6 Best Pregnancy Pillows for comfortable sleep in India

Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

One of the most wonderful feelings once a pregnancy test kit shows you positive results for a woman is to carry a new life in her womb. However, the road to motherhood is not a smooth journey. A lot many problems and discomfort come associated with it. Improper sleep with a bulged tummy tops the chart of problems the world over.

Not to worry, the new innovative and helpful product, Pregnancy Pillow or Maternity Pillow is at your rescue. This is a new product which the previous generations were not aware of. This article will highlight the 7 Best Pregnancy Pillow in India for a new level of comfort for to-be mothers.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy Pillows are large sizes pillows designed in such a way that it provides support to the entire body including the legs, thighs, and back of a pregnant lady. These pregnancy pillows come in various sizes and shapes. Pregnancy pillows are designed specifically to give support to the changing body shape and size of pregnant women and have the necessary curves and contours to match the shape of a pregnant woman.

The right pillow will also help in reducing body and backache, which is caused due to an increase in weight during pregnancy. Above all, it will ensure that the mother-to-be sleeps comfortably, which is essential for the well-being of the mother and the baby.

List of Best pregnancy Pillows you can buy for comfort sleep

ImagePregnancy PillowUser RatingLatest Price
Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow4.5/5 Amazon Price
Chicco Total Body Pillow Glacier4.1/5 Amazon Price
Angel Mommy Stylish-Multifunctional U Shape Pregnancy Pillow3.7/5 Amazon Price
Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft C Shaped Pillow4/5 Amazon Price
Tishnagi Ultra Soft Body Pillow4.7/5 Amazon Price
Warmzzz Pregnancy Pillow with Extra Pillow Cover for Pregnant Women4.1/5 Amazon Price

1.Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is designed by maternity experts in the field and is made from the finest quality of Coozly HQ Fibres. These are specially designed to provide maximum comfort to your belly and support to vertebrae. It comes in various sizes so that one end of the C-shaped pregnancy pillow can be used to provide support to the head while the other arc provides support to the belly and the lower part of the body.

Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The Coozly C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow is having the finest material used with a precision cut for smooth finishing. While you cannot hug your partner and sleep in his arms, The Coozly C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow will be your best companion. As it supports the belly, leg, and back, there is no more need for multiple pillows on all sides.


Serving for more than 10 years with positive feedbacks

Designed by industry experts to provide the finest product

Lifesize pillow with long stretch arcs

The flexible shape makes it useful post-pregnancy as well


Takes a good amount of space on the bed

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2. Chicco Total Body Pillow Glacier

This is a new product launch from the house of Chicco. It is a well-known brand in the field of baby products. Recently they came out with a novel 3-piece pillow set for a pregnant lady. This unique pregnancy pillow is developed with the help and research of a physiotherapist.

It also works as one of the best pregnancy pillows for back pain. As it comes in sets of 3 pillows that can be adjusted as per one’s choice and comfort to rest the entire body including the spine, back, and legs. The best part of this pillow is that the outer material of the pillow is machine washable. So you need not have to worry about prolonged use with a stinky smell. 

Chicco Total Body Pillow Glacier


Collection of 3 pillows

Adjustable as per one’s requirement

Machine Washable


At times, the pillows get displaced

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3.Angel Mommy Stylish-Multifunctional U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

U shaped Angel Mommy Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow is a perfect companion for to-be mothers. It has a flexible design that supports the entire body providing a leg resting cushion. This is a perfect multi-function pregnancy pillow that provides, comfort, cushion, and elevation to the body.

The voluminous stuffing helps the mom to relax and get the best cushioned support relieving back pain. The Angel Mommy – Total Body Pregnancy Pillow arrives in a perfect standard length for easy tucking between your knees. It helps in preventing back and hip strain. It also keeps your spine properly aligned. 


Full-length pillow to support the entire body

Gives support to the lumbar region and prevents back pain

Also supports elevation during breastfeeding

Support the belly to avoid pain


Takes time to adjust to using it on a regular basis

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4. Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft C Shaped Pillow/Body Pillow/Maternity Pillow

It is very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping posture for any pregnant lady. The moon-shaped or C shaped pregnancy pillow helps the user to alleviate the issues related to the discomfort of sleeping positions. One can avoid using multiple pillows with the introduction of Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow. It helps you to provide the utmost comfort in all your sleeping postures, be it front or back sleeping. It is best used for sideways sleeping by tucking the pillow between two thighs and resting the belly on one side. 

