Is eating sweet corn during pregnancy healthy?

Pregnant women tend to experience massive food cravings. From extreme sours to over sweeteners, their consumption never stops. If you are a mom to be and adore sweet corn, you might be a bit sceptical about it. Not only is sweet corn taste, but it also is a rich source of fibre and potassium. There are many ways in which you can enjoy sweet corn during pregnancy!

It is derived from the maize plant; hence it is also commonly called ‘maize grains’. An excellent source of starch, sweet corn boasts many health benefits. It is always great to consume corn during pregnancy regularly to improve your fibre intake.

Benefits of eating corn during pregnancy

Corn during pregnancy helps combat breast cancer, one of the most common cancers in women. During pregnancy, your chances of developing one increase manifold.

It offers fewer calories than other millets. Although high on sugar, corn technically comes under the category of low GI foods, which deliver the glucose breakdown in a controlled, steady manner.

Corn is gluten-free as well. Even A large intake will not mess up your carbohydrate metabolism that easily. Overall, you get to enjoy a healthy development both in terms of the physical and mental health of your body in such a vulnerable stage.

Nutritional value scale of corn

Corn is rich in beta carotene and ferulic acid, making it a brilliant choice to cover your vitamin A intake. This golden cob of magic contains phenolic compounds and antioxidants to keep your body free from any toxic chemicals during such a tough time.

Single corn cob is completely healthy food in itself. Corn also prevents constipation. Being a rich source of antioxidants, corn tends to smoothen out the symptoms of early pregnancy stages (with added crunchy taste to relish)!

Effect of eating corn on the foetus

Consuming corn during pregnancy promotes healthier foetal growth. It eliminates any toxin and elevates the placenta formation. Corn also allows a smoother foetus brain development and controls any infectious growth around the blood-brain barrier.

If you decide to make corn a part of your daily diet during pregnancy, chances are you would encounter a more comfortable delivery experience. Not just that, corn also boosts the immunity of the growing child with an increased intake of dietary fibre.

Corn consumption also prevents common neonatal defects, such as spina bifida or other neural tube defects, thanks to the high amounts of folic acid present. It is scientifically proven how consuming sweet corn during pregnancy improves breast milk production and makes it more fit for the baby.

The list is endless. Many moms savour the benefits of corn and are amazed by the benefits of corn for their unborn baby (and themselves!).

cooked sweet corn

Excessive consumption of corn during pregnancy can cause indigestion or other gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, if you have gestational diabetes, you need to cut down your corn intake.

Even if you consume non-sweet corn variants, there is always enough sugar in it to mess up with your hormonal levels. It is always advisable to buy fresh corn, which is low on chemicals. Store-bought Sweet Corn consists of many artificial sweeteners that spike up your glucose levels.

The immense preservatives, artificial additives, and acidity regulators in corn make it harmful for pregnant women. Choose only freshly grown corn or packaged kernels that are super low on preservatives.

What to indulge in and what to avoid

Many pregnant women hop on the corn routine without realising its side effects if there’s an excessive intake. You can add it to your daily pregnancy diet for a healthy progression towards curbing pregnancy cravings.

From corn flakes to corn syrups, or cornstarch, there is a lot that you can do with him. You can efficiently add it to your pregnancy diet, with controlled amounts of one by-product per day. If you are a fan of buying microwaveable popcorn, try to refrain from ready to cook packets from your supermarket. 

Although it is entirely safe, there are a few cons, too, if you eat corn during pregnancy. Consuming cornflakes excessively is one of the most common habits of any corn-loving pregnant woman. One big bowl a day is appropriately fine. Limit yourself from finishing up the entire carton.

Fresh corn alternatives

Fresh corn is always the best way to reap the goodness of maize. If you are unable to eat fresh corn, Corn Husk oil is a great way to include corn-based products in your diet. This way, you can consume corn via everyday food that you cook. It is light on cholesterol and comprises omega-3 fatty acids too.

There are many health benefits associated with corn, no matter what form we talk about. Amongst many corn products, buying corn is not an enormous task. If nothing, you can always enjoy a dash of corn syrup on your deserts.

Multiple ways to eat corn

If you wish to eat sweet corn during pregnancy but are not sure how to, there are many ways you can enjoy it. If you are unable to procure fresh corn cobs, you can always go for canned corn or boiled corn that is readily available in the market.

