10 Best pregnancy test kits in India 2021

10 Best pregnancy test kit in India review 2021

Pregnancy is both an exciting as well as a troublesome period in the life of every woman. Your pregnancy can be a joyous celebration in your family whereas unwanted pregnancy can be very much disturbing. In this context, every woman longs for getting away from the risk of unplanned pregnancy through various means.

One of the most common means is the pregnancy testing kit which ensures whether you positive test or negative test. Eventually, you can take appropriate steps to either keep or abort the pregnancy or if negative be comfortable in your day-to-day living by using the best pregnancy test kit in India.

List of 10 best pregnancy test kit in India

ImagePregnancy test kitUser RatingLatest Price
i-can One Step Pregnancy Detection Test Device3.8/5 Amazon Price
Dr. Trust Neclife Pregaplan Pregnancy Test Kits3.6/5Amazon Price
NeclifeGetnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test3.1/5Amazon Price
Pregcolor Test Card3/5Amazon Price
Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit3.5/5Amazon Price
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit4.1/5Amazon Price
Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit4.1/5Amazon Price
Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test3.8/5Amazon Price
Cardinal Health Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit3.6/5Amazon Price
AccutesthCG Pregnancy Test Kit4/5Amazon Price

How to Use a Pregnancy Test Kit?

There are two methods you can do a pregnancy test 1. blood test 2. urine test. Using a pregnancy kit to detect your pregnancy is very easy and simple. In the most popular and best home pregnancy test kit in India, all you need to do is to put a few drops of recommended urine stream (as directed in the instruction) over the specified space of the device and instantly get the result.

You will get detailed user instructions on every pregnancy test packet. Often, user instructions or techniques of testing are different from one brand to another. However, the general use of pregnancy kits is as the following and you can use either or one technique as per the user instructions of the kits.

  • Take your first urine of the day or as instructed in the user’s instruction and keep it in a container and dip the testing kit into the fluid.
  • Use a dropper to take out the urine from the container and put a few drops in the specified spaces on the testing device.
  • You will find specific indication either one or two and in pink or blue or other colored indicators for positive and only one indication for a negative result. This indication varies as per brands such as some show + or minus etc. The details of user instructions are discussed in the product description below.

How Pregnancy test kit dedicate result (Positive or negative)

Once you use the pregnancy kits using their test instructions there you can see a colored band in the test stick one line or two lines. This colored band result interpretation suggests whether you get a positive pregnancy test (two-line) or a negative pregnancy test (single line ).

when the fertilized egg attaches to the female uterine lining, the placenta forms and produces the pregnancy hormone which is called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) then the urine which is placed in pregnancy kits will produce two test lines which means a positive result.

10 Best Pregnancy Test Kit Brands in India:

1. i-can One Step Pregnancy Detection Test Device

This product is manufactured by Piramal Healthcare and the i-can One Step Pregnancy Test kit is perhaps the best home pregnancy test kit available in India now. The kit comes with 3 or 5 packs of single-use chemical test strips and a dropper. Eventually, the product is very easy to use. What you need to do is just collect the first urine sample in the morning and put 3 drops of your urine in the tiny aperture of the kit which has been marked as S. It is good to take the urine using a dropper to make sure of the drop of urine. 

i-can One Step Pregnancy Detection Test Device

You need to place subsequently a drop of the sample after the preceding drop is wholly absorbed. The correct result normally comes within 3-5 minutes. Ultimately, you will find the result in T and C slots. If a dark pink or purple coloured band appears on both the T & C slots that indicates you are Pregnant.

If you have a negative test result the pink or purple colored band will only be visible on the C slot and does not appear on the T slot. If in any case, the band doesn’t come into view on both the slots that indicate the failure of the application and you need to test again with a fresh kit. Do check the expiration date some time expired pregnancy kits show errors.


  • The device is simple and unproblematic to use.
  • It gives faster results in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • It gives 99% accurate results.


  • Placing more samples on the kit may fail the test.
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2. Dr. Trust Neclife Pregaplan Pregnancy Test Kits

If you are confused about buying the right pregnancy testing kit and do not know which is the best pregnancy test kit in India, and then this is the right one for you. This product from Neclife is available in India for a couple of years since 2017. This is manufactured in India with American technology leading to faster and accurate results every time you test. Eventually, this kit contains 10 ovulation test devices in a packet. 

