Review of 7 Best Baby Thermometers In India

Whenever a baby is in potential danger, every parent feels that their maternal or paternal instinct kicks in. At that moment, they are ready to do anything to save the baby. This strong sense of protection is not only seen in human beings but is constantly observed among wild animals as well.

Parents or family members familiar with raising babies know that it is completely natural for them to contract a fever sometimes. After all, science tells us that infants are extremely susceptible to all kinds of infections because their immune systems being in the preliminary stages of development. But that does not mean that anyone should take a baby’s health lightly. 

7 Best Baby Thermometers In India you can go for your baby Health

ImageBaby ThermometerUser RatingCheck Latest Price
Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer V912US4.5/5   Amazon Price
Medescan Touchless RC0084.6/5  Amazon Price
Braun Thermoscan4.5  Amazon Price
Ankovo Thermometer4.1/5  Amazon Price
iProven Digital Thermometer4.1/5  Amazon Price
Kinsa Smart Thermometer4.4/5  Amazon Price
Caroune Thermometer4.8/5  Amazon Price

Historically, this was not always the case. In the olden days, due to poor facilities and a general lack of awareness, the chances of a mother losing her baby to something as simple as a winter flu were devastatingly high. As heartbreaking as it seems, tense parents can take refuge in the fact that this no longer seems to be the case.

Thanks to the contributions of intelligent scientists and remarkable innovators, the field of pediatrics has vastly evolved. If you want proof of this, just take a look at the industries manufacturing baby medical equipment. We live in a time of increased access to vaccinations, remarkable childhood cancer cures, family-centered care, and highly advanced diagnostic tools such as pulse oximeters. However, the device considered to be most essential in infant care continues to be the humble thermometer.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the workings of a baby thermometer, (which can also be used for the whole family) its various types, and review the best thermometers for babies available in the market. 

Do You Really Need a Baby Thermometer?

There are many parenting tricks and tips out. But one of the most crucial duties of a parent is to constantly check on his/her child’s health. This is especially true when newborn babies are vulnerable to even the most harmless bacteria or pollen in the environment.

Having said that, there is absolutely no need to panic if you suddenly feel your baby’s forehead burning up. If this is the case, what does a responsible parent do next? Well, the obvious answer would be to take the child to a hospital or pay a visit to the assigned pediatrician. However, what if you can’t tell if your baby has a fever? This is where the best baby thermometer in India comes in.

Most parents think that you can tell if a baby is sick simply by looking at them. This does not hold true in all cases. Sometimes, the symptoms may not be as clear and since newborn infants cannot communicate, the only way of making sure is by using a thermometer for precise reading of temperature, A thermometer accuracy is 99.9% accurate.

Medical professionals often consider a child to be sick if he/she has a core body temperature exceeding 35 degrees Celsius (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Before taking the time to book an appointment and visit the doctor’s clinic, parents will find it easier to take their baby’s accurate measurement of temperature at home itself.

The only way to accurately measure a baby’s body temperature is by using a thermometer specifically designed for this purpose. Another important reason why it is good to have a baby thermometer at home is that parents often have their hands full with taking care of their kid’s other needs such as food, changing diapers, etc. If a parent has more than one kid, that means they have even less time to waste. In this regard, a baby thermometer helps busy parents save time and effort in dealing with false signals of sickness.

How Does a baby Thermometer Really Work?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, a thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of several objects. People often use thermometers in the kitchen to measure food temperatures while some install thermometers in open spaces to detect heat or coldness levels.

Additionally, thermometers come pre-installed in a range of electrical appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners, furnaces, etc. Given its many uses, have you ever wondered about the science behind thermometers? Even though thermometers have existed for several decades in various forms, for the purpose of this article, let us discuss the functioning of the present-day best baby thermometer in India available at your local pharmacy. 

  • The main principle behind an electronic thermometer is resistance. Fitted with a thermo-resistor or thermistor, the electricity that passes through this metal circuit encounters a certain degree of resistance. As any ninth-grade student will tell you, resistance is directly proportional to heat. This means that whenever a piece of metal becomes hot, it is observed that electricity is not able to easily flow through it. Similarly, the flow of electricity is not resisted when the metal piece has returned to its original temperature.
  • For the sake of clarity, let us hypothesize a pot of boiling water, and a normal electronic temperature is dipped into it. What do you think happens next? For starters, the metal probe of the thermometer begins warming up. When an electrical voltage is passed through it, the resistance to current flow is measured. This measurement gives us an accurate reading of the boiling water’s temperature.

