100+ Best Romantic Birthday wishes for husband

Top Romantic Birthday wishes for Husband

Husband is not just a word; it is an emotion, a relation that crosses all boundaries with love. Life is special with him, and you can not think of a moment without him. But when it comes to wishing your dearest husband on the auspicious day of his birthday, you are at a loss of words. It happens with us all as we fall short of words to express the emotions and excitement of our hearts for our loved ones. But a birthday wish for your husband on social media or a little writing upon a card from you can light up the mood and excitement of your dear husband.

Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect quote or message to convey your love and feeling on the special day of the special person, choose from these attractive birthday quotes. As you need a personal touch to the wish you want to send your husband, we have collected a wide range of varieties in our collection of beautiful birthday wishes for your husband. You can modify them and express your heart to your loved husband with love and care. We have collected simple and funny wishes for your husband who is away from you on the birthday, special birthday wishes, lovely and romantic wishes, and wishes that you can inbox or post on Facebook to surprise your husband. 

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Your single wish can make someone’s day special, and you know it. But are you finding the right words to express your feelings? Below are some carefully selected Birthday wishes to send him on a special occasion.

  1. I am blessed to have a partner like you. On this auspicious day, I want to again remind you how special you are to me. Stay blessed and healthy. Happy birthday to the best husband in the world!
  2. Happy birthday to my loving and caring husband. Any word will fall short of expressing my love and respect for you. May God bless you with a thousand healthy birthdays.
  3. Happy birthday to the person who has taught me the meaning of love, with whom life is a pleasant journey even at odds. Stay blessed and remain as loving and kind-hearted as you are. Happy birthday to the special person in my life.
  4. The friend whom I love, the guide whom I follow, the person whom I respect-thank you for spending another beautiful year with me. May me grow old together and convey my emotion to you everyday-Happy Birthday, Dear.
  5. Let bad times come, and they will pass, let good friends come, they will leave; you are the only constant in my life. Wishing you the best birthday from the heart. 
  6. Roses are red; violets are blue; days are sweet for those spent with you. Happy birthday to the loving person I got as my husband.
  7. Lucky I am to get you as my husband. I hope the special day brings a brighter tomorrow in our life. Happy Birthday my Love.
  8. You are my Sunshine, the life without is dark and dim. May all lights of heaven brighten your days. Happy birthday to the extraordinary person of my life. Stay with us for the rest of our lives.
  9. I can not think of life without you, and I can not think to breathe without you. Every heartbeat reminds me of you wherever I am. You are always special to me. On this special day, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God bless you with all the happiness of the world.
  10. Sorry for the times I hurt you, sorry for the mistakes that bothered you, Thank you for always staying beside me throughout despite these. Happy Birthday to the excellent person who has changed my life.
  11. The friend of my life, the guide of my path, let’s walk together and never depart. Happy birthday to my loving husband. Let’s remember our fulfilled life and laugh together.
  12. Your simplicity impresses me, your care makes me feel special, your love makes me complete. Remain the same always and never depart. Happy birthday to you.
  13. Living life with a perfect person like you makes me feel special every day. You are the best person one can dream of as a husband. The days spent with you are always special to me. On this special day, I want to say you stay as you are, keep filling my life with your positive vibes.
  14. Sweeter the days spent with you, lovelier the ways we walk together, beautiful the sounds I hear from you, thank you for making me feel every day. Happy birthday dear husband.
  15. You are the person every woman dreams of having as her husband. All the qualities in you, the depth of your love, the purity of your heart always make me feel blessed to have you beside me. Life with you is a joyful ride. Love you so much, dear. Happy Birthday.
  16. The romantic hero of my life, the most handsome person in my heart, you are always the best. Let us spend another new year together and mature together in love.
  17. The candle on the cake, the cheese on the bread, as sweet as is honey, you are, my dear husband. Enjoy the special day with love and care. Happy birthday, love.
  18. The world is beautiful with you, life is pleasant with you, days are special with you, hours are splendid with you, life has meaning while you are with me. Happy birthday, dear, always stay with me.
  19. Happy birthday to the person I love blindly; I follow from my heart and ready to spend my whole life. I am blessed to have been beside me in all toughs and turns. Thank you for being there.
  20. We are like cats and mice at times, but I miss that moment when you are not with me. Life seems incomplete without you. Come back soon. Happy birthday, dear.

