Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Infant Formula – Review

A baby is more secure and happy when it feeds on the mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is the safest and purest form of nutrition for the infant and is best for its overall well-being. However, in today’s age, we come across more working mothers than in earlier days. This eventually prevents the mothers from feeding their babies for a full period of two years that is advisable for the healthy growth of the baby. Not only that, it is difficult for the mother to fulfill the quota of daily feeds too when she resumes office duties.

Under such conditions, infants have introduced a supplementary diet or infant formula, which is as close to nutritional value as the mother’s milk and the infant gets all the benefits of natural milk. We come across many brands that specialize in baby milk products. Enfamil is one such brand from the Mead Johnson Company of Thailand. The product is available for babies from birth to over 2 years under various stages of formulation.

Currently, we will understand in detail ENFAMIL MILK FORMULA A+ milk best formula milk for baby 0-6 months that is stage 1.


With over 100 years of research in pediatric nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition has formulated this easy-to-digest milk formula for infants from birth to six months. It has DHA and ARA that facilitate the brain development and physical development of the child. A baby’s formative age as far as cognitive development are concerned is up to 5 years. Mother’s milk has all the essential nutrients important building blocks of the body that enhance brain development and physical development.

Besides the recommended levels of DHA and ARA as per WHO directives, the formula also contains Iron and Choline. To improve memory and cognition, Choline plays a vital role in the formula and Iron helps to increase the haemoglobin content and improve blood quality, to have better immunity.

Enfamil A+ benefits are aplenty as it contains DHA that is necessary to nourish the brain development and enhance mental power. The initial period of the baby until 6 months is crucial as far as overall development is concerned. This is the time when the baby’s mind and body are developing and prepare it for the future. Cognitive development is also associated with this period and thus it is important that all the nutrients that facilitate proper growth are a part of an infant’s daily diet. Mother’s milk fulfils this requirement to great extent. Nevertheless, scientifically formulated products like these also help supplement human milk substitute without compromising on the benefits. This is more so because Enfamil does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This makes it safe for consumption and easy for digestion.

enfamil a+ infant formula


As with any product, Enfamil has its variants that have slight differentiation in the formulation and contents.

Enfamil Premium infant vs. Enfamil infant baby formula

  • Premium infant formula feed is Enfamil Premium A2 and has A2 beta-casein protein (milk protein) that is easy-to-digest and is similar to that found in mother’s milk. This milk protein comes from handpicked European cows, raised on superior quality feed with rich nutrients. Thus, they naturally produce A2 milk proteins.
  • Enfamil infant does not contain DHA, GOS, and polydextrose. Of these components, DHA is instrumental in the development of an infant’s brain. GOS and Polydextrose help to soften the stools and prevent constipation.
  • All Enfamil infant milk formulas have cow’s milk as a base and fortified with various essential body nutrients like iron, omega 3, vitamin B6, vitamin a, vitamin d, and all essential vitamins.

Enfamil has developed milk formulas suitable for babies from birth to over 2 years. Each product in different stages has a re-worked formula to suit the nutritional needs of that particular age group. Two such products are Enfamil and Enfagrow. As the baby grows older, the nutritional needs increase, to support the active life as the baby learns to develop new skills of independence. The difference between Enfamil and Enfagrow is that the former is the first basic milk formula introduced to babies. On the other hand, Enfagrow incorporates all the nutrients necessary to support the development, both, of mind and body.

Enfamil is for infants from 0-6 months. However, Enfagrow is the best formula milk for babies 6-12 months + old as an advanced formula. 

baby formula feeding instruction

The packet of Enfamil A+ stage 1 formula comes with prescribed feed portions as per age, along with recommended feeds per day. For this, it is advisable to use a well-sterilized bottle and boiled water, and cooled drinking water. The formula blends easily in the water by shaking the feeding bottle well. Nevertheless, it is in the best interest to use the measuring spoon provided with the pack, follow the instructions, and use accurate quantity for optimal results. Do not give diluted or over-concentrated formula to the infant as it may create undernourishment or digestion issues in respective cases.  

enfamil a+ infant formula calculator

Unlike other mother’s milk supplements that need spoon-feeding, this formula can be bottle-fed and give the same feeling and comfort to the baby as being breastfeeding.

ENFAMIL A+ stage 1 baby formula side effects

As per the reviews given by parents using Enfamil A+ for their babies, there are no known side effects as such and it is a very well formulated product, very close to breast milk and thus infants find it easy to digest. Nonetheless, some have a tendency of having lactogen intolerance and since the product is cow’s milk-based, some babies may have digestion problems. They may feel gassy or colic and be overall in discomfort.

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Before starting any milk formula for the baby, it is in the best interest to consult the doctor and take advice/opinion about the suitable formula, recommended daily intake for your baby. Remember, the formula is a supplement to mother’s milk and should prove as beneficial as natural milk, without any health issues.

Conclusion on Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Infant Formula Review

The introduction of a baby food milk supplement at a very initial stage of an infant’s life has now become a necessity as the mother’s milk sometimes fails to satiate the hunger and an undernourished baby cannot be a healthy one. Thus the supply of nutrients in adequate quantities in its formative age is crucial and hence it is better to survey the market, refer a health advisor and buy the most appropriate infant milk formula for proper growth of the mind and body. Enfamil A+ stage 1better formula brand is a good option to consider better development for your baby and see it grow strong and sharp-minded.


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