6 Best Nebulizer Machine For Kids in India

6 Best Nebulizer Machine For Kids in India for liquid medication

The nebulizer machine is handy and useful to address respiratory issues. But it is often tricky to get the right device to address a specific ailment. Is your child suffering from respiratory issues caused by various diseases such as chronic bronchitis, allergies, and asthma, etc.? If yes, then probably you necessarily require the best portable nebulizer machine for kids to keep it always with you to address your kid’s respiratory issues.

There are age-specific nebulizer devices specific for children and adults and you can also get nebulizers that work both for your kids and for you. You can inhale the medication through the nebulizer which ultimately converts your liquid medication into aerosols or a type of mist type of inhaler. Eventually, converting the liquid medication into aerosol leads to easy and quick-absorbing of liquid medicine and providing instant relief to the patient.

6 Best Nebulizer machine for Kids in the Contemporary Market  

ImageNebulizer Machine for kidsUser ReviewCheck Latest Price
Philips-REF-1093268-Sami-the-Seal-NebulizerPhilips REF-1093268 Sami the Seal Nebulizer3.8/5Amazon Price
Omron-NE-C28-Compressor-NebulizerOmron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer4.3/5Amazon Price
Philips-Respironics-Innospire-Elegance-NebulizerPhilips Respironics Innospire Elegance Nebulizer4.1/5Amazon Price
Omron-Ultra-Compact-Low-Noise-Compressor-NebulizerOmron Ultra Compact & Low Noise Compressor Nebulizer3.9/5Amazon Price
Dr.-Morepen-cn-10-Compressor-NebulizerDr. Morepen cn-10 Compressor Nebulizer4/5Amazon Price
Omron-NEC-101-Compressor-NebulizerOmron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer4.2/5Amazon Price

What is a nebulizer machine for kids?

A nebulizer machine is an inhaling device that usually uses compressed air or oxygen to turn or transform the liquid medication into vapor or small aerosol liquid particles. Eventually, this vapor medication is a powerful and effective mixture of aerosol droplets of the medication and gas. Every nebulizer machine consists of an air compressor, a container to hold the liquid drug, and a tube in between the compressor and container connecting each other.

Almost all medical practitioners recommend this device to address respiratory issues caused by different diseases such as chronic emphysema, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and several types of chest infections. Eventually, the nebulizer instantly provides vaporized medication to the lungs and reduces respiratory problems within minutes which is an efficient treatment. Check for the nebulization rate and the features before you buy the appropriate device for your kid.

How to Use a Nebulizer machine for kids Appropriately and Effectively?

You need to attentively read the user’s instructions before using any nebulizer machine. It is essential to abide by the user instruction because there are various types of nebulizer machines and child-adult-specific devices. In addition to this, nebulizers also come with different features that you need to know how to utilize. However, it is good to seek recommendations from your doctor before buying a nebulizer machine and show the same after you get it. You need to also ask your physician about how to use it to get the maximum benefit. Below is a description of the general use of a nebulizer machine for kids.

  • Take an eyedropper and measure the recommended quantity of liquid solution. Take care that your eyedropper is clean before containing the solution in it. Put the solution into the container of the nebulizer. If your solution is premixed then do not add the saline. If it is not premixed, then you can mix a recommended amount of saline into the solution.
  • You will get a mouthpiece along with the nebulizer. You might also get a face mask while purchasing the nebulizer. However, the best nebulizer machine for kids comes with a mouthpiece unit. Fix the mouthpiece to the nebulizer at the T-shapes portion and fasten it with the container. If you are provided with a nebulizer mask then do the same as with a mouthpiece.
  • Now put the mouthpiece in your mouth and tightly close your mouth. If you have a mask, then wear the mask on the face. Check the tube once again and make sure that it is connected. Then turn on the machine and take a deep but slow or gentle breath in through the mouth. Hold the breath for a few seconds before breathing out. Continue the same until the solution in the container is over.

How to Clean a Nebulizer machine for kids Appropriately?

One of the most important aspects of using nebulizer treatment is its proper cleaning. You need to clean the nebulizer appropriately as the dirty nebulizer may result in infection and other health-related complications or respiratory disorders. Besides this, perfectly cleaning the nebulizer can keep it free from clogging and last longer. Here are a few tips on how to clean the nebulizer machine for kids perfectly.

