10 Best Maternity belt after delivery for reducing back pain

Best Maternity belt after delivery / post Pregnancy

Are you feeling self-conscious about your look after you have given birth to your loved one? Do you still miss your early days when you were on fire before giving birth to your first child? As a new mother, we can understand your needs and analyze what is the best product you need to get yourself back in shape. 

I am a mother of two, even after my C section, my back hurt for weeks and I couldn’t even accept how awful my belly looked. Initially, I felt bad for worrying about it because I knew that I had been bumpy for a good reason to bring lively miracles into this world. But these thoughts didn’t erase my feeling whenever I glanced at the mirror and saw my protruding belly staring back at me. 

List of 10 Best Postpartum Maternity Belt /Girdles

ImagePostpartum BeltUser RatingWhere to Buy
Importikaah Women’s postpartum post-pregnancy belt3.7Amazon Price
T2N2 postpartum abdominal waist tummy band postnatal recovery3Amazon Price
Tynor Abdominal support3.8Amazon Price
Baby bucket post-pregnancy belt3Amazon Price
Mee Mee post natal maternity support corset belt3.1Amazon Price
Wondercare elastic abdominal belt maternity tummy waist trimmer3.7Amazon Price
Cling breath post-maternity corset3.3Amazon Price
Obliq Abdomen support belt3.5Amazon Price
Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum belly wrap4.3Amazon Price
Flamingo semi-elastic abdominal support belt binder3.7Amazon Price

Though things changed over time, my belly got back in shape, but in the meantime, I did some cheating by using the best maternity belt after the c section to disguise my problem. If you are also struggling with the same, then you can find the right one for you.

Swelling and pain are common after giving birth to a little one. Luckily, belly bands and postpartum girdle are miracles that can help ease the pressure. Every celebrity from Cardi B to Aishwariya Rai has touted using postpartum belly bands to regain their bodies back after having a baby, but postpartum belly belts are not just for celebrities. In fact, the practice of postpartum belly has been since ages in many cultures. 

No two bodies are the same or alike. Everybody needs specific and medical-grade compression shapewear that can be easily wrapped around the body and suits your specific needs. 

The technical term for trendy belly bands is abdominal binders and they are designed for it. These belts are designed for compression and support to the abdomen and lower back without compromising circulation and breathing. These binders are medically approved and prescribed by doctors for patients undergoing different surgeries including c-sections.

10 Best Maternity Belt /Girdles to choose after Pregnancy 

The belly wrap or belly belts can be worn immediately after giving birth but if you have undergone a C section, you need to be more attentive. We have approved some top picks of the best belts to accompany you on your great journey after pregnancy. 

1. Importikaah Women’s postpartum post-pregnancy belt

 Not everyone can spend a lot on quality postpartum belts. With Importikaah Women’s postpartum recovery belt, you get the benefits of achieving a longline girdle that embraces your belly without giving you an expensive shock. The belt helps you in reshaping yourself internally and externally. 

Best Maternity belt after delivery

The soft and breathable material is easy to wear and can be used throughout day and night. The belt fits snugly under your clothes and over the top of your pre-pregnancy pants. The velcro straps are easy to adjust and fasten. The wrap will smooth out any bulges in the front of the abdomen or at the back. The three belts would give you extra support from all sides and ensure you improve your posture too. 

The three-in-one belt helps women recover from vaginal delivery or c section delivery. The pregnancy wrap is designed wisely so it should not emphasize extra pressure on the uterus or pelvic organs due to which the pain increases. Along with it, the belt is designed to give light compression to reduce belly pouch and enhance postpartum recovery. 

This best maternity belt after delivery in India includes a silicone female urinating pee funnel that allows you to urinate while standing to reduce the pressure and discomfort on the uterus. 