Different Types of Best Baby Thermometers

Now that we’ve established the basic functioning of a regular thermometer, let us examine the different thermometer types for the best baby thermometer in India.

1. Conventional Thermometers / Glass thermometer

Mercury-bulb thermometers also know as traditional thermometers are able to measure a baby’s temperature only when its tip is inserted into the mouth of the sick child. Taking an oral reading of sick people is a traditional thermometer method that has continually been practiced for a long time.

This type of thermometer is based on the scientific principle that the volume of a liquid is directly proportional to its temperature. Everyone is familiar with the fact that liquids are able to contract or expand depending on their temperature. When a thermometer’s tip is inserted into the mouth of a person or baby, it warms up the mercury in the bulb which causes it to expand and rise.

2. Ear Thermometers

While temperatures of human beings have been historically recorded via a bulb thermometer, it also presents a significant risk as mercury is incredibly poisonous. This possible danger has to be considered when using it on babies as they might accidentally bite into the glass bulb. For this reason, innovators came up with ear thermometers.

In this type of device, you can take the temperature of your child by gently inserting it into his/her ear. The thermometer senses the heat radiating off the child’s eardrum and measures it to detect the entire body temperature. However, it must be noted that ear thermometers are not known to be fully accurate as earwax or the structure of one’s ear canal can distort the readings.

3. Digital Thermometers

With the advent of microcontrollers and sensors, several medical tools took on a more digital outlook. In this manner, the best digital thermometers for babies were developed to take an accurate reading of an infant’s body temperature. Equipped with a probe sensor, the best digital thermometer for a baby needs only be placed under your child’s arm (the armpit area) to measure his/ her body’s temperature.

If that’s not preferable, the thermometer can also be placed inside a baby’s rectum. Medical professionals often suggest this type of thermometer be used on newborn infants. The end temperature readings are generally displayed on a digital screen fitted onto the thermometer.

4. Infrared Thermometers

Out of all the thermometers, this type of diagnostic tool has been considered to be by far the most revolutionary. It is regarded as such because the best-infrared thermometer baby does not require any contact with the sick person or child in question. How is this possible? Well, the tech involved here is actually quite simple. Also known as temporal artery thermometers, this device is based on the working principle of emissivity.

By projecting an infrared sensor beam on a baby’s forehead, it is able to detect the temperature of the blood coursing through the temporal artery located inside the temple. The best-infrared thermometer baby is regarded as such because of its non-invasive nature. It does not require any probes and is able to give an accurate temperature reading instantaneously. All you have to do is a point and click. the best non-contact thermometer in this COVID-19 era

5. Rectal Thermometer

It has been said that a rectal thermometer gives accurate results and is always recommended for the younger babies till the age of 1 year, to use a rectal thermometer you need to put the thermometer tip at the rectum, This rectal baby thermometer tip is normally made soft and flexible for rectal temperature reading. In case it has hard point u can use petroleum jelly on the outside of the rectum for easy access

Top Trending Best Baby Thermometer in India for your medicine cabinet

It is absolutely essential to purchase the best baby thermometer that has accurate and reliable reading. As with any electronic measurement device, a thermometer’s accuracy in readings is pivotal to the process of taking your baby’s temperature. Things need to move fast if your baby is sick, and the last problem you need is your thermometer turning defective or reporting wildly inaccurate temperature values.

Another important feature to consider before purchasing the best baby thermometer in India is its durability. No one wants to keep having to order new thermometers, especially if you cannot afford them. Speaking of affordability, the cost of a thermometer is also something to keep an eye on, as well as the thermometer’s dimensions and whether it comes with warranty service.

In order to help new, confused parents navigate the e-commerce market, here are a few best baby thermometers that we consider to be amazing in quality and design. Read on:

Top 7 best baby thermometer reviews

1. Vicks Fever Insight:

With the highest rating ever given for this Vicks fever insight baby mercury thermometer product, this thermometer is widely recommended for those not looking to splurge. It is regarded as the best baby thermometer in India to order with a modest budget. Costing roughly $25 – $50, this is a digital type of thermometer.

vicks fever insight

This means that t measures temperature by inserting the device either into the mouth, Axillary (armpit), or rectum of the baby. The entire process may take a couple of minutes. Equipped with a large digital display, this Vicks baby rectal thermometer comes with features such as memory recall and a colour-coded system to let parents know if the baby has a fever. It can be used in the rectum for taking the rectal reading.


