Can A Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins?

Can A Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins?

The birth of twins is often a surprise to most parents. there are many questions associated to it. One such is Can A Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins? Although, artificial methods of inducing twin pregnancy are sometimes also used by parents.

In many ways, a twin pregnancy is very similar to that of a single pregnancy, but sometimes there can be specific striking differences. Twin pregnancy is the result of either fertilization of two different eggs, fraternal twins, or fertilization of a single egg that later splits as a zygote forming maternal twins.

Fraternal twins can sometimes look identical externally even though they have different genetic materials. Fraternal twins are often non-identical, also called dizygotic twins to have different heredity material while maternal twins have the same genetic material.

Maternal twins are always identical and monozygotic. While identical twins are of the same biological gender, non-identical twins can be of the same gender or difference.

Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins

When two fraternal twins are female, they are often called sorority twins. A single pregnancy occurs when a single egg fertilizes with a sperm, which eventually grows into a zygote.

This zygote matures into a fetus and then forms the baby. There are a few cases where Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins. Single pregnancy can alter into a twin-baby pregnancy on certain conditions, natural or induced. If the fertilized egg, after zygote formation, splits at an early stage of embryogenesis, it will eventually end us as two different babies.


The genetic material and biological gender of the babies will be the same. Depending on the stage at which the zygote splits, the fetus formed can be of different types. The zygotes can carry on to implant individually at different points in the uterus and form two different fetuses with the individual placenta and amniotic sac.

If the splitting occurs at a little later stage, the zygotes can implant at the same position surrounded by a single placenta. This needs careful medical attention as certain pregnancy complications may arise. Sometimes the complications can even lead to the accidental termination of the pregnancy. 

Certain Problems While A Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins

The pregnancy becomes especially medically unsafe if the fetus shares a common amniotic sac over the fact that they share a common placenta. The amniotic sac carries the nutrition required for the growth of a fetus.

A single amniotic sac causes the nutrition to be divided, and either of the twins might not be provided with the required amount of nutrient requirement. It is also dangerous because there is a chance of umbilical cords getting tangled up. On the other hand, if the single placenta contains two amniotic sacs, one each for a fetus, both the twins get the required amount of nutrition for growth.

The birth of twins is increasing these days due to the advanced age at which mothers are conceiving. The increased use of assisted reproductive techniques also causes a woman to undergo multiple pregnancies. Assisted reproductive techniques sometimes induce superovulation in a female ovary, causing it to release more than one egg in one cycle of menstruation.

It is observed that heredity plays a great role in this phenomenon, women who are twins often also give birth to twins.

Single Egg

Sometimes twin-baby pregnancy can also occur from a single egg. It is assumed that the egg splits before fertilization. The eggs get fertilized by different sperms that result in two different zygotes fifty percent similar in their genetic material. These third types of twins are called sesquizygotic twins.

The zygotes implant separately in the uterus and grow individually. These twins often are identical externally, although genetically dissimilar. A pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks or a little over nine months. Often mothers carry certain misconceptions about twin pregnancy. Of course, the uterus will stretch larger, and the baby bump will be larger than most single-baby pregnancies, but this isn’t a clear indicator.

The ultrasound is the only procedure that can properly show twin babies’ visuals, and every doctor will mention two heartbeats in the womb. Mothers also do not require to consume twice the amount of food they would consume in normal pregnancy with a single baby. 


Complications When Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins

It is common to undergo complications in twin pregnancy and when Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins it automatically increases. This often leads to the induction of labor artificially and post-term delivery instead of natural, spontaneous labor. Labour Induction is a method of stimulating parturition.

These Induction processes use drugs in order to deliver the twins. Induction of labor increases the risk of cesarean section. Although certain risks are involved in labor induction, gestation beyond 41 weeks can be dangerous for both the mother and the child and might as well lead to the pre-natal death of the baby if not delivered. Some people, however, despite its ifs and buts,  are delighted by the idea of twin pregnancy.

There are certain natural methods believed to induce twin pregnancy. There is a higher chance that a woman would conceive twins if she has a late pregnancy, during the pre-menopausal stage, mostly nearly the age of 40. Some fertility drugs also cause the ovaries to release more than one egg in a menstrual cycle.

These drugs are often used in in-vitro fertilization techniques. There is also a higher chance of a woman having twins if she has had several pregnancies already. It is also proposed that taller women and those with higher body mass index tend to have twins more often than others.

Proper Care Is Necessary In Cases Where Single Pregnancy Turn Into Twins

Often during pregnancy, all family members think more about the child than the mother, but it is necessary that proper care is taken of the mother. When a woman becomes pregnant, she undergoes a lot of changes in her body, which may require extra attention and a little more care.

So the partner must understand the woman and care about her needs and give her proper attention as given to the baby. You must keep in mind that a healthy mother will always give birth to a healthy baby. So you must always keep in mind to take the utmost care of the mother as the unborn baby.

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