15 Best Baby Stroller In India

Best baby stroller in India

Babies also deserve a good time in the park or at the mall. So, rather than leave your baby at home with your nanny, consider taking the baby along with you. I mean, babies also love to get out of the house once in a while. It is refreshing to let them admire the world from a young age. One of the easiest ways to make your baby tag along with you on any outing is to use an epic baby stroller. Here, we take you through the journey of discovering the best baby stroller in India for your baby.

There are a few reliable baby strollers But before choosing any baby stroller brand, you should double-check it for a few features. A baby stroller, also known as baby prams in India, makes it convenient to carry your baby around. What’s more interesting is that some of these prams have great travel systems.

15 Best baby stroller in India 2022

ImageBaby StrollerBuyer RatingWhere To Buy
luvlap-sunshine-stroller-pramLuvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller4/5Amazon Price
R-for-Rabbit-Chocolate-RideR for Rabbit Chocolate Ride3.9/5Amazon Price
Little-pumpkin-kiddie-kingdom-baby-strollerLittle Pumpkin Baby Stroller/Pram4/5Amazon Price
LuvLap-Galaxy-Stroller-PramLuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram4.1/5Amazon Price
R-for-Rabbit-Pocket-Stroller-LiteR for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite4.4/5Amazon Price
Chicco-Echo-Stroller-with-Bumper-barChicco Echo Stroller with Bumper bar4/5Amazon Price
Fisher-Price-Steel-Explorer-StrollerFisher-Price Steel Explorer Stroller.3.8/5Amazon Price
Tiffy-Toffee-3-in-1-Baby-StrollerTiffy & Toffee 3 in 1 Baby Stroller3.9/5Amazon Price
Mee-Mee-Stylish-Lightweight-Baby-StrollerMee Mee Stylish Lightweight Baby Stroller3.9/5Amazon Price
Britax-2017-B-Agile-Stroller-SteelBritax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Steel4.6/5Amazon Price
Chicco-Bravo-Stroller-USAChicco Bravo Stroller USA4.5/5Amazon Price
Graco-Aire3-Click-Connect-Travel-System-GothamGraco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham4/5Amazon Price
Bugaboo-Bee5-Complete-StrollerBugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller4.2/5Amazon Price
R-for-Rabbit-Twinkle-TwinkleR for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle4/5Amazon Price
Chicco-Lima-Cortina-CX-StrollerChicco Lima Cortina CX Stroller4.4/5Amazon Price

What is Baby Strollers or baby prams?

A baby stroller makes it convenient for you to travel anywhere with your baby. If you are not comfortable leaving your baby with a nanny or you want to spend more time with your baby, a baby stroller can help you keep them close to you. There are dozens of strollers available in the market from different brands.

However, not all strollers are suitable for all locations. In this article, we unite you with the best baby strollers brands in India.

Best Baby Stroller In India 2022

1. Luvlap joy Sunshine Baby Stroller

How about a mosquito net-equipped baby stroller? Well, here is one. You can protect your baby from mosquitoes as they go sightseeing with you. Fortunately, it goes for an affordable price on Amazon. Another essential feature of this stroller is the reversible handlebar and the reclining position seat. By design, it has a reversible handlebar. You can make the stroller either parent-facing to make your baby face you or forward-facing. The three-point seat reclines allow you to adjust the seat in three ways to suit your baby’s mood. Luvlap also helps keep your baby safe with its 5 point harness safety belt.

best baby strollers in india

In other words, it uses five straps strategically put in place to keep your baby safe in the stroller. More so, It is lightweight. Overall, this baby stroller weighs 7.15 kg but can be used to carry a weight of up to 10kg.

To further help your baby to sit or rest comfortably in the stroller, Luvlap designed the stroller with an adjustable footrest. If your baby’s foot looks uncomfortable in the stroller, all you need to do is adjust the footrest. 


