6 Best Waterproof Bedsheet for Babies in India

6 Best Waterproof Bedsheet for Baby in India

In case you are a parent for the first time and are stressed over your infants to wet the bed and you don’t want to use diapers for the baby, then you should buy a waterproof sheet/mat for the baby. This is a significant thing to have during the night if you want your kid near you. The Indian market is loaded up with various alternatives for waterproof bed sheets. You should purchase carefully as per the size of your bed.

Thus you can undoubtedly purchase the best waterproof bed and get guaranteed of giving the children a peaceful night sleep. Your infant will encounter great sleep the entire night as it will protect the bed from getting wet. This will protect him/her from getting rashes on the skin. Dry skin and great rest would forestall any sort of disturbance. This would bring about your infant’s morning refreshed and happy. In this article, you will come to know about the best bedsheets for the little ones.

The list of handpicked Best Waterproof Bedsheet for Baby in India

ImageWaterproof Bedsheet for BabyUser ReviewLatest Amazon Price
Beybee water-resistant bed protector4.1/5 Amazon Price
My armor sheet4.6/5 Amazon Price
Rite Clique waterproof double bed baby sheet3.1/5 Amazon Price
Goodluck baby waterproof sheet3.8/5 Amazon Price
Superfav PVC sheet5/5 Amazon Price
Dolphers waterproof sheet4/5 Amazon Price

Review of 6 Best Waterproof Bedsheet for Baby in India

1. Beybee water-resistant bed protector

You will get the availability of the mattress protector that is good enough for the waterproof, breathable quality that holds absorbency. The quality makes it dry faster with no feeling of heat. Reusability, absorbency, as well as dust resistant mattress, becomes the best composition. It will be staying dry while protecting the fluid, perspiration, and urine. It will give the comfort and noiseless surface that it will be still breathable.

Beybee water-resistant bed protector


  • The economic and lightweight material is good enough for sterilization. You can do it at 90 degrees Celsius.
  • This is the relaxing sleep area for the baby.
  • The sheet is waterproof that makes it good enough for giving the complete area without a deposit of bacteria.
  • Babies can now feel better when you have these matters because it can also give an underpad for the baby that will Foster a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The healthy and hygienic unit is good enough with a waterproof barrier that will keep away the liquid substance.
  • It is also good enough for elderly people at times because there are environmentally friendly fabrics with a recyclable and nature-friendly composition. These features make waterproof double bed sheet for baby ideal for babies, pregnant women, as well as elderly parents.
  • The softness is amazing
  • It is quite comfortable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is having a high-quality material
  • The price is not that good
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2. My armor sheet

My armor sheet should be 100% waterproof. This bedsheet is delicate, safe, and skin-accommodating texture, washable. It is manufactured using breathable 280 GSM microfibre wool textures that stay comfy and cool. It is usable by any range of age groups. It is easy to carry because of lightweight Rubber or Plastic. This waterproof bedding has a comfortable, delicate, and smooth top surface for a child to a peaceful night. Bey Bee speedy dry bed defender keeps baby skin cool and dry because of an extraordinary multi-layer silent texture sheet. Instead of PVC mats, elastic sheets,  you can use them. Moreover, it’s Reusable, hygienic, efficient, and easy to carry to wash this you can use detergent specially designed for kid use.

My armor sheet


  • Baby bed protector sheet for a double bed is very cost-efficient and even more practical and less inefficient than dispensable bed defender since they can be utilized over and over. 
  • Multi Colors are available. Bey Bee Incontinence Baby dry sheet is accessible in 4 sizes( Small, Medium, Large, Extra huge ). In each size, you can get 20 different shades which you can choose according to your will.
  • It is Comfortable. Bey Bee waterproof bedsheet keeps you dry throughout the night. It additionally gives the perfect measure to have peaceful sound sleep throughout the night. It provides you with a soothing comfort zone throughout the sleep
  • The softness is amazing
  • It is quite comfortable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is value for money product
  • The durability is good
  • It is having a high-quality material composition
  • The price is not that good
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3. Rite Clique waterproof double bed baby sheet

A double bed sheet is the perfect bed sheet that is good enough in terms of the dual-layer fabric as well as a non-plastic non-woven top layer. You will get the base layer with the absorption capacity that will be ensuring waterproofing. It can give the protection of the mattress from dust, liquid spill, mites, and so on. You can rest assured that there won’t be problems with the absorbent protectors anymore. you can use that bedsheet on baby playpen matte to avoid urination stain if you keep them out of the diaper

Rite Clique waterproof double bed baby sheet


  • The suitable for instance bedding is good enough even for the eldercare
  • Overall, this is the bedsheet that is uniquely made and can give comfort to the baby at all times.
  • The sleeping experience becomes great enough when you have this unit for your baby. It can get the good night sleep and there won’t be any destruction.
  • It gives an extra feeling of warmth as well. Moisture-wicking capabilities make it stand out. It is also very advantageous in the form of Cotton.
  • The double surface can help in the transfer of the moisture away from the skin. It is very soft to touch that makes it great enough for the babies.
  • Baby bed protector sheet for a double bed is also easy to use and wash. You can simply put it into the washing machine and it will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Arrangement of the Threads also makes it stand out. The higher thread count and the thickness of the fabric make it breathable enough for the baby.
  • It is value for money bedsheet
  • The size is appropriate
  • The durability is great enough
  • The thickness is not at all up to the mark
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4. Goodluck baby waterproof sheet

The protective sheet is good enough for the protection of the mattress from the water as well as another liquid spill. The dimension is 7.5 X 6.5 feet that makes it suitable for the double as well as a king-size bed. It can give varying comfort to babies, kids, as well as adults.