Highlight features 

  • Easy to slide on and tuck easily with velcro belts. 
  • Adequate compression for back and belly support 
  • Hypoallergenic and soft material ensures wear throughout the day. 
  • Reduces swelling, supports core abdominal muscle and improve shrinkage of the uterus 
  • Silicone urinating pee funnel for reducing discomfort and pain
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2. T2N2 postpartum abdominal waist tummy band postnatal recovery

The band is universally loved by every woman. It is considered the best post-pregnancy belt after delivery which makes sense for compression of the belly. It is best designed to assist in holding loose skin and muscles in place without giving any harmful effects associated. It stabilizes the wounds and helps in repairing abdominal muscles. The best belt for post-pregnancy assures relief in back pain and c section incision recovery. 

It promises to deliver effectiveness and prevent rolling up while wearing your clothes. You can be assured of wearing your best attire without worrying about a saggy belly. The hooks ensure that the belt remains in place and doesn’t move while you work or sleep. It supports the belly and supports your core while ensuring recovery from your surgery. 

The adjustable corset has a front hook and eye closures that make it easy to wear and remove. There are many positive reviews from the customer, they love the corset as it promotes them to feel more confident and less jiggle in the belly. It feels highly secure and held together wearing this band. It gives confidence and reduces the lower back pain which is a great struggle after surgery. 

Highlight Features 

  • High-quality material and boning enclosures for high support. 
  • Hi-waist design ensures accurate tummy compression without rolling. 
  • A seamless appearance that can be matched with any clothing 
  • Offers back support 
  • Ensures correct posture and shape. 
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3. Tynor Abdominal support

The three-in-one wrap supports a saggy belly and gives you mental and physical confidence to wear the perfect dress. Some belly bands are loved for their simplicity and Tynor is one of them. It is crafted to support your pelvis, belly, and waist. 

Soft, breathable, and adjustable material cannot easily roll up on your waist so that there is no visible bulging muffin look under your attire. It is used to support and compress the abdominal region. The versatile band with three-panel webbing ensures breathable, comfortable, and effective compressions for the long term. 

No tension of buckling or hooking up, the broad hook and loop tape ensure better holding and sizing flexibility. It can optimally compress the belly area and tone up abdominal muscles that are imbalanced due to surgery or pregnancy. 

It can be also used as waist trainers that claim to shrink belly fat faster. However this is not a seamless option, you can wear it on top of your t-tank tops or below it. 

Highlight Features

  • High abdominal support 
  • Tone abdominal muscles post-surgery 
  • Lightweight material with porous webbing for extra comfort. 
  • Nylon reeves prevent the belt from rolling 
  • Better holding and flexible sizing. 
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4. Baby bucket post-pregnancy belt 

This style ensures that belts stay in place and gives you more compression than others. The panels in the midsection offer extra support, wide coverage for new mothers who have undergone a C section or want the tummy to shrink. It is advisable to harness the healing time with a baby bucket post-pregnancy belt within the first 8 weeks. 

The product touts itself as being one of the best postnatal maternity belts in the market. The band supports the recovery of the c section as well as compression for the belly. Made with soft, breathable material that is skin-friendly. The pelvic belt stabilizes loosened pelvic joints after it has undergone labor penetration.

If you are looking for enhanced support at affordable pricing, then the Baby bucket belt is a good place to start. This postpartum belly is stretchy and easy to use with a straightforward design. It features medical-grade construction and gives you peace of mind so you get all benefits of postpartum belts. 

Highlight Features

  • It ensures that abdominal muscles get back on their way 
  • Alleviate pain related to C section
  • Breathable material ensures more comfortable on the skin 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Uses velcro closure instead of tricky hook and eye closures. 
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5. Mee Mee post natal maternity support corset belt

 Masterly designed to offer high flexibility as well as comfort to mothers. The best maternity belt is apt for post-operative care. The product holds everything comfortably and stays in place compared to other high-range products. This is a lightweight material that would embrace your body like a second skin.