  • It has a reversible handle bar that makes it easy to keep a close watch on your baby.
  • It comes in different colours.
  • The 5 point harness keeps your baby safe in the stroller.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can recline the seat in three ways for your baby’s comfort.


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2.   R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride (best baby stroller brand in India)

If you are very particular about the baby stroller wheelers, this stroller might just be the best baby product that you need. It was designed with an incredible suspension to ensure a smooth comfortable ride for your baby. It is perfect for rough roads in India. Interestingly, the front wheel suspension has been designed with brakes to help maneuverability the stroller on a tough road while rear wheels are normal. The rabbit chocolate ride has a layered UV canopy that protects your baby from harmful sun rays. You can also monitor your baby through the Picaboo window.

It also has a reversible handlebar to help you control the direction the stroller faces. You can make it face you or make it face forward. More so, mothers would find that this stroller is very easy to fold and set up. One single push of the pull button initiates the stroller fold-up process. It is considered one of the best travel baby strollers available in India because of the ease that comes with assembling the stroller. Like most safe baby strollers, this stroller uses the 5 point harness. 


  • It has incredible suspension for smooth rides.
  • The link brakes allow you to control the stroller.
  • It is an easily foldable stroller.
  • smooth wheels.
  • safety belt


  • It doesn’t come with a mosquito net.
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3. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller/Pram

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that a product lacks good quality. The little pumpkin baby stroller proves this to be true. Although it is reasonable, this stroller has amazing features. For starters, these baby prams aren’t bulky or heavy. On the contrary, it is lightweight, and you can carry any weight from 0 -20 kg in it. Most importantly, mothers can easily fold this stroller after using it.

The company designed this perfect stroller with a storage shopping basket. This large basket comes in handy while shopping at the mall. It is a sustainable way to shop. The canopy is quite colorful and protects your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Specifically, the company made the front wheeler with suspension and back wheels with brake. This suspension system fosters smooth rides. Furthermore, the stroller has a three-point seat recline.

That is, you can recline the seat as far as 180 degrees. But it comes with a three-point harness. Although the three-strap for safety features is fine, it is nothing compared to the 5 point safety harness. Let’s not forget the leg rest. You can balance your baby’s leg on the adjustable leg rest to aid comfort.


  • Installing this stroller has got to be one of the most natural things in the world. It doesn’t require rocket science for you to assemble it.
  • It is not bulky. Hence, you can travel around with it smoothly and safely.
  • Your baby would find the seats comfortable.
  • Although it is a low-budget stroller, it gives you good value for the money invested.
  • It has sturdy frame.


  • The cushion is not soft.
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4.   LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram. (best baby stroller brand in India)

Luvlap made this stroller/pram for toddlers and some infants. By some infants, I mean infants who can sit up on their own. Although, parents who prefer to use a single stroller all through the developmental years of their baby can also opt for this stroller. In other words, it is suitable for newborn babies.

Specifically, you can use it for kids within the age of 0-3 years. Now you probably think 3 years is a long time. Hence, can this stroller last up till that time? The answer is yes. The stroller is durable. If you wish, you can pass it on as a gift when your baby is all grown up and doesn’t need it anymore. Because of its durability, the Luvlap galaxy Stroller is economical.

That is, it helps save money and the time spent in searching for a suitable stroller that is fit for your growing baby. If the safety of this stroller worries you, here’s something to get the worry off your mind. The Luvlap galaxy stroller is European Standard EN 1888 certified. In other words, it is safe. It uses the 5 point harness that firmly and safely belt holds your baby on the stroller seat.


  • Luvlap forged the front wheels with a 360-degree rotation and rear wheels with 180. It helps you turn the stroller to face any direction you prefer.
  • It has a looking window and a double layered canopy. The canopy is UV resistant. It protects your baby from sun rays. The looking window helps you watch over your ban.


  • You could experience difficulty while assembling this baby stroller. The reason is that the instruction set up manual is not adequately detailed.
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5.  R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite

One of the amazing and important features of this premium stroller is the fact that it is portable. Its portability makes it a travel-friendly stroller. With their European safety measure certification, the company has taken great care to ensure that the stroller is safe and comfortable for you and your baby. 