Dr. Trust Neclife Pregaplan Pregnancy Test Kits

Collect the urine at around 12 noon every time, and keep it in a clean container. You need to use the dropper to get the collected urine from the container. Besides this, you also need to remove the kit from the packet before the testing. Put 2 drops of the urine on the test kit and you will get the result within 5 minutes. You will either find two dark purple lines in C and T spaces which indicate a positive result or one line on C or a dark line at C and a slight purple line at “T” eventually indicate a negative result. When you find a single line in T then it is an invalid application.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Best for pregnancy planning
  • Easy to use


  • Removing the kit earlier from the package may void the result.
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3. NeclifeGetnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test

The NeclifeGetnews One Step Urine Hcg Test kit comes with a dropper for urine and desiccant. It provides high accuracy detection of up to 99.9 percent of untimely exposure to pregnancy. This product is the best home pregnancy test kit in India that comes with 5 kits inside the package. It is made with American Technology and the first iso 13485 in India and CE-approved one-step urine HCG pregnancy test available in India.

NeclifeGetnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test

You will get the best and accurate test results within 5 minutes via this device. Performing the test is easy. What you can do is just collect the urine in a clean cup or container and put 2 to 3 drops in the small hole of the kit. Wait for 5 minutes and the result is there. A single pink line indicates the negative results but you need to test again after 3-4 days. The double lines indicate the positive results which have to be tested again with a gap of three to four days. 


  • The device is popular for its easy and private testing
  • It gives a very quick result
  • The result is accurate and clear with no confusion at all


  • The result may differ as per the urine collection time.
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4. Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

The product is manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This prega news pregnancy test kit for early pregnancy test is perhaps the most widely available product within India. The kit includes a single-use strip along with a dropper. If you go to any corner in India and ask which is the best pregnancy test kit in India you will ultimately be referred to this product. Eventually, you just need to add 2-3 drops of the urine sample by collecting the urine when you wake up first in the morning time and carry out your pregnancy test. 

Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

A dropper is also available with the product which helps in accuracy in putting the drops. The result comes within five minutes soon after you put the drops of urine. For a positive result, it will show two pink lines and a single line points towards a negative result. In other cases, the test result may fail due to the low hCG level or adding a paltry or high quantity of urine sample into the device. In such cases, it is recommended to perform the test with a fresh strip once again.


  • This is the most trusted brand in India
  • This is available almost everywhere
  • This is a very popular product in the country


  • Over dropping the sample may fail the test also.
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5. Pregcolor Test Card

MSD Pharmaceuticals is a leading brand in the country that provides reliable health care products in the market. This product from MSD Pharmaceuticals is yet another best home pregnancy test kit available in India and is extensively used to test pregnancy. The product has a single-use kit and is easy to use. You just need to put the urine sample with the help of a dropper into the device.

Pregcolor Test Card

The result will be instantly visible within 5 minutes on the card. The card needs to be stored in the refrigerator & should be used after 15 minutes of taking out from the refrigerator. The two-line appearance will indicate that you are pregnant while the single line is for no pregnancy. A light 2nd line or even no line visible is for invalid tests and you need to repeat the test with a new card.


  • It gives 90% Accuracy
  • The product is easy to use
  • Good for a private test at home


  • Need to keep it in the refrigerator.
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6. Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit

This unique product comes from Dr. Reddy’s manufacturing unit and is very popular among women in India. One of the special features of this product is its very simple application and anybody can use this without any difficulties. The product is one of the best home pregnancy test kits available in India and even people who have no prior experience can use it by just putting a drop or two of the 1st urine when you get up, on the device.

Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit

In addition, the manufacturer provides a dropper inside the device package for the ease of use of this device. The product results in 2 color bands respectively purple and pink. This eventually indicates C and T for a positive result in pregnancy. The device takes a maximum of 5 minutes to give the result. The faint line or ‘S’ even no line shows an invalid application of the test leading to repetition or re-testing of pregnancy on a new pregnancy kit.


