5 Best RC Cars Under 2000 In India

You can control the miniature car models with the help of a specialized transmitter from some distance called Radio-Controlled or RC Cars. Despite the advent of video games, smartphones, and game consoles, toy-grade RC cars have successfully attracted children of all ages and adults.

With the advancement in this car’s popularity, manufacturers have also modified the models to attract hobbyists. One gets to choose from a wide range of options, including both on and off-road models. Now, are you up in the market for purchasing a new RC Car? If yes, then our guide for the best RC cars under 2000 is a must to read.

List of top 6 RC car less than 2000 INR in India

ImageRC car less than 2000user reveiwwhere to buy
Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Pro4.6/5Amazon Price
Toyshine Hummer Cross-Country Remote Car3.6/5Amazon Price
Traxxas Rustler XL-5 4.3/5Amazon Price
Sgota RC Car4/5Amazon Price
Orrente Stunt RC Car4.8/5Amazon Price
Little Laughs Rocking Car Four Wheel Drive3.7/5Amazon Price

Top 5 RC Cars less than 2000

Below we have discussed the best 5 RC car models that you can pick from. We have covered both on-road and off-road car models aimed at all age groups. Do have a look at these.

1. Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Pro

This car offers outstanding performance at a great price and has a 3500 mAh lithium-polymer battery (LiPo). It is made up of a 2.4GHz radio and a brushless 3300 KV 540 Novatech motor. These features give this car a speed of about 40 mph and a battery life of around twenty minutes.

Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Pro

If you want to take this car outdoors, then consider installing a battery backup. Although it is not an off-road model, it rides perfectly on paved and smooth surfaces. We, however, do not recommend much for beginners as it can be hard to control because of its high speed. In other words, it is a fast RC car at an affordable range.

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2. Toyshine Hummer Cross-Country Remote Car

It is a butch-looking monster car with a distinctive design and a raw appeal. The wheels are made up of oversized soft rubber, making them extremely tough and flexible. These features make this car an off-road model, and you do not have to worry about skidding on smooth surfaces.

Toyshine Hummer Cross-Country Remote Car

The excellent shock suspension allows it to operate on any surface, including grass and sand. It comes with superior off-road capabilities such as front and rear anti-collision guard rails. The RC car is made up of high-quality raw materials to make sure that it can withstand crashes and falls. The remote-controlled toy can perform super stunts like a forty-five-degree slope, making it perfect for outdoor racing.

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3. Traxxas Rustler XL-5 

It is a top pick model for many buyers because of its easy-to-use features. The RC car is built with a powerful NiMH battery-powered by seven cells. You can expect a battery life of fifteen minutes. One most attractive feature is that this car uses a rechargeable battery.

Traxxas Rustler XL-5

It means that you do not have to install any additional batteries to run your vehicle. It can reach about 35 mph of speed and run on rough terrain, rocks, mud, snow, and even on the water with ease. The remote has a steering wheel that the user can use to turn the wheels around. The large tires make it suitable as an off-road model. It is available in numerous colors to opt for.

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4. Sgota RC Car

It is a budget-friendly remote-controlled car and has a small 3.6V and 600 mA battery giving a life of about twenty-five minutes. The speed cannot exceed ten mph because of the small-sized battery and cannot run more than fifty meters at one go.

Sgota RC Car

Being the lowest budget model in this list, the user cannot expect crazy performance from this model. If you are looking for a car for young children, then it is a good selection. But it is too slow for older kids, adults, and hobbyists. This toy is not fast but is durable and inexpensive.

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5. Orrente Stunt RC Car

It is an exceptional budget stunt car that is ideal for kids aged from six to twelve. This car is made to drive separately on both sides and can flip, showing amazing stunts. The remote-controlled vehicle is an off-road model installed with a headlight so the user can control it even in low-light and on any terrain.

Orrente Stunt RC Car

It is built with a two-stick 2.4 GHz controller making the controls super easy. This product is one of the few inexpensive remote-controlled cars capable of flipping over, rotating in all directions, and showcasing other fancy stunts. The only issue with this model is that the battery gets exhausted fast. So do remember to recharge it frequently.

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Advantages of Playing with Remote Controlled Toys

RC cars have been a medium of fun for children for a long time. Though the primary reason for playing with RC toys is entertainment, there are other benefits too. Before buying the best RC cars under 2000, let us check out some advantages these toys can offer. Some of them are listed below.

1. Promotes Outdoor Activity 

No one can deny the fact that children today spend less time outdoors than they are before. According to a report, even when they are outside, 65.3% of youngsters are involved in electronic media. It is where the understanding of operating RC toys comes into play. You can encourage your kids to play with these toys outdoors, along with other children. It will not only help in distancing them from the screen for a while but will also let them socialize. 

2. Family Bonding

Everyone will agree that RC cars not only fascinate youngsters but people of all age groups. After all, who does not want to try their hands on these super-powerful tiny cars? Kids can get the experience of riding a real car, and adults get to play with toys that were not available in their time. So, buy the best RC cars under 2000 and gear up for family time in your backyard or anywhere outside.

3. Learn Responsibility

These toys require more cleanliness and maintenance than others. The wheels of these cars can get dirty with ease, and the parts like motors need to be taken care of. Owning RC cars will give some sense of responsibility to the kids from an early age. Also, when all the kids play together with their RC toys, they will acquire more importance for these belongings.