R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite

First, it uses the 5 point safety harness to secure your baby in the stroller. Then, the linked brakes help to prevent accidents. It makes parking the stroller an easy task to do. When your baby is not in the stroller, you can fold it with ease and drag it along like a luggage box. You can travel along with the stroller in the back of your car or on a flight.

The stroller is lightweight as it weighs 6.6kg. A fascinating feature of this stroller is its multiple-position recline. In other words, you can recline the seat to any reclining position. Ensure that how you recline the seat depends on your baby’s comfort. Babies ranging from 0-3 years of age can enjoy this stylish and luxurious stroller.


  • It is portable and travel-friendly.
  • You can reuse this stroller because it lasts long.
  • You can recline the seats in multiple ways, depending on which suits your baby.
  • For mothers who are looking to get a fashionable stroller, this stroller is stylish.


  • The handle of this stroller is not impressive.
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6.   Chicco Echo Stroller with Bumper bar

With this ideal stroller, security and safety are at their peak. For starters, it uses a 5 point safety harness system with a new black plastic bumper bar over the seat. While the five straps hold your baby in place, the bumper bar sits in front of them. They can balance their hands on it. The shoulder strap is padded, which increases the comfort of the baby in the stroller.

Unlike other strollers, this echo stroller from Chicco adapts a four-position recliner. That is, you can adjust the seat in four ways to bring comfort to your baby. It is ultra-lightweight. In effect, it uses the umbrella-fold technique. Once you fold it, it has a handle that helps carry it anywhere you go.

The wheelers of this stroller use a double-wheel system. It makes it easy for you to control the stroller. The tires are responsible for the stability of the stroller. The design of the Chicco Echo Stroller is contemporary and modern, also stylish. In addition to being stylish, it is highly functional and shows attention to detail. Also, it comes with a rain cover accessory to protect your baby from the rain.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It has a four double-wheel system that guarantees stability.
  • Chicago designed this stroller with a bumper bar that makes it safe to wheel the stroller.
  • It allows a four-position seat.
  • It is durable. That is, it will last long.
  • It jealously guards your baby with the five-point safety system.


  • The storage shopping basket is a bit small.
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7.   Fisher-Price Steel Explorer Stroller. (Best baby stroller in India for 0- 3 year old)

Fisher-price is an American company that is passionate about creating devices for babies and children like educational toys and strollers. The Steel Explorer Stroller is one of their many creations. Like every baby stroller, this is a unisex pram made for babies between the ages of 0-3 years old. The easy-to-move swivel wheels help you to control the stroller effortlessly. 

While designing this premium stroller, Fisher-price ensured that babies or toddlers would experience maximum comfort. This stroller is a multi-position seat recliner. You can adjust the seat anyhow you want as long as it helps your baby rest well. The same also goes for the adjustable footrest. You can change it to make it comfortable for your child.

Let’s go to the technology of the wheel. Fisher-price fashioned the front wheel with suspension. As a result, you can control the stroller with ease and convenience. While providing safety, Fisher-price uses the 5 point safety harness. The company padded the shoulder straps for extra protection.

It keeps your baby safe and minimizes injuries if an accident happens. It has a storage shopping basket that is perfect for keeping your baby’s necessities.

If your baby sleeps off on your arm while at the park and the stroller is folded, you can easily unfold it. You don’t need anyone to carry your baby for you or put her/him on a chair to unfold the stroller. All you just need to do is unfold the stroller with the other unoccupied hand.


