7 Exercises that Make Baby’s Bones and Muscles Stronger

Exercises to Make Baby’s Bones and Muscles Stronger

Having a kid is a blessing, and you are born as parents. Life changes when you become parents, and it’s a beautiful feeling altogether. We have to always keep an eye on our little ones and satisfy their needs. A newborn needs much care and attention as they have just come out from the womb. They are all cuddled up in the womb, and when they come out, they need exercise to straighten their limbs. Even when they are sleeping, we should make sure that they have a sound sleep.

A baby needs proper massage and exercise for building up their limbs and bones. Exercise promotes healthy growth in babies and also helps their development. Even doctors recommend oil or lotion massage from the very beginning. You can start a week or two after birth. Some of the exercises you can practice with your baby are listed below:

1. Cycling or bicycle motion exercise

This exercise helps your little one by making their legs stronger. Simply lay the baby on his back and hold his ankles. Now gradually move his legs in a circular motion as if he or she is pedaling a bicycle. Do this for 4-5 movements at a stretch and then take a break for a few mins and continue. This really helps your baby in leg muscle development and also helps in the movement of the legs. This exercise also helps the infant to get relief from gas in their stomach.

2. Tummy time

 This exercise you can practice with your newborn often. Simply lay down your baby on the floor or bed on his tummy side. This, in return, helps build the core muscles of the baby and aids in digestion. You can also place your baby on your chest on his tummy side, and the baby can lie on your dad’s stomach too. This position also helps in avoiding the flat crown of your baby. You can lay them on a blanket or a mat and enjoy seeing them gaze at everything.

3. Happy baby

 You might not even realize but your baby might already do this activity in general when he is putting his feet up in the air and trying to touch it. It’s generally a yoga pose, and even if your baby can’t grasp his feet, then you can help him out. Try to swing his leg back and forth, which will help loosen up his hip muscles and strengthen them.

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4. Head rotation

 This is also a great activity that you can practice with the baby when they are 2-3 months old. The idea is to place any colorful toy or any item on the other sides of the baby. You will see that trying to look at the item placed by this, they are rotating their head left and right. You can also place these attractive toys with different sounds on the sides of their cot. This exercise helps to build their head muscles, which are very delicate when they are born.

5. Catching or gazing at the toy

 When your baby starts sitting, then you can try out this exercise, which will help bring coordination in the baby’s hand and eye. All you have to do is dangle a colorful toy from above and let your child reach out for it. You can also blow some bubbles and let the gaze or catch. This makes the child mesmerized and, in return, helps develop motor skills in your baby. It’s a fun activity in which babies enjoy and develop coordination too.

6. Sitting on a stool

 This activity helps in balancing the body of the baby, which in return will help them in walking. As walking is all about balancing the body, this exercise helps the baby a lot. Take a normal height stool and make your child sit on it, and their feet should touch the floor. An adult has to be nearby to ensure the child’s safety. Make them stand and sit and also ask the baby to pick up any scattered toy in front of him. By this action, they will learn to balance their body weight on their own without any help.

7. Massage exercise

 As we all have heard, old is old, so massaging a baby is an ancient kind of exercise. Even pediatricians also recommended massage as it helps the baby in all forms. But you should keep in mind not to do it rigorously, use gentle hands, and apply less pressure. You can lift their neck by using your hand with less pressure. Use baby-friendly oil and stretch their hands and legs. This will help build up strong muscles and bones. 

Apart from a good healthy diet, a baby needs exercise and some sort of physical activity to grow. You can go for any exercise which your baby enjoys and watch them develop their motor skills. 

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