8 Best Formula Milk For Babies 6-12 Months In India

It is beyond debate that breast milk is the best for your baby and is inevitable for all moms to continue breastfeeding up to one year of their infants. However, supplementing with the best formula milk is usually considered essential due to the deteriorating health index. 

Appropriate supplementary to infants is perfectly OK and often considered essential for premature and malnourished babies. This is why most pediatricians (medical supervision) recommend formula milk powder in addition to breastfeeding for all babies.

Top 8 Formula Milk For Babies 6-12 Months

Imagesformula milk for 6-12 monthUser RatingLatest Amazon Price
Similac-Advance-Follow-Up-Infant-Formula-Stage-2Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 24.3/5Amazon Price
nestle nan pro formula milkNestlé NAN PRO 2 Follow-Up Formula-Powder4.5/5Amazon Price
DexolacNutricia-Stage-2DexolacNutricia Stage 24.4/5Amazon Price
Farex-1-Infant-Formula-RefillFarex 1 Infant Formula Refill4.6/5Amazon Price
Enfamil-A-Stage-2-Follow-Up-FormulaEnfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula4.4/5Amazon Price
Neocate-LCP-Infant-Formula-PowderNeocate LCP Infant Formula Powder4.4/5Amazon Price
Aptamilk stage 1 infant formula powder milk review4.2/5Amazon Price
nestle cerelac baby cereal with milk4.5/5Amazon Price

Many moms prefer formula for their babies while reducing breastfeeding for various reasons. Some moms do this because they want to whereas some moms have no other way but to reduce breastfeeding and adopt formula. In some cases, you have to go for a formula supplement when you have a low volume or not an adequate supply of breast milk feeding.

While formula or supplementary baby feeding is essential; it can be disastrous for your baby if you fail to choose the right and best milk for babies. Besides, you also need to know how to feed your baby safely to avoid the possible associated risks.

What are the Possible Risks of Formula Milk for Babies?

Often it has been observed that inappropriate baby supplementing formula and improper feeding can change the usual intestinal bacteria and lead to digestive tract infection. This can be sometimes very dangerous resulting in life risks. 

Similarly, some formula can cause or develop immune problems among the babies that will affect your child at a later stage and result in several illnesses. Therefore, you need to be aware of the risks of formula milk powder for your baby while asking which formula milk is best for babies. Below are the possible risks of milk formula for babies.

  • Your baby may develop a certain type of ear infection called Acute Otitis Media for supplementing the wrong formula
  • An inappropriate formula can result in respiratory problems such as Asthma
  • If you choose an improper formula with imbalanced nutrients, it may lead to type one and type two diabetes due to the imbalanced sugar level in your baby
  • You baby may get allergies to some formula resulting in Eczema which is a type of itchy skin problem
  • Sometimes an inappropriate combination of essential nutrients in milk formula lead to overweight of babies
  • Some formulas are harder for babies to digest and last longer in Baby’s stomach eventually leading to less intake of the feeding of the baby and a decrease in breast milk production
  • Bottle feeding sometimes change the sucking pattern of the baby resulting in difficulties for the moms while breastfeeding

6 Best Brands of Formula Milk for Babies

1. Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 2

The Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula milk 2 from Abbott is one of the best formula milk for 6-month baby. this product is a spray-dried-based formula for stage 2 infants from 6 months to 12 months of age. It has essential vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that are beneficial for your baby.

Minerals such as Iron and Calcium are helpful for the health and growth of your baby. Besides, the product also has essential ingredients such as Choline, Taurine, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Folic acid, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, etc. that are helpful for brain development. It also contains a blend and level of nucleotides which is good for the baby’s immune system. 

The product includes Phosphorus and vitamins for the bone development of the baby. It is advised to use this under the direction of your pediatrician and ensure proper hygiene when preparing. The Similac Advance Follow-Up formula is not sterile and may not be appropriate to feed premature babies or babies with immune issues.


  • Helpful for physical and mental growth
  • The product develops the immune system
  • Included with maximum required nutrients that are similar to breast milk
  • No issues regarding digestion


  • Maintain hygiene while preparing and follow the instruction to avoid the adverse effect
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2. Nestlé NAN PRO 2 Follow-Up Formula-Powder

The Nestle nan pro 2 contains Vitamin A, C, D, zinc, iron, and calcium. This is a spray-dried follow-up formula that included DHA ARA for infants aged between 6 months to 12 months. It helps for the healthy growth of the baby and ensures the brain development, strong bones, and good immune system of the infant. 