  • It operates the 5 point harness.
  • It is easy to control.
  • Just as you can quickly unfold it, you can also fold it easily.
  • It has a large foldable canopy that protects against the Sun’s UV rays


  • It doesn’t come with the mosquito net.
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8.   Tiffy & Toffee 3 in 1 Baby Stroller brand

If you are worried about taking your baby to the park because of mosquitoes, end your worry now. The reason? Tiffy & Toffee 3-in-1 baby travel strollers are here to save the day. This travel-friendly baby stroller is a good buy when it comes to getting rid of the mosquito problem. Aside from this, the stroller comes with an entertaining toy tray. The toys on the toy tray can occupy your baby when they are in the stroller. It takes them into a beautiful world of their own.

It operates a three-reclining seat position. The first is for the sitting position. The second is to put your baby in a reclining position. The third lying position is perfect when your baby is asleep. For babies below three months, allow the seat to remain flat. That is, do not bother about adjusting the seat until your baby grows older.

It has a reversible handlebar. It allows you to control the direction of the stroller ride. You can make the stroller front-facing or parent-facing. When it is parent-facing, it faces you so that you can monitor your baby closely, while working. Also, if you suffer from sweaty palms and have tried a few strollers that made it hard for you to hold the grip, this stroller was made for you. Made with soft rubber, the adjustable handle of the stroller absorbs the sweat from your palms. As a result, it gives you a firm grip on the handle.


  • It has a mosquito net to repel mosquitoes from biting your baby.
  • It is affordable
  • The handle absorbs sweat from sweaty palms to ensure a firm grip.


  • Although it comes with a host of intriguing features, it is weighty.
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9.  Mee Mee Stylish Lightweight Baby Stroller

Here is another affordable yet durable stroller for babies inspired by the concerns of mothers to keep their young ones safe. First, it comes with a food tray that makes it easy for mothers to feed their babies outdoors. Hence, mothers do not need to carry their babies in their arms to feed them.

More so, the storage basket makes it convenient to carry their babies’ necessities in the stroller. If your baby feeds on formula, you don’t need to carry a lunch bag for your baby’s food. You can neatly arrange the formula, baby bottle, flask, etc. in the storage basket.

 In addition to the above, this stroller’s important feature is the adjustable canopy. While you and your baby soak in the cold, fresh breeze outside, you can protect them from the sun once the rays start stretching to the stroller and your baby. For comfort, the stroller operates a three-point recline to suit your baby’s mood.

To top it off, the Mee Mee Stylish Lightweight Baby Stroller uses the 3-point safety harness. Here, there are only three straps safely holding your baby to the stroller. The fun thing about this harness is that you can adjust it. If you feel it is not tight enough, you can make it just right for your baby.


  • Even though the seat is comfortable, you can adjust it to suit your baby’s mood.
  • it has adjustable footrest so your baby can live like a king or queen in the stroller.
  •  It has a sporty design.
  • The front wheel are lockable and rotational.
  • When you get home, and you put your baby in their crib, you will find out that the stroller is easy to fold.


  • The harness isn’t firm. Hence, you have to keep adjusting it for your baby’s safety.
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10.  Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Steel

Even though the company updated the stroller in 2017, the Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller Steel is a big deal in 2020. It offers value for money with its features. Let’s take a peek into what makes this premium quality stroller.

For starters, it is not affordable. But it is a good buy. It is easy to use, and control and it’s all thanks to the wheels. Unlike most strollers, this stroller has three wheels, one wheel in front and two behind. The company forged the wheels with suspension, which allows for easy maneuverability. The lifeline of the tires depends on where you stroll.

One of the features that make a stroller great is the easiness that comes with the hand folding feature. In other words, a stroller should be easy to fold to be considered a good stroller. And, the Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Steel doesn’t disappoint in this context. It uses a one-hand quick fold technique that makes it convenient for mothers. Also, it can fit into the trunk of any vehicle once folded.

This stroller uses the 5 point safety harness. Aside from that, the company designed the straps to offer comfort to your child in the shoulder/neck region. It has a wide canopy that sufficiently shields your baby from the sun. The company designed the canopy with UV 50+ for protection. Also, there is a Picaboo window for ventilation.


  • With the one-hand fold technique, this stroller is easy to fold.
  • It operates a five-point safety harness system for protection.