In the mood for some savoury stuff? Treat yourself to a warm bowl of sweet corn soup and enjoy its numerous health benefits. Cut off all those added sweeteners present in market corn, and go for natural sweet corn.

Recipes to try

Eating boiled corn is so simple. Don’t worry every time you get bored with the same corn snack. Here are five corn-based recipes for refreshing your taste palette!

Fresh Popcorn

Yes, the good old popcorn. You can never go wrong with them. For this recipe, we suggest you ditch any readymade packet and go for the homestyle variant. Grab some corn kernels, either fresh corn or use packet kernels. You can also opt for frozen corn; de-freeze them first.

Take a handful of corn and add it to your pressure cooker. Pour in a dash of oil or stick to butter. You can also season this mix with salt, black pepper, chilli flakes and whatnot.

Finally, shut the lid and turn on the flame. Pressure cook the corn on a medium flame for at least 10 minutes or until the popping stops. Bring the flame to a simmer when the popping duration increases up to 4 to 5 seconds per pop.

And yes, you can simply go for the microwave popcorn versions too. Everything remains the same, except that you use a closed lid container instead of a pressure cooker.

Here you go, you can always take the help of some extra butter and pepper. Serve your popcorn hot!


Is consuming corn flakes suitable for pregnant women? Yes! Cornflakes are the perfect low-calorie cheat meal for your pregnancy cravings. You can style cornflakes in multiple ways. First, you can have them straight out of the box, which is the easiest. Or you can try dry roasting these flakes with some butter and spices of your choice.

If you are more of a sweeter person, you can try out cornflakes in regular milk as a crunchy topping on ice creams or custards. Or even your daily rice mix. Cornflakes are super versatile and can be added to any part of your diet for that fresh crunch with every bite!

sweet corn in pregnancy

Corn salad bowl

Yes, you heard that right. Grab a corn cob and get a fistful of kernels out. Start boiling corn kernels in a saucepan, and drain them. Next, throw in some greens, like lettuce, kale, broccoli, spinach, corn and some tomatoes. You can modify it as per your liking in vegetables. Season it off with salt and pepper and mix well.

If you are a dressing person, simply whip some lemon juice and olive oil with black pepper in a small bowl and add it to your salad. Try opting for other dressing variations, too, be it pesto, ranch, simple mayonnaise or the thousand island dressing!

Boiled sweet corn

This is a cult classic. To begin with, cook your corn by simply boiling it for 10 minutes in water. Drain it off and cover it with a lid to let it stay in with some steam. After about five minutes, uncover the pot and season it with salt and pepper with some chilli flakes as well.

And it’s done! But it doesn’t stop here. You can take this 15-minute recipe to further levels with many variations. Add grated cheese and mayonnaise for a cheesy variant. Go for a spoon of schezwan sauce and soya sauce for a tangy yet spicy option.

Add in some jalapenos and olives with a scoop of salsa for a Mexican touch, if you may. Go Italian and add basil and tomato chunks with grated feta cheese or paneer and enjoy your bowl of corn.

Serve hot!

Corn fried rice

If you are a fan of rice, this is the best way to include corn in your lunch. Simply toss some vegetables with a spoon of olive oil, vinegar, and garlic. Add soya sauce vinegar, and season it accordingly. Throw in cooked rice and boiled corn and mix it together.

Finish this hot rice bowl with a dash of green chilli sauce and chopped green onion stalks. Remember, you can add as many vegetables as you prefer. Try to add an egg or a few paneer cubes to cover your protein intake.

Final words

If you are someone who just prefers to munch corn kernels, as it is, it is advisable to store them in an airtight container to increase their longevity. Overconsumption of corn is always a big no. Confused about how to eat corn? No worries, you can just add corn to your lunch and enjoy these healthy crunchy yellow drops of joy.

If you are looking out for new ways to experience the goodness of corn, check out our recipes mentioned above. They are super quick to make and are wholesomely delicious and nutritious for you and your baby.

Since time immemorial, corn has been a cult classic, from children to adults. They are famous amongst everyone. Pregnant women can reap so many nutritional benefits from consuming corn. They are tasty, easy to prepare, easy to store, affordable and turn out as a quick snack to relish!


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