The Indian-based manufacturer Nestle is famous for developing baby nutrition products with a lot of research and always stays ahead in innovation. However, it is important to maintain proper hygiene while preparing baby food for the baby’s health. Also, it is essential to follow the instruction and maintain the quantity because using fewer scoops will not supply adequate nutrients, and using more scoops may not supply enough water and minerals to the infant.  


  • Most reliable manufacturer with 150 years of experience
  • Helpful for baby’s with growth issues
  • Easy for digestion 
  • Easy preparation


  • Unhygienic preparation may cause constipation
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3. DexolacNutricia Stage 2

DexolacNutricia Stage 2 is exclusively for the growth of infants within the age group of 6 months to 12 months. The product is specially designed for the physical and mental growth of infants. It contains almost all the nutrients that are similar to breastmilk. 

In addition, it contains omega 3, magnesium, and calcium which support the growth of bones. The product also contains Choline, Iodine, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids for the brain development of the infant. It is also helpful for motion (stool) in infants and helps to create a strong immunity system.

DexolacNutricia Stage 2

However, it is advised to use the product after consulting with the pediatrician and need to follow all the instructions by the manufacturer. Ensure hygiene while preparing and storing.


  • This baby food is 100% Vegetarian
  • It includes iron that minimizes the chances of anaemia to the infants
  • It supports to build strong bones, immune function, and digestive system
  • Has proteins for the growth of baby’s health


  • The product is sticky and takes time to dissolve
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4. Farex 1 Infant Formula Refill

The farex baby food comes with a special and predominant formula that supports infants for smooth digestion through Nucleotides and with Zinc that helps for better immune functions.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids help for visual function and brain development. The manufacturer Danone is a reliable global food company and is specialized to provide the best nutrition for each stage of life with focused products that are relevant for India. 

Farex 1 Infant Formula Refill


  • This product is helpful for developing the growth and immunity for all stages of infants
  • It includes PRECI CUP that is helpful for the preparation of the supplement
  • Specially designed for Indian infants


  • The taste may be a factor for a spit of your baby
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5. Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula

The Enfamil a+ stage 2 is a formula that is specially made for babies within 6 to 12 months old. It includes Choline, DHA, and iron that helps the mental and physical growth of your baby.

The manufacturer Mead Johnson Nutrition is one of the most reliable and 100 years experienced manufacturers with expertise in infant nutrition. The product includes DHS which is essential for brain development. Besides, it also included iron and choline that are helpful for the growth of strong bones and a better immune system.

Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula


  • Easy and fast to prepare the baby formula
  • Trusted brand for baby’s food supply
  • Fast digestion


  • Carelessness in preparation may cause gas in babies
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6. Neocate LCP Infant Formula Powder

The Neocate LCP Infant Formula Powder is for babies with the age group below 12 years and those with cow’s milk allergy. The product is an amino-acid-based milk formula. It contains LCPs which are a long-chain fatty acid named polyunsaturated and nucleotides. The product is specially made for infants who have various food allergies or diseases like gastro-esophageal reflux. You need to essentially consult the pediatrician before using this product.


  • The product is lactose-free
  • It is helpful for the weight gain of the infant
  • Recommended for the infants those who have an allergy to cow’s milk


  • The product is expensive
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How to Choose the Appropriate Formula?

The best way to choose the best milk for babies is by getting a recommendation from your pediatrician. The baby milk formula must contain all necessary nutrients your baby requires and must meet the standard prescribed by the food and drug control of your country.

Most formulas available in the contemporary market are made of cow’s milk or soy. Both are protein-based. You can also get hydrolyzed formulas that are broken into smaller proteins.

Remember, you need to make sure that the formula you are feeding to your baby, especially the newborn, contains vitamin D and other required vitamins.

Normally, vitamin D and all other required vitamin supplements are included in the formula and you are not required to give vitamin D to your baby separately. Therefore, either read the organic ingredients thoroughly or ask which formula is best for babies and include vitamin D and other vitamins like a vitamin e to the retailer while purchasing.

When and How to Feed the Formula to Your Baby?