  • It does not come with a food tray.
  • You might experience difficulty while trying to buckle the straps.
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11. Chicco Bravo Stroller USA

When you talk about best-sellers, here’s one of them. The Chicco Bravo Stroller is a 3-in-1 stroller with an excellent travel system. Also, this stroller is on the list of Chicco’s popular baby strollers. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this baby stroller, keep reading! I’ll show you in a bit.

One of the reasons this trio stroller is famous is that it offers value for money. What do I mean? Set at an affordable price, it has incredible features that make it worthwhile. For instance, it is stain-resistant. I mean, nothing warms a mother’s heart more than when she sees that she’s not adding the stroller to the list of things she has to wash.

The plush seat is padded and designed with a multi-position seat recline. It allows you to adjust the seat in any direction for comfort. Let’s not also forget that this stroller is stylish and has a large storage basket. You can fit almost anything in it. Even better, you can fold the stroller effortlessly, with one hand.

Even though the stroller is a 3-in-1 stroller, which includes the Bravo stroller, KeyFit 30 Infant car seat, and car seat base, you can buy the Bravo stroller alone.


  • It’s easy to assemble and isn’t time-consuming.
  • It is lightweight, allowing you to push with ease.
  • The storage basket is large and can contain almost anything.
  • For safety features, it uses the 5 point harness to protect your baby.


  • The canopy is short
  • It doesn’t have a food tray.
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12. Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

Here’s another superb stroller travel system. The Aire3 stroller from Graco is a 3-in-1 stroller. The Snug Ride SnugLock 30 infant seat and the SnugLock base are the other two baby devices in this class. The Aire 3 stroller is lightweight, making it easy for strolling. And, it has to carry a capacity of up to 50 lbs. With its click-connect feature, it can attach itself to any of the SnugRide infant seats from the brand.

But that’s not all, the Aire3 stroller from Graco put a lot of work into the seat for optimum baby protection. For starters, the seat has a removable pillow for your baby’s head and body. It operates a 5 point harness that further protects your baby in the stroller.

The stroller offers a multi-position seat. You can adjust the seat in different ways or recline it flat. It all depends on what brings comfort to your baby at the time. The stroller has three wheels that follow the suspension technology. As a result, you can easily maneuverability the stroller, especially if it gets in harm’s way.

What’s more interesting is the incredible one-second, one-hand fold feature of this stroller. It allows you to fold the stroller with one hand in a split second. Because it is a lightweight stroller, you can put it in the car after folding it.


  • The lightweight stroller feature allows for ease and convenience
  • It uses the five-point harness for safety.
  • It has a removable pillow for extra comfort.
  • The steering wheel encourages multitasking. That is, you can walk your dog and control the stroller simultaneously.
  • folded stroller


  • The stroller’s manoeuvrability only works on smooth roads.
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13. Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller

This amazing stroller is from the Dutch company and is an improvement from the previous Bugaboo Bee3. The luxurious Bugaboo Bee stroller series is popular among celebrity moms. Why is that, you ask? Let’s dive in.

First, the Bugaboo Bee5 lightweight stroller and compact. Its weight is a simple 19.6lbs, but it can carry a weight of up to 37.5lbs. Beyond that, this safest stroller has four wheels that are about six inches each. Yet, the wheels all have suspension. But the smallness of the wheels only makes this stroller preferable for city areas.

The seat is padded to give your baby maximum comfort. Asides from this, it uses a different type of 5 point safety harness. Unlike most strollers, the shoulder strap of this stroller is not connected to the waist. You have to lock the shoulder straps separately as well as the waist strap. Also, you can recline and inclined the seat in three different ways.

The canopy protects your baby from the sun’s rays and has three panels. When it comes to the reversible handlebar, the company made its length flexible. Hence, you can adjust it to any length you want. There are a few stroller accessories that can be used. Some of the stroller accessories include the Bugaboo Bee food tray, Bugaboo Bee cup holder for your early morning cup of coffee, etc. However, these accessories do not come with a stroller. You would have to buy it yourself.