  • Cleaning after every use: It is good to clean your device every time after you use especially if you are using them multiple times every day. You need to remove the mouthpiece, mask, and T-shapes container and rinse the entire sections in the running warm water at least for half a minute to one minute. Similarly, clean the eyedropper following the same way. You can also use sterile or distilled water to rinse or wash the parts. You should not wash or rinse the tube. Air-dry the entire parts once they are washed. Then put them back into the machine and start the machine for a few seconds to allow them dry.
  • Cleaning once every day: If you are not using the device frequently several times a day or just using once in a day, then follow the above steps and can use a bit of dishwashing soap to clean them, However, make sure that you dry them better before storing them.
  • Cleaning once a week: For washing the nebulizer machine once a week, you need to wash the device with soap and then soak the parts in a solution of both distilled water and distilled white vinegar at least for half an hour. Never reuse the vinegar mixed distilled water for a second time.

Are there any Side-Effects in Nebulizer machine for kids for inhaling liquid medication? 

Usually, the nebulizer machine for kids does not have any side effects. However, some patients get mild sneezing, cough, stuffy nose, or a bit of wheezing while or after inhaling the medication from a nebulizer kit. However, if your child gets worsening asthma experience or severe cough, choking, or other respiratory complications, you should immediately consult your doctor. Above all, you need to regularly clean and dry the nebulizer kit to avoid any infection and uneasy feeling. Similarly, check with the retailer or manufacturer about any precautions while purchasing a nebulizer kit.

6 Best Nebulizer Machine For Kids in India for liquid medication

1. Philips REF-1093268 Sami the Seal Nebulizer

Philips is a popular brand for electronics goods that always focuses on its product’s quality, reliability, and durability. Philips REF-1093268 is one of the best nebulizer machines for kids for the efficient treatment of respiratory issues. It makes the treatment process easy and comfortable with its child-friendly design and formulation. The product comes with a vent-designed mask that protects the eyes from the medication which reduces aerosol deposition.

The product comes with a handy handset dock along with a compressor nebulizer, mouthpiece, tubing, five filters, and a bag. It provides the driving flow of particle size 6lpm which takes an incredibly short time for the treatment of the disease. It can amazingly flow 2.5ml of Salbutamol within 5 minutes. The product is designed for high performance while meeting frequent treatments that you can use continuously at home as well as in hospitals. It has a built-in thermal protector that helps to prevent the overheating issues of the machine and further ensures maximum safety of your kids.


  • The product is lightweight and portable
  • It functions with no or incredibly low noise operation
  • Its compressor provides continues service for a long time without resting or gap
  • You can get 3 years warranty from the manufacturer or retailer upon each purchase
  • The nebulizer comes with a child-friendly design


  • Mishandling may reduce the life of the product
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2. Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer with Virtual Valve Technology

The Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer machine for kids is suitable for both adults and young children. The product is designed for the effective treatment of chronic bronchitis, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. It has a powerful compressor with a 5-micrometer MMD and 0.4 milliliters of nebulizer rate. This machine reduces medicine chamber wastages when breathing in. Besides, the nebulizer also helps to preserve more medication in the lungs. Its robotic design, durability, and heavy-duty compressor can assure non-stop and continuous use of the machine.

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer with Virtual Valve Technology

Therefore, this unique product is more beneficial for people who need inhalation several times a day. You can easily use and clean the device without any complication as it operates by a single switch that is water protected. The Omron NE C28 has features like low noise and is incredibly lightweight and is good for easy portability. The product comes with PVC child and PVC adult nebulizer masks, 5 air filters, a mouthpiece, and a storage bag. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty along with three years extended brand warranty.


  • The product is made with OMRON’s unique Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T)
  • This nebulizer is very easy to operate
  • The machine is compact, small, & portable
  • The product has one-button operation
  • It’s water protected switch makes the operation easy and safe for cleaning


  • No Cons
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3. Philips Respironics Innospire Elegance Nebulizer

This product from Philips comes with a highly efficient side stem technology which increases the airflow into the machine and delivers the drug faster and more effectively making treatment time short. Its unique diamond jet design minimizes wear-related damages caused by frequent use of the device and consistently delivers high-quality aerosol.

Philips nebulizer is designed for heavy-duty use which can ultimately deliver nonstop medication in a day. This is a filter-based compressor nebulizer that can sustain dust for 12 months without changing its filter. The product is specially designed both for hospital and home use. Also, this can be used for both kids and adults. The nebulizer has a lightweight and compact design that can be carried easily. It includes extra filters, masks for adults and kids, a well-gripped mouthpiece, a tube, and a bag.


