Good Habits Of Mothers Whose Kids Rarely Fall Ill

10 Habits Of Mothers Whose Kids Rarely Fall Ill

1. Keep Hands Clean

Most of the common diseases start attacking your unclean hands. So it is the most important thing that the mothers of those kids who rarely fall ill take care of. It is very important that your child washes his or her hands constantly after coming home from outside. You must make your child acquire the habit of washing hands with hand wash or soap before eating. Generally, children are very casual, but once you drill these healthy habits into them, it remains with them forever. A mother must Make sure that the child washes his or her hands properly after playing and before taking its meal. 

2. Be Active 

Almost all the moms who have healthy kids who rarely fall ill allow their children to have a good playing session. It is essential that your child remains active each and every day. It helps them to grow strong from outside as well as from the inside. If a child plays regularly, then the immunity of the child would be good enough to fight regular cold and diseases. Thus it is important that the child remains active and healthy and plays often.

3. Early To Bed

The mother of healthy children maintains their sleeping regime, which is an essential part of a child’s life. It is essential that a child goes to bed early and has 8-10 hours of sleep in order to have proper bodily development. It has been seen in research that the children who follow a regular sleeping time rarely fall ill. Sleeping at a regular time improves the immunity and strength of the body. Moreover, it even adds a glow to the skin and freshness to the child’s mind.

4. Avoid Face Touching

It is essential that your child makes it a habit to avoid touching its face. Most of the flu and common cold starts from the virus entering the nose and mouth. So it is important that you teach your child not to touch his or her face regularly. This will help them to prevent diseases on a larger scale as the child won’t allow the bacteria to enter the body. Generally, you can teach your child to use a face mask while going out and use a handkerchief while sneezing. These are small healthy habits that help your child to avoid getting sick.

5. Healthy Diet

It is very important that children eat a healthy and balanced diet. As the children are in their growth period, a balanced diet helps their body with the proper supplements. It is important that they eat a lot of protein and calcium-rich diets as their muscles and bones are at a growing stage. Certain foods like curd help prepare antibodies in the body to fight against diseases, and it is even good for bones. Thus it is important to have such essential fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses, vitamins, and minerals in your diet.  

6. Skip Sharing

Most of the time, children do not maintain proper hygienic habits while sharing food. Most of the children do not wash their hands properly, and thus if someone is having a cold or flu, it can easily pass to others on the sharing of food. So it is important that your child does not share food until he or she has grown old enough to maintain hygiene along with his or her friends. Thus it is essential to skip sharing up to a certain age till your child grows up. But it is important that you teach your child, that sharing is a good habit and even let them know why you are asking them to avoid it. 

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antibiotic properties that help your family remain healthy in general. It has certain properties that help in digestion and can cure certain stomach illness. So if your child ever feels any discomfort in the stomach, then all you have to do is feed him or her a spoon of coconut oil. Your child will be completely fine and fit in the morning with all the stomach issues gone. It is better to even cook food in coconut oil rather than any other refined oil, as it is good for health. 

8. Secret Formula

An amazing way to keep cold and flu away from your children as well as other family members is by rubbing their feet with this oil prepared from clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You can do this one day and night in order to increase the immune system of the body. You can even apply this oil at the back of your spine in order to relax your body.  If practiced regularly, it will help in avoiding cold and flu and thus keep your child healthy.

9. Let Them Be Dirty

It is important that a mother knows that a child should be a child, after all. So allow your child to play and be dirty as it helps in improving the immunity of the body. Playing as such improves body growth and development, and at the same time, a child is exposed to dust and dirt, which allows him or her to have good immunity. This is essential for all those parents who do not allow their children to play. So remember this simple fact that a kid should be a kid after all.

10. Timing Of The Meals

It is one of the most important things that all mothers should keep in mind. It is important that a mother maintains regularity in the timing of the meals that the child takes. Irregularity in the timing can cause gastric acidity in children. A healthy meal timing is thus essential for a healthy child. Moreover, it is important that the child does not skip any meal and has his or her breakfast in time. Breakfast is the most essential and important meal of the day, and this is important. Moreover, it is also essential that you take your dinner on time so that there is a gap between your dinner and sleeping time.  

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