  • It is lightweight.
  • You can easily manoeuvre the stroller.


  • The short wheels are only suitable for smooth roads.
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14. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle (best baby pram in India)

The R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle stroller is suitable for babies between the ages of 0-3 years. Some sites refer to it as the compact folding stroller. It comes with a list of great features. Keep reading to discover its features and why you should invest in it.


First, the stroller has the European standard safety certification for children. Part of the reason they have the certification is that the stroller operates a five-point safety harness. It firmly holds your baby in the seat to prevent accidents. With the four-position seat recline feature, it has a comfortable seat. Also, the footrest is adjustable.

They built the six inches front wheel of this stroller with suspension. The suspension equipped the wheels for rough roads in India. In addition to that, you can easily park the stroller using the rear wheels brakes. When the sun becomes intense, and you’re outdoors with your baby, you can shield the baby from the sun with the canopy. Even though the canopy prevents you from seeing your baby, you can monitor the baby through the Picaboo window from time to time.


  • The brand is safety features conscious. In effect, they designed their strollers to protect your baby.
  • It uses the one-hand fold technique to fold the stroller.
  • The storage basket is spacious enough to accommodate your baby’s necessities.
  • You can use this stroller till your baby outgrows riding in strollers. The reason is that the stroller is suitable for both newborn babies and toddlers.


  • The stroller doesn’t have a mosquito net.
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15. Chicco Lima Cortina CX Stroller

With an impressive design and amazing features, this stroller is crowned the best baby strollers in India. First off, Chicco forged this stroller with memory recline techniques. This technique retains the recline/sleeping position of the stroller when you fold and unfold it. Hence, you won’t need to readjust It except you want to recline the backrest in a new position.

This stroller checks all the safety boxes as it has the European standard EN 1888 safety certification. The Lima Cortina CX stroller features an easy one-hand fold. You can fold and unfold the stroller in a split second with a single hand.

While creating this stroller, Chicco not only considered the safety of your baby but also considered the parent’s height. Regardless of your height, to fit your height it contains an adjustable handle. More so, your baby isn’t the only one with a food tray this time around. While your baby has a food tray, you also get one. The tray designed for you as a parent has a cup holder and a compartment that has a cover.


  • It has a memory recline technique that retains your seat recline adjustments.
  • Travel the world with your baby in this stroller. The Key fit car seat makes it easy for your infant to ride along with you in your car.


  • It does not have a rain cover.
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Buying Guide for Best baby strollers in India 2020

When looking for a baby stroller in 2020 India, there are particular features you should consider. You shouldn’t walk into a store and select a random stroller because it looks fashionable. Of course, a baby stroller is both for you and your baby. But you should put your baby more into consideration because the baby is the direct end-user. For you, buying a baby stroller is about convenience. You want to ensure that while you can easily travel around with your baby by your side, the young prince or princess is very comfortable in the stroller. You have to look out for the following: the type of stroller, Safety, Convenience.

Types of Baby Strollers

With different types of strollers in the market, how do you choose the best stroller in India? The answer is pretty simple. You start by determining what you want the baby stroller to do for you.

You can determine the role of the baby stroller by answering some questions like is your baby a newborn or a toddler? Do you intend to travel with the stroller? Do you live in the suburbs or the city? Once you decide this, make sure your answer is part of your decision-making process. Here are the types of strollers on the market.

Full-sized Stroller

This type of baby stroller saves money and time. How? When you get the right full-sized stroller for your baby, you can use it till they outgrow it. In essence, it would save you the time that you would spend searching for another stroller when they grow from newborns to toddlers. Also, you would save money. A fun fact about full-sized strollers is that they are bulky.

Although full-sized strollers are standard strollers, you might encounter difficulties using them. The reason is that it is bulky. Hence, it would take up too much space in your house. Except you live in a mansion, this stroller might not be ideal for you. In addition to the space problem, you won’t be able to go anywhere, smoothly, with your baby in this stroller. In India, full-sized strollers are also called prams.