This is a potential question often moms, especially the new moms, get confused about. You often do not exactly determine when and how to feed the formula to your baby. Usually, the formula takes longer to digest in comparison to breast milk. Therefore, the times between the two feedings of breastfeeding and formula feeding are different. Here is the step by step guide on how and when to feed the nutritional milk powder to your baby:

  1. Usually, the time in between two formulas can be from two hours to four hours depending upon the age, growth, and symptoms of hunger of your baby. Try to feed your baby, always in demand. It does not mean that if your baby does not feel like to be fed you do not feed the baby. Remember, babies are more inclined to breastfeeding and they get irritated while formula feeding especially in weaning.
  2. You need to critically and efficiently watch the signs or symptoms of the hunger of your baby. The normal signs of hunger in your baby include his or her frequent wake-up, or its smacking lips, or taking his or her hands towards the mouth or restlessly turning its head aside and the other side, etc.
  3. All moms know that babies cry aloud when they are hungry. But you must never wait until your baby is frantic and crying loudly for hunger. You need to feed the baby with one of the best baby milk powder brands before he or she is very hungry and frantic.
  4. Never try to overfeed your baby and force her or him to finish the supplement. Similar to the symptoms of hunger, you can also notice that your baby is full. The normal symptoms of their fullness would be turning their head away or disinterested of the nipple and pushing it out of the mouth or dozing off, etc.
  5. You must feed your baby with adequate bonding and make the feeding time special. Hold your baby with feelings and both of you should enjoy the feeding time. Initially, your baby may take two or three ounces of formula and gradually the quantity will increase as he or she grows.
  6. As your baby exceeds its 8 months and gets nearer to 12 months you need to be sure that your baby must start experiencing solid food along with the formula. Start with a soft, small, and biting size of solid food to give her or him a new experience of food intake.
  7. Your baby will certainly start touching, smelling, tasting, and feeling the solid foods and spoil most of the food. You must never be annoyed by this mischief rather encourage the baby to do so. But you must never leave your baby alone with the bowl.

How to Prepare the Formula?

The first and foremost thing to do is to read the instruction attentively and thoroughly provided by the manufacturer. You can also get the information on the ideal preparation from your pediatrician if they have prescribed the formula. Always store the prepared formula in a bottle if you wish to store it in a refrigerator.

Remember, you must never microwave your formula as it will heat unevenly. Your microwave would overheat some portion of the formula resulting in the burning of your baby. Use safe drinking water and avoid well water because well water usually has a high level of nitrate which is harmful to your baby. 

How to ensure that the Formula is Appropriate for Your Baby?

  • Your baby does not have any allergic condition after feeding the formula
  • Your baby is happily consuming the formula and at times you notice the demand for the formula
  • You do not find any adverse effects or symptoms of diseases as discussed above after a period of feeding the baby with the formula
  • The growth of the baby is normal and not getting towards overweight

Can You Feed Varieties of Formulas at a Time to Your Baby?

Most moms get confused about whether to feed different types of baby milk formulas at a time or change the types of formulas frequently. In fact, medical concerns do not restrict a healthy baby to take different types of formulas such as cow’s milk or soy protein, or hydrolyzed formulas. However, you need to be aware of the following points while feeding varieties of formulas to your baby:

  1. You must never mix all the different formulas at a time but can give the baby different types of appropriate baby milk powder brands at appropriate intervals. The best is to consult your pediatrician who will recommend the formulas based on the health condition of your baby.
  2. Check with the formula for its ingredients and the calories it contains. This is important to determine the growth of your baby. Every brand has different organic ingredients such as the components of carbohydrates, protein, and fat along with calories in different numbers.
  3. Every formula is different in taste and flavor than the other. You need to determine which brand to give when based on their natural ingredients that suit the growth of your baby. However, taste and flavors are also equally important but they may not be remarkable if your baby is too young. Eventually, the taste and flavor gain importance as your baby grows older and distinguishes the differences in taste and flavors and may start refusing some.

To Conclude

You can choose one product from the above-listed formula milk for babies preferably from the first three products namely (1) Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula milk 2, (2) Nestlé NAN PRO 2 Follow-Up Formula-Powder, and (3) DexolacNutricia Stage 2 for best results of your baby supplementation.

However, if your baby has allergies to cow’s milk or lactose then take the advice of whether you can use the Neocate LCP Infant Formula Powderformula to feed your baby.


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