  • Low pricing
  • Simple design
  • High product rating
  • Button battery power


  • Inaccurate readings
  • Based on the user contact
Buy Now

2. Medescan Touchless RC008:

There are plenty of reasons to choose forehead baby thermometers manufactured by Medescan due to its Touchless RC008 model. As it is clearly spelled out in its name, this thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the body temperature of babies. It’s just a device for parents looking to buy thermometers in the range of $70-$80. Using the best forehead thermometers for babies is highly advised for measuring their temperatures as babies do not like it if they are constantly poked by devices. Medescan thermometers, on the other hand, help in saving you this hassle. This kind of thermometer also knows as a temporal artery thermometer.

Medescan Touchless RC008



Relatively cheap

Easy to use (especially on babies)

Fast response time

backlit screen


Not the most affordable option

Buy Now

3. Braun Thermoscan:

Although it is an expensive device, the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 model is one of the best baby thermometers out there. So much so that the customers who purchased this device reported that the money was definitely worth it. Powered by two replaceable AA batteries, the Braun Thermoscan comes with numerous attractive features such as a night light, an alert system, a pre-warmed probe, an electronic colour display, and much more. The thermometer tip also has a type of lens filter which makes it harmless while entering the ear. That is why it is best suited for babies and comes highly recommended by famous baby-care organizations like Pampers.

Braun Thermoscan


Highly accurate readings

Sophisticated guidance system


Incredibly easy to use



Readings may fluctuate

Buy Now

4. Ankovo Thermometer:

This device is known to be popular among parents primarily due to the fact that the ANKOVO thermometer can gauge a baby’s temperature through the ear or scan its forehead using infrared tech. Don’t worry, because operating this diagnostic tool couldn’t be easier. While taking the ear reading, simply remove the cap from its tip and insert it into the ear canal while simultaneously pressing the button marked ‘ear’. If you’d like to take the non-invasive approach, just press the ‘head’ button and scan the baby’s forehead. Either way, you’re bound to get accurate readings on this device within a second. The fact that this sophisticated, two-purpose thermometer is available for just $19 dollars is a cherry on top.

Ankovo Thermometer


Offers both invasive and non-invasive options

Not very expensive

Accurate readings

Long-lasting batteries

backlit screen


Delicate probe-cap 

Buy Now

5. iProven Digital Thermometer: (best infrared thermometer)

Here’s why you should pick this thermometer. Firstly, the iProven model is suitable for all ages. As a result, you might end up saving a lot by purchasing a single thermometer that can be used on the entire family. Secondly, it has several fun features like the digital screen which indicates a fever alert (or lack thereof) by displaying a frown or smiley face. It also comes installed with a beep alert system that goes off when detecting high-temperature values. Still not convinced? Did we tell you it was also waterproof? Its superior design makes the thermometer easy to disinfect and clean.

iProven Digital Thermometer


High flexibility

Great features

Can be inserted in-ear or mouth

Extremely cheap

large display


Large size

Difficult to hold

Buy Now

6. Kinsa Smart Thermometer (best digital thermometers for baby.  )

We know that the term ‘smart’ has become a sort of buzzword, but this thermometer is actually smart in all senses of the word. Why do we say that? For starters, the Kinsa thermometer can be synced via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. Basically, it makes it a no-touch thermometer, If you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, this is just the device for you. Through the app memory function, you can track temperatures, symptoms, and even set up reminders for giving the baby his medicine. Additionally, this water-resistant thermometer can give oral temperature reading, rectal temperatures, or by placing it under the baby’s arm.

 Kinsa Smart Thermometer


Flexible tip

Lithium battery


Comes with a free app


Not recommended for technologically weak

Buy Now

7. Caroune Thermometer:

Last but definitely not least, this thermometer manufactured by Caroune is a hybrid of infrared and ear thermometers. Apart from delivering fast readings, this thermometer also records and displays previous temperature readings using the backlit display. The highlight of this product is that it has a fever alarm that automatically sets off upon detecting higher-than-normal temperature values. But not to worry as the alarm comes with a little snooze button as well.

Caroune Thermometer


A mix of infrared and ear thermometers

Comes with a free cloth bag

Long durability

Memory recall


Readings might be a little off

Buy Now


As a parent, you only want what is the absolute best for your baby. This is especially true for newborns or infants not more than a year old. That is why it is highly recommended to purchase the best baby thermometer in India. There is no way that a thermometer can replace the healthcare provided by a pediatrician or healthcare expert. But it is always good to be prepared. Thermometers are able to provide the crucial first step in diagnosing a fever or sickness in your baby. As medical professionals always say, recognizing such symptoms in a baby and acting on it can be extremely beneficial in curing the baby.


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