Review Of 7 Best olive oil for baby Massage in India

There is no argument that babies need massaging, and using the ideal olive oil for baby skin would result in growth, health, and development. Before it’s the bath, massaging the baby is what most choose to do, but the question is, ‘What do you massage with’? Many lotions and creams are available for applying on the baby, but these are generally meant to keep the skin from dryness. It is best to go for the best olive oil in India, sunflower oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc. They are more natural and proven beyond doubt on their safety feature. 

List of best olive oil for baby

imageolive oil for baby massageUser ReviewWhere to Buy
Figaro Olive Oil for Baby Massage4.5 Amazon Price
DiSano Olive Oil, Multipurpose Olive Oil4.3 Amazon Price
Solasz 100% Spanish baby massage olive oil4.2Amazon Price
Himalaya Baby Massage with Olive Oil4.5Amazon Price
Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil4.2Amazon Price
OLIADE Baby Massage Oil4.5Amazon Price
Bertolli Olive Oil4.6Amazon Price

Therefore, we have shared below the best olive oil for baby massage in India, where you will get all the details. 

Best olive oil for baby Massage in India

1. Figaro Olive Oil for Baby Massage

To massage our babies, we need chemical-free oil, and that would make the skin shine. Brighter Figaro olive oil is the best olive oil for massage. It can be applied to the scalp and possess antioxidant properties. However, Figaro olive oil for baby massage price is also not very high in comparison to its immense benefits.

There are two categories of Figaro olive oil:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

This olive oil has the following:

  • Acidity not exceeding 1 degree
  • It is not refined
  • It has taste
  • It has smell
  • It has a color and is considered oil with supreme quality

2. Olive oil:

  • Olive oil is a mix of extra virgin oil and refined olive oil.
  • It has a pleasant aroma accompanied by a smooth taste.
  • It glitters and is a golden color.
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2. DiSano Olive Oil, Multipurpose Olive Oil 

Apart from the fact that Disano Olive oil can be used as an edible oil for cooking purposes, it is highly recommended for massaging babies in India. The reason is it has an abundant quantity of Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids act against Diabetes and heart issues even though babies would not have them, but it protects them in the long run.

DiSano Olive Oil, Multipurpose Olive Oil

Therefore, it is the best Edible oil and suits baby massage, making it one of the best olive oils for massage in India.  

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3. Solasz 100% Spanish Baby Massage Pure Olive Oil

Solasz 100% Spanish Baby Massage Pure Olive Oil

The baby’s muscles and bones, which are at a formative stage, need to develop and grow. Solasz massage oil is specifically designed for this. It is produced from olives, which are of superior quality, and this lends the yellow color to the oil, which looks golden and attractive and makes it the best olive oil for baby hair. Solasz is best for baby hair as it promotes health and a shiny look, making babies look more attractive.

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4. Himalaya Baby Massage with Olive Oil

When choosing the best olive oil available in India for baby me a massage, Himalaya olive oil comes highly recommended as India’s massage’s best olive oil. It contains Ayurvedic herbs and a mix of Vitamin E and can be applied to the baby to make the skin healthier. Nails and skin complexions improve with the help of this oil as the skin absorbs it faster. 

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 5. Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil

Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil

The Indus valley olive oil is created out of cold compression and combined with nutritional values. This helps fight Osteoporosis and is good in the long run, making it the best olive oil brand for baby massage. 

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6. OLIADE Baby Massage Oil

OLIADE Baby Massage Oil

Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and added to it olive and Arachis oil Oliade Baby massage oil has to be ranked as the best olive oil for baby massage in India. It makes the baby’s skin healthier and glow too. It also helps to increase the blood circulation and blood flow in the baby’s system and strengthens the bones, making it the best olive oil available in India.

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7. Bertolli Olive Oil

Bertolli Olive Oil

Bertolli olive oil India outranks every olive oil brand and is reputed to be the best olive oil in India and the entire world! The main feature is that it increases the blood flow and regulates it to aid the baby’s cardiac, circulatory system when massaged with it. Like the skin hair, the other parts also show significant improvement when the baby is massaged with Bertolli olive oil.

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How to use olive oil for skin fairness?

Extra Virgin Oil: 

Massage a mix of one tablespoon of the oil mentioned above on the facial area before giving a bath for a bath you can use a bathtub. It should be done in circular motions and firmly over certain areas: the forehead, nose, and cheeks. Use a clean face cloth dipped in hot water and hold it firmly on your face till it cools down. Repeat the process by rubbing your face this time. As the last step, use a paper towel and pat your face. Repeat 2 times a week after that you can use face cream for the baby to moisturize the skin.

2. Olive Oil & Lemon juice: 

After mixing the lemon juice with olive oil ( one tablespoon each), apply it on the face. Let it stay for approximately 30 minutes, and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat the process three days a week.

3. Olive oil & Honey: 

Mix one tablespoon of Honey and Olive Oil and add one egg yolk. Apply to your face, and after 15 minutes, use warm water to wash it off. Repeat 3 times a week

4. Olive Oil and Turmeric for skin: 

Mix half a tablespoon of Turmeric powder with one spoon of Olive Oil. Combine this with two tablespoons of Yogurt. Apply this mix to your face and wash it using water after 15 minutes. Do this twice a week.

5. Olive Oil and Castor oil: 

Take a tablespoon of Olive oil, castor oil, and a few drops of lavender oil if required. Massage your face for 3 minutes and remove it by using a white cloth dipped in warm water. Repeat this around 3 to 4 times every week.

