathrobe

You can also gift a specified cartoon theme-based bathrobe both for the girl or boy child.

4. Customized neck pillow

You can now also gift a neck pillow that can have the baby’s name on it or your favorite prints on it.

5. Crib bedding set

You can also get customized bedding set for the baby, which will match the theme of the room or its color.

6. Stroller cover

You can also design and give a personal touch to the strollers cover which everyone will appreciate. 

7. Photo frame

You can customize frames and put up pictures of the baby’s growing phase.

8. Customized costume

You can also gift customized theme costume sets for the baby.

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