How to lose weight while breastfeeding a newborn?

8 Working Tips Which Can Help You Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Right after giving birth, not only a child is born, but also a mother is born too. A woman has to go through a lot of difficulties, both physically and mentally, while she’s pregnant. After delivery, all she cares about is how well she can take care of her child and their feeding.

Breastfeeding requires patience, as your newborn might get tired too soon and fall asleep without his stomach full. So a mother has to give up on her nap, and weight issues also hover her mind.

 So here are some tips that might help you to manage your weight while you breastfeed your little one:

1. Breastfeeding:

A mother also loses weight while she is breastfeeding. A mother’s milk helps to nourish and provides needed nutrition to the baby. To produce milk, all cells, including the fats cells which you gained during pregnancy, helps in the production of milk, which leads to weight loss. Right after delivery a child’s weight loss is around 1 to 2 kgs and slows down. So make healthy choices while eating during the breastfeeding period.

2. Rest is a priority:

We mothers very well know the hassle of having a newborn and keeping up with our day-to-day lives. So all new mothers make note that you also have to take rest and look after yourself. Take a nap while your baby sleeps during the daytime; do not wander around the house doing daily chores. This, in return, contributes to losing weight and de-stress you.

3. Start with a walk:

Try to take short walks around your house with your baby or alone. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase. Do not just start at once like you used to do before delivery. Listen to your body and then act. Do not overexert yourself, stick to the mantra ’less is more.

do not eat sweet

4. Do not consume processed or sweetened food:

As we all know, how many calories processed and instant food has. So post-delivery try to switch to healthier options for food. Deep-fried foods and sweets will add to the weight, and you will feel helpless about your body. Consuming fatty food makes you feel lethargic and aids in weight. So always stick to low calories and nutritious meals that will help you to shed those extra kilos and will also help in milk production. Go for less or no added sugar items, try to cut off visible fat from your meat. These will help you and ease you while losing weight.

5. Eat every three hours:

This strategy helps in keeping up with your metabolism and enables you with more energy. And nutritious food will also help you in producing milk which will have all the vitamins and minerals. Eating consistently helps to keep up with your daily chores. Try to snack on low calories food like yogurt, salads, smoothies, or fruits. Also, try to incorporate plenty of vegetables and fruits into your daily diet.

lose weight while breastfeeding using yoga

6. Exercise:

Consult your doctor before you can get back to your workout. Start slow and listen to your body. Do moderate exercise for around 15 to 20 minutes and steadily increase. Hire a trainer if you can and try postpartum exercise. Do cardio and core strengthening exercises. Building up muscle takes time, so have patience and keep going.

7. Hydrate yourself:

Keep hydrating yourself, drink water whenever you can. When craving soft drinks or soda instead consume water. Drinking water keeps you full for a period of time and helps you flush out toxins in your body. 

8. Keep track:

Keeping your progress track is very important as it helps motivate you. Don’t expect results soon, relax, and maintain your routine. Persistence is what will help you in the long run.

Becoming a mother is a feeling which can’t be expressed, and a woman’s life completely changes when she has her little one. You have to get going and again have to reach your ideal weight. Slowly and steadily, you will get results, so have patience and enjoy your motherhood. Make healthy choices, and don’t push yourself to the extreme. Have a sound sleep, and just exercise a little. Remember not to stress too much about weight loss, feed your baby well. 

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