4. Development of Hand-Eye Coordination 

You can operate the RC cars using a specialized transmitter, commonly called remote. It requires the use of hand-eye coordination. While playing, there might be situations where the child has to make a quick decision. Thus, handling the controller will not only help in improving their stimulus but also their reaction speed.

5. Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Playing with these cars helps the kids to develop their visual-motor skills. Specific models of RC cars require dismantling and arranging their parts. This exercise will ensure children use their brains even while playing and also promote creativity in them.

Not only this, RC car play has many other physiological benefits too like enhancing spatial intelligence and awareness, promoting visual perception skills, and also teaches children how to deal with obstacles beyond their control. Isn’t it amazing that when you buy your kid the best RC car under 2000, you can help inculcate her so many skills which will be beneficial in the long run?

Different varieties of Remote Control Cars

Before buying the best RC cars under 2000, you must be aware of its different varieties. Knowing this will help you to finalize which product you want. Let us dive in further.

1. RC Cars

These are on-road cars and are great for running on flat surfaces. They are not suitable for rough terrains like sand, gravel, mud, and grass. If you are looking for drift speeding, this product is perfect for you. With availability in different shapes and sizes, these cars come with a design to enjoy drift driving without causing any damage to the vehicle.

2. RC Trucks

These RC cars are known for their power. Being off-road vehicles, they can run on any terrain like rocks, marbles, mud, and gravel. They are classified as follows. 

  • Monster Trucks: These are indestructible vehicles capable of pushing, pulling, and crushing. They can do anything like climbing rocks, crossing rivers, and still survive. Not just this, they are also capable of showing off gigs like a backflip, jumping in the dirt, and many more tricks.
  • Stadium Trucks: Although these are powerful too, but are based on two-wheel drive, making them suitable only for indoors.

RC trucks undoubtedly offer sturdy body parts and appearance but are not meant for a speed lover.

3. RC Buggies

If you are a beginner and do not know what to buy, buggies are great options to consider. Being an all-terrain car, it is suitable for tough as well as muddy surfaces. Though it is an all-rounder, it is fast on-road. 

Apart from the variations listed above, RC car kits can also either be build-it-yourself or ready-to-run. If you are a creative person, go for a build-it-yourself kit. It will help you to unleash your mechanical side. But if you are a beginner, we will suggest a ready-to-run car for you.

Key Features of a Remote Control Toys

Apart from the types, there are some other features that you must consider before you purchase the best RC car under 2000. These are as below.

1. Battery

It should be at the highest priority of your feature consideration list as it will directly influence the performance of your RC car. If you want a vehicle for casual fun purposes, a less powerful and inexpensive battery like Ni-Mh will be suitable. But, if you are a hobbyist, you will not want your car to run out of power soon, especially when you are out. In that case, you need to choose Li-Po batteries which provide phenomenal power and entirely explain their high price.

2. Speed

The speed that you want will again entirely rely on your preferences to shop for an RC car. If you are a beginner, you can select a car speed between 25mph to 40mph. Superfast RC cars can speed up to 60 mph or even higher.

3. Motor

We can find two styles of motors in RC cars. The first one is a brushed motor, recommended for learners. And the second one is the brushless motor which provides high efficiency and power.

4. Number of Wheels

RC cars also vary according to their wheel drive. Vehicles with two-wheel drive have lesser power and are apt for on-road purposes. The four-wheel-drive vehicles, however, provide more speed and power.

Different parts of an RC Toy

All radio-controlled toys, be it cars, aeroplanes, or boats, implement radio waves to work. The difference in operational frequency is what distinguishes them from one another. While the mechanics differ outstandingly between toys, all composed from subsequent four parts, which are:


It is the part that we hold in our hands. It contains a radio transmitter that operates on a specific frequency for a particular toy and sends radio signals to the receiver.

2. Receiver

This segment, together with an antenna and a circuit board, is present inside the car. It receives the signal from a transmitter, converts them into electrical impulses, and activates the motor inside the car.

3. Motor

The motor causes motions like turning wheels, operating propellers, and steering the vehicle. 

4. Power Source

Generally, all RC toys use rechargeable batteries as a power source. Some toys, however, alternatively use internal combustion engines.

The working of remote-controlled toys involves a complex transmission mechanism of radio signals and conversion in electrical impulses. Whenever you press any button on the remote in your hand, the transmitter starts working at a particular frequency. It sends radio signals to the receiver, which interprets these signals, thereafter converting them into impulses. 

These electrical impulses activate the motor attached to the car. Depending on the button you have pressed, the motor causes the toy to move forwards, backward, left, or right and even make flips. There is another significant component installed within the car, which is the circuit board. It is the circuit board that follows specific sequences to convert electrical impulses into actions.


In this article, we have discussed different aspects that will help you to finalize the best RC car under 2000. The features you want in your RC car entirely depend on how and who wants to use it. RC enthusiasts may need speed and performance, while beginners may require an all-rounder vehicle to start with.

People who require mechanical skills will purchase build-it-yourself car kits. Many others will prefer going for a ready-to-use car kit. The RC car model that an expert will choose will be entirely different from what a parent will choose for his or her kids. Remote Control cars can be fun if you can match the right kind with your likes and dislikes. 

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