6 Best Pacifiers for Newborn in India

Best Pacifiers for Newborn

Gone are those days when newborns used to cry at the loudest for one reason or the other. They may be hungry or experiencing a small discomfort due to a full stomach etc. The Pacifier came in to calm their nerves down, and once they started sucking on it, the crying baby stopped doing so. Some of the Best Pacifiers for newborns in India are readily available in the market.

Generally, babies resorted to sucking their thumbs for comfort, and many continue to do so even while sleeping. The honey pacifier for the baby made sure that the baby’s effort was not required, and the soothing effect was provided by the Pacifier alone. Pacifiers have many names, for example, Binky/soother/ dummy, etc.

The concept of the Pacifier for newborns and the role it plays is not an easy one. It calms down the baby, and every Pacifier has a different effect on the baby. Unfortunately, they like only one or two kids, and as a parent, we must find which one!

Pacifiers also have a life span, and it is advisable to replace the old one with a new one often. On the other hand, efforts should be made not to get the child addicted to the Pacifier as they may want to suck on it even after at an older stage. The fallacy that the baby mistakes the Pacifier for a nipple is also wrong. The Pacifier is just a bottle teat and a different action compared to breastfeeding. 

List Best Pacifiers for Newborn in India 

Imagepacifier for newbornUser reviewWhere to buy
Philips Avent Glow in The Dark 4.1/5 Amazon Price
Fisher Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh4.1/5 Amazon Price
Pigeon Silicone Pacifier3.7/5 Amazon Price
Philips Avent 75154 Mini Orthodontic Freeflow4/5 Amazon Price
Kassy Pop Curated Just for You Baby Bite4.1/5 Amazon Price
Dr Brown’s Timmy The Turtle Lovey5/5 Amazon Price

Top 6 Pacifiers for Newborn in India

1. Philips Avent Glow in The Dark 

This product is made of silicon and thus is naturally free of odor and taste. It arrives in multiple colors and glows in the dark. They are deliberately flat and appear symmetrically drop-shaped teats to allow the natural formation of the baby’s gums, teeth, and palate. If you are wondering how to use honey soother for a baby, then do not worry. The ring handle provides the facility for easy removal of the Pacifier.

Philips Avent Avent Glow in The Dark Night Time Soothers


•Hygiene standards are easy to follow as they can be sterilized and come with a snap-on cap.

• The pacifier’s handle glows in the dark and becomes easy to search if it slips off the baby.

• The shield, which is lightweight and tiny in appearance, would enable a perfect fit for the newborn. Saliva build-up is prevented, protecting the nose and skin irritation thanks to the ventilation holes, which allow free airflow.

• The orthodontic teat does not hurt the baby’s mouth even in an inverted position.


• The design being orthodontic is very useful

• It Comes with Safety features

• Glows in the dark which makes it easy to handle


• Not recommended for babies with chubby cheeks as the airflow leaves marks.

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2. Fisher Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh

The Fisher ultra helps the baby feed on its thanks to the 2 in 1 teething toy and fruit holder. The difference between Pacifier and nibbler is not much. However, pacifiers are extremely helpful for babies.

Fisher-Price Ultra care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh


• Allows babies to suck food in minimal quantities as the product has a sleeve design, which is unique.

• Safety locks help avoid spillage.

• Mesh protection to help prevent nipple cap from getting dusty.


• The Fisher Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh prevents a baby from getting choked.

• Baby’s gums get massaged as they nibble at the food

• Medicines can also be injected.


• Leaves traces of stickiness

• Does allow spillage onto the bib.

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3. Pigeon Silicone Pacifier

With an innovative design and easy to use, this chusni for the baby nurtures the baby’s health as it grows. It is BPA free with a soft teat. It allows for airflow and soothes the baby.

Pigeon Silicone Pacifier


• The oral development system receives excellent support.

• Ease in sucking as the base resembles a nipple.

• Pigeon Silicone PacIfier has a safety cap that protects the Pacifier if not in use.


• honey pacifier for baby help have a peaceful sleep

• Multicolor product

• Quality of silicon is outstanding


Water stagnation after cleaning the Pacifier is a baby soother side effect.

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4. Philips Avent 75154 Mini Orthodontic Freeflow

The Philips Avent soothie pacifier is designed so that it is the closest a real nipple can get to the artificial one. It is orthodontic and relaxes the baby, along with avoiding crankiness. It is the best Pacifier for 18 to 36 months.

Philips Avent 75154 Mini Orthodontic Freeflow Soothers


  • The orthodontic features allow for perfect alignment of teeth as sucking is made easy for the baby.
  • It is a twin pack. 
  • Philips Avent 75154 Mini Orthodontic Freeflow is made up of silicone material. 
  • It has a security ring handle and is collapsible.
  • Protective cap available to ensure dust does not collect.
  • The silicone nipples are user friendly. 
  • The Philips Avent pacifier (0-6 months) is slippery, and it takes time for the baby to hold it correctly. 
  • The nipple might be a bit slippery.
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5. Kassy Pop Curated Just for You Baby Bite

If Pacifier has a stylish design, then we are talking about the Kasay Pop pacifier. It is one of the best pacifiers for 3-year-olds. It is manufactured using organic materials and BPA free. The Pacifier has a robust design that allows fruit bits to be sucked in quickly by the baby.

Kassy Pop Curated Just for You Baby Bite


• The longevity of the product is more than its competitors

•  Kassy Pop Curated Just for You Baby Bite allows  for sterilization at high temperatures

• Easy to grip product

• The easy sucking of food gradually strengthens the gums and teeth.