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Special Birthday Wishes for Husband

Your husband is always special to you. You are special to us also. So, we have collected some of the chosen birthday messages that you can share with your loving husband.

birthday wish for husband
  1. I want to convey my love and gratitude to the special person of my life. Each day I spend with you adds some good to my life. I feel complete when you walk beside me. Happy birthday to you.
  2. I want to wish for the special person who makes me feel special every day. On this very special day, I just want to say- I love you. 
  3. No matter what happens, I know you are always there beside me. My steps follow your shadow, and my heart lifts with your heartbeat, I feel in heaven when we are together. Thanks for making my everyday special.
  4. You support me to follow my dreams, you give me confidence, you are like a friend in my need, guardian in my crisis, lover in my tears, stay with me in odds and evens. Wishing you love on your birthday. Happy Birthday.
  5. Ages are just numbers as we both know that our life will remain the same as it was the day we mate. Keep loving me through ages. May God bless you with a thousand years of happy and healthy life.
  6. You mean everything to me. Each day is a joyous ride just because of you. On this special day, I just want to remind you I love you, Moon, and the back. Stay as loving as you are. Happy Birthday!
  7. All the colors in the world will be empty without you, all the sounds of heaven will become mute, I live because I find you beside me. Thank you for making my life fulfilled with your magical nature. Happy birthday, dear.
  8. I have learned the true meaning of relation with you. You are the best life partner a woman ever dreams of. Thank you, God, for gifting me with such a precious person with golden hearts. Happy Birthday, Love.
  9. There is no one in the world like you. As all say that we are a lucky couple, I say them I am a lucky wife to have you beside me. Happy Birthday, Darling.
  10. An angel in disguise, you are the blessing of my life. I only dreamt of a person like you, and my dream came true after meeting with you. Thank you for choosing me as your partner. Happy birthday, love.
  11. Thank you, God, for giving me the chance to stay with the most fitted person in the world. I am blessed to have you as my husband. I am lucky that I have found both a loving and caring husband and romantic partner in you. Happy birthday to the special person of my life.
  12. You light up my life like candles, You brighten my life like the stars, you are the reason for my living. Happy Birthday.

Most Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Some of the most romantic birthdays wish to the most romantic person of your life. Choose one from the birthday lovely wishes for your husband to convey your heartfelt emotions to the person you love the most.

  1. All people are like waves of the sea, then come and go in my life. You are the mountain which holds his head high and saves me from all thunders. I love you the most handsome and caring husband and wish you many, many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday.
  2. It is difficult to find a best friend, a good partner, an ideal husband at a time, and I have found it all in you. I want to tell you on this special day that you are the most romantic and loving person I have ever met. Thank you for being there. Happy Birthday!
  3. As a couple, we are inseparable; as partners, we are the most romantic pairs just because of you. Keep loving me as always. Happy birthday, dear.
  4. I can feel your touch, the smell of your perfume, and I can hear your steps even when you are away from me. You have become a part of me. Happy Birthday, Love; always stay beside me.
  5. Life is like a treat to have me beside you, and life is like a dream when you are beside me. You are the hero of my dream. The most handsome husband, happy birthday to you.
  6. Your touch makes my every day filled with the symphony of some pleasant music. You have filled my life with sweetness. Happy Birthday, Honey.
  7. Hold me tightly in your arms so that I can feel safe from all the thunder outside. Cover me with your love so that I can get the warmth of your presence. Happy birthday to the most romantic husband.
  8. When you are gifted with the person you dream of, you get him by your side, you are the luckiest of all. Thank you for making me such luck with your presence.
  9. Words fall short while describing my love to you. Only my eyes can express what my heart feels for you; only my heart can express how much emotion it stores for you. Happy birthday to the most extraordinary loving husband.
  10. You have made me feel the true meaning of marriage, the true reason for a relationship, the true essence of love. Happy birthday to the special person I have ever met.
  11. I want to grow old with you, mature, and learn with you the true meaning of love. My heart only longs for your presence beside me. Always remain with me. Happy Birthday.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

Does your partner have a really good sense of humour? Then choose from these birthday wishes for your husband that are funny and surprise your husband on his birthday!

