Is babywearing good for the baby?

Is babywearing good for the baby?

If you are parents to a newborn, it is more likely that you will carry them everywhere in your home for hours. It is normal. Babies always want to be near and held by their parents. But this habit of the baby can make your everyday life much more hectic and trickier. How will you be texting your husband if you hold your newborn all the time in your arms? How to drink a glass of water or carry the grocery bags from the superstore? There is only one solution to this, and that is babywearing!

Babywearing is the process of carrying or wearing your baby through a special carrier, which has been present over the centuries. Nomadic people carry their babies like this and travel from place to place efficiently and with no difficulty. Most of the newborn mothers in Mexico, Africa, and other countries in the world, use this traditional and specialized carrier with them. This old tradition has recently gained some popularity in the U.S.A. as well. Babywearing offers the best of both worlds of holding the baby and the convenience of hands-free working.

Benefits of Babywearing both for you and your Baby

Let us now check out the advantages of babywearing for both the mommy and the baby. They are as follows.

  • Perfect for traveling

Babywearing allows the mother to travel to places with no need to push the stroller. It always keeps your hands free and makes it easier to get up and go wherever you want for running a quick errand. 

  • People will not be able to touch the baby without your consent.

A babywearing keeps the baby protected inside a cocoon, keeping all the germs away. It is much easier to reach a baby in a stroller than a babywearing, which will be tied to the parents’ chest.

  • Soothes the Baby

Usually, babies who are worn more by the parents are less cranky. Babywearing always reduces the crying of your little one, especially if she is suffering from colic. The more there is babywearing, the lesser he/she will and cry and will always remain alert to learn new things.

  • Allows Social and Cognitive Development

Happier babies can spend more time interacting and learning different things in the environment. When the parents wear their baby, they can also hear and see what their parents are doing or talking. It also makes them involved and happy in the everyday lives of their parents. Since the baby remains so close that you can respond to their hunger or uncomfortable cues and soothe them more, all of these activities can improve cognitively and learning development and overall well-being.

  • Perfect for the well being and overall health

Wearing babies by their parents can lead to their physical well being and development. It can enhance digestion and prevent the syndrome of flathead, thus helping with refluxes and colic. Babies present in the babywearing carrier also develop various muscle groups for balancing themselves.

  • Discreetly you can feed the baby.

It might take a little practice, but you can breastfeed your baby with no one even noticing you, especially if you are carrying them in a wrap or a ring sling.

  • Do Regular chores hands-free.

If you babywear your little one, you can do the regular chores of your house like cooking, going for a walk, washing clothes, or more significantly attending to the other toddlers’ necessities, if you have any. 

  • A perfect way of bonding

You can freely interact or talk with your baby while babywearing them. All the babywearing snuggles and naps are the best ways to connect to your little one once they are out of their mother’s womb. You can also learn what their cues are and what they are trying to say. It will also enhance your parenting skills and make you more confident.

  • Decreases the Postpartum Depression

Babywearing also assists in boosting the confidence that helps the mothers into a beautiful transition and enhances their overall well being. Babywearing also assists you in breaking all the social isolation and making it easier for the new mother to stay active, make some friends, or take a walk out of the home. It also improves the skin-to-skin time with your baby, which results in a decrease in postpartum depression.

  • Other family members also connect with the baby deeply.

With babywearing carriers, mothers are not the only ones who can deeply connect with the baby. Father or grandparents can also connect with the baby at any time for soothing or going for a walk with him/her.

Is babywearing good for the baby?

Is it Safe to do Babywearing?

With numerous baby-related activities, there is a correct way of babywearing. Most of the security concern revolves around keeping the child airway clear, supporting the neck and back. If you follow the below T.I.C.K.S. rules, then this is the safest way of babywearing. 

  • Tight

The baby should always be tight enough and in an upright position in wearing so that they will be held safely by whoever is carrying them. It also prevents any accidental falls.

  • In view every time

You should always be able to visit your child’s face so that you can monitor the breathing. You can also check out their mood by checking frequently.

  • Close Enough to Kiss

You should babywear your child in such a position so that you can lower your head and kiss the head of your little one. You can also reposition them if they are not in that position.

  • Keep the chin off from the chest.

Always make sure to leave a gap of two fingers wide under the chin. If they are in the perfect upright position with their legs squatting and their spine curved, then their chin will not drop below your chest.

  • Support the Back

Make sure that the babywearing is tight, but not over-tight as it might cause severe damage to the spinal cord of your little one. The babywearing should include no gap between your baby and the body but have at least some space so that you can slide your hand inside it.

Apart from making the baby comfortable, you also have to make sure that you should feel comfortable. Improperly positioned babywearing might create back issues, soreness, or injury, especially if you have to wear it for a longer duration. Also, if you have any medical conditions, then consult your physician before starting to use one.

Different Kinds of Babywearing Carriers

There are innumerable babywearing carriers in the market. You should select the babywearing based on the size and age of the child, your body type, personal preferences, and budget. Now let us have a quick look into the different varieties of babywearing carriers present in the market. 

Soft wrap

This long cloth is composed of a combination of Lyra, cotton, and spandex. It is also known as the stretchy wrap. You have to surround the soft wrap your body and place your little one inside it. Due to the fabric nature, this babywearing is more suitable for younger babies. 

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is also a long fabric piece that you can wrap with your baby in it. There is a woven wrap of various sizes according to body size and shapes and carrying positions. The woven wrap fabric is more structured and is a bit stiffer. Here you can comfortably carry toddler or larger babies. 

Ring Sling

Ring slings are composed of woven, sturdy fabric and are usually worn on one shoulder. After putting this on, you have to open the fabric to create a pocket near the abdomen. Put the baby inside and then gently pull the fabric near to the ring to securely adjust the entire thing. Ring slings are easy to use and are exceptionally portable. However, some mothers find pressure on one shoulder to be uncomfortable, especially if you are using it for a longer duration or your baby is on the heavier side.

Meh Dai

Meh Dai involves a fabric panel with double straps surrounding the waist and two others over the shoulders. They are usually padded and wider compared to other products. You can wear these baby carriers on the back, front or hip and are suitable for toddlers and newborns.

Soft Structured

Soft-structured babywearing includes buckles, padding, and straps to get an adjustable fit for different ages starting from infant, toddler, and beyond. There are different types of soft structured babywearing according to the height and weight of the child. You can wear it on the front, back, or hip as well. 

Final Thoughts

Babywearing has now become much more than a fashion or trend. It helps in keeping the baby close and comfortable like a mother’s womb. It also includes an additional benefit of carrying your baby while your hands become free to do other jobs. If you are also in such a situation, then using babywearing will be a feasible solution for you!


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