  • The product is featured with side stem technology
  • This is very effective for short treatment time
  • The nebulizer is compatible with both kids and adults
  • Good for easy clean and safe use


  • It absorbs outside dust and requires regular cleaning
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4. Omron Ultra Compact & Low Noise Compressor Nebulizer

This Omron Nebulizer has an effective speed that can inhale 0.3ml per minute with a capacity of 10ml medication. The product is for both kids and adult-use and contains an adult mask, baby mask, as well as a mouthpiece. It has everything that needs to treat respiratory disorders more effectively at home. This machine is specially designed for household use and user-friendly and very easy to clean. 

Omron Ultra Compact & Low Noise Compressor Nebulizer

Omron is the best and innovative India-based company with the manufacturer’s latest technology of advanced medical monitoring and therapy. This product is the best choice for you to treat various breathing issues like asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, etc. It converts the liquid medicine into aerosol particles amazingly within a short time for effective treatment. The machine is lightweight and travel-friendly. The compressor of this machine generates no or very low noise while operation that doesn’t irritate the patients during the medication.


  • The device is effective and good for speed medication
  • This is user-friendly and easy for maintenance
  • The product is specially designed for easy use of first-time users
  • This has no or very low noise level
  • It has good pressure


  • Need to clean regularly for effective medication
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5. Dr. Morepen cn-10 Compressor Nebulizer

The Dr. Morepen cn-10 Compressor Nebulizer rate is less in comparison to other branded nebulizers. This machine has a capacity of 5ml medication and delivers an average rate of particle size 0.2 ml per minute. The product is uniquely featured with an option to open and close vents that can help to control the ratio of the medication.

Dr. Morepen cn-10 Compressor Nebulizer

Dr. Morepen cn-10 is ideal for both kids’ and adults’ respiratory tract treatment and helps to get rid of the difficulties of asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory disorders. The product generates low noise and incredibly low maintenance. The device is lightweight and has a handle to carry from one place to another. The sleek design of the machine is children-friendly, heavy-duty ensuring durability. The package includes a mask, tube, and pipe. The manufacturer is providing 1 year of warranty over the product.


  • This is a sleek and compact designed nebulizer
  • It has a handle to carry due to lightweight
  • The product has an option to open/close vent for controlling the ratio
  • The device comes with an affordable price


  • Its effectiveness depends on the frequency of its use
  • The pipe’s side may break if it’s mishandled
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6. Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NEC 101 is one of the best portable nebulizer machines for kids for the effective management of chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. This nebulizer delivers a dense aerosol in the therapeutic range. It has a large 12 ml capacity of medicine container as well as a kit comprising a compressor, nebulizer kit, 2 pieces of spare replacement filters, air tubes, a mouthpiece, an adult mask, a child mask, a carrying bag, and an instruction manual.

Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer

It delivers 0.3 ml inhalation per minute through a small particle size of MMAD 3.9 µm and ensures lower airway for effective nebulization. This is a User-friendly device with one-touch medication as well as good for frequent use. It has a 360-degree nebulization feature that ensures the best respiratory care for children and adults.


  • The product is light-weight and compact and easy to carry
  • The nebulizer is good for indoor and outdoor use
  • This has a large 12ml medication capacity
  • It Features 360-degree medication
  • It is further user friendly and durable


  • No cons
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Nebulizers are modern equipment meant for addressing your respiratory problems especially breathing problems and provide instant relief. But you need to choose the appropriate device that addresses your specific issue based on the intensity of your problem.

The 6 unique products mentioned above are undeniably the best in the market but it depends upon the recommendation of your doctor. However, out of the above six, the most trending and popular two nebulizer machines for kids are the “Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer” and “Philips REF-1093268 Sami the Seal Nebulizer” that may serve your purpose appropriately.

F.A.Q on best Nebulizer machine for kids in India 2020

  1. What are the different types of nebulizers?

    There are several types of nebulizers in the market, before choosing one always consult with your doctor.

  2. How often can you nebulize your kids?

    Normally 2 doses is enough and start giving results in a short time but always go with the health provider's instruction to use it, more doses can do harm also.

  3. Which nebulizer is best for kids?

    Every nebulizer is having a different function and weight that will depend on the condition of your kids but I personally recommend Philips Respironics Innospire Elegance Nebulizer.

  4. Is nebulizer good for cough?

    Short Answer to it yes it is very much recommended in case you want to learn more about it please check the post 


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