• Cleaning process is easy

• Design is excellent

• Durability ensured

• Protective cap available


Slightly expensive

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6. Dr Brown’s Timmy The Turtle Lovey 

Trust is the other name for Dr Brown’s Pacifier. It is BPA and PVC free. Farlin pacifier is another well-known brand. Design is undoubtedly exclusive, and the soft turtle toy is innovative at its best. It is made of silicone and durable.

Dr. Brown's Timmy The Turtle Lovey with Blue One-Piece Silicone Pacifier


• The nipple on the Pacifier is realistic 

• The turtle keeps the baby attracted.


• The soft toy makes the baby cuddle and sleep peacefully

• Easy to clean

• Air channels allow the baby to suck in the air, thus avoiding low air pressure.


• Dr Brown’s Timmy The Turtle Lovey should not be allowed to wash this product.

•It is very expensive

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Things to consider before buying Pacifiers for Newborns in India: 

A pacifier may be an uncomplicated purchase, but then you are buying it for your child just born. It would help if you were looking for this Pacifier, categorized as 0- 6 months, for there are different categories separated by the child’s age factor. One has to ensure the Pacifier’s safety and whether the newborns also like to suck in it. If you are wondering about the difference between soother and teether, then soother is sort of a thing to soothe the baby while teether is something that they can chew when teething. 

Found below is the list of conditions that one should look for in a pacifier before purchasing it.

1. Size does matter: 

Check the Pacifier’s size, and if it is the smallest, it is the apt one for your newborn. Larger ones would suit the elderly babies, and the newborn cannot open its mouth too wide if you have chosen the wrong one. Make sure you select the right product for your baby.

2. A sturdy nipple:

It’s wise to pull hard at the nipple of the Pacifier and ensure it does not break or come apart. An unsteady nipple could break in the child’s mouth, and that’s unbearable. The precaution should be taken, especially in the case of a pacifier with a multi-piece basic design. 

3. No Innovation: 

A bottle nipple pacifier is entirely different from that of the Pacifier we are discussing here. Never try to innovate by substituting with the bottle nipple. You can never create a similar replacement to that of a pacifier. Both are not the same, so the results can in no way be similar. 

4. Shape is Comfort: 

The nipple on the Pacifier may be moulded in two different shapes. One may be the standard nipple size, which appears rounded, and the other assumes the shape of ‘orthodontic.’ The latter has a bottom that is flat and rounded. It is best to choose one between them after checking the child’s comfort levels. The child’s comfort must always be taken into consideration before buying such products. 

5. Rule out pacifiers for older children: 

The golden rule is to let the children between 0 to 6 months suck on pacifiers and then gradually remove it from the habit. Pacifiers may cause ear infections, jaw pain, and tooth problems if the practice extends beyond six months. 

6. Mandatory for Pacifiers to be BPA free!

BPA’s, in short, are chemicals used to make objects in resin or plastics. The Pacifier also is plastic, and BPA, if found, would harm the baby. The other way is to buy pacifiers made in silicon or perhaps latex where BPA plays no role.

 7. Replacement of a pacifier:

A pacifier should be discarded if the nipple cracks or has a hole etc. Sometimes you can feel the stickiness or grime. Change of color or looseness are also signs of wear and tear.

8. Precautionary measures with Pacifier Tethers:

Tethers should be used to bind the Pacifier to the crib or the baby’s stroller keeping in mind that the clip is not long enough. 

 9. Keep the Pacifier cleansed:

It is very vital to keep the Pacifier clean by sterilizing it more often than not. As it is about the health and hygiene of babies so it must be cleaned frequently.

10. Colorful Pacifiers:

It is quite natural for the Pacifier to slip out of the baby’s hands or mouth in the dark. Colourful Pacifiers are easier to find on such occasions than the standard ones.

11. Buy Pacifiers in bulk

In case your baby likes to suck on one particular Pacifier, buy more than a dozen, and it becomes easy to manage. It is always good to have some pacifiers in hand as a replacement or substitute. 

F.A.Q on Pacifiers for Newborn

  1. what is filled inside the Pacifier?

    some pacifiers do have honey or water-filled whereas most of them are empty.

  2. Out of Pacifier or thumb, which is better?

    Pacifier is better when it comes to hygiene. However, getting a pacifier when a baby is sleeping might seem difficult. 

  3. Are you wondering “Philips Avent pacifier how to use“?

    It is relatively easy to use Philips Pacifier as you can just fill it up and use it for your purpose.

  4. What is the difference between nuk vs the Chicco pacifier?

    These are almost similar types. Except for the brand. More or less, both are the right products.

  5. What is the difference between soother and pacifiers?

    Soothers was actually anything that could be sucked, but recently pacifiers have been developed which are made of rubber teat and can be used for sucking or teething.

Conclusion on top pacifiers in India for newborn

The fundamental question is whether your baby requires a honey pacifier in the first place. The telltale signs are there for you to observe if it starts sucking the thumb or comforts itself by clinging on to the breast without actually feeding on milk.

If these were not enough, the child would cling and bite the toys around it. All the pacifiers mentioned deliver the essential purpose it is meant for, and some like Kassy Pop, Philips Avent, do keep their nose ahead in performance.

The best pacifiers for breastfed babies 2020 are there to ensure the baby’s health as it harnesses the gums and teeth. It is up to the mother to fetch the best Pacifier which your baby wants you to.


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