If you are intrigued by the concept of belly belts but not an aficionado for full corset yet. Then Mee mee postnatal maternity support corset belt is for you. Cramped with premium quality cotton stimulates superior comfort along with serving the purpose of shaping the body. It’s not too broad and lengthy to harass you while working or handling a baby. The ideal length that snugs your belly and provides tolerable compression that tones body flab gradually, so that you get your curves back again.

It is one of the best post-pregnancy girdles that comes with multiple benefits along with highly recommended doctors and midwives. The corset-style belt comes with convenient flaps and broad velcro so that you can easily tuck without investing much of your time. The design is simple and the colors are plain, you can wear underneath your clothes without any worry. If you are self-conscious, we suggest you wear the same colors of clothes so the product blends. 

Highlight Features

  • Seamless design that can fit underneath the hem of your shirt. 
  • Three velcros give you firm and extra hold to your back. 
  • Easy to wash, no need of putting in the washing machine. 
  • Comfortable, non-irritating, and soft cotton fabric that absorbs sweat and does not annoy you. 
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6. Wondercare elastic abdominal belt maternity tummy waist trimmer

 The product is made of breathable fabric so you don’t have to worry about irritating itchiness under your band. Staying comfortable is essential in your postpartum time, especially when you have multiple chores to handle as well as retaining yourself fit. The belts help you relieve post-maternity potential back pain, you would experience optimal support for the muscles in the targeted region. 

It supports your lower abdominal by holding it in place and aids in toning the muscles with adequate compression. The belt simply gets its job of offering an hourglass shape and focusing on your core muscles. A flexible plastic insert ensures that you get peak back supports and aids you in restoring curvy body shape soon. The binder helps in reducing swelling and bloating of baggy skin. 

The feathery lightweight material is easy to wrap under your clothing every day. Extra porous webbing does not collect your sweat inside instead it gives windows for ventilation and comfort for patients.  After frequent wearing, the product must be easy to clean. The wonder care abdominal belt can be quickly washed with a hand in cold water, no need to swirl or put extra effort. 

Broad velcro lessens the burden of postpartum by wrapping around the belly and waist. Easy adjustable in size and enhanced grip to stay in one place while you perform the cores.

Highlight Features 

  • Fiber plastic inserts aggregate to prevent belts from rolling or moving while you work. 
  • Side curve design embraces the body seamlessly to make you more fit and curvy. 
  • Broad and strong velcro with breathable elastic sticks around your body. 
  • Optimal compression does not squeeze or cramps muscles.
  • Supports your abdominal walls and muscles to get back in shape. 
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7. Cling breath post-maternity corset

If you are dealing with postpartum back and hip pain then simply invest in the best maternity belt after delivery from Cling. The simple wrap long band around your belly area adds optimal compression. You can get the postpartum belt in sizes from M, L to XL is capable of supporting even an extra-large belly. It is completely adjustable, so if you are concerned about reduced or gained weight during your postpartum period, your belt can easily expand with you. 

The postpartum belly belt is good for vaginal and c section recovery that stands out from the crowd due to its material and affordability. The product is well known for its increased width of 25 cm that is not available in the market with any other belts. Being the excellent stretchable and lightweight fabric avoids the belly band from rolling up when you are seated or moving while doing chores. It is comfortable, easy to wear, and increases blood flow for faster healing. 

It is made of completely elastic that provides a snug fit compared to products with a blend of cloth and elastic. The high-quality imported material is skin-friendly and does not irritate the skin even if you wear it under your dress for extended wear. 

The benefit of hook and loop closure is that it can be easily adjusted and worn compared to other methods of hooks or buckles. 

Highlight features 

  • Comes in a range of sizes from M to XL. 
  • Seamless can hide underneath your clothes. 
  • Stretchable and comfortable fabric stays anchored to your body 
  • Broad velcro waist to ease compression 
  • Better adaptable compression and support for the pendulous abdomen 
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8. Obliq Abdomen support belt 

 The medical-grade abdominal panel protects and heals the abdomen and c section incision. The easy-to-wear postpartum belts can be worn every day and all day with a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks for higher recovery. It can be used to smoothen tummy flab and love handles helping you in revealing your curvy body. 

