5 best sanitary pads after delivery In India

5 best sanitary pads after delivery In India

Maintenance of feminine hygiene during menstruation becomes indispensable by using the right best sanitary pads after delivery because it keeps you dry and comfortable at all times. Gone are the days when you have to make the wrong choices for the napkins. The pads that come with the great feeling ensure giving you confidence every time. You will stay freely all day long when you have these sanitary napkins. The after delivery days are going to be beautiful now. So, have a look below. Are you worried about how many pads to buy for postpartum? Give up worries, we will mention the names that will be fit for your purpose.

List of top 5 sanitary pads after delivery in India

ImageSanitary padsUser ReviewLatest Amazon Price
Bella wings classic sanitary4.3/5 Amazon Price
Abena maternity sanitary pads4.2/5 Amazon Price
Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Dry Cover Sanitary Pads For Women4.5/5 Amazon Price
Sofy anti-bacteria overnight4.5/5 Amazon Price
Dynamic New Mom Maternity Pads4.3/5 Amazon Price

5 Best Sanitary Pads After delivery in India – After c section

1.Bella wings classic sanitary

These are the only breathable diapers or pads after delivery in India where breathability ensures proper air circulation for comfort as well as protection against any kind of skin irritations. It can deliver that utmost comfort cushion as well. 

Bella wings classic sanitary


  • The soft and absorbent part of the napkin that is located right at the Centrepoint gives the maximum comfort. So, you can get the feeling of softness along with fast absorption throughout the day.
  • Extra protective zone type of napkins comes with extended back support of the Maxi pads that will ensure additional security during the night. 
  • During a heavy menstrual flow, you can get this delicate more than type of the top sheet that can give the utmost sense of comfort, softness. So, doctors always recommend this for sensitive skin. 
  • The remarkable part is that you’re also getting the training program in the form of the education of a platform for increasing the knowledge about women’s health and hygiene in India. 
  • There are some cool features like the leakage that work in the form of the innovative liquid distribution for effective protection from the side flow cases. 
  • The soft absorbent part will ensure feeling comfortable even in the worst situations.
  • The absorbent capacity of the best sanitary pads after delivery in India is amazing
  • The softness is also great enough
  • The comfort you will be getting is remarkable
  • It is value for money napkin
  • The thickness is not that great
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2. Abena maternity sanitary pads

These best sanitary pads after c section are the one day fit and one night fit pieces that will give you extra protection. It comes with the true lock technology that also works as the leak-proof Technology for enjoying the periods without any discomfort. The Abena premium maternity pads contain the fiber for high absorbency as well as easy dry stay. If you want the pads to last up to two or three days, then these are the ones. 

Abena maternity sanitary pads


  • They are hygienic, as well as environmentally friendly to ensure keeping you clean and dry throughout the day. The menstrual pads come with high absorbency. 
  • The pads are comfortable with patented Technology. Women can use them for staying safe and secure while experiencing the comfort for the day and night. 
  • The always infinity flex foam with wings solid sanitary pad lets you rest assured that pads are the alternative to disposable plastic menstrual pads that are designed for locking the liquid inadequately due to the harsh chemicals used in the sanitary pads.
  • No harmful material composition of the best pads for after birth bleeding ensures they are better than ever possible.
  • The absorbency is amazing
  • The softness is also great enough
  • The comfort you will be getting is remarkable
  • The thickness is great
  • It is not value for money napkin
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3. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Dry Cover Sanitary Pads For Women

This is the combo pack that comes with the Stayfree ultra-thin pads with the Stayfree dry all night pads. They are available for high-end protection with secure Excel ultra-thin and light protection. With the Stayfree All Night dry Max napkins, you will get the ultra-thin layers along with the dry cover for the best dry feel protection. 

Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Dry Cover Sanitary Pads For Women


  • New mom maternity sanitary pads are suitable for the regular to heavy flow. The individually packed pads can be easy to carry and so you can stay prepared for the surprises. 
  • It is the disposable type of napkins that come with an enhanced quality feel. 
  • The remarkable part is that the gel lock Technology will be helping in the absorption of 100% of the period flow and can work in the form of the smell control system. 
  • It can help in the prevention of the foul odor and keeps you feeling fresh at all times. 
  • The all-around protection will be getting along with the superior lock pockets to ensure that the gel core lock will be offering protection with zero leak Technology
  • The individually packed pads ensure giving you dryness at all times. So, there will be no chances of spillage.
  • The absorbency capacity is great
  • The comfort you will be getting is remarkable
  • The packaging is also great enough
  • The long-lasting protection it offers is good
  • Sometimes it loses its capacity of holding too much liquid
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4. Sofy anti-bacteria overnight

The wider hip guard along with the Flexi absorb system ensures that these is anti-bacteria organic maternity pads that will be giving you the double absorption capacity. The disposable napkin types are good enough in keeping you what you free overnight. 

Sofy anti-bacteria overnight


  • The problems or back leakage interruption is no more when you have them with you. Besides, the extra-large length of the curity maternity pads will be helping you sleep peacefully until morning no matter in which position you are sleeping. 
  • Usually, it happens that during your are on period days, the white discharge of the menstrual blood spotting causes wetness as well as an unclean feeling. 
  • When you have the pantyliner antibacterial facility, you will get a clean and confident feeling without any chances of smell. 
  • The wider hips guard comes with the Glue covers that worked as extra coverage for the prevention of the stains. 
  • Even on the heavy flow night, the Flexi absorb system makes the napkin stay on the body for the prevention of leakage for the long hours. 
  • You will also get the double absorbent core with a gel that will help in direct absorption in the center.
  • The absorbency is great enough
  • The softness is also good
  • The comfort you get is remarkable
  • It is value for money pad
  • The design is not that good for everyone
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5. Dynamic New Mom Maternity Pads

This is the overflow protection type of the sanitary pad that works for heavy menstrual periods, perspiration, discharge, and all such problems for helping you wake up feeling more comfortable. Incredibly soft cover for maximum comfort throughout the heaviest nights ensures you get the quick absorption capability that will cover wetness. 

Dynamic New Mom Maternity Pads


  • These pads ensure keeping periods away from hurting the body so that you can sleep more confidently and comfortably than ever. 
  • The smell ensures a pleasant feel. You get confidence without changing your routine. 
  • The night guard zone also comes with 24 anti-leak channels and the extra wide range coverage for giving your protection against the leaks. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the front to back and side to side type of leakage when you have this sanitary napkin with you.
  • The durability is amazing
  • It is easy to use
  • The dimensions are good enough for locking the liquid in position
  • The softness won’t last long
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Things to consider for buying sanitary pads after delivery

The period times of every woman are different. The preference of the after delivery sanitary pad depends on skin type, body type, as well as flow type. Following certain points becomes the right way of choosing sanitary napkins.

Know the periods

Understanding the body and periods become the first step towards choosing the right pad for the menstrual cycle. You must always know whether the flow is the same throughout the period. Always keep track of the changes for ensuring that you choose the right sanitary pad.

Length and flow

You must always buy the sanitary pad according to the flow. The first time you are delivering a baby, the days become very painful. You must try the regular size napkin but if it seems that it doesn’t work properly, you have to look for the longest size pad. However, it is dependent on body type and flows. Based on that, you have to choose the extra long pad or the broad hip guard or also a regular one.


Always look for the materials used in the sanitary pads. Sometimes, they cause skin rashes and infections. Especially when you are having a plastic-like top layer, you are vulnerable to more infections. You should always take care in case you’re having sensitive skin and prone to infection.


You get the availability of many types that will help to deal with periods more safely. When there are a lot of options available based on usage and preference, make the right choice whether you’re looking for a short and slim sanitary pad or a thicker one. You will have to choose the one that will be good for your size. The extra protection becomes great in terms of comfort than you will with the tampon or cup.


The absorption capacity of the sanitary pad lets you decide whether you want the extra-absorbent pad for regular use. You should consider major factors like the absorption of the blood flow, moisture-holding capability without any kinds of leakage or backflow. You must choose it according to your necessities.


We have listed the names of the best sanitary pads after delivery. They are unique and fit for the delivery says. The softcover is designed for giving maximum comfort and dryness. The absorption capacity of the wetness in seconds ensures that they will be working fine for absorbing the moisture and giving protection against leakage. 


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