The Science Behind Your Pregnancy Craving

The Science Behind Your Pregnancy Craving – pregnancy cravings explained

The craziest thing about pregnancy is the food craving that every woman wants to experience once in her life. You might be throwing hundreds of tantrums on food these days, but you cannot stop yourself from the mood swings. You have all the freedom these days to get your wish fulfilled.

You will bring a new soul to the world, and all your near and dear people will love to take care of you, your wishes. Your wishes will be given priority because your wants are not just your but also of your child.

The days of pregnancy are fun and exciting if you enjoy every small bit of it. Every husband has one complaint that his pregnant wife is throwing tantrums and making him do crazy things. When you are pregnant, all your wishes tend to magnify and even become uncontrollable. 

You will understand certain things that you start to do and crave to eat. At odd times you will want to eat junk food and unhealthy food. Craving is mostly for junk food and high sugar, salt, and spicy food. 

For normal and regular food, you will not crave. These are those food items that you are restricted from eating, but you cannot stop thinking about it. It is like the more you are told not to do something, and you want to do it more. Emotions and wants magnify during pregnancy, and your child can felt everything. So it would be best if you kept yourself calm and at peace in every situation.

Cravings are uncontrollable desires during pregnancy that no women have control. It might last for 5-10mins when you consume your desired food. If you do not get what you desire, you might feel yourself to be crazy.

Causes Of Craving

Let us go back to the days when you had no restriction on any of your eating habits. Cravings are the creation of your brain. It is all the food items that you liked to eat before pregnancy. A region in your brain is responsible for memory, wants, pleasure, and reward that initiate food craving. Doctors and researchers say that these cravings are based on the memories that you liked to eat.  You will want to eat high sugar food, spicy food, salty food, and exceptional junk food. 

Emotions also play an essential role in food cravings during pregnancy. It develops the wants of eating items that you used to eat with comfort. Hormone imbalance is a common thing during pregnancy. And food craving is due to hormone imbalance. Hormones like serotonin, endorphins, and leptin are released in the body that intensifies the want of a particular food item. It feels like an addiction to such food. 

Craving can be selective and non-selective with your food.  You might experience craving even on a though of your favorite food. The smell of a particular food might even develop a craving during pregnancy. When your food is lacking nutrients, you might have a craving. There are so many things that make a pregnant woman get food craving. Lack of nutrients and an imbalanced diet can be a strong result of intense food craving.

science behind food craving

When you crave a specific food, it is called selective craving, which can be over your favorite food items like some specific meal, junk food, chocolate, ice cream, chips, burger, and pizzas like all the unhealthy things of the world.  When you desire to eat anything, that is called non-selective craving, resulting from hunger pangs and maybe thirst.  Having some juice or drinking water can be helpful with an intense craving.

Reducing Craving

Well, it is difficult but not impossible to reduce your craving. All you have to do is make a few changes in your lifestyle and food habits when pregnant.

Drink water

water tends to reduce craving. If you keep munching the entire day, you will put on unhealthy weight that you will regret later. It will also harm the development of the baby. So drink water whenever you feel that you cannot control your craving.

Replace the craving

it is compulsory to eat unhealthy when you are craving. You can use the method of disguising the specific item with a portion of healthy food. Cravings are mostly the satisfaction of the eyes than the taste buds. The smartness of your partner can help you healthily reduce your craving.

Switch Your Mood

when you have no one near you, and you cannot satisfy your wants, you can listen to music; watch some funny videos to keep your mind diverted. Talking to a friend can also help to make you forget about your craving.

Eat A Balanced Diet

when you lack nutrients in your body, your craving tends to trouble you. Eat-in small intervals and eat varieties so that you can have control over your hormones. The empty stomach’s half stomach can develop for food thoughts in you, and your craving will develop. So never be empty stomach or half stomach.

Have fruits and nuts

have more fruits and nuts that will keep you hydrated and balance your hormones.  The baby needs vitamins and calcium, which present in fruits and nuts abundantly. Their consumption will help you keep your craving in control and keep your baby safe because you are eating healthy.


Pregnancy is the happiest phase of every women’s life. She welcomes all the changes with open arms. We all think pregnancy will change our lives, and it does in every way possible. You look different, you feel differently. The time is for you to be happy, and these happy times come with some crazy food craving. There is science behind craving but above the science is the want of a woman to eat something she wants. Eat whatever you crave but make sure it will not be harmful to you and your child. A little alertness can help you with normal delivery, and you will have a healthy baby. Enjoy your cravings, and remember it for life.

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