What month should I start buying stuff for baby?

What month should I start buying baby stuff?

All the months of pregnancy are a great enjoyable time for the new to-be parents. The days are always filled with anticipation and anxiety for the perfect preparation for your newbie.

You not only give birth to your child, but you too take birth as a mother. All the family members, friends, and relatives fill your times with their good wishes and gifts for your coming baby. The would-be-moms start dreaming about their new life with the infant and planning for a properly planned future for the dear one.  

This most coveted time is always laced with your enthusiasm and excitement for buying attractive and best baby stuff for the new guest coming to your life.

But in this enthusiasm and over-excitement of buying baby gears from the unlimited tempting choices of items in the market, ranging from newbie’s’ dress to nursery furniture and necessities, would-be-parents always fall in pray of over-buying and wastage of hard-earned money.

It is really hard to resist your temptation to buy attractive and cute baby gears, games, and garments for the little one. You often wonder which will be the right time for buying necessary things for the child before time runs out, and you can manage to prepare yourself before the arrival of your loved one.

So for all new moms, we will suggest some tips and points about the right time and quantity of buying and storing stuff for a new-born baby at specific stages of pregnancy and preparing themselves for the new-born child.

First things first

  • To avoid over-buying out of excitement, the would-be mothers should sit and make a list of items that they feel would be necessary for the new-born and what their preferences are to decorate the baby room is.
  • Calculate your space to accommodate new baby gears.
  • Think about your budget so that you do not fall short before buying the essentials and waste money on fashionable decorations.
  • Think about the gifts and presents you are going to have at your baby shower.

Thus many items ranging from baby pram to nappies, a cot to garments, and feeding essentials to hygiene items will fall into place. You should remember that the new-born will grow up within a short time and a huge number of garments and nappies of the new-born size will be too much for the child.

So you should stick to buying items in lesser quantities to avoid wastage of money. Hygiene and must-have items for the child should remain on the priority list, and you should start buying them as soon as you cover the first trimester of your pregnancy to avail yourself of various exciting offers.

This list may include disposable wipes, towels, baby care essentials like bath and moisturizers, toilette essentials. If you are still not out of your budget, then you may look for a baby seat for your car, or a cot mattress fitted sheet for the new-born.

Do not buy too many cute garments.

As soon as you are informed of your pregnancy news, you become too much excited to fill your home with sweet and cute little garments. Those colorful and little pieces of soft garments make you feel special and fill you with the anticipation of the soft touches.

However, you may waste your money by over-buying new clothes. To be practical, you are going to get several garments for the newbie as gifts from your relatives on your baby-shower to its feeding or birthday ceremonies. Baby garments are very common gifts for a new-born baby.

Above all, you cannot become sure about the gender of the child before you reach 20 weeks of your pregnancy. So if you are too excited for a little tee or a pair of socks, you may rely upon buying one or two sets at your first trimesters.

You may choose from gender-neutral colors for early shopping, and bright shades of orange, yellow, and green will give you more options than you may think. If you are thinking of waiting some more weeks, then wait till your baby shower is over. Then you can tick off items from your planning list and buy the rest.

What month should I start buying baby stuff?

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Early?

Motherhood is, of course, the best experience for a woman, and every to-be mother is excited in their pregnancy period. However, fear for miscarriage or any mishap is always a part of superstition and age-old beliefs related to pregnancy.

So if you do not find the idea of shopping for the coming baby at the early stages of your pregnancy, then you may wait. The online shopping windows or big groceries are always popping with new offers and discounts, and you don’t have to worry about running items before you buy them.

But on a realistic note, there is no scientific connection between buying goodies for the child and any possible miscarriage. 

However, as the garments and baby-gears are a part of physical reminders of your baby, you may avoid buying them too early and wait till the later phase of pregnancy. After all, it is the peace and well-being of the mind of the would-be-mother that affects the new-born much, and if you feel like avoiding early shopping, you may always do so.

And starting too many from the first few months will also make the pregnancy period feel too long than expected. So rely on your comfort, and the rest may fall into its place with time.

Tick off the unnecessary items

As I said earlier, making and keeping a baby journal through the months of pregnancy will help you to plan your expenses and items you should buy according to your budget.

After finishing the shopping for new-born necessities, now you may try your hands on other items of your preferences. A nursery for your child will not cost a lot if you try planning for early pregnancy days. By the middle or end of the third trimester, you should be prepared with a cot and mattress for the baby to sleep, a baby-sitting chair for your car, a pushchair, some pairs of outfits, and feeding essentials.

If your baby is due in winter, then buy some pram suit and winter cloth for the child. Do not buy much then you need other than hygiene items. Keep notice on your budget chart as it is more important to invest for your child’s future than spending a lot on its birth.

Is it too early to buy for the newbie?

If you are already near the delivery time and yet not sure to start shopping for the newcomer, then you are surely a bit late. However, you can start shopping anytime after the baby comes to your home.

However, as the initial days are generally busy with taking care of the new-born, then you may not get ample time to prepare everything for the little one. After all, the baby may come even before the expected hour in the case of pre-mature deliveries, and you should be prepared for that too.

But if you are near the twelve-week mark, then you wait a bit. You do not know the gender of your child, and you are a little skeptical till then about the newbie’s arrival. So, hold on and wait for the baby-shower to pass. The perfect time for shopping for baby essentials depends on your preference and comfort.

Do not haste or make too much late. If you go through any tempting sell on shopping window and get some more offers on the things you are looking for, we can buy it any time or store it at your friend’s if you fall short of space. After all, it is your motherhood and your baby, and you will understand the best about their well beings.

What month should I buy baby stuff

Points to sum up

To sum up, for the new would-be mommies, I will consider some tips to tackle the planning of shopping for the new-born without wasting much money on unnecessary ones.

  • Consider the most important and necessary items first.
  • Keep track of the items you buy and make a list of things that you won’t need right now.
  • Start shopping according to your convenience, and do not make haste out of excitement.
  • Do not buy more than you need. Start shopping for small items in small quantities in the early months of pregnancy and wait for more precious items for later on.
  • Do not buy garments of the same size and keep in mind the idea that toddlers grow up too fast then you need.
  • Consider the gifts that you may get in a baby shower or other ceremonies from the guests and relatives and tick off items that you have already bought or got as gifts.
  • Avail of sales and offers on online shopping windows but never fall in pray of wasting your hard-earned money by buying a lot in tempting sales.

To answer your question that when it is the right time to start shopping for your new-born, we will suggest start whenever you are comfortable.

Take a look at your budget and avoid buying a baby bath, stockings, or shoes in new-born size as the baby will supersede that size within a few weeks. Start enjoying your early parenthood and think before you do anything. After all, taking care of babies need a lot of thinking about the future and preparations. Best of luck to all would-be parents in advance.


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