7 Essential Tip On how to massage baby

How to massage baby – 7 Tip for a healthy body of your baby

Body massage of your baby is an important part of his/her growth. Being a new mom, sometimes it is confusing to understand how to massage your baby. There are some tips that will surely help you out. Take a glance: 

Massaging The Belly

One does not need an expert in order to massage baby. All you need is a little attention and gentleness as you move on with the task. It is always better to start massaging the baby from its feet so that as you move above, your hands would be acquainted with the stroking pattern. And thus, massaging won’t be a trouble for you or discomfort for the baby.

You have to start the massage by gently stroking the feet of the baby and softly pulling at the toes. The padding of the feet should be massaged with a circular motion and the heels in the same circular motion. Be careful with the pressure that you apply as the baby’s skin and bones are very soft. You need to be very careful as you massage your baby; otherwise, rest assured you can do the job quite well. After massaging, the feet move to the belly and start massaging it gently. 

how to massage baby Foot And Belly Rubs

In order to massage the belly, you have to follow a circular massaging technique with gentle strokes. Massage the belly in a clockwise motion, and it should be done starting from under the ribs. Massaging the belly of the baby helps it in digestion as mostly they suffer from indigestion and stomach pain.

Any discomfort to the baby is a disturbing factor for the parents. So it is always best to avoid such a scenario and try to keep your baby in a comfort zone.

After massaging the feet and belly, you can see the sparkle in your baby’s eyes. They will be more relaxed and active, which will be a jolly to see. Massaging also helps in blood circulation and thus keeps the skin and body healthy. It is very important for the baby as it makes the baby strong. Constant massages can make a baby’s arms, legs, and even bones stronger. 

how to massage baby After The Bath

It is always a good thing to massage your baby after bath in bath tub (for safety) as the skin is moist. This moisture in the baby’s skin allows you to give it a smooth massage rather than a rough and dry one. Always start with a foot rub and a belly massage and then move on to hands and legs.

In order to massage the hands of the baby, you have to be gentle around the elbow area as it is very sensitive. The rest part of the hand can be massaged by applying appropriate pressure through your fingers on the muscles of your baby’s hands.

You can even have a gentle grip on your baby’s hands and massage it. In the end, do not forget to massage the palms of the hand and pull the little baby fingers gently. Even the armpits of the bay should be massaged using your thumb.

Put Oil Or Lotion

The massage could be easily done with baby oil or lotion. After the baby has had a bath, you need to take a generous amount of oil in your palms and rub your palms together. This will make the lotion or the oil warm, and then you can apply it to your baby with continuous strokes and motion of your hand.

It is essential that you even massage the forehead of the baby with smooth strokes and then massage the eyebrows. Then you can softly move towards the eyelids and the cheeks and the lips. Massaging the face of the baby can increase the blood circulation of the baby and keep it warm.

how to massage baby Thigh And Leg Massage

The thighs and legs of the baby should be massaged well, as it makes them strong and active. You can gently apply pressure on the calf and the thighs of the baby and stretch it outwards. Then you can push the knees gently onto the belly of the baby.

The thighs and legs of the baby must be massaged properly so that it will help in the proper growth and development of the baby. A good long massage not only helps in blood circulation but also in the growth of muscles and the baby in multiple ways. A baby becomes active with a good massage, and thus it helps in improving motor skills.

Lay The Baby On Its Belly

how to massage your baby

After massaging the baby’s belly and the hands and face, you should lay the baby on its belly and gently rub its back. The massaging of the back must be unidirectional and systematic. You should apply appropriate pressure but not too much around the spine and neck.

You even have to massage the head of the baby with a systematic circular motion. Be careful while massaging your baby as the spine area of the baby is very delicate, as is the head. So all you need to do is be gentle while massaging these areas. With continuous and regular massage, the baby’s muscles will become strong, and the bones will get stronger, which will help in its growth. 

how to massage baby while Taking Care Of The Elbow And Spine

There are certain parts of the baby that you must be careful while massaging. First is the head of the baby, which is very delicate and smooth. Thus you have to be extra careful while massaging the baby’s head with oil and then gently move towards the massaging of nose and ears and neck.

The second important part that you must be careful of is the spine, which is a very delicate part of a baby. It is not completely formed, and thus it needs time to grow and be strong. You must be patient while massaging the spine and the area nearby. So that you do not hurt your child knowingly or unknowingly.

And finally, the elbows are the delicate joints that should be handled with care. It is very easy to dislocate the elbow if you are too harsh on the baby. So take care while massaging and give your baby a comfortable massage. 

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