What are the signs of an unhealthy pregnancy?

What are the signs of an unhealthy pregnancy?

When a woman gets pregnant it is such a feeling that can’t be expressed and explained in words. It’s a blessing which all the woman cherish. But with getting pregnant comes certain hardships which are most common in every woman. There are some pregnancy cases that face issues.

Near or around fifth-month babies in the women’s womb become more active. During this period the fetus is exposed to a lot of problems. These problems may also affect the development as well as the growth of the fetus directly or indirectly. 

If you can see the problem externally then you should take corrective measures or visit your doctor as soon as possible. The main problem is how will you recognize unhealthy pregnancy? The answer is that you just need to keep a check on the few things mentioned below:

12 signs of an unhealthy pregnancy?

1. Fetus Heartbeat:

After 5th weeks of pregnancy you may be able to feel the baby’s heartbeat but after 10th week it can be really very easy to feel it. The baby’s heartbeat can be detected by a machine or you can also check it by just keeping your hands on your stomach.

Sometimes you may not be able to check the heartbeat because there might be a change in the position of the fetus. In this case your doctor may tell you to visit next time and if even in the next time the heartbeat is not detected then ultrasound is recommended. In the worst case with the help of ultrasound you can know the reason behind the stopped heartbeat.

2. Fundal Height:

With the help of fundal height your doctor knows about the growth of the uterus. To measure the fundal height you need to measure the length from the top of the uterus to the public bone. Generally, after 16th week, the fundal height matches the pregnancy progress.

If the height of the uterus does not match with the pregnancy progress then there can be any problem in the pregnancy. In the worst case if the height doesn’t match then that means foetus is not developing and you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

3. hCG Level:

First of all, you need to know what hCG is. hCG is a type of hormone which is produced by the placenta at the time of pregnancy. The hCG level always fluctuates during the pregnancy and the hCG level is extremely high during the 9th week to 16th week of pregnancy. The normal level of pregnancy differs from person to person so you don’t have to worry about the low level of hCG. But in some cases, the miscarriage happens due to low levels of hCG and raises red flags.

4. Excess Cramping

During pregnancy, a woman needs to suffer a lot of pain and aches. But extreme pain like menstruation cramps is a type of warring. This type of pain happens in the earlier stage of the pregnancy but if it continues then you definitely need to visit your doctor.

5. Bleeding:

Sometimes during pregnancy women experience spotting which is generally normal. However excess bleeding is still a matter and without a doubt or second thought, you need to consult your doctor. Much bleeding during pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage.

6. Back Pain:

Suffering from back pain is quite normal during pregnancy as the baby puts all the strain on the lower back and on the spine. The pain is extreme if you are expecting multiple babies. The pain starts from the front and ends to the back which is not a good sign and you should visit the doctor immediately or use a post-maternity belt to reduce back pain and extra skin.

7. Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a really very common problem during pregnancy and it also increases during the pregnancy progress. Generally the discharge is whitish odourless, clear and transperant. But if you notice any changes in colour or smell then you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible because unusual discharge may lead to miss carriage.

8. Morning Sickness

Pregnancies comes along with morning sickness. If a pregnant woman have a sudden discontinue of morning sickness. Then she need to worry as hCG level might have become low and there can be a chance of miss carriage. If you have a sudden discontinue of pregnancy then you should visit your doctor immediately.

9. Contraction Of Breast Size:

During pregnancy, a women’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. Even breast goes through a lot changes like sometimes it becomes more sensitive. Breast sometimes feel filler as well as heavier and sudden decrease in breast size may led to miss carriage.

10. Foetal Movement:

A pregnant women can feel the foetal movement after 18th week as the foetus start reacting light, sound and pain. Some experts tells that a pregnant woman can experience 10 baby kicks in every two hour. If the foetus is suffering then the count may decline. If this problem happens then you should immediately contact your doctor. There can be some major problem if you make any delay to seek medical help. 

11. Blood Sugar Level

It’s perfectly fine to have high blood pressure and blood sugar during the time of pregnancy. But you should always keep a check on your blood pressure and blood sugar during the pregnancy. A sudden spike in blood sugar level may lead you to some time of problems. So if this occurs then you should visit your doctor immediately.

12. Change In Position

Sometimes placenta changes it’s position which is also an unhealthy pregnancy. When suddenly placenta gets detached from the uterus prematurely then the pregnancy gets terminated. So whenever you visit your doctor you should definitely get check on the placenta position. 

The pregnancy period is tough and a woman goes through a lot. Both physically and mentally a mother has to cope up with everything and get going. And during this period always seek the help of doctors and eat healthily. Remember a healthy mother delivers a healthy baby.

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