14 Amazing Pregnancy tips for new moms

Baby on the way? First of all, “congratulations”!!!!
Excited? Anxious About what to do and what to avoid? Well, here is your answer. Even though everyone is unique, there are certain things and factors that apply to all.

1. Celebrate!!!

1st and the foremost thing you need to do is stop being anxious thinking about your upcoming baby and future events, and celebrate the newcomer’s arrival. Connect with your loved ones and enjoy the experience while it lasts. Being happy and calm is one of the most important things you will need during your pregnancy.

2. Prepare your body

During your pregnancy, your body will be the home for your baby. Would you like it if your home is uncomfortable? Nobody does, not even your baby, so prepare your body for your baby. Here’s how.

3. Eat healthily

Eat healthy food, including fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc., to provide vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, and carbs. Include various vegetables and fruits such as carrots: leafy vegetables, cooked greens, bananas, melon. Also, eat fish which are a rich source of omega3. Avoid sea fish that may contain mercury.

Have healthy snacks such as fruits, low-fat yoghurt, whole-grain crackers, etc. Have a well-balanced diet to provide nutrition to your baby. Strictly avoid caffeine, alcohol, raw, excess sugary or salty, greasy and junk food. What you eat is what you give to your baby. Imagine your baby eating french fries and drinking vodka. You dont want that.

4. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy. You may have nausea and vomitings, especially in the first few months. You may find it hard to keep food in, and you can get easily dehydrated, so make sure you drink ample of h20 and stay hydrated.

5. Body movement

Practice yoga, stretching, or light exercises to keep your joints and muscles going tight. Physical activities don’t just improve your physical health but also mental health. Towards the later trimester, exercise and walks will help you ease the pressure in the back, pelvis, and bladder and will also make your delivery easier. Ensure you don’t overexert yourself and consult your on what exercises to do and which to avoid.

6. Visit a healthcare specialist.

Your doctor is your new friend. Share everything about your medical history and things you may be experiencing and clear all doubts and queries. Your doctor will monitor your condition and advise you on the diet and supplements to take. He will also inform you about any complications you may face and how to avoid them. Take all the recommended tests and medications as advised by your healthcare provider and only take doctor-approved medications and supplements.

Pregnancy tips for new moms

7. Watch your symptoms

During your pregnancy, you’ll experience many symptoms, some of which may require to be consulted to your doctor. So always be aware of your symptoms. Some symptoms include painful urination, sharp abdominal pain or cramps, frequent headaches and dizziness, swelling, blurry vision and spots in front of your eyes, changing or slowing down of baby’s movements, excessive vaginal discharge, bleeding from vaginal, etc. Need to be strictly consulted to a doctor without fail.

8. Importance of folic acid and vitamin D

Folic acid and vitamin D are essential for you now more than ever. Folic acid reduces the risk of your baby developing neural tube congenital disabilities such as spina bifida. Vitamin d helps your baby develop healthy bones, teeth, and muscles, etc.

9. Avoid drugs and smoking.

Completely cut out on any drugs and smoking. Drugs will cost you a lot more than you can imagine. These are dangerous for your health and your baby and may raise many complications in your pregnancy.

10. How to sleep

You may find it hard to fall asleep during pregnancy due to various factors such as hormonal changes, etc., so get sleep whenever you feel sleepy. Also, change any sleeping habits which may not go well with the pregnancy, such as sleeping on the front.

It is advised to sleep on the side as sleeping on the back doubles risk of stillbirth, let alone sleeping in the front. So if your back or front sleeper, try sleeping on the side as it is the best sleep position for your baby.

11. Shop

Shop for comfortable clothes, “maternity wear, ” specially designed for your comfort during pregnancy months. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes as is pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Women feel dizzy a lot of times. Tight-fitting will add to this.

12. Research and study

Read books and articles and find out more about your situation. Researching will not only increase your knowledge, but you will also find many fun facts and exciting staff relating to pregnancy. While researching, you will find articles on various things relating to pregnancy which involves complications and others.

Do read but don’t stress on things. Remember they are mentioned to inform you to know the kind of things that might happen. They are also mentioned to understand and prevent it, not stress on things that are not even relevant to you. You can also your favourite books of stories or meditations etc., anything that will help you relax.

13. Clean your house

Tidy up your house to prevent any infections. Steer clear of any infections during pregnancy as it will impact the baby’s health and make your pregnancy difficult. Clean your homes with suitable disinfectants and cleaners. Also, clean your mobile, keyboards, and others that you constantly touch. Clean your hands whenever necessary. Your baby is delicate and sensitive. He/she can easily catch infections from germs and bacteria, so you need to prepare your home for his/her arrival. Get ample amounts of handwashes, cleaning material, sanitizers, etc.

14. Take vaccines

You may be offered vaccines to boost antibodies in your body. These antibodies pass through your body through the placenta to your baby. The best time to get vaccinated is from 16 to 32 weeks of pregnancy.

So be happy, be stress-free and experience your pregnancy. When you take care of yourself, you also take care of your baby. All the effort you put in during this time will be tenfold worthy. When your baby kicks his/her cry and holds your finger, it will be worth leaving all the bad habits. So, make an effort to take care of yourself, don’t overexert yourself. The result will make you incomparably happy.

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