A zipper belt with a soft elastic waistband that provides optimal coverage and support to your back. An excellent choice for women who need decent compression along with lumbar support.100% latex-free material is comfortable yet finest fabric that snugs your body along with providing flexibility. The lighter, flexible, and buoyant fabric can resist different temperatures and will not pitch or irritate your skin. 

If you are bored of long and highly compressed tummy trimmer deductors, then this one is right for you. Whether you are exercising or performing your household chores, the belt helps you in producing the heat and fat and eventually get back the sagging skin of your body. 

The core component of the functional corset shapewear is that they do not dig into your layer and embrace the body easily. Whether you are suffering from lower back issues, our compression binder for relieving pain and improving posture.

Highlight Features 

  • Versatile in functionality serves as weight loss belt or postpartum belt 
  • Can be used as waist training belt or postpartum belt 
  • Neoprene Stretchy fabric easy to clean and snugs your body easily 
  • Slimming waist cincher and compression binder 
  • Wide enough to cover the belly area, available in different sizes
  • The boning stripes ensure to keep back in the correct position. 
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9. Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum belly wrap

It doesn’t get more affordable with Chongfei 3 in 1 postpartum belly wrap that is designed to support your pelvis, belly, and waist. The simple and straightforward design looks more like a belly compared to a corset, this belt also allows you to deal with lower back pain and posture with two back panels. 

The different layers of structure distribute the strain evenly and breathable soft material does not irritate the skin as the incision heals. Available in different sizes and complete breathable and hypoallergenic flaps that means you don’t have to remove the belts every time for a bathroom break. The elastic embraces your body high till the chest so you don’t get a slightly bulging muffin under your clothes. 

The ingenious design is great for correcting your posture and avoiding the belly band from rolling up while you are seated or moving. No matter your purpose, the belly band reduces swelling, supports core abdominal muscles, and aids in reducing the uterus back to its original size sooner. 

Highlight Features

  • The built-in boning helps provide optimal support for the lower back. 
  • Breathable and comfortable material so that you can wear throughout the day 
  • Easy to clean and wear
  • Velcro closure for optimal compression instead of hook and eye closures. 
  • Instant slimming look and can be accompanied with various attires. 
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10. Flamingo semi-elastic abdominal support belt binder

Flamingo is proficient in delivering medical-grade products that give you relief from pain so you can get back to life. If you are looking for a hint of support while postpartum journey but don’t want the bulk and stiffer belts, then Flamingo is the best one for you. Flamingo has been long in the industry, it has been tried by many mothers, and they highly recommend it. 

Easy to use wrap-around design gets its job done efficiently. With velcro closure around fine inches allows you to adjust and wrap around the belly easily. It is more of a belly reducer rather than a postpartum belt. While the postpartum journey can be painful, the belt works wonderfully to reduce pressure on the bladder, fewer varicosities, and inflammation in the pelvic region. 

The optimal compression ensures toning and strengthening core muscles, supports proper posture, and relieves back pain. The belly wrap is raved by many women to manage the muffin belly and provide a smooth, seamless look. Stretchable in nature and soft material makes it comfortable for wearing it long hours without any worries. Beyond excellent benefits, the belt improves circulation while workout sessions or exercising. 

Highlight Features 

  • Stretch knit material allows you to wear comfortably throughout the day. 
  • Postpartum belly band with extra coverage covers the muffin belly. 
  • Velcro strapped girdle offers belly and back support. 
  • Seamless and lightweight affordable on the market. 
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What is a postpartum belt?

The product is designed to wrap around the waist and support your body once you have gone through delivering the baby. But not are equally created. There are a lot of different types of cinching products in the market and you might get confused about the right one. 

