Must-Have Prenatal Super Foods from A-Z

Prenatal superfood from A-Z to have in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with happiness and changes. Every day morning sickness will become your companion. It is very rarely seen that some women do not have morning sickness. To keep your diet in control and deal with your morning sickness, include these prenatal superfoods in your regular diet. A daily food chart or a chart with alphabetical order will make you remember what you have to eat daily. Prenatal food should be consumed mindfully. Do not include high sugar, spicy, or salty food in your diet because it is harmful to your diet. You have to be wise with what comes to your plate.
When we make a sequence or arrange something, then it becomes easy to apply and remember. Clumsy things no one wants to remember.

A is for apple, avocado, asparagus.

The more you have protein in your diet, the better for you. Avocado is high in protein, so as an apple. When you have both of them regularly, your hormones will be in control, and you will not have to take protein supplements. Green leafy vegetables contain the right amount of fiber that will keep your digestion reasonable.

B is for a banana, barley, and buckwheat

Banana is rich in iron, which pregnant women should regularly have. Iron intake in the form of a banana will maintain your blood in the body. Pregnant women often tend to have low haemoglobin, which can be helped with regular intake of banana. The other whole grains are high in fibre, which will keep your blood sugar in control and help you with your sugar hunger pangs.

C is for carrots and cucumber.

Carrot and cucumber have potent antioxidants that will keep your blood clear from any infection. Cucumber keeps the body hydrated and helps in the condition of excess water loss. A pregnant woman has frequent urination, so she loses water soon so that cucumber can keep her body temperature and hydration in control.

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D is for dairy products.

You cannot miss on paneer, milk, cheese, cream, and curd the other dairy product during your pregnancy. All the dairy products have high fibre and protein, and milk is compulsory for pregnant women. It is the best source of calcium for a mother, which will keep her and her child’s bones healthy. You should have any colour an added dairy product, which is bottled for a long time because it will have preservatives, which will harm you in your pregnancy.

E is for eggs

Eggs are the best source of omegas and phospholipids. Phospholipids are a type of fat that helps in the brain’s speedy development, which is essential for your body. You should have one egg daily, do not have many eggs in a day because it will harm your body.

F is for all kind of fruits

Fruits are easy to digest and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They keep the body hydrated and healthy. You should have fruits regularly and get yourself essential vitamins.

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G is for ginger

For your morning sickness, nothing is better than ginger. You can have a small piece of ginger at night when you sleep. All you have to do is keep it in your mouth and have the juice. In the morning, it will help you in digestion and also with morning sickness.

H is for honey

You cannot have all types of honey. You should have only pasteurized honey because it has anti-inflammatory properties that will cure your cough and sore throat. It is also rich in zinc, iron, and potassium, so have a honey teaspoon when you have a sugar craving.

I is for ice cream

Be it the mother or the child, and nobody can say no to ice cream. Well, you can have ice cream but little. Ice cream is good for digestion and to maintain your weight. Little ice cream will not get you cold. Please keep it to a limit and do not catch a cold.

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J is for juices.

Add fresh fruit juices for your breakfast. It will keep you fresh and keep you hydrated the entire day. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which will keep you away from cold, common flu, and viruses.

K is for kale

Always add seasonal green leafy vegetables to your meal. They are rich in calcium, iron, phosphorous. The better your diet will be, the fewer medicines you will have to take.

L is for legumes.

Beans, lentils, chickpeas are a rich source of protein and calcium. They are all powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins. The more nutrient supply you give your body, the normal and easy delivery you will have. It will control your blood pressure because it is a rich source of magnesium.

M is for mangoes

Do not miss out on mangoes in the season. Give your baby the taste of mango as it is a great of phosphorous, which will help in the proper development of the kidney and fight all the kidney related infection.

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N is for nuts

Have enough nuts during your pregnancy like flaxseed, cashews, pecans, and almonds. They all are a great source of omega, and it will give you a sufficient amount of calcium, minerals, antioxidants, and many essential nutrients.

O is for orange.

Orange is the best source of vitamin C. vitamin C will fight with cold, cough, flu, and viruses.

P is for pomegranate.

Pomegranate has potassium, which is excellent for the stomach. It will fight all types of stomach infections and keep your stomach healthy.

Q is for quinoa.

It is a type of grain that is rich in protein and fibres and low fat. When you have this, you will feel fuller for longer, and the fibres will keep you away from constipation.

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R is for raspberries.

Berries are rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin C, which is ideal for pregnant women’s excellent health. Berries maintain the taste of your taste buds and help you with the food cravings.

S is for sugarcane.

Having high sugar can be harmful to you, but sugarcane juice is very good for the body. It is rich in magnesium and calcium. It is the natural source of sugar, so you will not feel the need for extra sugar.

T is for tomatoes.

You should have vegetables that are rich in lycopene. Lycopene fights cancer, reduces the chances of heart disease, keeps sugar and blood pressure in control.

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U is for unsweetened chocolate.

Dark chocolate is excellent for your skin, and if you have dark chocolate, it will fight the infection in your blood, and you will have a fair baby.

V is for vegetables.

Do not miss the seasonal vegetable. The more fresh vegetable and salads you will eat, the better will be you and your baby.

W is for whole grains.

Whole grains are a rich source of fiber which keeps your diet in control. It would be best if you had a sufficient supply of fibers during your pregnancy.

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X is for xylitol

You can use it as your sugar substitute as it will control the insulin levels and prevent dental cavities

Y is for yoghurt

Yogurts are the best-fermented food that a pregnant woman should have. It is rich in zinc, calcium, and other vitamins.

Z is for zucchini.

It is the best source of calcium, manganese, folate, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Add it in your salad or pasta and healthily enjoy your meal.

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