Difference between Baby diaper pants vs. tape

Every little bit in the hygiene and care of your little one is always a big concern for all moms. In the case of choosing diapers, all parents are overcareful. Be it, newborns or toddlers, more or less, every baby spends time in diapers. There are mainly two kinds of designs for diapers- the diaper pants for babies, and another is the tape style of diapers.

Most of the moms become confused when they plan to buy a diaper for the little one as to which one will be the best for both the parents’ handling and the baby’s comfort. Both the diapers have exceptional use cases, they are ideal for some age group or the other, and there are some pros and cons on both sides.  Let us check the details briefly:

Difference between diaper pants and tape-style diapers-which one is the best?

What is a Tape Style Diaper?

The tape-style diapers come with open front and back where you can adjust the diaper through tape or Velcro attached to it. Usually, these are suitable for newborn babies or babies who are less mobile. For babies up to 6 months of age, these tape style diapers are recommended. 

  • The parents can quickly put the baby on the diaper and adjust the tape according to the need without hurting the naval area. These diapers usually have better absorbing power, and they are safe on newborn skin. 
  • However, the problem arises when the baby becomes mobile, starts crawling, and has no patience to wait for diaper changing. The tape style diapers may flip open on one side during the baby’s playtime and cause leakage. At the same time, the tape type diapers are difficult to change as the parent has to avail a washroom that can not be hygienic always. At the same time, it always needs the parent’s help during changes.

What are diaper pants for babies?

Speaking of pant-type diapers, they are becoming more popular nowadays, although they are a little more expensive than tape style diapers. These diaper pants can be worn and removed just like underwear that will be much easier for the little one to handle.

  • Often parents use these diaper pants for babies as part of their potty training as the baby can remove the diaper when necessary. Other than that, as they are fitted with soft elastics and can be torn from the sides, you can remove the pants without necessarily putting your baby on toilet tables. These types of diaper pants are very useful for those naughty little ones who can easily remove the pants themselves.
  • These diaper pants for babies or pull-ups are becoming more popular with parents when their babies start crawling and walking, which makes sliding down the pants more comfortable than changing the diaper by laying him. At the same time, this kind is more absorbent, lightweight, and comes in more colorful designs.
  • The breathable cotton and elastic materials are safe on your baby’s skin, and you need not worry about rashes and irritations. If you are planning for an outing at the weekend with your baby, these pant-style diapers are surely the best option for you. But on the other side, these types of diapers can not be fitted with the baby’s legs, increasing the chances of leakage.
  • Tape-style diapers come with determined age groups. On the other hand, the pant-style diapers come in fixed sizes, and you can not adjust the size of them.

So, it depends on your choice to select which style of diaper you choose. The general recommendation is to select tape styles for newborns and little ones. Once your baby starts making movements to shift him to pant-style diapers, you can also mix and match them by diving pant style for daytime and tape-style for the night.

Is it good for your baby to use diapers?

Many parents are confused about whether using diapers on a baby’s skin can be harmful. The main thing is how many hours the baby is using the diaper and how hygienic your use of diapers is. Often babies are put in diapers the whole night as that can secure that the baby and the mom can sleep properly.

However, it is not correct to use wet diapers the entire night as this may lead to skin rashes or irritability on the young skin. If the baby is using tape type diapers, it is possible to pull off the wet diaper without hampering the baby’s sleep. Some brands suggest that pull-ups are absorbent and can handle leakage at night. But experienced moms suggest that this is not true, and it is better to remove the wet diapers if possible.

Although it is okay to use diapers on a long journey, keep in mind to change the diaper in an interval of 3 to 4 hours. Younger children, mostly aging 2 to 3 months, defecate frequently, and during these times, they need to be changed almost after every time they are fed.

It is not okay to use the same diaper throughout the day as the baby’s skin needs to breathe, and using wet diapers causes skin infections also. So, if you are using it for long hours, at least try to use some diaper cream before putting your baby to sleep.

Can we use diapers as potty training pants?

If you feel your baby is older enough to start his potty training, pant-style diapers are going to be very useful for you. If your baby can now communicate with you regarding poops and pees, you can choose using pant style diapers as potty pants. As they are easy to remove and the child can open them himself, they can manage their toilet dashes without your help.


If the baby is ready for starting potty training, using a tape-style diaper that needs your help to remove may create a problem. So, pull-ups are often recommended for the age group when the babies start with communicating their toilet needs independently.

Which Diapers are the best?

1. Pampers

Pampers is among the most famous brands in baby diapers. The Pampers Active Baby Diaper comes with a magic gel formula, stretchable sides, and cotton-like material that is safe on a baby’s delicate skin. The tapes can be appropriately affixed to remove chances of leakage at night.

The no-tape diaper pants also come with a 360-degree waistband, 12 hours of guaranteed dryness with air-dry channels. The material is dermatologically tested for the baby’s skin. They are easy to remove and put in by the babies.

2. Huggies

Huggies taped diapers also come with soft cotton material that is medically tested as safe on the baby’s skin. Your baby’s skin is safe from rashes and irritability if you use Huggies diapers.

The Huggies diaper pants also come with a wetness indicator and air-fresh technology to keep your baby’s delicate skin free from any discomfort. The quick lock system keeps the baby dry overnight. It absorbs wetness for 12 hours and keeps your baby dry and smiling all day.

3. MamyPoko Pants

These pant-style diapers claim to absorb six glasses of water and keep your baby dry the whole day. The pants come with elastic waistbands that are safe on your baby’s skin.

Using different types of diapers or brands depends entirely on your choice. Just make sure that your baby does not spend the whole time in diapers, as that may affect the sensitive baby’s skin. Nowadays, almost all babies use diapers, but overusing them may not be the right choice. Although all brands claim to be good enough for use for a long time, moms should be a little careful about the baby’s discomforts caused by the diapers.


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