  1. I am not going to bake a personalized cake for you as it will come out to be a nuisance. Just leaving a short message for you. Happy Birthday.
  2. Did I forget to tell you something? Oh yes! Just two words- Happy Birthday.
  3. Even when you are old and toothless, have lost all your hair, I will continue to love you as I too shall become that old then. Happy birthday on that note.
  4. Happy birthday to the best critic I have ever met, mate. Keep criticizing me as it fuels my best works.
  5. When you are with me, life becomes like the darkest nights. Yes, you read it right as the stars shine at that time only. Happy birthday, dear; keep smiling.
  6. Have a fun-filled day and a smiling year ahead. Let your mistakes make me smile every day. May we mature through trials and errors. Happy Birthday.
  7. You are responsible for making our couple the funniest couple in the town. Remain like this as I love my stupid husband so much. Happy Birthday.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Husband

Love can be conveyed in simple words where you speak less, and the other person feels more. Some of the collected simple birthday wishes for your husband, who is close to your heart.

  1. Happy birthday to you. My day begins and ends with you. You are my love, my soul.
  2. Happy birthday to the support system, the all-time guide; you are the best.
  3. My love for you has no limit, and it is as endless as stars in the galaxy. Always stay in my love. Happy birthday my love.
  4. Life is a journey, and you are the guide to that. Happy birthday to you, and thank you for showing me the true meaning of life.
  5. Waking up in the morning and seeing your face makes my day beautiful. Always remain beside me and in front of me. Happy Birthday.
  6. I lived a life before you came, but I loved life when you came. Stay there forever. Happy Birthday.
  7. Happy birthday to the most feeling and kind-hearted person. I am blessed to have beside me a person with such a big heart. Happy birthday dear husband.
  8. May the special day fill your life with all the things you dream of. May every day become filled with goodness. Stay healthy and remain with me always.
  9. The best thing I can present to you today is surely my heartfelt love, devotion, and trust for you. You are the most lovable person I met in my life. Happy Birthday.
  10. You are so simple and kind-hearted, so loving and caring, so mild and soft-spoken that it makes me fall in love with you every day. Always remain like this, my love. Happy Birthday.
  11. Deep in my heart, I know that I trust you like my own eyes. You are the only person I can expect in all my odds. Never leave me, dear. Happy Birthday.
special birthday wishes for husband

Long Distance Birthday Wishes

Love for your husband remains as strong as he is there beside you. These collected birthday wishes are specially chosen for those couples who are spending their restless hours away from one another.

  1. Distance is just a digit between you and me. Our love makes us united at every moment of our life. I can feel your presence at all odds and goods. You remain at my heart that knows no distance but love. Happy Birthday.
  2. Distance departs, the time differs, Space apart; in love Together. Happy Birthday, Husband. Thank you for being the best all the time.
  3. Miles away you are, but you are so close to my heart that I can even hear your heartbeats. I spend the nights counting for hours to meet you. May God keeps you safe from all odds, and may we unite very soon. Happy Birthday, Love.
  4. My heart longs for your presence. Your presence fills me with joy. I gain confidence when you are beside me. Please come to me as soon as possible. Happy Birthday.
  5. We are not away, but together in a world where we share the same sun in the morning and the same moon at night. Never feel low even if we are away. Happy Birthday.
  6. No matter how far you are, you always stay in my heart. My life is incomplete without you. I can always feel you even if you are not near me. Happy Birthday, Husband. Stay safe and come back soon.
  7. When I am away from you, I feel your presence much more. You are always with me. Your voice always remains with me. I can always feel you beside me. Do not worry, and we will meet soon. Till then, happy birthday, stay safe and take care.

Funny Birthday wishes for husband on Facebook

We go on posting something on Facebook walls. But if it is your husband’s birthday and you want to surprise him, choose any of the funny messages and drop them on the wall. It will surely light up his special day.

  • Chocolate cakes become sweeter when shared with you. Stay such sweetheart always.
  • Stop being my alarm clock every day and stay as loving as you are. Happy Birthday. That’s all.
  • Make sure that we take a selfie and post it on the wall. That is a challenge for you on your birthday. Happy Birthday.
  • I planned a lot for your birthday but ended up doing nothing. Keep struggling with this good-for-nothing wife. Happy Birthday.
  • We are locked with love, and I want to throw away the key so that you can never get away from me. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Happy birthday from the most tolerating and patient wife on the planet. Keep annoying me throughout your life.
  • Do not mind if you forget my birthday next time, as I am always going to remember yours for ages. Remain as annoying as you are, my love. Happy birthday to you, and keep smiling always.

There are a lot of birthday wishes that you can convey to your husband on his birthday. But the most important thing is your love and feeling that matters the most for him. Try to remain the happy couple every day of your life. Try to make every day special that will surely make your life happier.


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