Why Babies wake up at night ? 11 thing you should know before calling pediatrician

11 Most Common Reasons For Which Babies Wake Up At Night

Handling babies is not at all a cakewalk. Becoming parents packs you up with enormous responsibilities. In the initial days, you have to forget about the sound sleep that you used to have before becoming parents. The most common problem that parents face is babies wake up at night, and they fail to understand the reason. Here I have listed down 11 most common reasons why your baby wakes up at night:

1. Temperature Variation

One of the most common reasons for which the babies wake up at night is due to the temperature variation in the room. Sometimes if it is too hot or too cold, then they may wake up. It can cause them irritation, and they may even cry for a long time until the situation is pacified so if it is too hot you need to make your baby wear something comfortable and try to bring down the temperature. Similarly, if it is too cold, then you need to dress them up with warm clothes so that they do not feel cold and shiver. 

babies wake up at night due to temperature

2. Intrusive Light

Many times if there is a light that is directly falling on their eyes while they are sleeping, it may cause them disturbance, and they may wake up. It is very common when a baby is sleeping, and you switch on the light of the room for too long. It can even happen during the day if the sunlight is directly falling on the eyes of the baby, then it may irritate them and cause them to wake up.

3. Sudden Noise

If a baby is sleeping peacefully and there is a sudden noise, then it can disturb their sleep. At night if a baby is sleeping and suddenly your mobile phone rings then it may wake up the baby. Even a minimal sound can disturb their sleep as it’s mostly very quiet at night.

4. Some Illness

Sometimes even after your baby has recovered from a specific illness, it can affect their sleeping routine afterwards. So it would help if you kept in mind how to soothe your child to sleep. Because a baby must sleep for long hours so that they can be healthy and energetic, it helps them to grow in a better way if they have a sound sleep daily.

5. Change In Routine

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you have a baby. Change in the routine of the baby may lead to sleeplessness or waking up in the middle of the night. So you must maintain a proper method for your child so that it could sleep properly. Moreover, you must not play with the child at irregular hours or sleeping hours because it disturbs their routine. If a baby is bored, it will fall asleep quickly rather than if you are constantly engaging with it and keeping it interested. 

6. Developmental Skill

You must understand that if your baby has acquired a particular new motor skill or developmental skill, then it may keep doing it. So even at night, it may get up and start doing it as a child at infancy is very curious and active all the time. It may be such that a baby will wake up at night but will not disturb you in any way as it would be engaged with itself. 

7. Need For Pacifier

A pacifier or a bottle can be a good way as well as a bad way to deal with the baby. It is so because the baby makes it a habit to go to sleep with a bottle or a pacifier in its mouth and without it may not go to sleep. It may also be such that if you remove the pacifier from the mouth of the baby, it will wake up and thus its sleep will get disturbed.

8. Used To Swinging

If your baby is acquainted with sleeping to a certain kind of movement like swinging or rocking then stopping it may cause the baby to wake up. This may also happen if the baby is falling asleep to a certain kind of music. Turning off the music can make the baby wake up from its sleep. 

9. Hungry

It is crucial for you to remember that if a baby is full, then there are fewer chances of it to wake up in the middle of the night. But if your baby does not eat properly, then it may wake up in the middle of the night as it will feel hungry. So it is necessary that you feed the baby well so that it can have a sound sleep.

10. Wetness

A child often pees and poops and thus if the diaper does not hold well, then it may feel wet and cold. This may lead to eventually waking up of the baby due to irritation and wetness. So remember to keep your child dry and clean so that it could have a sound sleep. Sometimes if a child sleeps with a wet diaper throughout the night, it can be affected by the cold. They have a very low immunity system, and it is essential as a parent to take care of the child.

11. Common Cold

Babies have a very low immunity system for which it is very common for them to catch cold and fever. So it is necessary to take all kinds of precautions so that the baby does not catch a common cold. But if it does then, it may be a reason for its constant waking up at night. With cold, their nose gets blocked, and it becomes difficult for them to breathe and thus leads to sleepless nights. At the same time, it may even give tension to the parents to pacify the child so that it could sleep soundly.


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