Mom's Moon Ultra Soft C Shaped Pillow


This pillow is designed to be anti-allergic, sweat-absorbent, and breathable

Easy to maintain as can be machine washed

Not just sleeping but can also be used while watching TV, reading, or just leisurely relaxing.

Comes in various colors


May feel discomfort for the first few days till you are used to it.

Takes time to dry

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5. Tishnagi Ultra Soft Body Pillow – Long Side Sleeper Pillows For Use During Pregnancy

This is one of the best in long side sleeper pregnancy pillows. It not only provides orthopaedic support but provides soft, fluffy, and relaxing comfort during your pregnancy days. The good part is that the pillow does not go flat with prolonged use as is common with other pregnancy pillows. It does not have a zipper or any noticeable corners to provide you with seamless flow. 

Tishnagi Ultra Soft Body Pillow


Customization available as per your height 

No zipper makes it smooth and fuss-free all over

Serving pregnant ladies for the last 10 years


Does not support the backside while you sleep on one side.

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6. Warmzzz Pregnancy Pillow with Extra Pillow Cover for Pregnant Women

Warmzzz U-shaped pillow provides the perfect night sleep that a pregnant lady desires. This pillow with high density and extra fibre stuffing is very soft and cozy. It has a pure cotton cover providing you with a smooth feel. The pillow weighs less than 3kgs and is full size in length.

It provides complete support to your body and relieves you from back pain and leg pain. It adjusts and contours to the user’s body shape providing support exactly as needed. One can use this Warmzzz Pregnancy Pillow for multiple uses post-pregnancy as well. You can use it while nursing the baby as it elevates and helps you breastfeed. It can also serve as a cozy covering for the baby while sleeping.

Warmzzz Pregnancy Pillow with Extra Pillow Cover for Pregnant Women


Multipurpose use post-delivery as well

Supports all body parts during sleep for maximum comfort

Lightweight and can be easily carried from one room to the other


Machine wash not possible

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Benefits of using a Pregnancy Pillow

There are various benefits associated with using pregnancy pillows irrespective of your sleeping habit and style. These pillows are here to add additional relaxation.

Comfort – The prime benefit of the pregnancy pillow is to provide additional support to the thigh, legs, and back. It helps in the proper growth of the baby.

Deep Sleep – The body needs adequate and undisturbed sleep during pregnancy days. It relaxes you from all-day stress and other pains. Peaceful sleep helps the overall growth of the fetus. 

Pain reliever – These pregnancy pillows are designed to relieve your back pain, thigh pain, and leg swellings which are common during the later months.

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

As the name implies it is U-shaped to provide contour to your entire body. It supports your legs, hips, thighs, neck, head, and of course the belly. One can also slip her arm under the pillow and sleep in an embrace position. Surely this takes a large space on your bed.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This is a smaller version of U-Shaped but in the form of a curve in C shape. It covers the top half of your body providing support to the back and belly. You can also rest your head on top of it. You can tuck the pillow between the legs but it sometimes does not reach your feet.

I-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

These are long elongated pillows for side sleepers. It helps by supporting the belly weight and easily fits in between the two legs. One can sleep in a hugging position with the pillow. However, they do not support the back and hips.

Wedge Pillow

These wedge type pregnancy pillows are meant to support a specific area of body parts like the belly or back and not the entire body. They are comparatively less expensive. It can easily be slipped under the belly to relieve the additional weight.

Which is the Best Pregnancy Pillow Shape?

Pregnancy pillows are now available in various sizes and shapes. The most common shapes are I, J, C, and U. Different person have their own sets of problems and needs. While one can sleep only on one side of the I-shaped Pregnancy Pillow, you can turn and use both sides while using the U-shaped pillow.

The C-shaped pregnancy pillow is more convenient to provide belly support, some find a U-shaped pillow more comfortable for their back pain. Another benefit of a U-shaped pregnancy pillow is its extended arms that can be folded in any way to provide coziness and soft comfort. Overall, all the pillows have their own benefits, it is up to the user to select the best one that suits her need.


No matter which trimester your pregnancy period is in, you will always need a comfortable sleeping position. Many pregnant ladies experience back pain, thigh pain, and leg swelling, apart from the discomfort of managing the bulging belly. These best pregnancy pillows in India will work as a panacea for them and provide you best comfortable resting position.

These pillows apart from their use during sleep time can also be used during sitting and even breastfeeding after the baby’s birth. Rather than waiting and living with more pain like our older generation, consider yourself lucky to have access to such amazing pregnancy pillows. Get one today.


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