50 Best Cute Baby Quotes And Images

50 So cute baby quotes for Facebook and other social media

When a newborn baby is born, it’s a wonderful event for the family as well as the friends of the family members. So here are some beautiful and cute baby quotes that you can use to congratulate anyone who had recently had a newborn. You can use these quotes while wishing the new parents on your Facebook as well as Twitter posts. The life of two individuals becomes beautiful with the onset of a child, and it is an amazing experience to become parents. So take part in their happiness and wish them all your love. 

Cute Baby quotes in English

The birth of a baby is the re invitation of a parent to their childhood.

Babies are the personification of innocence and blind faith.

Every adult wants to become a child again. To raise a baby is to make that dream come true.

The smell of a baby is that of love and affection; the touch of it is that of innocence.

Babies have wide eyes, and they often rarely ever blink, they constantly soak in knowledge from their environment, so create a healthy one.

Stone, paper, scissors, everything that adults take for granted exhilarates a baby.

A baby gripping your finger with their entire fist is like free therapy. Imagine having that daily.

Babies are fragile and vulnerable, and yet they have the courage to put their absolute trust in an adult. There is not another braver act.

Babies are way more classy than you are when you are around them.

 The only time when the baby cries and the mother smiles, is when a baby is born. 

Cutest baby quotes

Mothers go beyond the amount of pain a human can take to witness the innocent eyes of her baby.

Mothers can forget every possible thing about the world, but she will never forget her babies first kick.

She learns to smile through all her pain, knowing that this pain will be worth it at the end of nine months. During this time, no one else can endure the mood swings or health issues that she goes through, yet she smiles with all these for the sake of her baby.

cute baby quotes

 The world stops spinning when I hold you in my arms and see your angelic face.

 My world resides in your tiny palms.

Your little hands and feet have the biggest print in my heart.

 Babies are a symbol of love between two different persons. 

 When a baby is in your arms, you feel the magic of being relieved from all the worries in the world. 

 O, baby! Your toothless smile is a treat to my eyes, and your joyous laughter is a music to my ears.

 Problems define an adult, and babies are the most solved ones. 

Newborn baby quotes

 It saddens me to look at a baby for I can not fathom the amount of innocence it will have to strip off to become an adult. 

 With a toothless mouth curved in a smile and a hairless head dwindling side by side, a baby entraps all as an innocent guide.

 Next to god comes mother as she is a powerful creator of an innocent mind and soul.

 It is a painful pleasure that all the mothers go through, carrying their baby in their womb.

The safest place for a baby is its mother’s womb and then her arms.

 The tiny act of a baby’s fingers wrapped around the father’s finger makes him feel like the most powerful man. 

 With every breath of the baby, there comes solace for its parents.

 The moment of birth of a baby is a pride for its parents.

 No matter how much love a mother expresses, it is always less than how much she actually feels for her baby.

 When a baby smiles in its sleep, they say the gods have made it happy. A mother watching her baby smile in sleep is the realization of this blessing bestowed upon not just her baby but for herself as well. 

Mother and baby quotes

 Every time the mother looks at her baby, she feels how miraculous it is to be able to create someone so innocent and pure. 

 Babies are like books, the more you spend time with them, the more you fall in love with them.

Babies are full of surprises; they smile some people’s arms while they cry in others. They never react to every human in a similar way.

The only place a baby is forever safe is its mother’s arms.

 As a garden looks beautiful with its blooming flowers, so does a mother look beautiful with a  happy baby.

 A baby may be afraid of the dark but is unafraid in the mother’s arms throughout the darkest nights.

 A mother always treats her child as a baby no matter how much it grows up.

A mother’s eyes are always thirsty to have a glimpse of her baby.

 A mother never forgets her baby’s first smile.

 A baby learns to walk no matter how many times it falls because it knows that its mother won’t let anything happen to it.

Baby quotes and saying

 A mother feels happy every time the baby calls her name. 

 The kick of the baby in the mother’s womb doesn’t hurt her but rather makes her smile.

 A baby’s face can take away all your pain even in the darkest of days.

A baby is always the star in its mother’s eyes.

The sound of a baby’s laugh is like music to its paper ears.

 Babies have a contagious smile, you watch them, and the next moment you are drowned in the smiles and smiling back. 

 Like candles in a dark room, so are babies in a parents life.

 Babies want attention all the time, and they get it without any issue. 

 Babies’ minds are so active that they don’t even allow others to rest.

 The best hug among two people is a mother hugging her baby.  


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