Benefits of best olive oil for baby massage

  1. Baby Massages natural choice

When one raises a baby massage discussion, it would be incomplete without an olive oil massage for the baby being discussed. It does calm the baby and results in perfect sleep patterns. Olive oil is excellent in moisturizing dry skin and even skin tone since it directly affects skin tissues regeneration. This is mainly because Olive oil consists of oleic acids, healthy fatty acids, and Squalene as its basic ingredients, making massage with olive oil the best option. To make things better, olive oil for baby body massage is not seasonal and can be used throughout the year. 

2. Olive oil provides Nutrition:

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, also known as MUFA, are available in Olive oil in good quantum. Once the baby crosses six months of age, MUFA plays the primary role in promoting Pancreatic and Cardiovascular functions and health. It is ideal to use olive oil to measure a quarter of a teaspoon provided baby food is 56 grams, and this is the right balance between olive oil for baby food.

3. Treats Constipation

Constipation issues do occur, even if rare, to babies, and Olive oil is one readymade solution to cure it. Gastric problems are also naturally solved as olive oil is a laxative. 

4. Diaper Rash cure:

One of the worst discomforts for babies is the rashes created by the diapers. Not only does it make the baby uncomfortable, but the possibility of an infection is imminent. An emulsifier is required, and olive oil does just that to get rid of the rashes. It has to apply gently to the buttocks and cover the genital areas of the baby. The mix of two spoons of olive oil with water forms a solution that has to be applied.

5. Cough issues:

When the baby suffers from a cough, it is best to prepare a mixture of olive oil to three drops of peppermint and Eucalyptus oil. Gently rub this mix on the baby’s chest, and the cough would disappear, leading to sound sleep as well.

Benefits of Figaro Olive Oil 

There are quite many Figaro olive oil benefits for baby massage. Also, if you are thinking, ‘is Figaro olive oil good for baby massage?’, then with so many benefits, you are sure to love it. 

Skin Benefits:

Vitamins A is considered highly beneficial for the skin and Vitamin E. Aided by its antioxidant properties, it keeps the baby’s skin moisturized.

Good for Massages:

Figaro olive oil for baby skin keeps the baby calm and helps them to relax. Apart from that, it has the following effects: 

  • Muscles, bones strengthened.
  • Allows baby to sleep peacefully
  • Blood circulation enhanced

Moistures the skin:

As Figaro olive oil can penetrate easily into the baby’s skin’s innermost layers, the massage would make the skin more supple and soft. The application of the oil can even be made twice a day after bath.

The Cradle Cap:

One would know when their baby gets affected by the Cradle cap as the scalp would turn yellow or brown and large enough to be noticed. The primary cause is dandruff. Figaro oil treats the cradle cap since it has hydrating properties. Figaro olive oil for baby massage online is available. 

Benefits of Bertolli Oil

When Extra Virgin oil undergoes the process of Cold pressing, it achieves a fruity flavor. This oil is called Bertolli Oil. Bertolli olive oil for skin has Squalene, and other antioxidants are efficient in keeping the baby’s skin hydrated.

Fights against Inflammation: 

Bertolli Oil has specific medical properties similar to Aspirin, and inflammation in the baby can be countered.

Bertolli Oil for the Hair: 

It is a natural ingredient in products manufactured for Hair Care. You can apply Bertolli oil to the baby’s scalp from an early stage itself. Moreover, bertolli olive oil for babies also helps them to relax and sleep peacefully. 

Fight s to Lower Cholesterol: Low Cholesterol is the starting point of heart disease. Bertolli oil has loads of good fatty acids to maintain a balance between good and bad cholesterol. Apart from this, Bertolli oil keeps the brain healthy, Blood pressure under control.

F.A.Q on best olive oil for baby

  1. Is olive oil good for baby skin?

    Baby massage with Olive oil has numerous advantages. Apart from that, it helps you to get close to your baby and affectionate. The advantages are:
    Encourages eye contact 
    The Baby’s stress hormones are calmed down.
    Brings down your Baby’s anxiety since you are near them
    It helps your baby tone down; it’s crying.
    Physical interaction is ensured.
    It helps your baby to relax and sleep peacefully.

  2. Is Olive Oil Good for Your Baby’s hair?

    There is no doubt that Olive oil has excellent qualities that would help your baby’s scalp. Here are the benefits of olive oil which would aid your baby’s hair:
    Hair manageability: Dry hair on your baby indicates a lack of nourishment. The hair is bound to get entangled too. Apply warm olive oil on the scalp to relieve your baby of this agony.
    Hair Texture Enhanced: Olive oil is abundant with vitamin A&E, along with certain antioxidants. This allows Keratin to be maintained in the hair and traps the moisture from escaping enabling the baby’s hair to retain its shine and stay healthy. New hair growth is the other good result.
    Eczema Cure: One may notice that the baby has scaly patches on the scalp along with flakes. This leads to itching, and red patches also occur. It could lead to fungi issues or maybe Psoriasis too. Olive oil does keep your hair and scalp away from all these. It can cure or defend the hair in case these issues attack them. 
    Fights Dandruff: Dandruff, if allowed to set in, never goes out quickly. It is due to dry hair, and Olive oil is a nourisher with hydrating qualities. Combine olive oil with lemon drops to massage the baby’s hair. Lemon has acidic properties that fight and remove dandruff, and olive oil acts as a moisturizer.

  3. Which olive oil is best for baby massage?

    Olive oil is generally prescribed to be used for massaging babies. One should know that all types of olive oil are not advisable. 
    Olive oil arrives in 5 types, but only two are advisable.
    The two are 
    Virgin Olive oil
    Extra Virgin oil
    The reasons are that these are oils that are cold-pressed and extracted. This form of extraction allows the nutrients to stay despite the temperature that is set high during the process. Acidity levels are found comparatively lower, and the aroma is natural.


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