Belly wrap – Wraps are old age practices to flatten and firm your tummy after giving birth to your child.  It is a wide material, adjustable elastic band that wraps around your body from ribs down to the top of hops. It offers gentle compression. You can find a bunch of them in a market specifically designed for postpartum women.

Belly griddle – They are composed of sturdy compression panels that reduce pain and inflammation caused due to surgery. It helps in faster recovery and deducts the appearance of weight gain around the belly due to pregnancy. These are medical quality products that can withstand every dear wear and even help the uterus to get back to its original place within a few months or days probably. Women find themselves comfortable wearing it. Though there are tons in the market, don’t be misguided with a cheap one that works contrary to the purpose. 

Abdominal Compression binder – It is a medically approved product designed to be worn after the surgery. They are attached with velcro and are easy to use for medium to firm compressions. 

Waist trainers – They are also wide and adjustable attached with hoy and eye closures or zippers. It covers your midsection from bust to the top of your hips. It is built with latex or other stiffer materials for drastically reducing the size of your waist and providing extra firm compression. 

Corsets – The level of compression is higher with corsets and they can be complemented with any garments. These are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Though, it could be confusing which one is the right and medically approved product to aid in the recovery process. The products are specially designed to speed up recovery, but if you are using the wrong kind, it could be painful and harmful. While belly wraps offer light compression and support, the modern-day corset comes with heavy compression. 

How do belly belts work?

Belly bands are tube-like garments that focus on the areas of skin that become exposed as the belly expands. The purpose of them is to support and align your body and abdomen until the organs and muscles get back to their job again. They can help you recover floppy and loose skin with light compression ensuring that your uterus shrinks. 

Compression is a key that is used with belly belts and it is safely used for centuries. Along with weight gain, the skin undergoes drastic changes including stretching and sagginess, to overcome this and tighten the muscles, the wrap or belt can provide you the best support and comfort. 

For c section mothers, belly wraps can work wonders, as it puts the pressure off your incision along with healing. 

There are no studies proving that it can reduce weight or waistline. But indeed, many mothers have benefited from it along with reduced pain. Wear the belts, corsets, bands, or griddles for comfort and support, if they help you lose extra pounds then it’s advantageous for you.  


Over the past decade, the wraps are flooded in the market, and each catering to the needs of postpartum women. There are belts, girdles, and pull ons available in different styles and different closures. Some are designed with velcro, zippers, hooks, etc but all emphasizing to primary benefit remain the same including: 

  • It supports abdominal muscles and helps diastasis recti to get back in position. The diastasis recti partially or completely separated rectus abdominis which is found at the midline of your stomach. 
  • The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and delivery. We tend to struggle with loose skin and hanging belly. A band supports getting the shape of the body back while being comfortable. It would also help the uterus to retain normal size pronto. 
  • Back pain is a major cause during and posts pregnancy. With wraps or belts, you can easily get rid of lower back pain and get back to the posture. 
  • It provides critical support to your abdominal muscles for better healing or making workouts more comfortable. 
  • It reduces swelling and fluid retention. 
  • Enhances blood circulation. 

The postpartum girdle can be beneficial for mothers who are recovering from a cesarean section and suffering from diastasis recti. 

When to wear postpartum belts?

The belts can be used immediately as long as your doctor allows you. Some doctors prescribe it to wear within a couple of hours and experience the relief. It depends upon you how long you want to wear and as per your comfort level. 

Some major manufacturers suggest tucking day and night for 30 to 60 days of postpartum. Not to tie too tight since excessive compression can slow down your healing and you are not able to breathe comfortably. If you experience any discomfort or pain, take it off immediately. 

The earlier you start wearing, the more benefit you would get. You can receive benefits from belly belts theoretically until two years of postpartum. 