Umbrella Stroller

Consider this type of stroller the direct opposite of the full-sized stroller. While the full-sized stroller is bulky, the umbrella stroller is lightweight. As a result, the umbrella stroller lacks some of the features of the full-sized stroller. The reason is that while it traded bulky for portable, it lost some features in the process.

Umbrella strollers are traveling friendly. That is, you can fold it, put it in your car or on the plane, and go anywhere in the world with it. The reason is that most umbrella strollers operate the one-hand fold technique. Here, you can fold and unfold the stroller. Some umbrella strollers come with food trays, canopy, etc. However, unlike the full-sized strollers, you cannot use this stroller for newborn babies. You have to wait till your baby is six months old before they can fit in this stroller.

Jogging Stroller

With these strollers, you can jog or take a walk with your baby. The bulk of its duty is usually on the tires that help you manoeuvre the stroller easily. It gives you maximum control of the stroller while you run or walk. That is, you can keep your baby out of harm’s way. But hold on!

If you prefer to get in your car and drive home after an early morning jog, then this is your lucky stroller. The reason is that this stroller is compatible with a car seat. Also, this type of stroller can serve your baby from their newborn until they outgrow using strollers. Aside from basic stroller features, there are certain features that jogger strollers have that distinguish them from regular strollers.

For example, these strollers use hand brakes, wrist straps, and a five-point safety harnesses. If you don’t want to leave your baby at home with the nanny, you should use a jogging stroller. The reason is because of your running speed. Jogging strollers have specific features that can help you protect your baby while you run. They are customized such that mothers can run or walk with their babies. The only cons are that a jogging stroller is a bit complicated to assemble.

Double Stroller

If you are a mum and you’ve got twins. The Twin stroller is what you need to travel everywhere with your babies. Do your twins become troublesome when they ride in the side-by-side seating double stroller? Do not worry! You can try the tandem double stroller. Here, one twin sits in front while the other sits behind. The tandem double stroller could foster a peaceful journey for you and the kids.

Car Seat Carrier

Some strollers have infant car seats that allow your baby to go anywhere with you in your car. It does not require extra effort as these car seats are barely weighty. Also, you would find it easy to transport your baby from the stroller and into the car from time to time.

The only issue with this stroller is that your baby would outgrow it quickly. Since you use it with a car seat, your baby would, eventually, start to sit in the car without this stroller.

Travel System

The role of a travel system is to connect your infant car seat and your stroller. There are different travel systems in the market. You just need to choose which one meets your needs.

This type of stroller comes with a stroller unit and an infant car seat that you can put in the stroller. You can also detach the car seat from the stroller and connect it with your car seat. It makes it easy for you to travel around, on foot and by car, with your baby.

How to Choose the Best baby strollers in India


First, consider the harness that keeps personal safe in the stroller. Strollers generally come with two types of straps. They are the 3-point safety harness and the five-point safety harness.

What’s the difference? Strollers with the 3-point safety harness have only three straps. The first two straps runs across their waist while the third one runs from the base of the chair, in between their legs, and joins the waist strap in a buckle. On the other hand, the five-point strap follows a similar method. The only difference is that two extra straps are in place to support your baby’s shoulders.

According to the standard, the five-point safety harness is better than the three-point safety harness for specific reasons. Experts recommend that mothers should go for strollers with the five-point safety harness.

Besides the harness, check out the brakes. Stroller brakes should be able to bring the stroller to an immediate stop. If the stroller jerks forward after using the brakes, you should try something else. More so, buy strollers that have sun covers. Babies have fragile skin. As a result, you can’t afford to expose there skin to the sun.

Convenience Factor

Before you buy a baby stroller, ensure that it meets certain convenience factors. These convenience factors include both basic and personal factors. The primary considerations are the factors designed to bring comfort to your baby. For example, the nature of the stroller seat is vital to the well-being of your baby.