Goodluck baby waterproof sheet


  • Specifically designed for the baby’s skin, it is a thin and light premium sheet that is made of the PVC plastic is easily washable, as well as durable.
  • The waterproof bed sheet is good enough to be washed even by the normal water.
  • It is reversible and you can use it on both the side.
  • The Protector is good enough when compared to many other units in the market.
  • The water-resistant surface makes it amazing
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is value for money bedsheet
  • The comfort is not up to the mark
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5. Superfav PVC sheet

The right baby bed sheet is good enough for the non-toxic PVC plastic composition as well as the various colours and designs you will get. The size is good enough in terms of the 60 x 90 inches. The package comes with a mattress protector that is good for the skin of the baby.

Superfav PVC sheet


  • Overall, the Highly Effective against bedwetting type of the lightweight and travel-friendly nature makes it is good for the skin of the baby.
  • It is easy to wash and maintain. You can use it by massaging the baby’s body. The protective plastic sheet is good enough as a Revolutionary resolution type of sheet. No more bedwetting problems.
  • It can lead to the abolishment of the need for regular diaper changes.
  • All you have to do is to just wash it sometimes in the cold water. Bleaching is not recommended at all.
  • The durability is amazing
  • It is easy to use
  • The dimensions are appropriate
  • The colour may not come appropriately
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6. Dolphers waterproof sheet

The protective sheet is good enough for their babies because it will protect the mattress from water and other liquids. The dimension is 7.5 feet X 6.5 feet. It is suitable for the double as well as a king-size bed. It can give the ultimate comfort to the baby’s skin because the material is thin and light premium PVC plastic.

Dolphers waterproof sheet


  • Waterproof baby urine mat is easily washable and durable that makes it good enough for keeping the baby over extended periods without repeated washing.
  • You can keep this baby bed sheet that is hygienic enough clean and comfortable at all times .the growing babies can see that it becomes the real tender part that can keep it comfortable for all day long.
  • There won’t be problems of staining when you have this baby bedsheet. It doesn’t become the breeding ground of bacteria because 100% waterproof bed protector sheet makes it a good enough for maintaining itself over the long periods.
  • The water resistance capacity is amazing
  • It is value for money bedsheet
  • The softness is great
  • The comfort it offers is not up to the mark
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Things to consider while buying the best baby bedsheet

It’s always a test for moms to raise a youthful child in varying environmental climates. Outrageous climate can be tough for infants. Moms always work hard to ensure that their children are constantly secured. However certain materials and synthetic compounds utilized inside houses have become a hindrance in the development of the infant.

Consequently, moms need to ensure that they protect their infants around during the day or night by covering them against scent, dampness, and a lot of extra undesirable perspectives. 

Here are some facts you need to remember while purchasing sheets for your infant:

1. Natural bed Sheets

One of the essential factors that you have to remember when purchasing infant sheets is the materials utilized. For babies, sheets made of natural and sustainable fibre is best. Babies can’t manage vapour created from synthetic fibre so make sure to choose natural fibre ones.

2. Waterproof Bed Sheets

It is imperative to ensure that you consider waterproof sheets because you can secure your youngster against dampness. Due to high humidity, dampness expands on the roof surface and hence water droplets can fall onto the bed. So make sure to use waterproof sheets so that your infant doesn’t get wet.

3. Delicate to Touch

Your infant is interested and continually playing with everything close by. So, soft items will be comfortable for her. Stop using plastic nylon materials to save your baby from being scratched. You have to ensure that your child is covered with delicate plastic sheets for baby beds. 

4. Antibacterial Properties

Parents should ensure they are making every effort to secure children against germs and microorganisms. With fragile and delicate skin, microbes may gather and cause contaminations. To keep this from occurring, new parents must utilize quality sheets for infants to secure the child against microbes and germs infection. Sheets for infants are normally made to guarantee that microbes are eliminated as soon as they come in contact.

5. No Noise and Heat

Infants need to have a lot of rest, particularly in the initial months. They are generally helpless and delicate, so the point is to ensure they stay secure. However, noisy bedsheet can disturb their sleep. Always use child sheet savers that don’t create even the smallest sound. You likewise need to ensure that the child sheets you will utilize don’t produce any warmth, can expose the infant to cold.  

6. Smell Reduction

You need the child to have some great rest for the duration of the night and the day – new aromas on their bedsheets will positively help. An ongoing report demonstrated that around 75% of individuals have a peaceful night and can sleep better on the sheets with new aromas.

You can come to the right place in case you are searching for the best child baby waterproof sheets to cover your infant this mid-year? The reliable organizations work for delivering and selling waterproof, delicate, natural, and antibacterial bed sheets for infants. The organization maintains the quality for the security of your young one. 

Final word

The skin of the little ones is extremely delicate and can respond to any residue or aggravation. Most dry bed sheets accompany non-sewed defenders. This would shield the child from the residue, microorganisms, or any pathogens. Waterproof bedsheets can also shield your sleeping pad from potential stains. These waterproof bed sheets are washable. Therefore, it’s simple to reuse.

As these bed sheets are thin, they can be placed under your typical bed sheet without any hassle. You can cover it up so it will remain invisible. These are very cost-efficient. And these are available easily at any store. These become helpful in winters. It keeps the child from resting in the waterproof bed sheet for the baby for extended periods. In this manner, it shields the infant from catching a cold or some other significant infection. Based on the features, you can pick the one that is most suitable for your baby. 


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