Many couples are very active sexually, but they do not want to have a baby without proper future planning. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, most women consume contraceptive pills, which have unpropitious effects on the body in the long run. People use different methods to prevent pregnancy. Though the techniques are not effective entirely, they all are mere precautionary. Therefore it is always advised to practice safe sex. However, the sole and fully reliable method to prevent pregnancy is abstaining from sex.

Tips to prevent pregnancy

  1. Fertility awareness method- In this method, the women need to pay attention to nature’s signals of what is happening with their bodies every time they ovulate. Some things happen in our body at a particular level; if you pay attention, you may avoid pregnancy. Firstly you need to mark period dates every month. Observe the cycle and try to find out the time of ovulation. Then altogether, avoid intercourse a few days before and after ovulation. The reason behind this is that you are very fertile at this time.
  2. Basal body temperature method- Right around the time of ovulation, your body temperature may change, and you should start paying attention to your daily basal body temperature every day of the month. When it is about basal body temperature, you should check it when you get up in the morning and step out of bed, and then you will start to notice a pattern of how the temperature changes through the month. Observe it for two to three month and then prepare a chart of it and take it to your doctor and they will guide you which are your fertile days, and then you have to avoid intercourse completely during the fertility period. You can also use a device called a basal body temperature thermometer at the same time every day to check the temperature.
  3. Cervical mucus method- The woman has a cervix inside her womb up inside the vagina. From that cervix every month, there is a little bit of discharge, but it is natural and normal. As you move forward through the days of the fertile period, the cervical mucus pattern starts to become looser and flowy. It is designed naturally so that the sperm can quickly enter, so you are very fertile these days. On the other days of the month, the cervical mucus thicker and more sticky. So based on the cervical mucus, women may figure out the days when she is very fertile.
  4. Withdrawal method- To prevent pregnancy, you can apply the withdrawal method. This method involves pulling the penis out of their partner’s vagina before they ejaculate. It is dependent on men as it requires a lot of self-control. Although it does not work most of the time, there is a 22% chance of getting pregnant if anyone uses this tactic.
  5. Abstinence- Abstinence means not having sexual intercourse at all. Not having any sexual intercourse with an opposite gender implies that there is not any possibility that the sperm of a man will fertilize a woman’s egg.
    It is the only method that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. A man or a woman can exercise abstinence for a particular period or continuously throughout one’s life.
  6. Breastfeeding- This approach works only for the first six months after giving birth and only if you haven’t gotten your period yet and you solely breastfeed your baby, not from bottles or other methods at all.
    You will have to breastfeed at least every four hours during the day and every six hours at night. This doesn’t let your body release the egg.
  7. Calendar rhythm method- The calendar rhythm method to prevent pregnancy depends upon a woman’s calculation of her fertile period. Based upon her 12 preceding menstrual cycles, a woman subtracts 18 days from her shortest menstrual cycle to ascertain her last fruitful day. She can then calculate the total number of days during which she can ovulate. If a woman’s menstrual cycles are pretty irregular from month to month, there will be a more significant number of days during which she may become pregnant. The calendar method is only about 80% effective in preventing pregnancy, and when used alone, it is considered outdated and ineffective.
  8. Herbal birth control- Some herbs are recommended as ways to prevent pregnancy. Some herbs that help to prevent pregnancy are as follows:
  • Neem
  • Castor bean
  • Gossypol (for men)
  • Thunder god vine (for men)
  • Wild carrot

The above herbs work in the following ways:

Tips to prevent pregnancy
  • Keep the body from releasing an egg
  • Prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg
  • Block the fertilized egg from implanting

There is very little research to back up the claims that how well they work. Some methods can be toxic. So people should take the advice of their doctor about what is safe.

Natural methods to prevent pregnancy

It is not scientifically proven that home remedies are 100% effective, but some people consider these. Following are some home remedies to prevent pregnancy.

  1. PAPAYA- Consuming papaya right after intercourse can prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is also believed that papaya also reduces sperm count in males. Having papaya at least twice a day reduces the chance of unwanted pregnancy.
  2. GINGER- It is believed that ginger stimulates a period and prevents pregnancy. Some ginger can be grated and boiled in a cup of water for few minutes, and after straining, it can be consumed twice a day. However, this remedy does not guarantee results.
  3. APRICOT- It is believed that apricot can prevent pregnancy naturally. It is advised to take about 100gms of dried apricots, boil them in a cup of water with tablespoons of honey, and then consume it. However, it may not work to prevent pregnancy.
  4. DRIED FIGS- Consuming two to three pieces of dried figs every day. But it should be consumed within the limit as it can upset the stomach.
  5. CINNAMON- Consuming cinnamon is an effective remedy to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It helps in stimulating the uterus, resulting in miscarriage, abortion, and other vaginal problems.
  6. Neem- Neem is known as an anti-fertility herb, and it can stop follicular growth. It can also hinder the reproductive functions in males by restraining spermatogenesis.
  7. JACK-IN-THE-PULPIT-ROOT (INDIAN TURNIP)- It can prevent pregnancy for up to a week after sexual intercourse. Mixing a teaspoon of powdered jack-in-the-pulpit-root in a half glass of water and drinking it twice a day for a week can prevent pregnancy.
  8. PINEAPPLE- Some people believe that the characteristics can prevent pregnancy. It is suggested that eating an unripe pineapple every day for two to three days after intercourse can prevent pregnancy.
  9. WILD YAM (RATALU) – Eating a wild yam twice a day regularly for one to two months is also considered to work as a birth control remedy.

It is believed that natural remedies can prevent pregnancy without any side effects. But it is not proven that consuming these natural remedies can prevent pregnancy.

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