You have to ensure that the seat is soft enough to bring your baby comfort. If not, you could either check another option or resort to supporting your baby with a comfy pillow. Another factor is the seat recline. Sometimes, your baby can get tired of sitting in a particular position for long hours. Although they can’t talk, they can communicate their discomfort through other methods. The point is, ensure that the stroller seat is adjustable.

Size of the Stroller

The size of the stroller is another feature you should consider. Strollers come in different sizes. There are bulky ones and portable strollers. While bulky strollers have a wide range of features, compact strollers have cool features too. For example, some portable strollers use the one-hand fold technique.

This technique makes it easy to move from place to place. You can also stuff them inside your car when they are not in use. In other words, space is never a problem with portable strollers. However, bulky strollers always demand space literally. More so, ensure that your baby fits into the age group that can use the stroller. Brands always design their strollers with particular age groups in mind.


The storage system of a stroller is also essential for a lot of reasons. For starters, the storage basket helps you travel light. Rather than carry your handbag and another bag stuffed with your baby’s necessities, you can carefully arrange the bags in the storage basket. However, you can only do this if the storage basket is big enough. Unfortunately, not all strollers have big storage baskets.

Final Verdict

There are various baby strollers brands in India. Some of the best brands include Chicco, LuvLap, and MEE MEE.

We have reviewed some of the baby strollers from the above brands. As a mother, baby strollers are very important. Simply go through our buying guide to help you make a good decision. As you go through the buying guide, ask yourself a lot of questions. The reason is that you would gain clarity regarding what you need the stroller to do. Nevertheless, do not disregard your budget. Buy a stroller that fits into your budget and does not require you to break the bank.

Frequently Ask Question (F.A.Q) on buying best baby stroller in India

  1. what is the best baby luxury stroller in 2020

    As per our guide, we highly recommend using R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite and Tiffy & Toffee 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

  2. Can you put an infant in a stroller?

    Any stroller which is flat is recommended for a newborn as it won't give any back pressure to them. Always check newborn back position when using a stroller

  3. Can a baby sleep in a stroller overnight?

    No, it's really unsafe to put the baby in the stroller overnight, always use the stroller for a smaller duration of time

  4. how to choose the perfect baby strollers?

    Yes, it can be an exhausting task however, you can do it much effortlessly if you keep in your mind the following critical factors before picking a stroller

  5. Why are baby strollers expensive?

    Usually, the prams are made from premium excellent material with shock-absorbing high wheels, padding at the chair, large basket, foot-rest space plus much more, all for the little one. Because of this, it raises the purchase price tag on strollers.

  6. How to fold a baby stroller?

    Set the wheels and lock the front wheels. Fold the canopy and recline the chair to the back position. Now using the lower handle fold your stroller with them.

  7. When is the perfect time for using a stroller?

    A stroller is ideal for parents who frequently travel from 1 spot to another or simply take out their babies regularly. A stroller can help to keep the infant very readily. You're able to use a stroller before your infant weighs over 50 lbs. Park walks, neighborhood shop visits turned into a joy having a pram.

  8. Why should I buy a pram?

    Ask yourself, while moving from a single location to another along with your infant in your arms. Yes, it is amazing but can it be sensible or comfortable for either you or your infant. A stroller is a comfortable baby product where your infant will sit, relax or perhaps rest at the same time you go from place to place. Particularly in the cities that are overburdened. A stroller guarantees that your toddlers are comfortable and secure.

  9. What is called the Best Baby Stroller in India?

    The following Would Be the Amenities that actually Hamper the quality of a stroller:
    The impulse to security facet must outcast you worry-free.
    6.5-inch front wheels aren't that common but they're much safer than different strollers.
    Folding the stroller ought to be implemented un mindfully. Do not dissuade to some sort of kid play!
    The other attributes that make it even more protected comprise Reversible Handle, 3 Position Recline, 5 Point Safety Harness, Adjustable Leg Rest.


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