Fitting of the Belt 

When you try the product for the first time, the ends should not be touching. If you pull a velcro closed it should not be too big. If the ends of the bands are 1 or 2 inches near to closing then do not opt for a larger size. 

All you need is to lay down a flat surface by placing the band beneath and try closing it if you want you can get help from your partner. The belt will loosen as you start wearing it until a few days. Once you find it comfortable and size as per your body, you will be soon wearing it throughout the day and round a clock seamlessly. 

Factors to look while choosing the right belly belts 

Finding the best pregnancy belt after delivery is personal. Even the most popular products available in the market aren’t hit or fit for everyone. You should consider a few things before buying the right belly binder. 

  • Material

The belly band or wrap should be adjustable. You can choose the one with velcro or hooks for ease of adjusting. As you have to wear almost 8 to 10 hours or more of a belt, the material should not irritate you. We advise you to choose comfortable and stretchable material. 

  • Comfort 

When it comes to belt efficacy, compression is the core component. You should seek support for your body instead of suffocating trainers or corsets. As per your body and size adapt to stretchy styles or else consult with your doctors to get you the right product for your unique recovery. 

  • Ease of use 

If the purpose of a post-pregnancy belt is to soothe the pain not to aggregate pain. The belt should be easy to wrap so that you can complete your day-to-day tasks. Settle with a product that doesn’t disrupt your daily activities and have difficulty while tucking up. Avoid choosing a product that has annoying closures and hard-to-adjust bands. You would end up frustrating and avoiding wearing it. 

  • Discreteness 

Some are seamless compared to others. If you like to wear fitted clothes then you should keep in consideration buying seamless and lightweight material belts. Belts are available in wide sizes, styles, and colors. Look for skin tones styles for a no-show look. 

  • Feel 

You would need a material that should be lightweight so you can breathe through it or you don’t want the girdle to wrap up too tightly. No matter the reason, the fabric should not be itchy and should be avoided to make you feel miserable. The product should not be composed of tight edges so you don’t end up developing rashes or skin issues.

  • Budget-Friendly 

We understand being a new mom can be expensive. If you are budget constrained like us, then you need to search for a product that is budget-friendly and possesses high quality. 

F.A.Q on Maternity belt / Girdles

  1. Is it safe to use a belt immediately after birth?

    If you have faced an uncomplicated pregnancy or want to wear it after delivery, you are free to do so. Doctors suggest wearing the belt within the first week of natural delivery to get effective results. For C section delivery, wait for the wounds to completely heal, which would adopt from six to eight weeks. A maternity belt after normal delivery can help you stay in shape and reduce the bulgy belly. 

  2. Can we wear them every day?

    Yes you can 

  3. Do I need to remove the belt while eating?

    Of Course, you can tuck a belt the whole day and every day without any harm. It will support your back and compress your belly for comfortable wearing. If you feel there is discomfort occurring like bloating, anxiety while eating, then you could remove it at the time of eating.

  4. How long can we wear a postpartum girdle?

     There is no particular time for when to wear and when not. Some suggest wearing for the first 8 to 10 weeks until the hormone relaxation is out of the system, while on the other side insist on prolonged use

  5. Which material is best for postpartum belts?

    Nylon and Spandex with Velcro tips are best to get around your waist. You can either loosen or tighten the band for more pressure and easing the compression.


Postpartum belly bands or belly wraps are meant to be wrapped around the waist and support the back, pelvis after childbirth. An effective and best pregnancy belt after delivery gives you confidence and physical fitness. 

Different belts are designed to deal with struggling sagging skin and reduce annoying jiggling. You could choose a simple design or can go with a corset design as per your choice. Whether you have C-section delivery or a normal birth procedure, wearing a binder can help to deal with jiggly belly muscles and postpartum cramping. It can be confusing choosing the right one specifically designed for you. If you have any sign of infection in the C section would or other delivery complications get the suggestion of the doctor before putting one on. We have compiled a list of products that can be wonderful and speed up the recovery process. 


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