Difference Between Lactogen Vs Nan Pro

Difference Between Nan Pro Vs Lactogen

Nestle has come up with two different brands of infant milk formula – Lactogen 1 and Nan Pro stage 1. Both are suitable for infants from 0-6 months. However, both the brands have some differences between them, and that gives the parenting consumer a choice to select the brand that has a suitable formulation for their baby.

Let us now study the two brands of baby milk powder and understand their advantages, disadvantages/side effects.


Lactogen 1: is a spray dried milk formula powder it has a 60:40 whey casein ratio and is suitable for infants up to 6 months as a substitute for breastfeeding (human milk), whenever possible.

The powder, enriched with Vitamins, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Soybean oil, Corn Oil, milk solids, demineralized whey, and Maltodextrin, also has probiotics that help develop good bacteria in order to season the baby’s digestive system. The initial months of an infant are crucial for system development and stabilization.

The other important nutrients are essential fatty acids like alanine and choline, which are the building blocks of the development of the brain. Iodine protects from inflammation of the thyroid and Iron boosts healthy blood formation. Overall, the baby milk formula powder contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins that enhance the growing process and makes the baby strong and healthy with brain development.

Nan Pro stage 1:Nestle Nan Pro is also a spray dried milk formula powder available in 400 gms tin and suitable for infants up to 6 months of age. the component of milk powder is whey protein, Zinc, Iron, and vitamins A, C, and vitamin D. It is easy to digest and besides the previously mentioned essential nutrients, the powder contains DHA and ARA that is vital for the mental and physical growth of the baby.

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As one can see, both the brand’s Lactogen stage and Similac nan pro have variations in the baby milk powder formulation and it depends upon the individual to decide, which combination is best suited for the newborn baby. A health worker is best to guide in this matter.

Nonetheless, formula-wise, Nan Pro has more advantageous components than Lactogen and therefore makes a better option for infants. Lactogen is plain dried milk powder, whereas Nan Pro has DHA/ARA and other vital nutrients for better growth.

nestle lactogen vs nan pro


Even though formula milk is a carefully researched product, there are chances that it may not suit all the babies alike. Lactogen is just spray-dried baby milk powder that is a supplement when the baby is not breastfeeding due to any of your medical conditions.

However, some babies may develop digesting problems and get gassy and irritable. The additives in the powder may not suit many infants due to milk allergy and they can either have sticky motions or suffer constipation. Since it is a plain spray-dried baby milk powder, Lactogen just acts as a milk substitute when the baby is not breastfeeding. Babies like the taste of the powder as it is more or less like normal, sweet mother’s milk.

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Nevertheless, a baby that is allergic to cow milk/mother’s milk may be colic or even vomit the milk after consumption. Thus, it is better to prepare a single feed at a time and discard the leftover feed to prevent microbial growth and deterioration of the mixture.

Follow the instructions carefully as per the pack and use sterilized, clean utensils to safeguard the baby’s health. It is also advisable to consult a health worker about the brand, composition, and number of feeds of the formula before actually introducing it to the baby. Each pack comes with a feeding table preparation, complete with a number of feeds to give through the day. However, it may not apply to all the babies and thus it is better to study individual cases before implementing any diet change.


Nan Pro is a properly formulated baby milk powder advanced formula, with care to understand the infant’s need at every stage. It is not only a plain milk powder but contains essential nutrients and natural foods in permissible amounts to facilitate the healthy growth of the baby. Since the product contains minerals like Zinc and Iron, it may be hard to digest for some formula-fed babies.

nestle nan pro

Iron added to improve blood often becomes the reason for constipation since it is hard to digest. The baby does not have a fully developed digestive system to cope with this and it may thus result in constipation. As per reviews from various parents, it is obvious that many infants are more comfortable with Lactogen than Nan Pro and they tend to throw up the latter feed. There are no known side effects of Nan Pro besides constipation and vomiting.

Some parents complain that formula feeding (substitute for breast milk) is hard to easy digestion by the undeveloped digestive system of the baby. Hence, there are chances of loose motion or a gassy feeling. The baby may experience discomfort due to this.

Does original Nestle LACTOGEN 1 infant formula powder cause constipation?

As mentioned earlier, Lactogen 1 is just basic, spray-dried baby milk powder that can fill in as a normal feed when the baby is not having breastfeeding. The formula needs preparation in pre-boiled and cooled water. The lukewarm water easily dissolves the milk solids to give a homogenized mixture for feeding. (Never use unboiled water for baby food)

Generally, this is a well-received formula by infant nutrition. However, one should realize that it is powder fed to the baby, made in liquid form, and is not absolute fluid as feeding mothers milk. Hence, it is possible that the intestines absorb the moisture from the mixture and leaves behind the solid (especially undigested ones).

This solid may cause constipation as the infant’s intestines and digestive organs are still under development and not fully prepared to digest solids (due to reactions to lactose). Please note that this may not be true in every case. Some babies may adapt themselves to this baby formula milk immediately without any issue.

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The best way to tackle this problem, if it arises in the case of your baby, is to give plenty of liquid water to the baby at regular intervals that can help in keeping the system hydrated and lubricated. In between milk feeds, make it a point to give water, preferably with some gripe water added to it, so that the baby will not be colicky or feel gassy.

Conclusion in Difference Between Nan Pro Vs Lactogen

Introducing infant formula baby milk powder to babies is the need of the hour for many reasons. It may be due to an insufficient milk supply that leaves the infant longing for more, or it can be the baby’s unwillingness to take breast milk supply.

The most common reason to wean an infant off mother’s milk is that many mothers are working and need to resume duties after a maternity break. Thus, it is vital to make the baby accustomed to human milk substitutes to avoid future problems.

As noticed through the study, Nestle has come up with two milk formulas for infants from 0-6 months. Both have different compositions, as Lactogen is plain milk and NanPro is fortified milk with minerals and vitamins. It depends on every individual to select the right brand for his or her baby, in consultation with a health advisor and which formula milk they use in the hospital. Nonetheless, remember, that finally, breast milk is the best milk for babies.


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