  • Dr. Reddy’s velocity pregnancy kit is known for its accurate results
  • You can use it on the day of the missed period
  • It gives an instant result within 5 minutes


  • A packet of a single piece device is costlier than the packet containing two devices
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7. Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

The Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit is one of the most trending and best pregnancy test kits in India. This is the only pregnancy test kit that has been recommended and approved by the FDA-US in India. Interestingly, all other pregnancy kits are utilized to test the pregnancy once the pregnancy is suspected or the period is missed. On the other hand, this best home pregnancy test kit can be brought into use four days from the date of the period. 

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

However, the result of this device is almost 99% accurate but it is advised to reiterate the test after the overlooked period to ensure the negative or positive results of the test. Even if you found a negative result while testing three or four days before the day of your period it is good to ascertain the same during or after the missed period. This device indicates + for positive and – for the negative result. With a curvy grip for holding the device, the pregnancy test kit gives a premium look and provides the result as faster as three minutes of dropping the urine drops on the device.


  • This device is a premium product and considered reliable
  • The product is reputed and popular because of its accuracy
  • It gives a very fast test result


  • The product is expensive
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8. Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test

The Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test is the only one of its kind which is the best pregnancy test kit in India. One of the most unique features that you will not find in any other pregnancy kit brand is its re-usable feature. If you do not wish to buy new testing devices every month and are tired of going to distant places to buy the testing kit again and again then this is the device for you.

The test kit can also be used numerous times to test your pregnancy. The pregnancy test kit is comprised of 20 pieces of foil-wrapped pieces. You can utilize it by both putting the drop of urine on the specified space of the device or you can hold the tip of the absorbent in the mid-stream urine just for 4 to 6 seconds. 

Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test

However, you need to hold the device always in an upright direction in both the testing cases. The device indicates 2 blue lines for a positive result & a single blue colored line for a negative result. The device can detect a 25ml-L hCG level and is highly accurate for positive or negative results.


  • This device is convenient because of its re-usable feature
  • The device comes with two types of testing techniques
  • You can get a reliable result of up to 100% accuracy


  • You need to carefully look at the expiry date as it is a re-usable kit
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9. Cardinal Health Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

The Cardinal Health Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit is one of the best home pregnancy test kits available in India. Testing with this kit is very easy as the testing can be performed just by a single step. The pregnancy kit requires refrigeration and needs to takeout from the refrigeration before 15 minutes from performing the pregnancy test. Firstly, you need to take some urine samples in a clean cup or container then need to dip the testing stick in the urine for 3 to 4 minutes.

Cardinal Health Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit


  • The dip testing sticks are gladly available
  • The product is easy to use
  • It gives the fastest result


  • Need proper storing for the next use
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10. AccutesthCG Pregnancy Test Kit

The AccutesthCG pregnancy test is yet another one of the best home pregnancy test kits available in India. This unique product from the reputed Cadila brand is widely popular because of its reliable features and pocket-friendly characteristic. The design of the kit has a sleek and premium look that appears like a cassette. The product has a single-use device inside the packet and comes with a dropper for easy application of the test.

AccutesthCG Pregnancy Test Kit

The AccutesthCG pregnancy test kit works better with first and early morning urine drops that are to be dropped on the specified space of the device and instantly get an accurate result. You can get either a positive or negative result from this testing kit within 3 minutes of dropping the urine into the device. You can be sure of the negative result if the indicator shows one line indication whereas a two-line indication is for a positive result of the pregnancy. The AccutesthCG pregnancy test kit is one of the most affordable and reliable testing brands and is widely used by millions of women in India.


  • The device is reliable in terms of accurate testing.
  • It gives an instant result within three minutes. 
  • This is one of the most affordable and easy to test device.


  • No cons
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Final verdict on Best pregnancy test kit in India 2020

Many people often complain that pregnancy test kits do not give an accurate result and when women get a negative result and stay hassle-free only to get horrified to find out a positive result after their missing period on a second test. This happens if you use a local brand or lower quality brand or do not follow the user’s instruction strictly while testing. Therefore, you need to take care while purchasing the best pregnancy test kit available in India and be sure about the credibility and authenticity of the brand.

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